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WWE Raw is the Monday night professional wrestling television program for WWE and is the primary broadcast of the RAW brand. WWE Raw is generally seen as WWE's flagship program over its sister programs, SmackDown!, due to its longer history and the way it is promoted.

WWE Raw Season 5 (1997)

5x01 5 5x01 January 6, 1997
Mankind pinned Owen Hart.Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon defeated Fake Diesel and Fake Razor Ramon.Vader pinned Bret Hart.
Jan. 06, 1997
5x02 5 5x02 January 13, 1997
Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Jerry Laweler defeated Goldust and Marc Mero by Disqualification.Rocky Maivia defeated Davey Boy Smith by Count Out.The Undertaker defeated Crush by Disq ...
Jan. 13, 1997
5x03 5 5x03 January 20, 1997
World Tag Team Champions, Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith, defeated Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon.Faarooq pinned Bart Gunn.The Undertaker defeated Steve Austin by Disqualification.
Jan. 20, 1997
5x04 5 5x04 January 27, 1997
Crush pinned Faarooq.Davey Boy Smith pinned Doug Furnas.The Godwinns defeated Vader and Mankind by Count Out.
Jan. 27, 1997
5x05 5 5x05 February 3, 1997
Vader defeated Steve Austin by Disqualification.Savio Vega pinned Flash Funk.Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon defeated World Tag Team Champions, Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith, by Count Out.Crush ...
Feb. 03, 1997
5x06 5 5x06 February 13, 1997
Rocky Maivia pinned Hunter Hearst Helmsley to win the Intercontinental Title.Shawn Michaels vacates the World Heavyweight Title.
Feb. 13, 1997
5x07 5 5x07 February 17, 1997
Marc Mero defeated Savio Vega by Disqualification...Rocky Maivia pinned Leif Cassidy.The Headbangers defeated The Hardy Boys.Owen Hart pinned Flash Funk.Bart Gunn defeated Intercontinental ...
Feb. 17, 1997
5x08 5 5x08 February 24, 1997
The New Blackjacks defeated The Godwinns...Stevie Richards pinned Little Guido.Goldust defeated Savio Vega by Disqualification.Taz defeated Mikey Whipwreck.The Legion of Doom defeated ...
Feb. 24, 1997
5x09 5 5x09 March 3, 1997
Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Bret Hart by Disqualification.Intercontinental Champion, Rocky Maivia, defeated Vader by Disqualification.The Sultan defeated Flash Funk.World Heavyweight ...
Mar. 03, 1997
5x10 5 5x10 March 10, 1997
Rocky Maivia, pinned Tony.Pierroth, Heavy Metal, and Pentagon defeated Latin Lover, Hector Garza, and Octagon.Ahmed Johnson pinned Roy Raymond.The New Blackjacks defeated World Tag ...
Mar. 10, 1997
5x11 5 5x11 March 17, 1997
The Legion of Doom defeated Savio Vega and Crush.Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Flash Funk.Mini Goldust and Mascarita Sagrada Jr. defeated Mini Mankind and Mini Vader.The Sultan defeated ...
Mar. 17, 1997
5x12 5 5x12 March 24, 1997
The Headbangers defeated World Tag Team Champions, Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith.Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Bart Gunn.Venum, Super Nova, and Discovery defeated El Mosco, Hysteria, ...
Mar. 24, 1997
5x13 5 5x13 March 31, 1997
Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith, fought to a No Contest. Bret Hart reforms the New Hart Foundation.El Mosco pinned Super Nova.Jesse James pinned Jerry Fox.Savio Vega and Crush defeated ...
Mar. 31, 1997
5x14 5 5x14 April 7, 1997
Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart, defeated The Godwinns.Steve Austin pinned Billy Gunn.The Headbangers defeated Freddie Joe Floyd and Barry Horowitz.Ken Shamrock defeated Vernon White.Vader ...
Apr. 07, 1997
5x15 5 5x15 April 14, 1997
The Godwinns defeated The Legion of Doom.Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Jesse James.Savio Vega pinned Rocky Maivia.Goldust defeated The Sultan.Mankind and Vader defeated The Headbangers.Ahmed ...
Apr. 14, 1997
5x16 5 5x16 April 21, 1997
The Sultan defeated Ahmed Johnson.Bret Hart defeated Steve Austin.Tiger Ali Singh pinned Salvatore Sincere.Rockabilly pinned Jesse James.The Undertaker and Hunter Hearst Helmsley fought ...
Apr. 21, 1997
5x17 5 5x17 April 28, 1997
Flash Funk pinned Rockabilly.The Legion of Doom defeated Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon.Owen Hart pinned Rocky Maivia.Vader pinned Jesse James.Goldust defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley by ...
Apr. 28, 1997
5x18 5 5x18 May 5, 1997
Rockabilly defeated Ahmed Johnson.Vader pinned Goldust.Crush defeated Two Jobbers and then was pinned by Ahmed Johnson, who joined the Nation of Domination.Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon ...
