Sep. 07, 2008
60 min.
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Eric and Russell are laying on the parking outside of Fangtasia, chained one to another and slowly burning on the sun. Eric is angry because Russell and his werewolves (in Sweden, around 930 AD) killed his family.

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At that moment, as a product of Eric’s subconscious, Godric appears. He tells Eric to forgive Russell and end the hate while he still can. But, Eric craves for revenge that he promised to his father.

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As sun continues to burn his skin even more, in agony, Eric starts to yell.

Meanwhile, Sookie is dreaming that about the forest with magic lights that looks like chandelier. Bill wakes her up, and she slaps him saying that he betrayed her - again. Bill tells her that he only pretended to betray her so he could save her life - again. She asks for Eric and realizes that she can’t let him die on the sun just so he can kill Russell.

Sookie runs outside and tries to remove silver handcuffs, but with no success. Russell tells Sookie to use her gift, but she is not sure how. Russell says that he will not surrender to true death and he threatens Sookie that he will find a way to come back and kill everyone that she loves.

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By saying this, he enrages Sookie and her hand start glowing. She burst a light at the handcuffs and breaks them. Russell now orders her to drag him inside, but instead of doing that she shoots another light from her hand right to his head and throws him at the wall. As Russell continues burning, Sookie takes Eric and drags him inside Fangtasia.

Delirious Eric is laying inside Fangtasia. Pam says that he needs human blood, but he is too weak to drop his fangs. She is glad to find a handcuffs key in his pocket.

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Sookie asks Bill to bite her and starts dropping blood from her wrist directly to Eric's mouth. She asks Bill to watch over him, because there is a chance that he might lose his control while feeding on Sookie.

On TV, in TBBN’s (True Blood Broadcasting Network) talk show, Nan Flanagan is arguing with Steve Newlin over vampire’s rights, while Sam is making a breakfast for Tara. He tells her that the reason of his barking in his sleep is because he is a shapeshifter. Tara is speechless.

At Fangtasia, Bill decides that Eric had enough of Sookie's blood. He takes her wrist from him and heals it with his own blood. Eric feels better and he is almost healed. He says that they must bring Russell inside and spare him because Godric appeared to him and advised him to do so. Bill, Pam and Sookie all think that this is not a good idea, but Eric does not give up.

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Sookie, as only one that can survive on the sun, goes outside and with silver chains drags almost dead Russell in.

Tara is angry that Sam hasn’t shared with her a story of his true origin before they slept together. She thinks that she deserved to know that after all the things she’s been through. Now, all she wants is to start over her life without any recollection of the past.

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Later, she leaves Sam’s house and starts remembering her previous bad encounters with supernatural beings – Franklin, Maryann and Eggs.

Eric ties Russell to a stripping pole and decides not to kill him. He hits him and Russell spits out one of his fangs. Eric tells Sookie to guard Russell while they are sleeping. She agrees although she is sick of even looking at vampires. Eric calls someone and tries to provide a van and a help for tonight.

At the Bon Temps Police Station, DEA officers finally have enough evidence to arrest ‘people’ from Hotshot (Hotshot is a fictional town in Louisiana populated by werepanthers). Jason comes in to convince Andy Bellefleur to stop DEA’s raid on Hotshot. Andy in anger tells Jason that DEA is going there today and threatens that if he warns his new girlfriend he'll never become a cop. Jason runs out from police station in panic.

Hoyt comes to work just to find his mother Maxine organizing an intervention for him. Maxine was sitting with Hoyt’s high school guidance counselor and Summer (a girlfriend that she choose for him) waiting for her son.

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They think that Jessica, a blood sucking vampire, is not a right choice for him. They read theirs letters to him and try to convince him to change his life. Maxine threatens to throws him out of her house, but without any effect – since he already left. Hoyt gets angry and tell them that will not leave a woman he loves, even if she is a vampire. He wishes Summer to find a good husband and leaves his mother in tears.

Lafayette came to work early, but he forgot his keys. Sam starts rummaging through his keys trying to open the door to Merlotte's, when Lafayette - instead of seeing a real event - has another hallucination.

