Sep. 1984
30 min.
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Voltron: Defender of the Universe tv show photo

Voltron: Defender of the Universe

This series focuses on 5 lion robots and their pilots as they defend the galaxy and planet Arus vs. the forces of King Zarkon and Prince Lotor from planet Doom.

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Voltron: Defender of the Universe Season 1 (1984)

1x01 1 1x01 Space Explorers Captured
The Planet Arus has been under attack by the ruthless King Zarkon for many years. Responding to a call for help, Galaxy Garrison sends a team of five young space explorers, Keith, Lance, ...
Sep. 10, 1984
1x02 1 1x02 Escape to Another Planet
After escaping from Planet Doom aboard a stolen slave ship, the five space explorers are chased to Planet Arus by Yurak's forces. Crash landing on the worn torn planet, the five youn ...
Sep. 11, 1984
1x03 1 1x03 A Ghost and Four Keys
Angered by Yurak's failures, Zarkon tasks his evil witch Haggar to send a robeast to Planet Arus, in hopes of capturing the five space explorers who escaped him and destroy what was ...
Sep. 12, 1984
1x04 1 1x04 The Missing Key
Zarkon is angered that both Yurak and Haggar have failed in their attempts to bring back the escaped space explorers from Planet Arus. Haggar reassures Zarkon, that her robeast will ...
Sep. 13, 1984
1x05 1 1x05 Princess Joins Up
Defeated by the Voltron Force, King Zarkon grows wary of his charges continuous defeat against the mighty robot defender. Haggar suggests that they hold a contest between her robeast ...
Sep. 14, 1984
1x06 1 1x06 The Right Arm of Voltron
With the new Castle of Lions and the return of Voltron, the citizens of Arus come out of their hiding places, comfortable to know that Voltron will protect them from the evil forces ...
Sep. 17, 1984
1x07 1 1x07 The Lion Has New Claws
It would seem an intruder has gotten in the castle, but it's not until after Pidge attacks the intruder that they learn it's really the Princess' governess who has returned.
Sep. 18, 1984
1x08 1 1x08 In Search of New Worlds
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Sep. 19, 1984
1x09 1 1x09 A Storm of Meteors
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Sep. 20, 1984
1x10 1 1x10 Planet of the Bats
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Sep. 21, 1984
1x11 1 1x11 The Stolen Lion
The Princess is undergoing rigorous training in her Lion, fighting with Lance's Lion as if it's a real battle after taking a hard hit from one of his assaults, the Blue Lion plummets ...
Sep. 26, 1984
1x12 1 1x12 A Pretty Spy
Hunk finds a young, injured girl with one of Zarkon's slave tatoos on her arm. Determining that she's alive, he takes her back to the Castle to get medical help.
Sep. 27, 1984
1x13 1 1x13 Secrets of the White Lion
Seeing a vision of a white lion, Allura is compelled to follow it. She follows the creature to a waterfall, believing it is her father reincarnated.
Sep. 28, 1984
1x14 1 1x14 Help Not Wanted
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Sep. 29, 1984
1x15 1 1x15 Surrender
A young girl named Tammy gets separated from her mother, and Pidge does his best to comfort her.
Oct. 01, 1984
1x16 1 1x16 Yurak Gets His Pink Slip
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Oct. 02, 1984
1x17 1 1x17 Give Me Your Princess
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Oct. 03, 1984
1x18 1 1x18 Bridge on the River Chozzerai
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Oct. 04, 1984
1x19 1 1x19 Zarkon Is Dying
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Oct. 05, 1984
1x20 1 1x20 Ghost Fleet from Another Planet
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Oct. 07, 1984
1x21 1 1x21 Bad Birthday Party
On planet Nemon, Zarkon is set to celebrate his birthday as hosted by his nephew, Tabor.
Oct. 08, 1984
1x22 1 1x22 The Deadly Flowers
Seedlings flutter down from the sky to Arus, leaving beautiful and fragrant blooms. Arusians frolick in the fields of flowers and even Allura dances about with some blossoms the space ...
