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Sep. 30, 1991
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The Charlie Rose Show

The Charlie Rose Show features different interviews each episode with politicians, athletes, authors, entertainers, businessmen and those currently making the news headlines.


The Charlie Rose Show Season 26 (2016-2017)

26x01 26 26x01 Election Update; Apple; Dana Priest
John Heilemann and Mark Halperin discuss the campaign's final stretch. Technology experts preview the launch of new products from Apple. Reporter Dana Priest discusses the investigation ...
Sep. 06, 2016
26x02 26 26x02 John Micklethwait; Fareed Zakaria
The editor in chief of Bloomberg discusses his recent interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Fareed Zakaria discusses his interview with Barack Obama in advance of the president's ...
Sep. 07, 2016
26x03 26 26x03 Dan Balz; Ian Bremmer; Mike Allen; Nick Bollettieri; Jay Fishman
Dan Balz discusses recent news from the campaign. A look at President Obama's first trip to Laos and final trip to Asia before leaving office. Mike Allen, known for his Playbook blog ...
Sep. 08, 2016
26x04 26 26x04 North Korea; Captain Chesley Sullenberger
A discussion about North Korea's fifth underground nuclear test with Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations. Chris Hill, former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq. We conclude ...
Sep. 09, 2016
26x05 26 26x05 Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton discusses Hillary's health on the campaign trail, during a rare 1-hour interview held in advance of the Clinton Global Initiative's final conference.
Sep. 12, 2016
26x06 26 26x06 Bill Clinton; Stan Wawrinka; Tim Scott & Cory Booker
Part two of Charlie's conversation with former president Bill Clinton. Stan Wawrinka, 2016 U.S. Open champion. Senators Tim Scott and Cory Booker at the Smithsonian’s National Museum ...
Sep. 13, 2016
26x07 26 26x07 Politics; Ray Kelly; Schwarzman Scholars
Guest host Andrew Ross Sorkin leads a conversation on the campaign with Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, and Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire. Ray Kelly ...
Sep. 14, 2016
26x08 26 26x08 Maureen Dowd; 'Defying the Nazis'
A conversation with Maureen Dowd, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for The New York Times. Ken Burns and Artemis Joukowsky, here to introduce their new documentary, "Defying the Na ...
Sep. 15, 2016
26x09 26 26x09 Presidential Campaign; Diane von Furstenberg; 'Snowden'
Updates on the presidential race with journalists Bob Costa and Nick Confessore. Designer Diane von Furstenberg on fashion week and the company's new chief creative officer. A conversation ...
Sep. 16, 2016
26x10 26 26x10 NYC Bombing; President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi
An update on Saturday's bombing in New York City with guest host Jeff Glor of CBS News and Marc Santora of The New York Times. We conclude with Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-S ...
Sep. 19, 2016
26x11 26 26x11 Bono
A full hour with Bono, lead singer of U2.
Sep. 20, 2016
26x12 26 26x12 Tony Blinken; Charles Flanagan; Evan Osnos
Guest host Jake Tapper interviews Tony Blinken, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State. Next, Charles Flanagan, Foreign Minister of Ireland. We conclude with Evan Osnos of the New Yorker discussing ...
Sep. 21, 2016
26x13 26 26x13 Deborah Tannen; Anthony Salvanto; Presidential Debate Preview
The author of "You Just Don't Understand: Women and Men in Conversation." CBS News director Anthony Salvanto with an update on the 2016 presidential race. A preview of Monday's debate ...
Sep. 22, 2016
26x14 26 26x14 Ian McEwan; 'Documentary Now!'
Ian McEwan discusses his new book, “Nutshell.” A look at "Documentary Now!" with guest host Matt Zoller Seitz of New York Magazine, and co-creators Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Seth ...
Sep. 23, 2016
26x15 26 26x15 Debate Analysis; Remembering Arnold Palmer
Coverage of the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, Maureen Dowd, Jeff Greenfield, Mike Allen, Katty Kay, and Frank Luntz. We remember ...
