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Oct. 17, 2005
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The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert, from The Daily Show gives his own take on the issues of the day, and more importantly, tells you why everyone else's take is just plain wrong. The series is intended to be a parody of Bill O'Reilly, Anderson Cooper, Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes, Joe Scarborough, etc.

The Colbert Report Season 6 (2010-2011)

6x05 6 6x05 Eugene Jarecki, Morgan Freeman
Eugene Jarecki speaks out against large banks, and Morgan Freeman says untrustworthy things.
Jan. 11, 2010
6x06 6 6x06 Raj Patel
Obama won't admit we're in the middle of a war, and Raj Patel talks about "The Value of Nothing."
Jan. 12, 2010
6x07 6 6x07 John Heilemann
Stephen examines the "Avatar" controversy and talks to John Heilemann about "Game Change."
Jan. 13, 2010
6x08 6 6x08 Kathleen Sebelius
Americans walk away from their mortgages, and Stephen talks to Kathleen Sebelius.
Jan. 14, 2010
6x09 6 6x09 Dr. Margaret Palmer, Emily Pilloton
Stephen wants to dig for coal, and Emily Pilloton uses industrial design to help the world's needy.
Jan. 18, 2010
6x10 6 6x10 Amb. Stephen Bosworth
Stephen attempts to make an Olympic team, and Stephen Bosworth talks about North Korea.
Jan. 19, 2010
6x11 6 6x11 Dick Ebersol
Stephen races speedskater Shani Davis and overcomes adversity to interview Dick Ebersol.
Jan. 20, 2010
6x12 6 6x12 John Farmer
Stephen reviews Obama's first year in office, examines airport terrorism and discusses national security with John Farmer, dean of Rutgers-Newark Law School.
Jan. 21, 2010
6x13 6 6x13 Kati Marton
An unlikely candidate emerges for a New York Senate seat, and Kati Marton discusses communist Hungary.
Jan. 25, 2010
6x14 6 6x14 Mika Brzezinski
Paul Begala urges Democrats to fight back, and Mika Brzezinski balances work with parenting.
Jan. 26, 2010
6x15 6 6x15 Arthur Benjamin
Stephen demands an iPad and hopes Arthur Benjamin tells him what comes after 14.
Jan. 27, 2010
6x16 6 6x16 David Gergen
Stephen praises Bob McDonnell's speech, and David Gergen examines the State of the Union address.
Jan. 28, 2010
6x17 6 6x17 Jonathan Safran Foer
Stephen wins a Grammy, and Harold Ford Jr. defends his new support for gay marriage.
Feb. 01, 2010
6x18 6 6x18 Eliot Spitzer
Stephen pays tribute to J.D. Salinger, and Eliot Spitzer is happy to see Obama tough on Wall Street.
Feb. 02, 2010
6x19 6 6x19 John Durant
Stephen has advice for getting America back to work, and John Durant wants us to live like cavemen.
Feb. 03, 2010
6x20 6 6x20 Henry Louis Gates
A former CIA agent makes startling revelations, and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. analyzes Stephen's DNA.
Feb. 04, 2010
6x21 6 6x21 Jonathan Safran Foer
Sarah Palin writes notes on her hand, and Jonathan Safran Foer urges Americans to eat less meat.
Feb. 08, 2010
6x22 6 6x22 George Stephanopoulos
Chris Dodd wants to take away corporate free speech, and George Stephanopoulos drinks a Heineken.
Feb. 09, 2010
6x23 6 6x23 Claire Danes
Stephen profiles Chicago's 5th district, and Claire Danes discusses her role as Temple Grandin.
Feb. 10, 2010
6x24 6 6x24 Al Michaels, Aimee Mullins
Al Michaels considers an Al Qaeda bobsled team, and Stephen unveils his Vancouver poster to David Ross.
Feb. 11, 2010
6x25 6 6x25 Olympic coverage with guest TBA
Stephen offends Ujjal Dosanjh and invites Shaun White for a Canadian beer.
Feb. 22, 2010
6x26 6 6x26 Olympic coverage with guest TBA
Lindsey Vonn discusses her Austrian cheese remedy, and Bob Costas doesn't care who wins.
Feb. 23, 2010
6x27 6 6x27 Olympic coverage with guest TBA
Scott Hamilton discusses figure skating, while Ryan St. Onge and Jeret Peterson face an intervention.