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In this vision, Sam's hands are covered in blood and he hears his thoughts "Cross me and you're a dead man."

Russell offers Sookie five million dollars, his house and to kill (or not) Eric, Bill or both -if she helps him. When she refuses, Russell says that her blood is a tasteful bless and that one day, one vampire will not be able to resist draining her. He admires Bill’s control and says that he’s either smart or a big gentleman. Sookie gets sick of his stories and finds a jar that contains Talbot’s remains.

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She realizes that Russell plans to bring Talbot back by using Sookie’s magic blood. She decides to make him suffer and, while he was screaming in despair, she drops Talbot’s remains into sink and turns on garbage disposal.

At Hotshot, Jason and Crystal just arrived to worn residents that the DEA is coming. Jason tells them to get rid of all the V (vampire blood), but Crystal’s father, Calvin, is not happy to listen to his little’s girl new boyfriend. Still, he decides to throw out V, but Felton thinks that the V is worth too much to be thrown away. Calvin and Felton, who has been consuming V, start fighting about their next move. Felton soon gets sick of arguing and offending and shoots Calvin in the head.

Sam arrives home and finds Terry sitting on his porch and crying. Sam is sorry that he treated him badly. Terry is just grateful that everybody is well, especially Arlene's pregnancy.
Sam walks into his brother’s room, sees the mess and realizes that he is gone.

The DEA is going to Hotshot lead by Sgt Mitch Coburn who ordered injured Andy to stay behind.

At Hotshot, Felton now has Jason on his gunpoint. Jason tries to calm him down and explain that V has a bad influence on him.

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Felton threatens to shoot him if Crystal doesn’t come with him. Crystal gets into his truck and tells Jason that this is her destiny and that, now, he must take care of people in Hotshot. As truck drives away, Jason turns to dirty and hungry children and introduces himself.

Tara comes to her mother’s house just to find Lettie Mae and Reverend Daniels indisposed.

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She runs out and Lettie tries to explain to her that reverend loves her and plans to leave his wife for her. Lettie finally feels happy. Tara is disappointed in her poor choices, but she hugs her, wishes her good luck and leaves.

At Merlotte's, Sam find out that his personal safe is missing. In the kitchen Lafayette was talking to Arlene when he got another vision. Rene had his hands around Arlene neck saying that he is inside of her and that she can’t get rid of him. Arlene said that they are in hell. Lafayette runs out screaming and calls Jesus for advice about his visions.

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Terry is upset that Arlene is still working and putting herself in danger of loosing the baby. Sam takes his gun and leaves from Merlotte's.

Alcide drove his van to Fangtasia because Eric asked him for help. In this way, he will finally settle his father’s depts. Alcide says that Debbie is missing, and that he's often thinking about Sookie. Eric, Bill and Pam woke up and they have a plan. Sookie rescinds invitation to her house for all vampires and leaves. Eric drags Russell out.

At police station, Andy is tempted by V that he took as evidence. The DEA officer is mad because Jason warned dealers and now they have to run after Felton who left behind him two dead bodies. Andy tells Jason that now he doesn’t stand a chance of becoming a real cop.

Jesus shows up at Merlotte's and hugs frightened Lafayette. He tells Lafayette that he is not schizophrenic - he just opened himself up to new experiences. Jesus says that long time ago he felt confused too. First time he started to learn magic (from his uncle) he felt disoriented, but later he was able to see things that other people wanted to hide. To Lafayette surprise, Jesus says that he's a Witch. Lafayette feels lucky to have beside him this male nurse with special powers.

At Sookie’s home, Tara felt need to change. She took scissors and cut off her hair.

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When Sookie got back home, she liked her new haircut. They made up and agreed that they’ll always be sisters. Tara hugged Sookie and said that she’s going to Merlotte's.