Sep. 26, 2016
26x16 26 26x16 Politics; Remembering Edward Albee
Bob Costa of the Washington Post and Jerry Seib of The Wall Street Journal discuss the outcome of the presidential debate. Continued coverage of the election with Ed Luce of the Financial ...
Sep. 27, 2016
26x17 26 26x17 David Petraeus; Remembering Shimon Peres
David Petraeus, the former director of the CIA, discusses ISIL and the crisis in Aleppo, Syria. We remember the work and life of Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres.
Sep. 28, 2016
26x18 26 26x18 Campaign Updates; Reid Hoffman, Pt. 1; Aleppo
Journalists Al Hunt and Abby Phillip look forward to the second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The first part of a conversation with Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of ...
Sep. 29, 2016
26x19 26 26x19 Rosetta; Mark Phillips; Reid Hoffman, Pt. 2; Our Mission
A discussion of the Rosetta, the first spacecraft to successfully orbit a comet, with Rachel Feltman of the Washington Post, Dr. Michelle Thaller of NASA and Daniela Hernandez of the ...
Sep. 30, 2016
26x20 26 26x20 Trump's Taxes
New York Times reporters David Barstow and Susanne Craig describe how Donald Trump may have avoided millions of dollars in income taxes. John Heilemann and Mark Halperin discuss the ...
Oct. 03, 2016
26x21 26 26x21 Maria Sharapova; Steve Aoki
Pro tennis player Maria Sharapova addresses her recent suspension and the ruling that will allow her to return to competition soon. DJ Steve Aoki introduces a new documentary on himself, ...
Oct. 04, 2016
26x22 26 26x22 VP Debate; Jim Lentz
Columnist Jonathan Chait, political advisor Dan Senor, and Mike Allen of Politico discuss the vice presidential debate. Jim Lentz, C.E.O. of Toyota Motor North America, discusses autonomous ...
Oct. 05, 2016
26x23 26 26x23 Justice Stephen Breyer
Justice Stephen Breyer discusses the law and the Supreme Court.
Oct. 06, 2016
26x24 26 26x24 James Fallows; 2016 Campaign; Michael Phelps and Coach Krzyewski
Journalist James Fallows previews the upcoming debate between Trump and Clinton. Journalists Robert Costa and Amy Chozick analyze the week in politics. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps ...
Oct. 07, 2016
26x25 26 26x25 Politics; Tom Barrack; Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Pt. 1
Bob Costa of the Washington Post, Frank Luntz, founder and chairman of Luntz Global, and Jonathan Karl of ABC News. Tom Barrack, real-estate investor and longtime friend of Donald Trump. ...
Oct. 10, 2016
26x26 26 26x26 Election Updates; Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Pt. 2
Continued coverage of the presidential election. Charlie is joined by Ed Rollins, Republican strategist and co-chairman of pro-Trump Great America Super Pac, and Jake Sherman of Politico. ...
Oct. 11, 2016
26x27 26 26x27 John Carlin
John Carlin, who is about to step down as assistant attorney general for national security, discusses terrorism and cyber security.
Oct. 12, 2016
26x28 26 26x28 Zanny Minton Beddoes; Sturgill Simpson
The editor in chief of The Economist discusses the magazine's guest essay from President Obama. A performance and interview with country musician Sturgill Simpson.
Oct. 13, 2016
26x29 26 26x29 John Dickerson; Ernest Moniz; 'Other People'
The host of "Face the Nation" discusses the election, with only 24 days left in the campaign. The U.S. Secretary of Energy discusses the Paris agreement on climate change. A look at ...
Oct. 14, 2016
26x30 26 26x30 Mosul; Nancy Pelosi; Issa Rae
Journalists David Ignatius and Eric Schmitt report on the battle to retake Mosul from ISIS. The minority leader of House of Representatives addresses the election and Donald Trump. ...