Feb. 24, 2010
6x28 6 6x28 Olympic coverage with guest TBA
Shani Davis thanks the Colbert Nation for his medals, and Seth Wescott refuses to wear tight clothing.
Feb. 25, 2010
6x29 6 6x29 Don Cheadle
Michael Buble sings two national anthems, and Don Cheadle considers doing heroin for Darfur.
Mar. 01, 2010
6x30 6 6x30 David Brooks
Kids may be the key to our economic future, and David Brooks discusses moderate conservatism.
Mar. 02, 2010
6x31 6 6x31 Garry Wills
Scheherazade Rehman debates Greece's economy, and Garry Wills says the president has too much power.
Mar. 03, 2010
6x32 6 6x32 Barry Schwartz
Iraqi candidates sway voters with gifts, and Barry Schwartz explains the downside of too many choices.
Mar. 04, 2010
6x33 6 6x33 Tom Hanks
Ezra Klein details the reconciliation process, and Tom Hanks discusses his role as a history maker.
Mar. 08, 2010
6x34 6 6x34 Annie Leonard
Pringles recalls its two best flavors, and Annie Leonard says Americans have too much stuff.
Mar. 09, 2010
6x35 6 6x35 Sean Carroll
Charlie Cook discusses health care reconciliation, and Sean Carroll talks about the mystery of time.
Mar. 10, 2010
6x36 6 6x36 David Aaronovitch
Scott Rasmussen interprets poll results, and David Aaronovitch discusses conspiracy theories.
Mar. 11, 2010
6x37 6 6x37 Robert Baer
Stephen questions the media's focus and asks Robert Baer if the squirrel is in the basket.
Mar. 15, 2010
6x38 6 6x38 Rebecca Skloot
Stephen examines the way Americans eat and talks to Rebecca Skloot about the ethics of science.
Mar. 16, 2010
6x39 6 6x39 Nell Irvin Painter
Doctors offer vasectomy deals for March Madness, and Stephen arm-wrestles Nell Irvin Painter.
Mar. 17, 2010
6x40 6 6x40 Mary Matalin
James Martin defends social justice, and Mary Matalin tries to avoid Republican talking points.
Mar. 18, 2010
6x41 6 6x41 Sen. Claire McCaskill
Stephen breeds the elderly in captivity, and Claire McCaskill sends a message to Rush Limbaugh.
Mar. 29, 2010
6x42 6 6x42 Simon Johnson
Scandal rocks the church even harder than Creed, and Simon Johnson thinks banks have too much power.
Mar. 30, 2010
6x43 6 6x43 Craig Mullaney
The federal government raids an anti-government militia, and Craig Mullaney discusses Afghanistan.
Mar. 31, 2010
6x44 6 6x44 Judith Shulevitz
David Frum gets fired from the Republican cult, and Judith Shulevitz discusses the Sabbath.
Apr. 01, 2010
6x45 6 6x45 Dean Kamen
Fox cancels "24," and Dean Kamen talks about his new advanced prosthetic arm invention.
Apr. 05, 2010
6x46 6 6x46 Rev. Al Sharpton
Scrabble changes its rules to allow proper names, and Al Sharpton fights for education reform.
Apr. 06, 2010
6x47 6 6x47 David Simon
Jeff Goldblum blesses a cigarette, and David Simon talks about his new show, "Treme."
Apr. 07, 2010
6x48 6 6x48 Gary Locke
Tonight Stephen welcomes astrophysicist and the director of the Hayden Planetarium, Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Apr. 08, 2010
6x49 6 6x49 Lisa Miller
Tonight Stephen welcomes the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange. Also, Stephen talks with Jeffrey Toobin about the replacement of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.
Apr. 12, 2010
6x50 6 6x50 Eric Adams
Tonight Stephen welcomes New York Times journalist Jon Mooallem.
Apr. 13, 2010
6x51 6 6x51 David Shields
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of Reality Hunger: A Manifesto, David Shields. Also, Stephen talks with the host of This Week, Jake Tapper and Bill Adair from politicfact.com about ...
Apr. 14, 2010
6x52 6 6x52 Aimee Mullins
Tonight Stephen welcomes athlete, actress and activist Aimee Mullins
Apr. 15, 2010
6x53 6 6x53 George Will
Tonight Stephen welcomes political pundit George Will. Also, Stephen talks with New York Times financial columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin
Apr. 19, 2010
6x54 6 6x54 Jeffrey Katzenberg
Tonight Stephen welcomes the chief executive of Dreamworks animation, Jeffrey Katzenberg.
