Aug. 26, 1999
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120 min.
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WWE SmackDown

This is a weekly wrestling show. Wrestlers have incredible matches and there are huge rivalries between them. You can see unbelievable fights, wrestlers being sued, famous people have visited the show and to name a few Mike Tyson, Arnold Scwarznegger and Ben Stiffler.

WWE SmackDown Season 3 (2001-2002)

3x01 3 3x01 Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Live)
The Hardy Boyz defeated Justin Credible and Raven...The Undertaker and Steven Richards fought to a No Contest...Test defeated Billy Gunn...The Big Show defeated European Champion, Hurricane ...
Sep. 04, 2001
3x02 3 3x02 Houston, TX (Live)
The Hardy Boyz defeated Hurricane Helms and Lance Storm...Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam, defeated Spike Dudley...Chris Jericho defeated Christian...WCW World Champion, The Rock, defeated ...
Sep. 13, 2001
3x03 3 3x03 Memphis, TN (taped 9/18/01)
Hurricane Helms and Lance Storm defeated Spike Dudley and The Big Show...Kronik defeated Kaientai...Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam, defeated Raven...Intercontinental Champion, Edge, ...
Sep. 20, 2001
3x04 3 3x04 Dayton, OH (taped 9/25/01)
Test and Booker T. defeated The Undertaker and Kane to win the WCW World Tag Team Titles...The Hardy Boyz defeated Rhyno and Kanyon...The Big Show defeated WWF World Light-Heavyweight ...
Sep. 27, 2001
3x05 3 3x05 Mobile, AL (taped 10/2/01)
Edge and The Acolytes defeated Christian, Albert, and X-Pac...Spike Dudley and The Big Show defeated Mike Awesome and Hurricane Helms...Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam, defeated WWF ...
Oct. 04, 2001
3x06 3 3x06 Moline, IL (taped 10/9/01)
WWF World Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz, defeated The Big Show and Spike Dudley...Billy Kidman defeated X-Pac to win the WCW World Cruiserweight Title...Chris Jericho defeated ...
Oct. 11, 2001
3x07 3 3x07 Montreal, Quebec, Canada (taped 10/16/01)
Hurricane Helms, Lance Storm, and Molly Holly defeated The Hardy Boyz and Lita...Maven defeated Tazz...Booker T. and Test defeated Kane and The Undertaker...Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated ...
Oct. 18, 2001
3x08 3 3x08 Omaha, NB (taped 10/23/01)
Booker T wins an Alliance Battle Royal to earn a shot at the WCW World Title...Trish Stratus defeated Mighty Molly...WCW United States Champion, Kurt Angle, defeated Christian...WCW ...
Oct. 25, 2001
3x09 3 3x09 Cincinnati, Ohio (taped 10/30/01)
Test and Booker T. defeated The Rock and Chris Jericho for the WWF World Tag Team Titles...The Dudley Boyz and Stacy Keibler defeated The Hardy Boyz and Lita...Kurt Angle defeated Kane...Christian ...
Nov. 01, 2001
3x10 3 3x10 East Rutherford, NJ (taped 11/6/01)
WCW World Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz, defeated The Acolytes...Intercontinental Champion, Test, defeated Matt Hardy...WCW World Champion, The Rock, defeated Booker T. by Disqualification...The ...
Nov. 08, 2001
3x11 3 3x11 Albany, NY (taped 11/13/01)
Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam, defeated Kane...Edge and The Hardy Boyz defeated Test and The Dudley Boyz...The Big Show defeated Diamond Dallas Page...Booker T. defeated The Undertaker ...
Nov. 15, 2001
3x12 3 3x12 Fayetteville, NC (taped 11/20/01)
Test defeated Scotty 2 Hotty...The Big Show defeated Tazz...The Undertaker defeated Kurt Angle...Women's Champion, Trish Stratus, defeated Stacy Kiebler in a gravy bowl match...WWF ...
Nov. 22, 2001
3x13 3 3x13 Wichita, Kansas (taped 11/27/01)
European Champion, Christian, defeated Scotty Too Hotty...Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam, defeated Buh-Buh Ray Dudley...Kurt Angle defeated Edge...Women's Champion, Trish Stratus, and ...