Oct. 17, 2016
26x31 26 26x31 J. D. Vance; 'The Front Page'; Essential Tremor Treatment
Author J. D. Vance talks about his memoir about working-class white America, "Hillbilly Elegy." A look at the revival of "The Front Page" with director Jack O'Brien and actors Nathan ...
Oct. 18, 2016
26x32 26 26x32 The Final Debate
Analysis of the final presidential debate with Al Hunt of Bloomberg View, Kathleen Parker of The Washington Post, Jeff Greenfield of Politico, Mark Halperin and John Heilemann of Bloomberg ...
Oct. 19, 2016
26x33 26 26x33 Tiger Woods
Pro golfer Tiger Woods on returning to competition, his foundation, and "Chapter 2" of his life.
Oct. 20, 2016
26x34 26 26x34 Mosul; Prince Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein; 'Moonlight'; Ms. Lauryn Hill
Holly Williams of CBS News reports from Iraq on the campaign to take back the city of Mosul. Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein of Jordan, the U.N. high commissioner for human rights. A ...
Oct. 21, 2016
26x35 26 26x35 Glenn Beck; Sarah Jessica Parker
Conservative commentator Glenn Beck discusses the election and Donald Trump. Sarah Jessica Parker introduces "Divorce," her new show on HBO.
Oct. 24, 2016
26x36 26 26x36 James Clapper; Tiger Woods Foundation
The director of National Intelligence on Russia, recent hacking, and homeland security. A conversation with pro golfer Tiger Woods and Phil Knight of Nike at the New York Public Li ...
Oct. 25, 2016
26x37 26 26x37 Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor
A conversation with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Justice Sonia Sotomayor, taped at the New York City Bar Association.
Oct. 26, 2016
26x38 26 26x38 Jeff Bezos; Robert Costa
A conversation with Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Bob Costa reports on the election, as the candidates enter the last full week of campaigning.
Oct. 27, 2016
26x39 26 26x39 Ted Koppel; Eric Kandel
Ted Koppel introduces his book, "Lights Out: a Cyberattack, a Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath." Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel discusses his latest book, "Reductionism in Art ...
Oct. 28, 2016
26x40 26 26x40 Clinton Email Investigation; Neil Shen; Dawes
A look at the newly unearthed emails relating to Hillary Clinton's private email server, with journalists Jonathan Karl, Michael Isikoff, and Michael Schmidt. Neil Shen, founder of ...
Oct. 31, 2016
26x41 26 26x41 Politics; Jon Meacham; Tommy Hilfiger
A continued look at the election and developments in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. Jon Meacham, whose book on George H. W. Bush was just released ...
Nov. 01, 2016
26x42 26 26x42 Larry Kudlow; 'The Crown'
Larry Kudlow, senior contributor at CNBC and an informal advisor to the Trump campaign, presents his new book, “JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity.” ...
Nov. 02, 2016
26x43 26 26x43 Al Hunt; David Adjaye; Carole Bayer Sager
An update on the election with Al Hunt of Bloomberg View. David Adjaye, principal architect of Adjaye Associates, talks about his latest projects from the site of the old shipyards ...
Nov. 03, 2016
26x44 26 26x44 Dexter Filkins; Political Analysis; Jon Bon Jovi
Dexter Filkins of The New Yorker discusses Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's insistence that Syria is "better than before" the civil war. A political update with Jonathan Karl of ABC ...
Nov. 04, 2016
26x45 26 26x45 John Dickerson; Eric Schmitt; Governor Chris Christie
John Dickerson of CBS News provides a preview of tomorrow's election. A look at Raqqa, Syria with journalist Eric Schmitt of The New York Times. Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, ...
Nov. 07, 2016
26x46 26 26x46 America After the Election
Doris Kearns Goodwin, Walter Isaacson, Jeff Greenfield, Kurt Andersen, and Cokie Roberts discuss what America will look like after the election.
