Jan. 06, 1997
60 min.
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Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach was the first daytime drama from Aaron Spelling. The show premiered on January 6th, 1997. Set in a coastal California community, Sunset Beach has a talented and ethnically diverse cast. The show was much more popular in the UK making it the most watched US daytime drama in british tevevision history

Sunset Beach Season 2 (1998)

2x01 2 2x01 Episode 246
Olivia tells Annie that she is welcome to Gregory as she has no interest in him anymore. When Caitlin tries to confess the truth to Cole she can’t bring herself to do it. Elizabeth ...
Jan. 02, 1998
2x02 2 2x02 Episode 247
As Caitlin again tries to confess the truth to Cole he brings up their wedding. Mark tells the others a scary story. Meg and Gabi find a doll hanging from some rope. Everybody tries ...
Jan. 05, 1998
2x03 2 2x03 Episode 248
Caitlin is upset when she finds out that it will take over a year to adopt a baby. She meets a girl named Rachel who is is pregnant and tells her that she is unable to keep her baby ...
Jan. 06, 1998
2x04 2 2x04 Episode 249
Caitlin offers to pay for an operation that Rachel’s mother needs in return for her baby. Caitlin is shocked to learn that Cole’s money was stolen. Cole tries to steal the ...
Jan. 07, 1998
2x05 2 2x05 Episode 250
When Annie tells Caitlin that she knows she is infertile, Caitlin lies that it’s her friend who is. The hallucinations continue on the island. Jade manages to pull of the mask ...
Jan. 08, 1998
2x06 2 2x06 Episode 251
After Caitlin is scammed by Rachel and her boyfriend, Annie threatens them with the police. Annie realizes that Caitlin lost the baby. Jade’s lifeless body is put in the bushes ...
Jan. 09, 1998
2x07 2 2x07 Episode 252
Caitlin admits the truth to Annie. The islanders are shocked by Jade’s death. They are also shocked to discover that they are stranded on the island. When Tim says that he thinks ...
Jan. 12, 1998
2x08 2 2x08 Episode 253
Annie convinces Caitlin not to tell Cole about losing the baby by telling her that if she does she could lose him too. Annie agrees to help Caitlin get a baby to pass off as her own. ...
Jan. 13, 1998
2x09 2 2x09 Episode 254
Gabi tries to prove that Mark isn’t the killer. Casey and Michael locate Grogan’s boat filled with Elizabeth’s blood. After Meg finds Mark, he tells her that he isn’t ...
Jan. 14, 1998
2x10 2 2x10 Episode 255
Alex leaves town so she can get over her growing attraction to Gregory. The killer tries to get to Meg and she ends up cornered. Virigina tries to help Meg. The other islanders discover ...
Jan. 15, 1998
2x11 2 2x11 Episode 256
Caitlin lies to Cole about her connection to Annie. Everybody gets off the boat on the island. Mark manages to save Meg from the killer. Casey realizes that the killing spree on the ...
Jan. 16, 1998
2x12 2 2x12 Episode 257
Annie is confronted by Olivia about her intentions towards her family. Mark manages to escape from the killer but is later found by the others with a hook in his back. As Mark dies, ...
Jan. 19, 1998
2x13 2 2x13 Episode 258
Nobody believes Tim’s claims that Mark said Ben’s name before he died. Gabi and Meg think that Grogan could be the killer. When they look for him, Meg, Tim, Casey and Gabi ...
Jan. 20, 1998
2x14 2 2x14 Episode 259
Bette is surprised when one of her ex husbands visits her. Ben shows up and surprises Meg with a bunch of flowers. Ben is shocked to hear of Mark’s death. When questioned by Tim ...
Jan. 21, 1998
2x15 2 2x15 Episode 260
Now safely back in Sunset Beach, Virginia continues to plot against Vanessa. Annie manages to stop Caitlin’s secret from being exposed. Gabi feels guilty for wrecking her sister’s ...