May. 05, 1997
5x19 5 5x19 May 12, 1997
Ahmed Johnson defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley by Disqualification.Scott Putski pinned Leif Cassidy.The Legion of Doom defeated PG-13.World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker, defeated ...
May. 12, 1997
5x20 5 5x20 May 19, 1997
Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Crush.Bob Holly pinned Intercontinental Champion, Owen Hart, in a non-title match.Scott Taylor pinned Leif Cassidy.Rockabilly defeated Goldust by Disqualification.Faarooq ...
May. 19, 1997
5x21 5 5x21 May 26, 1997
The Legion of Doom defeated Brian Pillman and Jim Neidhart by Disqualification.D'Lo Brown pinned Bob Holly.Jerry Lawler pinned Goldust.Flash Funk pinned Rocky Maivia.Ahmed Johnson pinned ...
May. 26, 1997
5x22 5 5x22 June 2, 1997
Faarooq pinned Ahmed Johnson.Intercontinental Champion, Owen Hart, defeated Bob Holly.Goldust pinned Hunter Hearst Helmsley.The Legion of Doom defeated World Tag Team Champions, Steve ...
Jun. 02, 1997
5x23 5 5x23 June 9, 1997
Ahmed Johnson and The Legion of Doom defeated Faarooq, Crush, and Savio Vega.European Champion, Davey Boy Smith, defeated Goldust by Disqualification.The Headbagers defeated Doug Furnas ...
Jun. 09, 1997
5x24 5 5x24 June 16, 1997
Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith defeated The New Blackjacks.Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Phinneas Godwinn.Chris Candido defeated Brian Christopher by Disqualification.Goldust pinned ...
Jun. 16, 1997
5x25 5 5x25 June 23, 1997
Ken Shamrock defeated Rockabilly.The Legion of Doom defeated The Godwinns.Flash Funk and Sabu fought to a Double Count Out.Mankind defeated European Champion, Davey Boy Smith, by Disqualification.Intercontinental ...
Jun. 23, 1997
5x26 5 5x26 June 30, 1997
Ken Shamrock pinned Hunter Hearst Helmsley.Faarooq and D'Lo Brown defeated The Legion of Doom.Brian Christopher pinned Scott Putski.Mankind defeated Brian Pillman by Disqualification.The ...
Jun. 30, 1997
5x27 5 5x27 July 7, 1997
The Great Sasuke pinned Brian Christopher.Savio Vega and Crush fought to a No Contest.Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith defeated Faarooq and Kama Mustapha.Steve Austin pinned Hunter Hearst ...
Jul. 07, 1997
5x28 5 5x28 July 14, 1997
Ivan Pustski and Scott Putski defeated Brian Christopher and Jerry Lawler.Taka Michinuko pinned Yoshiro Tajiri.Miguel Perez Jr. and Jose Estrada Jr. defeated The Headbangers.Ken Shamrock ...
Jul. 14, 1997
5x29 5 5x29 July 21, 1997
Vader defeated Ken Shamrock by Count Out.Brian Christopher pinned Brian Walsh.The Godwinns defeated The New Blackjacks and The Headbangers in a three-way match.The Patriot defeated ...
Jul. 21, 1997
5x30 5 5x30 July 28, 1997
The Legion of Doom defeated Los Boriquas by Disqualification.Vader and Hunter Hearst Helmsley fought to a No Contest.The Truth Commission defeated Bob Holly, Flash Funk, and Jesse James.Crush ...
Jul. 28, 1997
5x31 5 5x31 August 4, 1997
Ken Shamrock pinned Kama Mustapha.Taka Michinuko pinned Brian Christopher.Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Vader fought to a Double Count Out.The Patriot pinned The Sultan.Ahmed Johnson pinned ...
Aug. 04, 1997
5x32 5 5x32 August 11, 1997
Legion of Doom Hawk defeated Henry Godwinn.Scott Putski pinned Tony Williams.Flash Funk pinned Brian Pillman.The Patroit and Ken Shamrock defeated Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith.Faarooq ...
Aug. 11, 1997
5x33 5 5x33 August 18, 1997
Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith defeated The Legion of Doom.Flash Funk pinned Brian Christopher.Ken Shamrock defeated The Sultan.Jesse James defeated Brian Pillman by Disqualification.The ...
Aug. 18, 1997
5x34 5 5x34 August 29, 1997
Vader defeated World Heavyweight Champion, Bret Hart, by Disqualification.Goldust pinned Salvatore Sincere.Dude Love pinned Rockabilly.Legion of Doom Hawk defeated European Champion, ...
Aug. 29, 1997
5x35 5 5x35 September 5, 1997
The Patriot defeated Owen Hart by Disqualification.Dude Love defeated European Champion, Davey Boy Smith, by Disqualification.The Undertaker defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley by Disqualification.The ...