Nov. 08, 2016
26x47 26 26x47 Post-election Analysis
Analysis of Donald Trump's victory in yesterday's presidential election. Charlie is joined by Dan Balz of the Washington Post; Carl Hulse of the New York Times; John Dickerson, host ...
Nov. 09, 2016
26x48 26 26x48 America After the Election
Doris Kearns Goodwin, Walter Isaacson, Jeff Greenfield, Kurt Andersen, and Cokie Roberts discuss what America will look like after the election.
Nov. 10, 2016
26x49 26 26x49 Veterans; Remembering Leonard Cohen; Kandel
A rebroadcast of a Veteran's Day conversation with Paul Rieckhoff, Danial Anfang, and David Myers. We remember Leonard Cohen with a look back at his 1998 conversation on "Nightwatch." ...
Nov. 11, 2016
26x50 26 26x50 Senator Bernie Sanders, Lesley Stahl, Robert Costa
Senator Bernie Sanders discusses Trump's victory in the election and the future of the Democratic party. Lesley Stahl discusses her interview of President-elect Donald Trump on "60 ...
Nov. 14, 2016
26x51 26 26x51 Bannon Pick; Remembering Gwen Ifill
A discussion of Trump's pick for chief strategist, Steve Bannon, with journalists Ken Stern, Joshua Green, Philip Rucker, and Michael Shear. Michele Norris remembers the life and work ...
Nov. 15, 2016
26x52 26 26x52 David Leonhardt; James Fallows; Margo Price
The New York Times editor David Leonhardt examines president-elect Donald Trump's victory and transition team. James Fallows of The Atlantic discusses his piece, "China's Great Leap ...
Nov. 16, 2016
26x53 26 26x53 Jon Stewart; Tom Ford; Casey Affleck
An excerpt of Charlie's conversation with Jon Stewart on the election. Celebrated fashion designer and director Tom Ford discusses his new film, "Nocturnal Animals." A conversation ...
Nov. 17, 2016
26x54 26 26x54 David Remnick, Pt. 1; Michele Flournoy; Trump's Cabinet
David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, discusses his conversation with President Obama immediately after the election. Michele Flournoy, former under-secretary of defense for policy ...
Nov. 18, 2016
26x55 26 26x55 Thomas Friedman; On Jared Kushner
Thomas Friedman of The New York Times discusses his new book, "Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations.” Emily Jane Fox and Jonathan ...
Nov. 21, 2016
26x56 26 26x56 'The Daily Show'
Author Chris Smith and Jon Stewart, the former host of "The Daily Show," introduce "The Daily Show (The Book): An Oral History as Told by Jon Stewart, the Correspondents, Staff and ...
Nov. 22, 2016
26x57 26 26x57 Frank Bruni; David Remnick, Pt. 2; Sebastian Mallaby; Kira Pollack
Columnist Frank Bruni discusses President-elect Donald Trump’s on-the-record meeting at The New York Times. Continuing the discussion with David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, ...
Nov. 23, 2016
26x58 26 26x58 Bill Gates
Bill Gates discusses climate change and clean energy.
Nov. 24, 2016
26x59 26 26x59 Mikhail Khodorkovsky
An hour with the exiled businessman, discussing a post-Putin Russia and his foundation, "Open Russia."
Nov. 25, 2016
26x60 26 26x60 The Death of Fidel Castro
Charlie reports from Havana, Cuba on the reaction to the death of Fidel Castro; continuing with guest host Jeffrey Goldberg, Jorge Domínguez of the Harvard Academy for International ...
Nov. 28, 2016
26x61 26 26x61 Trump's Economic Agenda; Jimmie Johnson; 'Loving'
CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger and WSJ financial editor Dennis Berman join guest host Jeff Glor to discuss President-elect Trump's economic agenda. Jimmie Johnson discusses ...
