Aug. 2002
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Transformers Armada

The Autobots and the Decepticons are going at it again, but this time the two factions are fighting over little transformers called the Mini-Cons. These Transformers gives there masters a massive power boost either to defend or destroy. And, again this battle is on Earth.


Transformers Armada Season 1 (2002-2003)

1x01 1 1x01 First Encounter (Part 1 of 3)
The new series will kick off with this 90 minute TV movie. The episode opens in space, with our narrator explaining the history of the race called ""Transformers"" in brief. After a ...
Aug. 23, 2002
1x02 1 1x02 Metamorphasis (Part 2 of 3)
The two bullies remain trapped in the cave as Optimus and Megatron duke it out for possession of the Mini-Con that the children have collected. They run, only to be cut off by two more ...
Aug. 23, 2002
1x03 1 1x03 Base (Part 3 of 3)
The battle started last episode continues as the Decepticons arrive on the scene and begin to strafe their opponents. The fliers surprise Optimus and the other Autobots. The children ...
Aug. 23, 2002
1x04 1 1x04 Comrade
The Autobots pick up a signal from a Mini-Con, but cant focus enough on the signal to get an exact fix. Alexis and Sureshock manage to help and get an exact location, and the group ...
Sep. 21, 2002
1x05 1 1x05 Solider
Hot Shot and Red Alert don't quite get along. Hot Shot is a young warrior and Red Alert is a veteran chief science officer. There is obvious tension between them in the opening scene. ...
Sep. 27, 2002
1x06 1 1x06 Jungle
The episode opens with Starscream, Demolisher, and Cyclonus fighting the Autobots. Starscream tries to pull off a daring maneuver but ends up endangering all the Decepticons. The Autobots ...
Oct. 04, 2002
1x07 1 1x07 Carnival
The Science Fair has come to town, and while the festivities commence we find the Autobots and children at the Autobot base. While Red Alert and Optimus begin repairs on some equipment, ...
Oct. 11, 2002
1x08 1 1x08 Palace
A Tribeswoman legend contains truth about a Mini-Con found in the Sahara desert many years ago, and a race has begun to find it. Cyclonus stands guard in the desert, and accidentally ...
Oct. 18, 2002
1x09 1 1x09 Confrontation
Billy and Fred argue about the Transformers, and their origin, when they spot Rad, Carlos and Alexa riding off in the distance. They speed off to catch up, but stop short of finding ...
Oct. 25, 2002
1x10 1 1x10 Underground
At the Underground base, Hot Shot and Red Alert dig out more of the tunnels below the base as the Mini-Con symbol comes in. The next Mini-Con will be found in a city, so the Autobots ...
Nov. 01, 2002
1x11 1 1x11 Ruin
The Autobots are hard at work at installing some jet-looking devices onto the sides of Optimus Prime's trailer when Carlos comes running in, frantic about something. He mutters something ...
Nov. 15, 2002
1x12 1 1x12 Prehistory
Rad stands alone in contemplation of the destruction of the sunken city that was found out in the last episode... while Megatron in his base tries to activate the second of the Air ...
Nov. 22, 2002
1x13 1 1x13 Swoop
The episode starts with Cyclonus and Blackout searching an area of mountains and forest for the Autobot's base, with Megatron and the other Decepticons communicating with him from their ...
Nov. 29, 2002
1x14 1 1x14 Overmatch
A lone cloaked figure sits on top of a rocky spire in the moonlight while Starscream blasts overhead and Demolishor scrambles across the rugged landscape below. Starscream transforms ...
Dec. 13, 2002
1x15 1 1x15 Gale
A blast hits down on a busy highway, and a purple motorcycle rushes out of it and into traffic.... Hot Shot trains in the Autobot base, and remembers the fight with Scavenger in the ...
Dec. 20, 2002
1x16 1 1x16 Credulous
Hot Shot and Sideways guard a canyon from the Decepticons, with Optimus and Smokescreen in a backup firing position. Hot Shot rushes the 'Cons position, and manages to make Starscream ...
Dec. 27, 2002
1x17 1 1x17 Conspiracy
The Autobots are being repaired by their Mini-Cons while the children watch on. After losing the Star Sabre to the Decpeticons, they have begun losing battles left and right. When Billy ...
