Oct. 10, 2005
30 min.
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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Ten years after the Ceremonial Battle, a teenage boy named Yuuki Judai heads off in order to join the Duelist Yousei School located on a remote island off the coast of Japan. There he meets his fellow students and gains a few friends, along with a few enemies.


Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Season 1 (2005-2006)

1x01 1 1x01 The Next King of Games
After recieving a Winged Kuriboh card from Yugi who he runs into, Jaden barely makes it for his test at the dueling academy. Despite rejection from Dr. Vellian Crowler, he must duel ...
Oct. 10, 2005
1x02 1 1x02 Welcome to Duel Academy
Even though he beat Dr. Crowler, Jaden is still in the Slifer Red section, for drop out students who have no worthwhile future. While everyone else, including his best friend Syrus ...
Oct. 11, 2005
1x03 1 1x03 A Duel in Love
Crowler tries to get Jaden kicked out by forging a love note from Alexis and sticking it in Jaden's locker however accidently puts it in Syrus's locker, who takes the invite and walks ...
Oct. 12, 2005
1x04 1 1x04 Making the Grade
After helping a woman on the road, Jaden arrives to find that woman is selling cards for the players but all but one pack was purchased mysteriously by Crolwer, who gives them to Marijoyue ...
Oct. 13, 2005
1x05 1 1x05 The Shadow Duelist Part 1
Deciding to stay in Slifer Red, Jaden and the others head to a old Obelisk Blue dormitory that is claimed to be haunted where they meet Alexis, who says her brother disappered there. ...
Oct. 17, 2005
1x06 1 1x06 The Shadow Duelist Part 2
The duel between Jaden and Titan continues, Jaden losing badly to Titan's demon monsters. As their apparent shadow game continues, Jaden discovers the shadow game is fake when he hears ...
Oct. 18, 2005
1x07 1 1x07 Duel and Unusual Punishment
Crowler is growing frustrated that Jaden won again. He calls him and Syrus and tells them they will have to fight a tag duel. Deciding to practice, Jaden and Syrus duel. Syrus uses ...
Oct. 19, 2005
1x08 1 1x08 For the Sake of Syrus
Jaden duels Syrus's older brother, Zane, in order to give Syrus a confidence boost. Source: www.TVRage.com
Oct. 20, 2005
1x09 1 1x09 Family Business
Chumley's dad has had enough with Chumley's low grades in School. He goes to the academy to duel Chumley. If Chumley wins, he can stay with Jaden and Syrus. However, if Chumley's dad ...
Oct. 21, 2005
1x10 1 1x10 Tag Team Trial Part 1
The day has come: The big Tag Team Duel With Jaden and Syrus. Unfortunately for them, Crowler assigned them to duel the best tag team duelist out there: the one and only paradox Brothers! ...
Oct. 24, 2005
1x11 1 1x11 Tag Team Trial Part 2
Jaden and syrus are still dueling. it seems that the paradox brothers will win. but will a card from Syrus's past lead them to victory? or will they suffer defeat?part 2 of a 2-part ...
Oct. 25, 2005
1x12 1 1x12 Formula For Success
When Bastian of the Ra dorm is given a chance ot be promoted to Obelisk Blue, Dr. Crowler invites an Obelisk to duel him as a test. Can Bastian beat this Obelisk and gain his right ...
Oct. 26, 2005
1x13 1 1x13 Monkey See, Monkey Duel
A weird monkey figure named Wheeler kidnaps Jasmine and holds her hostage. To understand Wheeler , Jaden duels him. Wheeler uses monkey monsters, but then when he destroys all his monsters, ...
Oct. 27, 2005
1x14 1 1x14 A Spirit Summoned
It is believed Jinzo appears in human form once every year. Wanting to return, he plans to sacrafice a person. To save the person Jaden duels human Jinzo, who drains his lifepoints ...
Oct. 28, 2005
1x15 1 1x15 Courting Alexis
In tennis class, Jaden hit Dr. Crowler by his ball, he got a tough practice and had punishment by Harrington , the tennis club captain. Harrington challenges Jaden to a duel to see ...