Oct. 09, 1984
1x23 1 1x23 Raid of the Alien Mice
Beastly looking mice (that look more like rats) are in the Castle of Lions wreaking havoc - things are exploding, catching on fire...you name it. After some investigating with the ...
Oct. 10, 1984
1x24 1 1x24 Short Run of the Centipede Express
Lotor is daydreaming of Allura once again when Zarkon summons him. Planet Moura has been captured and it's time to have a little arena fun with some slaves. Zarkon also has a new ...
Oct. 11, 1984
1x25 1 1x25 The Witch Gets a Face Lift
Haggar ventures to Arus once more, another diabolical plot brewing under that burlap-looking cowl of hers. Next thing we know, a strange bird lands inside a room in the Castle where ...
Oct. 12, 1984
1x26 1 1x26 The Green Medusa
Lotor travels to another planet and decides to capture a grieving female Medusan called Anga. She spends some time in the Arena on Doom and the royals are pleased by what they see: ...
Oct. 15, 1984
1x27 1 1x27 The Buried Castle
Three Arusian children are wandering the forest when they come upon a castle in its midst. In the Castle of Lions, this mysterious new castle doesn't go unnoticed. Pidge is sent out ...
Oct. 16, 1984
1x28 1 1x28 It Takes Real Lions
On Doom, Lotor is training a menacing new Robeast by having it attack creatures that resemble the Voltron Lions. While back on Arus, the Voltron Force follows up their own rigorous ...
Oct. 17, 1984
1x29 1 1x29 Sleeping Princess
Zarkon has decided it's time for Lotor to take a suitor and presents him with Princess Koral from Demos. He kisses her (a taste test?), and while she's attractive enough, Lotor just ...
Oct. 18, 1984
1x30 1 1x30 Lotor Traps Pidge
A storm brews on Arus. Pidge, while trying to round up townsfolk to take shelter, gets in a scuffle with a young boy over a rabbit Pidge claims the boy looted to eat. When the boy ...
Oct. 19, 1984
1x31 1 1x31 The Captive Comet
Haggar tells Zarkon the story of the Omega Comet, which is mysterious in that it behaves like a black hole by sucking everything it passes up with its massive gravitational pull. Voltron ...
Oct. 22, 1984
1x32 1 1x32 The Little Prince
Lotor has a fleet hitting Arus hard since he knows Voltron's not around to stop it. Meanwhile, Galaxy Garrison is angry Bandor left their main power supply unguarded and want him to ...
Oct. 23, 1984
1x33 1 1x33 There'll Be a Royal Wedding
This one starts off with Lotor, after giving Romelle one more chance to share the throne with him, tossing her into the Pit of Skulls on Doom. A voice tells Romelle not to be afraid ...
Oct. 24, 1984
1x34 1 1x34 Pidge's World Crumbles
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Oct. 25, 1984
1x35 1 1x35 The Invisible Robeast
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Oct. 26, 1984
1x36 1 1x36 First Day on a New World
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Oct. 27, 1984
1x37 1 1x37 Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics
The Voltron Force men are busy using a huge earth mover to help construct a new stadium where the Space Olympics are to be held on Arus. A few local children are hanging out with them ...
Oct. 29, 1984
1x38 1 1x38 Treasure of Planet Tyrus
To celebrate his birthday, Lotor takes a trip to planet Tyrus. While getting a massage from scantly clad servants, Zarkon informs Lotor that he sent a ship with a present for Lotor ...
Oct. 30, 1984
1x39 1 1x39 The Sincerest Form of Flattery
While Haggar works on her latest Robeast, Zarkon and Lotor are settling a 'difference of opinions' having Lotor destroy a few beasts in the Arena. Once Lotor easily disposes of the ...
Oct. 31, 1984
1x40 1 1x40 Return of Coran's Son
The team are out practicing in the Lions and decide to race back to the Castle. As they go, Blue Lion flies over a mysterious stranger and just as she does so, her Lion goes haywire ...
Nov. 01, 1984
1x41 1 1x41 Coran's Son Runs Amuck
Voltron manages to blast off before the robeast could get a good swipe in but they're not out of the woods yet. They're back in the Robeast-cannon pickle but Keith has a plan. Holding ...