Nov. 29, 2001
3x14 3 3x14 Chicago, IL (taped 12/4/01)
Edge, The Big Show, and Kane defeated William Regal and The Dudley Boyz...Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam, defeated Matt Hardy...Test and Christian defeated Scotty Too Hotty and Albert...Crash ...
Dec. 06, 2001
3x15 3 3x15 Bakersfield, California (taped 12/11/01)
Rikishi and Edge defeated Kurt Angle and William Regal...Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Crash Holly...Jeff Hardy defeated Test by Disqualification...Kane defeated Lance Storm...Albert, Scotty ...
Dec. 13, 2001
3x16 3 3x16 New Orleans, Louisiana (taped 12/18/01)
Intercontinental Champion, Edge, defeated Kurt Angle by Disqualification...Lance Storm defeated Rikishi...Hardcore Champion, The Undertaker, defeated Matt Hardy...The Rock defeated ...
Dec. 20, 2001
3x17 3 3x17 Orlando, Florida (taped 12/22/01)
Spike Dudley and Tazz defeated World Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz, in a non-title match...European Champion, Christian, defeated Rikishi...The Rock and Rob Van Dam defeated Kurt ...
Dec. 27, 2001
3x18 3 3x18 Washington, DC (live)
World Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz, defeated Tazz and Spike Dudley... Jazz defeated Mighty Molly...Hardcore Champion, The Undertaker, defeated The Big Show...Chris Jericho and ...
Jan. 03, 2002
3x19 3 3x19 New York, New York [MSG] (taped 1/8/02)
World Tag Team Champions, Tazz and Spike Dudley, defeated Christian and Lance Storm...Intercontinental Champion, Edge, beat The Big Boss Man...Rob Van Dam and The Rock beat Chris Jericho ...
Jan. 10, 2002
3x20 3 3x20 Bossier City, Louisiana (taped 1/15/02)
William Regal defeated Rob Van Dam...Billy Gunn defeated Cruiserweight Champion, Yoshihiro Tajiri...Diamond Dallas Page defeated The Big Boss Man...Rikishi defeated Lance Storm and ...
Jan. 17, 2002
3x21 3 3x21 North Charleston, SC (Taped 1/22/02)
Rob Van Dam defeated Intercontinental Champion, William Regal, in a non-title match...Rikishi defeated The Big Boss man. Jacquline was the special guest referee...World Tag Team Champions, ...
Jan. 24, 2002
3x22 3 3x22 Los Angeles, California (taped 2/5/02)
WWF and WCW World Champion, Chris Jericho, defeated Tazz...Diamond Dallas Page defeated Christian to win the European Title...Edge and Rob Van Dam defeated The Dudley Boyz...Trish Stratus ...
Feb. 07, 2002
3x23 3 3x23 Little Rock, Arkansas (taped 2/12/02)
William Regal and The Dudley Boyz defeated Edge, Rob Van Dam, and Rikishi...Maven defeated The Undertaker to win the Hardcore Title...Stacy Kiebler and Torrie Wilson defeated Billy ...
Feb. 14, 2002
3x24 3 3x24 Rockford, Illinois (taped 2/19/02)
Spike Dudley defeated Booker T....Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo defeated The Acolytes...Intercontinental Champion, William Regal, defeated Val Venis...Goldust defeated Cruiserweight ...
Feb. 21, 2002
3x25 3 3x25 Boston, MA (taped 2/26/02)
Kane defeated Kurt Angle by Disqualification...Edge defeated Christian...Rob Van Dam and The Hardy Boyz defeated Lance Storm and The Dudley Boyz...Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo defeated ...
Feb. 28, 2002
3x26 3 3x26 San Antonio, TX (live)
The Dudley Boyz and Jazz defeated The Hardy Boyz and Lita...The Big Show defeated Intercontinental Champion, William Regal, in a non-title match...Hardcore Champion, Maven, defeated ...