Nov. 14, 2005
1x16 1 1x16 The Duel Giant
The word's out... There's a monster-sized person going around fighting all the Obelisk blue students. Rumor is, he only appears at Midnight, and he uses the forbidden ante rule... If ...
Nov. 15, 2005
1x17 1 1x17 Nature of the Draw
A tarzan esque duelist who grew up in the forest appears, with a deck that focuses on drawing. Interested as he usually is in strong players, Jaden challenges him to a duel. Source: ...
Nov. 16, 2005
1x18 1 1x18 The King of the Copycats Part 1
Yugi's deck is put on display. A student from Ra steals it and uses it to duel; against Jaden. The student uses the deck just as well as Yugi, so it's like Jaden's dueling against the ...
Nov. 17, 2005
1x19 1 1x19 The King of the Copycats Part 2
Jaden's Life Points are down to 1300, while Dimitri's Life Points are untouched, and he has all three Magician cards on the field. In such a hopeless situation, Jaden begins to lose ...
Nov. 18, 2005
1x20 1 1x20 The Maiden In Love
A new student joins Slifer Red and is assigned to Jaden's dormitory. Although friendly enough, the student is surprisingly shy when it comes to undressing in front of the others. As ...
Nov. 21, 2005
1x21 1 1x21 The Duel Off Part 1
A friendly duel is to occur between students from Jaden's academy and from North school. Zane recommends Jaden who Crowler hates of course and chooses Baston. They agree to have the ...
Nov. 22, 2005
1x22 1 1x22 The Duel Off Part 2
With Polymerization sealed, Baston has shut down Jaden's main tactic of fusing his Elemental Heroes together. Struggling against his powerful opponent, Jaden attempts to turn the tables ...
Nov. 23, 2005
1x23 1 1x23 The Little Belowski
With his reputation growing as one of the strongest duelists in the academy, Jaden is struggling to cope with the pressure from the other students. When Crowler's latest challenger ...
Dec. 08, 2005
1x24 1 1x24 The New Chazz
Struggling to cope with his defeats at the Duel Academy, Chazz has been traveling the seas trying to find his true calling. Arriving at the North Academy, he is forced to rebuild his ...
Dec. 09, 2005
1x25 1 1x25 School Duel Part 1
Having found his true strength at the North School Academy, Chazz returns to the Duel Academy for a battle between the schools. Going up against his old rival Jaden, Chazz is determined ...
Dec. 12, 2005
1x26 1 1x26 School Duel Part 2
Chazz continues to overpower Jaden thanks to his Armed Dragon, however his opponent is not finished yet. Throwing Special Hurricane into the duel, Jaden hopes to turn the tables on ...
Dec. 13, 2005
1x27 1 1x27 Grave Risk Part 1
On a field trip to some ancient ruins with Professor Banner, Jaden finds himself drawn into the past-like dimension when the ruins were still a magnificent structure and Winged Kuriboh ...
Dec. 14, 2005
1x28 1 1x28 Grave Risk Part 2
Unable to sacrifice any monsters thanks to Necrovalley, Jaden is forced to use unconventional methods to power up his monsters. However Gravekeeper's Chief still has the upper hand, ...
Dec. 15, 2005
1x29 1 1x29 Doomsday Duel Part 1
The Principal of the Duel Academy calls Jaden and the others together to warn them of a grave situation. Seven powerful duelists are planning an attack on the Academy in the hopes of ...
Jan. 30, 2006
1x30 1 1x30 Doomsday Duel Part 2
Jaden's shadow duel with Nightshroud, the first of the Seven Stars, continues and things don't look good. As Nightshroud summons his powerful Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon, Jaden must draw ...
Jan. 31, 2006
1x31 1 1x31 Field of Screams Part 1
Recovering from his duel against NightShroud, Jaden is too weak to take on the next shadow rider - Camula. Worried that he is too weak to win in a duel, Crowler tries to flee but ends ...
Feb. 01, 2006
1x32 1 1x32 Field of Screams Part 2