Apr. 20, 2010
6x55 6 6x55 Craig Robinson
Tonight Stephen welcomes Oregon State University's basketball coach and author of A Game of Character: A Family Journey from Chicago's Southside to the Ivy League and Beyond, Craig ...
Apr. 21, 2010
6x56 6 6x56 Gorillaz
Tonight Stephen welcomes musical group Gorillaz.
Apr. 22, 2010
6x57 6 6x57 Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings
Sharon Jones recalls her old jobs as a corrections officer at Rikers Island and a wedding singer.
Apr. 26, 2010
6x58 6 6x58 Conn Iggulden
Conn Iggulden wants to make it clear that an ordinary person can be a hero, and we can all be inspired by heroic stories.
Apr. 27, 2010
6x59 6 6x59 Gregg Easterbrook
Instead of another moon landing, Gregg Easterbrook would like to see taxpayer money used to protect Earth against asteroids.
Apr. 28, 2010
6x60 6 6x60 OK Go
Stephen asks Damian Kulash and Tim Nordwind if they ever make videos with their groupies.
Apr. 29, 2010
6x61 6 6x61 Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth Warren supports financial regulation that will put rules back in place and rein Wall Street in a little bit.
May. 03, 2010
6x62 6 6x62 Mark W. Moffett
Mark Moffett describes the elaborate social structures of ants that include market economies and nationalism.
May. 04, 2010
6x63 6 6x63 David Isay
Dave Isay has learned that moms, no matter where they come from, share a lot in common.
May. 05, 2010
6x64 6 6x64 Stewart Brand
Stewart Brand accepts the use of nuclear power because he wants to see us get off all the fossil fuels.
May. 06, 2010
6x65 6 6x65 Gov. Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson wants the government to decriminalize marijuana and tell kids the truth about smoking pot.
May. 10, 2010
6x66 6 6x66 Hampton Sides
Hampton Sides talks about what motivated James Earl Ray to assassinate Martin Luther King Jr.
May. 11, 2010
6x67 6 6x67 Deepak Chopra
According to Deepak Chopra, Stephen's dark side is arrogance, but his gift is bringing comic relief to America.
May. 12, 2010
6x68 6 6x68 The Hold Steady
Craig Finn and Tad Kubler talk about Heaven, Mother Teresa and their rock prophets.
May. 13, 2010
6x69 6 6x69 Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Ayaan Hirsi Ali wants us to shed the inhibition of judging and say that one religion is better than the other.
Jun. 01, 2010
6x70 6 6x70 Lisa Miller
Lisa Miller says the problem with the popular belief about Heaven right now is that God isn't there.
Jun. 02, 2010
6x71 6 6x71 Vampire Weekend
Stephen reads Vampire Weekend "The Elements of Style" to prove the necessity of the Oxford comma.
Jun. 03, 2010
6x72 6 6x72 James Carville, Jonathan Alter
Jonathan Alter believes that President Obama made history right after coming into office by preventing another Great Depression.
Jun. 07, 2010
6x73 6 6x73 Mark Frauenfelder
Mark Frauenfelder demonstrates an all-knowing Twitter orb, the most useless machine and a cigar-box guitar.
Jun. 08, 2010
6x74 6 6x74 Sen. Sam Nunn
Sam Nunn hopes to keep nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists by getting cooperation from other nations.
Jun. 09, 2010
6x75 6 6x75 Alan Bean
Alan Bean paints scenes from his time in space to leave behind stories that regular people don't know about.
Jun. 10, 2010
6x76 6 6x76 Stephen Prothero
According to Stephen Prothero, pretending all religions are the same doesn't serve to understand the world.
Jun. 14, 2010
6x77 6 6x77 Dr. Carl Safina
Carl Safina attributes the BP oil spill to the government protecting corporate greed instead of public interest.
Jun. 15, 2010
6x78 6 6x78 Devo
Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale employed focus groups to help them choose songs, blue hats and suits inspired by Kim Jong-il.
Jun. 16, 2010
6x79 6 6x79 David Mamet
David Mamet believes the theater is dead because they're showing nothing but revivals that weren't good 40 years ago.
Jun. 17, 2010

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