Mar. 07, 2002
3x27 3 3x27 Cleveland, OH (taped 3/12/02)
Hardcore Champion, Goldust, defeated Rob Van Dam...Booker T. defeated Cruiserweight Champion, Yoshihiro Tajiri...The Undertaker defeated Maven and Al Snow in a handicap match...WWF ...
Mar. 14, 2002
3x28 3 3x28 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (taped 3/19/02)
Kurt Angle defeated Rob Van Dam...Billy Gunn defeated Jeff Hardy, Buh-Buh Ray Dudley, and Bradshaw in a Four Way match...Hardcore Champion, Al Snow, and The Big Show fought to a No ...
Mar. 21, 2002
3x29 3 3x29 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (taped 3/26/02)
Booker T. defeated Edge....Lita and Trish Stratus defeated Ivory and Jazz...William Regal defeated Diamond Dallas Page to win the European Title...Test defeated Cruiserweight Champion, ...
Mar. 28, 2002
3x30 3 3x30 Rochester, New York (taped 4/2/02)
Diamond Dallas Page and Booker T. fought to a No Contest...World Tag Team Champions, Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo, defeated The Dudley Boyz...The Rock, Kane, and Hulk Hogan defeated ...
Apr. 04, 2002
3x31 3 3x31 Tucson, Arizona (taped 4/9/02)
World Tag Team Champions, Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo, defeated Scotty Too Hotty and Albert...Christian defeated Diamond Dallas Page...Edge defeated Kurt Angle by Disqualification...Billy ...
Apr. 11, 2002
3x32 3 3x32 Houston, Texas (taped 4/16/02)
Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Hurricane Helms...The Godfather defeated Val Venis...Chris Jericho defeated Edge...Albert defeated Scotty 2 Hotty...Al Snow defeated Chuck Palumbo...Undisputed ...
Apr. 18, 2002
3x33 3 3x33 Peoria, Illinois (taped 4/23/02)
Rikishi, Al Snow, and Maven defeated Billy Gunn, Chuck Palumbo, and Albert...Yoshihiro Tajiri and Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Billy Kidman and Hurricane Helms...Faarooq defeated Test...Diamond ...
Apr. 25, 2002
3x34 3 3x34 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (taped 4/30/02)
Maven, Al Snow, and Billy Kidman defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri, Billy Gunn, and Chuck Palumbo...Randy Orton defeated Hardcore Holly...Mark Henry defeated Christian...Albert and Kurt Angle ...
May. 02, 2002
3x35 3 3x35 Bridgeport, Connecticut (taped 5/7/02)
World Tag Team Champions, Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo, defeated Rikishi and Hurricane Helms...Randy Orton defeated Hardcore Holly by Disqualification...Kurt Angle and Lance Storm defeated ...
May. 09, 2002
3x36 3 3x36 Montreal, Quebec, Canada (taped 5/14/02)
Hurricane Helms defeated Cruiserweight Champion, Yoshihiro Tajiri, by Count Out...Test defeated Mark Henry...Lance Storm defeated Randy Orton. Hardcore Holly was the referee...D-Von ...
May. 16, 2002
3x37 3 3x37 Tupelo, Mississippi (taped 5/21/02)
Val Venis and Randy Orton defeated Lance Storm and Hardcore Holly...D-Von Dudley defeated Maven...Rikishi defeated Rico Constantino...Hurricane Helms defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri and Billy ...
May. 23, 2002
3x38 3 3x38 Calgary, Alberta, Canada (taped 5/28/02)
Triple H. defeated Lance Storm...Test defeated Randy Orton...Edge and Maven defeated Christian and Kurt Angle...D-Von Dudley defeated Rikishi...Cruiserweight Champion, Hurricane Helms, ...
May. 30, 2002
3x39 3 3x39 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (taped 6/4/02)
World Tag Team Champions, Rikishi and Rico Constantino, defeated Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo...Christian defeated Maven...Chris Jericho defeated Faarooq...Undisputed World Champion, ...