Jan. 10, 2003
1x18 1 1x18 Trust
Carlos, Rad, and Alexis are in the kitchen area of the base, presumably eating breakfast. Carlos asks what is up with Hot Shot lately, as he has not been hanging out with them much ...
Jan. 17, 2003
1x19 1 1x19 Vacation
Optimus Prime and the Autobots brave the forces of nature to save Rad, Carlos, and their other friends from a ferocious storm and a burst dam as a distraught Alexis watches from the ...
Jan. 22, 2003
1x20 1 1x20 Reinforcement
The episode starts with confrontation from the start.... Megatron is wielding the Starsabre, with his troops backing him up. Demolishor is hastily digging, searching for the Mini-Con ...
Jan. 23, 2003
1x21 1 1x21 Decisive Battle
A meteor approaches the moon... and Megatron is ready for it. He calls upon the Skyboom shield and raises it in defiance against the huge rock. As the rock hits the shield he forces ...
Jan. 24, 2003
1x22 1 1x22 Vow
This episode ends where the previous ends... with a review of the battle between Megatron and Optimus. The Skyboom shield saves both Optimus and Sparkplug from certain demise by Megatron. ...
Jan. 27, 2003
1x23 1 1x23 Rebellion
The episodes starts with Sideways making a log entry on the moon. He discusses how the Decepticons are losing the battle for the Mini-Cons, or even keep their valued Mini-Cons in their ...
Jan. 28, 2003
1x24 1 1x24 Chase
Red Alert has left the children to patrol nearby the base, while the kids argue about not being able to go out with him. They speak about a new shield used to protect the base, so attacks ...
Jan. 29, 2003
1x25 1 1x25 Tactician
The episode starts off with the space shuttle exploring space near an asteroid field... where it has a 'unique' experience. A bright light seemingly flies out of nowhere, and scans ...
Jan. 30, 2003
1x26 1 1x26 Link Up
A fierce battle has left Optimus Prime in need of repairs, and Red Alert has him docked in the repair bay awaiting repairs. The medic tells the children that his hope is that the Autobot ...
Jan. 31, 2003
1x27 1 1x27 Detection
Within the Autobot base on Earth, Jetfire and Smokescreen are in the midst of several arm wrestling contests. While the bots test their might, the kids and Hot Shot look on. Jetfire ...
Mar. 01, 2003
1x28 1 1x28 Awakening
The episode begins by returning to the battle on the beach of the previous week. As battle is being engaged, Tidal Wave storms across the battlefield, knocking away all in it's path. ...
Mar. 08, 2003
1x29 1 1x29 Desperate
Desperate opens to the Autobot's has they are pinned down under heavy fire from the Decepticons and an advancing Tidal Wave. Flashback to last episode - Carlos is stalking over the ...
Mar. 15, 2003
1x30 1 1x30 Runaway
The battle fought recently has brought forth the Requiem Blaster, and the accompanying Mini-Con team, but some of the Mini-Cons in this battle do not want to fight. On the moon, Mini-Cons ...
Mar. 22, 2003
1x31 1 1x31 Past (1)
Hot Shot begins having a flashback. We see Hot Shot trying to save Wheeljack's life. Amidst the fire we see Wheeljack telling Hot Shot to not leave him. But Hot Shot says he'll be back ...
Mar. 29, 2003
1x32 1 1x32 Past (2)
The show starts off with a flashback showing us that Megatron comes to Wheeljack's rescue. Wheeljack shoots Hot Shot as an act of revenge. He cloaks and leaves. Hot Shot asks, ""Why ...
Apr. 05, 2003
1x33 1 1x33 Sacrifice
The Autobots and The Decepticons battle in a forest, which is part of Thrust's plan. His plan is to get the Requiem Blaster from Optimus, but they have to draw the Autobots out of their ...
Apr. 12, 2003
1x34 1 1x34 Regeneration
The episode starts when the Autobots, the children, and the Mini-Cons are watching Red Alert repairing Smokescreen's body. They worry if he will live again... Later, Starscream entered ...
Apr. 19, 2003
1x35 1 1x35 Rescue
In the Decepticon Base's Warp Room, Demolisher curses Starscream while he cleans a mess, only for Starscream to startle him. Before the two can truely settle their differences, however, ...