Nov. 29, 2016
26x62 26 26x62 The Battle for Aleppo; Theranos; Amy Adams
Guest host Jeff Glor leads a discussion of the ongoing battle for Aleppo, Syria, with Richard Fontaine, president of the Center for New American Security, and James Jeffrey of the Washington ...
Nov. 30, 2016
26x63 26 26x63 'Jackie'; Regina Spektor
A look at the new film "Jackie" with guest host A. O. Scott of The New York Times, director Pablo Larraín, and actor Natalie Portman, who portrays former First Lady Jacqueline Onassis. ...
Dec. 01, 2016
26x64 26 26x64 Cardinal Peter Turkson; John Kelly
A conversation with Cardinal Peter Turkson of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome, Italy. A look at artificial intelligence with John Kelly, senior vice president of cognitive solutions ...
Dec. 02, 2016
26x65 26 26x65 U.S.-China Relations; Italian Referendum
After Donald Trump's phone call with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-Wen, experts Ian Bremmer and Richard Haass discuss America's relationship with China. A conversation with Italian Prime ...
Dec. 05, 2016
26x66 26 26x66 Fareed Zakaria; Brendan Iribe; Viet Thanh Nguyen
Columnist Fareed Zakaria discusses the legacy of Barack Obama, populism in the west, and Donald Trump's foreign policy. A look at virtual reality with Brendan Iribe, the C.E.O. of Oculus. ...
Dec. 06, 2016
26x67 26 26x67 Michael Lewis
Bestselling author Michael Lewis discusses his new book, "The Undoing Project," which tells the story of two Israeli psychologists--Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman--and their groundbreaking ...
Dec. 07, 2016
26x68 26 26x68 Brian Moynihan; Kenneth Lonergan
Brian Moynihan, chairman and C.E.O. of Bank of America, on Trump's economic agenda and the substantial growth in the bank’s share prices since the election. Director and screenwriter ...
Dec. 08, 2016
26x69 26 26x69 Senator John McCain; Russian Hacking; Major Garrett; Philip Rucker; Nancy Gibbs
Senator John McCain discusses today's announcement that the Senate Armed Services Committee will focus heavily on cybersecurity. Journalists David Sanger and Michael Isikoff discuss ...
Dec. 09, 2016
26x70 26 26x70 Cybersecurity; 'Patriots Day'; Andy Cohen
A discussion about cybersecurity with Sam Palmisano, former IBM C.E.O., and Tom Donilon, former national security advisor. A look at "Patriots Day" with director Peter Berg, actor Mark ...
Dec. 12, 2016
26x71 26 26x71 David Sanger; Nick Burns; '20th Century Women'
Guest host Stephanie Ruhle of NBC News and David Sanger of the New York Times discuss the CIA's conclusion that the Russian government used cyber espionage to sway the presidential ...
Dec. 13, 2016
26x72 26 26x72 Kathleen Hays; Robert Gates; Mike Morell
Kathleen Hays, global economics editor for Bloomberg TV, discusses the Federal Reserve's decision to raise interest rates. The former secretary of defense addresses the choice of Exxon ...
Dec. 14, 2016
26x73 26 26x73 Ta-Nehisi Coates; The Steyers
Author Ta-Nehisi Coates reflects on the life and presidency of Barack Obama. A conversation with Jim Steyer, the founding C.E.O. of Common Sense Media, and his brother Tom Steyer, president ...
Dec. 15, 2016
26x74 26 26x74 Thomas Friedman; John Dickerson; Mark Shriver; Will Ahmed
Thomas Friedman weighs in on news from the Trump transition and President Obama's final press conference of the year. A discussion about President Obama's final press conference of ...
Dec. 16, 2016
26x75 26 26x75 'Live by Night'; 'Hidden Figures'
Director Ben Affleck and actors Chris Messina, Elle Fanning, Chris Cooper, and Sienna Miller introduce "Live by Night." A look at “Hidden Figures,” which tells the true story of ...
Dec. 19, 2016

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