Sep. 05, 1997
5x36 5 5x36 September 8, 1997
World Heavyweight Champion, Bret Hart, and Vader fought to a No Contest.World Tag Team Champions, The Headbangers, defeated The Godwinns.Max Mini pinned Pirita Morgan.Owen Hart defeated ...
Sep. 08, 1997
5x37 5 5x37 September 15, 1997
Ken Shamrock pinned Faarooq.Taka Michinuko pinned El Pantera.The Legion of Doom defeated Sniper and Recon by Disqualification.Max Mini and Mr. Lucky defeated Pirita Morgan and El Torito.Brian ...
Sep. 15, 1997
5x38 5 5x38 September 22, 1997
Ahmed Johnson pinned Rocky Maivia.The Legion of Doom defeated Faarooq and Kama Mustapha.Owen Hart defeated Brian Pillman by Disqualification.Cactus Jack (WWF's Debut) pinned Hunter ...
Sep. 22, 1997
5x39 5 5x39 September 29, 1997
Vader defeated European Champion, Davey Boy Smith, by Disqualification.Faarooq defeated Ahmed Johnson by Disqualification.Goldust pinned The Sultan.Los Boriquas defeated World Tag Team ...
Sep. 29, 1997
5x40 5 5x40 October 6, 1997
The Headbangers defeated World Tag Team Champions, The Godwinns, in a lumberjack non-title match.Marc Mero pinned Migeul Perez.Jim Cornette's nWo speech.European Champion, Davey Boy ...
Oct. 06, 1997
5x41 5 5x41 October 13, 1997
Intercontinental Champion, Owen Hart, and Faarooq fought to a Double Count Out.Max Mini and Nova defeated Tarantula and Mosiac.Shawn Michaels pinned Flash Funk.Skull and Eight Ball ...
Oct. 13, 1997
5x42 5 5x42 October 20, 1997
Kama Mustapaha and Rocky Maivia defeated Ken Shamrock and Ahmed Johnson.World Heavyweight Champion, Bret Hart, pinned Faarooq.Marc Mero pinned Brian Christopher.Shawn Michaels and Intercontinental ...
Oct. 20, 1997
5x43 5 5x43 October 27, 1997
Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Goldust.Ahmed Johnson defeated Intercontinental Champion, Owen Hart, by Disqualification.World Heavyweight Champion, Bret Hart, and Ken Shamrock fought ...
Oct. 27, 1997
5x44 5 5x44 November 3, 1997
Mr. Aguila pinned Super Loco (Super Crazy).Kane defeated Ahmed Johnson.Marc Mero pinned Savio Vega.Vader defeated Davey Boy Smith in a Dog Collar match.Jesse James and Billy Gunn defeated ...
Nov. 03, 1997
5x45 5 5x45 November 10, 1997
Ahmed Johnson defeated Marc Mero by Disqualification.Taka Michinuko pinned Devon Storm.The Truth Commission defeated The Headbangers.Billy Gunn and Jesse James defeated Bradshaw.The ...
Nov. 10, 1997
5x46 5 5x46 November 17, 1997
Jerry Lawler defeated Marc Mero by Disqualification.Billy Gunn and Jesse James defeated Los Boriquas by Disqualification.Max Mini, Mini Tauras, and Mini Nova fought to a No Contest ...
Nov. 17, 1997
5x47 5 5x47 November 24, 1997
Billy Gunn and Jesse James defeated The Legion of Doom to win the World Tag Team Titles.Brian Christopher pinned Flash Flanagan.Ken Shamrock defeated Savio Vega.Crush defeated Jeff ...
Nov. 24, 1997
5x48 5 5x48 December 1, 1997
Taka Michinuko pinned Mr. Aguila.A No Contest was ruled in a four way match between D'Lo Brown, Recon, Chainz, and Miguel Perez.Intercontinental Champion, Rocky Maivia, defeated Vader ...
Dec. 01, 1997
5x49 5 5x49 December 8, 1997
The Legion of Doom and The Godwinns fought to a No Contest.Dude Love pinned Billy Gunn.Flash Funk defeated Kurrgan the interrogator by Disqualification.Los Boriquas defeated The Disciples ...
Dec. 08, 1997
5x50 5 5x50 December 15, 1997
Light-Heavyweight Champion, Taka Michinuko, defeated Jerry Lawler by Disqualification.Dude Love and Jesse James fought to a No Contest. New Age Outlaws team name announced.Mark Henry ...
Dec. 15, 1997
5x51 5 5x51 December 22, 1997
The Headbangers defeated The Godwinns by Disqualification.The Undertaker defeated Intercontinental Champion, Rocky Maivia, by Disqualification.Marc Mero pinned Scotty Taylor.Kurrgan ...
Dec. 22, 1997
5x52 5 5x52 December 29, 1997
The Diciples of Apocalypse defeated Los Boriquas.Ken Shamrock defeated Kama Mustapha.Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher defeated Taka Michinuko and George Steele by Disqualification.Cactus ...
Dec. 29, 1997

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Season 5 Videos

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