At nearby construction site, Alcide has settled his father debts and he is leaving Bill and Eric to finish up Russell. They chained him in silver and push him into foundation of the house. Now they are pouring concrete over him to make sure that buried alive, he won’t be able to find his peace for at least hundred of years. While Russell was screaming in anger, Godric appeared before Eric, again. Eric doesn’t want to listen to his advices. He says that this is who he is and that’s because Godric made him this way – it’s too late for him to change. Bill used this opportunity of Eric’s lack of attention and offers him a handshake, while putting glove on his hand and silver chain of Eric’s.

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He pushes Eric into the foundation and pours concrete on him. Then he took his cell phone and, by pretending to be Eric, called Ruben and orders him to kill Pam.

In Bon Temps, Hoyt has a surprise for Jessica. He brings her inside a house, removes her blindfold and introduces her to theirs new home. She is overjoyed. Hoyt says that he would love to marry her. As Hoyt carries Jessica upstairs, we see a strange doll lying on the floor of theirs empty living room.

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At gun shop, Maxine Fortenberry is looking for best weapon to remove her future daughter-in-law.

Bill came to Sookie’s home. She invites him in and he tells her that he finished Russell and Eric too. She is surprised, but Bill explains that Eric was a threat to her safety because he tasted her. He plans to kill all vampires (including the Queen and Pam) who know that she is fairy. Bill says that he never loved someone as much as her and prepares to leave. Sookie asked him to stay but the front door opens, he sees Eric (covered in concrete) standing the front porch. Eric says that Bill was sent by the Queen of Louisiana to procure her because of she might be. Bill admits that this is true, but was before he met and felt in love with Sookie. Later, he purposely hid her from the world and tried anything to keep her safe. Eric reveals that the night they met (in second episode) was arranged just so he could feed Sookie with his blood and form a connection between them. Tonight Bill tried to silence Eric so she would never find out the truth. Sookie is deeply disappointed and she tells Bill to leave from her house.

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As Bill is thrown out, he floats grasping to the front door and begging Sookie to reconsider her decision. Bill, in tears, says: “It is who you are, not what you are that I love. And I’ll love you always until I met the true death”. But, Sookie is too hurt to even look at him and she rescinds her invitation. Eric triumphs, but just for a second before Sookie throws him out too.

On Merlotte's parking lot, Tara looks upon a dinner with a smile and decides to drive away.

In Fangtasia, Pam tells Eric that Ruben tries to kill her, but she took him out. Removing concrete from her hair (revealing that she was the one who saved Eric), she asks if Bill is dead. Eric says that he gave him even worse punishment than death.

On the road that is leading through Bon Temps woods, Sam finds Tommy, his staling brother who took his safe and his money. Tommy tries to escape but Sam chases him down and shoots in the air. Tommy stops running and start justifying himself. His life was changed when Sam came along, and now he threw him out like garbage. Sam thinks that he saved his brother’s life and he wants his money back. Tommy doesn’t want to give back the money because he can’t find a job and support himself – because he can't read.

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When Sam says that he doesn’t care, Tommy turns around and walks toward the wood. Sam points his gun at Tommy and shoots.

At Sookie’s house, she was crying, deeply shaken by recent events, when she decided to visit the only place that will give her some confort.

At Bill’s house, recent widow Queen Sophie-Anne came to visit. She is very excited that Russell is gone and she is willing to forgive Bill his recent disobedience – at least for now. She has waiting for centuries to find a true Fay and feel the sunlight on her skin. Now, she demands to see Sookie. Bill tells her that Sookie is not here and that he invited her under false pretenses. Big surprise is that only one of them will leave the house. Sophie-Ann laughs at him, because she is twice older and thus stronger than him.

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They drop out their fangs, start to levitate and swoop at each other in a fight to the death.

On the graveyard, Sookie is sitting next to her Grandma Adele's grave, crying and saying that she feels lonely. Suddenly, Claudine surrounded by group of fairies appears in front of her. Claudine says that Sookie is not alone and invites her to come with them.

Recap Image

Sookie’s hand starts to glow and, at the moment she grasps Claudine‘s hand, both lights merge together (in a shape of fairy's wings) and all of them disappear from graveyard.
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