Jun. 06, 2002
3x40 3 3x40 Greenville, South Carolina (taped 6/11/02)
Triple H and Hulk Hogan won a 20 man Battle Royal #1 Contender's Match...Chuck and Billy Gunn defeated Rikishi and Rico Constantino to win the World Tag Team Titles...Val Venis defeated ...
Jun. 13, 2002
3x41 3 3x41 Sacramento, California (taped 6/18/02)
Test defeated Cruiserweight Champion, Hurricane Helms in a KOTR Qualifying Match...Hardcore Holly defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri in a KOTR Qualifying Match...Billy Kidman and Val Venis defeated ...
Jun. 20, 2002
3x42 3 3x42 Chicago, Illinois (taped 6/25/02)
Rikishi defeated Christian...Jamie Knoble defeated Billy Kidman for a Cruiserweight Title Shot at KOTR...Triple H defeated Billy Gunn...Chris Jericho defeated Val Venis in KOTR Quarter ...
Jun. 27, 2002
3x43 3 3x43 Boston, Massachusetts (taped 7/2/02)
Kurt Angle defeated John Cena...World Tag Team Champions, Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo, defeated Hardcore Holly and Val Venis...Lance Storm defeated Mark Henry...Rikishi defeated Test ...
Jul. 04, 2002
3x44 3 3x44 Atlantic City, New Jersey (taped 7/9/02)
Lance Storm defeated Rikishi...D-Von Dudley and Deacon Batista defeated Randy Orton and Val Venis...Edge and Hulk Hogan defeated Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo to win the World Tag Team ...
Jul. 11, 2002
3x45 3 3x45 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (taped 7/16/02)
World Tag Team Champions, Edge and Hulk Hogan, defeated Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo...Women's Champion, Molly Holly, defeated Torrie Wilson...Deacon Batista and D-Von Dudley defeated ...
Jul. 18, 2002
3x46 3 3x46 Indianapolis, Indiana (taped 7/23/02)
John Cena defeated Chris Jericho by Disqualification...Chavo Guerrero defeated Hurricane Helms...Lance Storm and Christian defeated Hardcore Holly and Val Venis...World Tag Team Champions, ...
Jul. 25, 2002
3x47 3 3x47 Charlotte, North Carolina (taped 7/30/02)
D-Von Dudley defeated Val Venis...Rikishi defeated Albert...Mark Henry over Kurt Angle by Disqualification...Hardcore Holly defeated Rico Constantino...John Cena defeated Test...The ...
Aug. 01, 2002
3x48 3 3x48 Richmond, Virginia (taped 8/4/02)
Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri...Brock Lesnar defeated Mark Henry...Hulk Hogan defeated Kurt Angle by Disqualification...Rikishi defeated D-Von Dudley... John Cena defeated ...
Aug. 08, 2002
3x49 3 3x49 Seattle, Washington (taped 8/13/02)
John Cena defeated Kurt Angle by Disqualification...Mark Henry defeated D-Von Dudley...Rikishi defeated Deacon Bautista...Hurricane Helms and Shannon Moore defeated Bully Gunn and Chuck ...
Aug. 15, 2002
3x50 3 3x50 Fayetteville, North Carolina (taped 8/20/02)
Billy Gunn, Chuck Palumbo, and Rico Constantino defeated Hardcore Holly, Hurricane Helms, and Shannon Moore...Kurt Angle defeated Mark Henry...Brock Lesnar defeated Rikishi...Nidia ...
Aug. 22, 2002
3x51 3 3x51 Uncasville, Connecticut (taped 8/27/02)
Shannon Moore and Hurricane Helms defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri and Jamie Noble...Chavo Guerrero defeated Matt Hardy...Billy Kidman defeated Kurt Angle by Count Out...Rikishi and John Cena ...
Aug. 29, 2002
3x52 3 3x52 Green Bay, Wisconsin (taped 9/3/02)
Eddie Guerrero defeated Edge...D-Von Dudley defeated John Cena...Rey Mysterio defeated Rico Constantino...Rikishi defeated Eddie Guerrero...Shannon Moore defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri...Chris ...
Sep. 05, 2002
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