Nov. 02, 1984
1x42 1 1x42 Building a New World
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Nov. 03, 1984
1x43 1 1x43 The Sand People
After being alerted to more Doomite mischief, the Voltron Force fly their Lions to a distant sand planet to prevent its friendly creature inhabitants from becoming unwilling pawns in ...
Nov. 05, 1984
1x44 1 1x44 Magnetic Attraction
Depsite how tough she is, Allura's still no match for Nanny's and Coran's combined anal retention. Allura is hauled off to do more Princess-worthy activities.
Nov. 06, 1984
1x45 1 1x45 Lotor's Clone
Zarkon kicks off the episode by berating Lotor for his failures while all but calling him a coward for sending robots into battle where he should be leading. Lotor promises to deliver ...
Nov. 07, 1984
1x46 1 1x46 Attack of the Fierce Frogs
Zarkon is drinking a glass of wine but decides to hurl the goblet at Lotor, which cracks him squarely in the forehead. The reason for violence? Zarkon is disgusted at his son's efforts ...
Nov. 08, 1984
1x47 1 1x47 Voltron Versus Voltron
The people of Planet Yadle are joyous that they've been granted their independence and are preparing to welcome Voltron who is coming to help them celebrate. However, Zarkon is miffed ...
Nov. 09, 1984
1x48 1 1x48 Goodbye, New World
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Nov. 10, 1984
1x49 1 1x49 Voltron Frees the Slaves
Lotor once again is up to no good. First he conquers a new planet and dubs it Zarkonia. The people of Zarkonia are promptly enslaved and treated poorly, which Lotor hopes will draw ...
Nov. 12, 1984
1x50 1 1x50 Mighty Space Mice
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Nov. 13, 1984
1x51 1 1x51 Lotor's New Hit Man
Lotor, Zarkon and Morgill are watching some of the up and coming pilots in the Academy practice when a stand-out performance from one catches their eye. The pilot, Carp, does a bold ...
Nov. 14, 1984
1x52 1 1x52 A Transplant for Blue Lion
Both sides it seems are licking their wounds, so to speak, and preparing to do better next time. Princess is nursing her shoulder injury and worried about her Lion, when her father ...
Nov. 15, 1984
1x53 1 1x53 Raid of the Red Berets
Instead of your typical Robeast, this time Haggar and Lotor have cooked up an elite fighting force of robots they call the Red Berets. Even Zarkon is impressed with their fighting ...
Nov. 16, 1984
1x54 1 1x54 Try This World for Size
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Nov. 17, 1984
1x55 1 1x55 My Brother Is a Robeast
The Royal family from Planet Pollux has made a visit to planet doom. Lotor seems to have a particular thing against the planet's prince, Avok. So Avok is sent to the arena where he ...
Nov. 19, 1984
1x56 1 1x56 One Princess to Another
Bandor gets a memo bearing some bad news - Zarkon and his cohorts are planning to fuel some 500 robeasts on a satellite called Nuklon. Something has to be done, and Sven and Romelle ...
Nov. 20, 1984
1x57 1 1x57 It'll Be a Cold Day
This episode starts with Princess Romelle of Pollux being tossed into a dungeon cell on Doom by Prince Lotor. Due to her resemblance to her cousin Allura, Lotor figures he might as ...
Nov. 21, 1984
1x58 1 1x58 Summit Meeting
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Nov. 22, 1984
1x59 1 1x59 Zarkon Becomes a Robeast
Lotor is still smarting over his defeat in the last episode, marveling at how such a perfect plan went so wrong. Then, armed Doomites show up to arrest the Prince on Zarkon's orders ...
Nov. 23, 1984
1x60 1 1x60 Lotor, the King
This episode picks up where the last one left off, with Voltron flying toward Doom and Lotor preparing to launch his father who is a most unwilling robeast pilot. Lotor is pumping up ...
Nov. 26, 1984
1x61 1 1x61 Final Victory
The last episode in season one finds the Lions trying to penetrate Castle Dooms defenses with a little help from Romelle's crew of rebels on the ground. Coran also decides it's time ...
Nov. 27, 1984
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