Apr. 26, 2003
1x36 1 1x36 Mars
Starscream takes out his aggression in a rock field, slicing through rock after rock in an effort to relieve his anger while the children look on from a nearby bluff. Starscream knows ...
May. 03, 2003
1x37 1 1x37 Crack
In an unknown location, Thrust listens to Sideways about the combined power of the Star Saber, Skyboom shield, and Requiem Blaster. On Earth, most of the Autobots are on Starscream's ...
May. 10, 2003
1x38 1 1x38 Threaten
Starscream brings Megatron the Skyboom Shield and Star Saber, completing the 3 Mini-Con powers (with the Requiem Blaster). Thrust proposes the Hydra Cannon (as Sideways put it). Fred ...
Oct. 03, 2003
1x39 1 1x39 Crisis
The Decepticons continue to move the Hydra cannon into range of the Autobot base on Earth, and Optimus Prime and Jetfire mobilise to stop them. Before departing, Prime attempts to give ...
Oct. 10, 2003
1x40 1 1x40 Remorse
In their Spaceship, the Decepticons congratulate themselves on defeating Optimus Prime, They then decide to go straight to Cybertron where Megatron says he will become the ruler of ...
Oct. 17, 2003
1x41 1 1x41 Depart
The Autobots are preparing to return to Cybertron and will have to leave the kids behind. Feeling loyal to both his home and the Transformers, Rad tells his parents about the Autobots. ...
Oct. 24, 2003
1x42 1 1x42 Miracle
Aboard the Axalon, the Autobots bid farewell to Earth, their 2nd home, and the memory of Optimus Prime. Smokescreen has a new name ""Hoist"" to fit his new reformatting. The Mini-Cons ...
Oct. 31, 2003
1x43 1 1x43 Puppet
The Decepticons notice that Megatron is acting a little crazy. The Autobots and humans salute Optimus Prime's return outside the Axalon, surrounded by the mysterious space Mini-Cons' ...
Nov. 07, 2003
1x44 1 1x44 Uprising
The Decepticons have returned and conquered Cybertron. The Autobots repair the Axalon and return to Cybertron where the Mini-Cons freak as they spot the black hole nearby and head out ...
Nov. 14, 2003
1x45 1 1x45 Dash
Hot Shot attempts to convince Galvatron to join forces with the Autobots, until they discover the true intentions of one of Galvatron's most trusted soldiers...
Nov. 21, 2003
1x46 1 1x46 Drift
Thrust has stolen the Requiem Blaster and Skyboom shield, and escaped into underground tunnels, with Starscream, Hot Shot and Wheeljack on his trail. Galvatron has the Decepticon forces ...
Nov. 28, 2003
1x47 1 1x47 Portent
Optimus Prime allows the kids (Rad, Carlos and Alexis) and their Mini-Cons to go with Hot Shot and Wheeljack underground Cybertron in pursuit of Thrust. The Autobots wish to focus on ...
Dec. 05, 2003
1x48 1 1x48 Cramp
Starscream and Megatron engage in a final, heated conflict, with the threat of Unicron still not understood by his commander, Starscream is forced to make a life threatning decision ...
Dec. 08, 2003
1x49 1 1x49 Alliance
Galvatron decides to join forces with the Autobots. He shows no tolerance for dissent among Decepticons on the subject, and praises the fallen Starscream. Inside Unicron's core chamber, ...
Dec. 09, 2003
1x50 1 1x50 Union
The combined Autobot-Decepticon fleet is in full attack on robot mode Unicron, but cannot penetrate his hull. Thrust hopes to replace Sideways as Unicron's top advisor, but Sideways ...
Dec. 10, 2003
1x51 1 1x51 Origin
Red Alert emerges from below Cybertron; damaged, but functioning. The planet's surface appears trashed with debris from buildings and structures. Inside Unicron's core chamber, Optimus ...
Dec. 11, 2003
1x52 1 1x52 Mortal Combat
With Unicron defeated., Optimus and Megatron engage in a final battle within the depths of the Planet Consumer to determine once and for all the fate of the universe, but will the hatred ...
Dec. 12, 2003
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