Determined not to let Camula through any further, Zane takes her on in the next duel. Hoping to evenge Crowler's defeat, Zane attacks strong from the start and seems to have every base ...
Feb. 02, 2006
1x33 1 1x33 Field of Screams Part 3
Camulla has already beaten Crowler and Zane. Jaden wants to be the next opponent for her to face. However Jaden ends up at a huge disadvantage, he only had 300 life points left and ...
Feb. 03, 2006
1x34 1 1x34 The Fear Factor
Hoping to relax after his stressful duels, Jaden retreats to a hot spring to unwind. But when you're one of the protectors of the Duel Academy it's hard to get a break, especially when ...
Feb. 06, 2006
1x35 1 1x35 Sibling Rivalry
At Slifer Red, Chazz is complaining about his room on his big bed. It is so small that there isn't enough space for many of his antiques and furnitures. Some have to be placed outside ...
Feb. 07, 2006
1x36 1 1x36 Duel Distractions Part 1
In the morning near a cliff on the island, Bastion getting up very early is exercising and looking into the sea. He is thinking about the 7 stars. After Camilla, nobody has shown up ...
Feb. 08, 2006
1x37 1 1x37 Duel Distractions Part 2
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Feb. 09, 2006
1x38 1 1x38 Get Yarr Game On!
A guy, Anacis who holds a large treasure on the island, has arrived at Duel Academy. He will do the shadow duel by betting with the three legendary demon cards. Under the seabed, he ...
Feb. 10, 2006
1x39 1 1x39 The Dark Scorpions
The seven star keys of Jaden and the others are stolen. A group of 5 people, Black Scorpion Grave Robber Group, lurks into the school. Chazz who can reveal this incident finally starts ...
Feb. 27, 2006
1x40 1 1x40 A Lying Legend
Jaden hears about Abidos the Pharoah, a duelist who supposedly has never lost a single match. Abidos ends up being a Shadow Rider and wants to claim a Spirit Key. However to do that, ...
Feb. 28, 2006
1x41 1 1x41 A Reason to Win
Alexis is still keeping on taking care of her older brother whose memory hasn't returned. In order to gain her older brother's memory back, Alexis then falls into the duel against the ...
Mar. 01, 2006
1x42 1 1x42 Duel Monsters Spirit Day
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Mar. 02, 2006
1x43 1 1x43 Hearts are Wild
A person from Alexis's past comes to Duel Academy. Alexis used to know him back when they went to school together. He came with a prized possession of Alexis's which forces her to duel ...
Mar. 03, 2006
1x44 1 1x44 The Seventh Shadow Rider
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Mar. 27, 2006
1x45 1 1x45 Amnael's Endgame Part 1
After 3 more spirit gates are opened Jaden goes looking for the final Shadow Rider. The mark od Amnael guides them to the abandoned dorm where they find the mummy of Professor Banner. ...
Mar. 28, 2006
1x46 1 1x46 Amnael's Endgame Part 2
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Mar. 29, 2006
1x47 1 1x47 Chazz-anova
Chazz finally realizes that he is in love with Alexis, and teamed up with Atticus, he steals the three spirit keys to get Alexis to duel him. Source: www.TVRage.com
Mar. 30, 2006
1x48 1 1x48 Rise of the Sacred Beasts Part 1
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Mar. 31, 2006
1x49 1 1x49 Rise of the Sacred Beasts Part 2
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Apr. 03, 2006
1x50 1 1x50 Magna Chum Laude
[add summary]
Apr. 04, 2006
1x51 1 1x51 Graduation Match Part 1
[add summary]
Apr. 05, 2006
1x52 1 1x52 Graduation Match Part 2
[add summary]
Apr. 06, 2006
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Season 1 Videos

39 (Dub) The Dark Scorpions
39 (Dub) The Dark Scorpions (19:39)

31 (Dub) Field of Screams, Part 1
31 (Dub) Field of Screams, Part 1 (20:54)

14 (Dub) A Spirit Summoned
14 (Dub) A Spirit Summoned (20:33)

32 (Dub) Field of Screams, Part 2
32 (Dub) Field of Screams, Part 2 (20:44)

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