Jan. 22, 1998
2x16 2 2x16 Episode 261
Annie tries unsuccessfully to get Caitlin make up with Gregory. Annie looks for the tape that Caitlin has of Gregory making a phone call but is nearly discovered by Olivia. To try and ...
Jan. 23, 1998
2x17 2 2x17 Episode 262
Caitlin agrees to help Annie try and win Gregory’s affections. Caitlin listens in on her parents conversation and realizes that they still love one another. Caitlin decides to ...
Jan. 26, 1998
2x18 2 2x18 Episode 263
After Tim shares his theories about Ben with Ricardo, he is told that there is no evidence to support that Ben is the killer. Annie listens to the tape of Gregory talking with the doctor ...
Jan. 27, 1998
2x19 2 2x19 Episode 264
Ben rents a warehouse and pays the landlord in cash. After listening to the tape Annie realizes why Caitlin hates Gregory. Olivia and Sean move back into the Richard’s house. ...
Jan. 28, 1998
2x20 2 2x20 Episode 265
Virginia discovers more about Lena’s condition. Ben tells Meg that he has rented a warehouse for teenage runaways to stay at. Tim refuses to believe that Ben isn’t responsible ...
Jan. 29, 1998
2x21 2 2x21 Episode 266
Cole and Caitlin discuss the wedding preparations. Annie dreams about visiting her father in hell where he tells her to take Olivia’s baby and give it to Caitlin. Later Annie ...
Jan. 30, 1998
2x22 2 2x22 Episode 267
Annie and Caitlin continue to work together. Meg is pleased when she sees no scar on Ben’s leg. Cole talks with a woman called JoBeth about a job. Meg wakes up in the middle of ...
Feb. 02, 1998
2x23 2 2x23 Episode 268
Cole is injured when a is co worker upset over his preferential treatment from JoBeth causes an accident. Caitlin sees Cole kiss JoBeth when she goes to meet him for lunch. Michael ...
Feb. 03, 1998
2x24 2 2x24 Episode 269
Olivia continues to be suspicious of Annie. Virginia discovers that Vanessa’s biggest worry is to be struck down with the same illness as her mother.
Feb. 04, 1998
2x25 2 2x25 Episode 270
When Meg refuses to listen to him Tim calls her parents to tell them about Mark’s death and his last words. They don’t believe Tim either. The bad Ben looks at an announcement ...
Feb. 05, 1998
2x26 2 2x26 Episode 271
Ben gives Meg a pearl and tells her that he intends to give her one everyday until they are married. Sister Beatrice surprises Caitlin with a visit. Sean discovers the truth about his ...
Feb. 06, 1998
2x27 2 2x27 Episode 272
Sean believes that his sister should be honest with everybody about losing the baby. Tim is shocked when Ben confesses about the murders and says that he would have killed everyone ...
Feb. 09, 1998
2x28 2 2x28 Episode 273
Vanessa decides to visit her mother before telling Michael about her condition. Caitlin's pregnancy padding slips whilst she is in a crowded room.
Feb. 10, 1998
2x29 2 2x29 Episode 274
Annie causes a distraction so that Caitlin can adjust her padding. Vanessa gets upset when she goes to see her mother. Caitlin and Cole's wedding gets underway.
Feb. 11, 1998
2x30 2 2x30 Episode 275
Caitlin and Cole are married. Sean tries to find out how long Annie has known that his sister isn't pregnant. Virginia plots to cause more trouble for Vanessa. Tim is caught when he ...
Feb. 12, 1998
2x31 2 2x31 Episode 276
Tim's life is threatened by the evil Ben. Meg is worried after hearing Carmen's warning. Sean is worried about his sister.
Feb. 13, 1998
2x32 2 2x32 Episode 277
A worried Meg tries unsuccessfully to locate Ben. When Olivia thinks that the baby is coming Bette calls Tyus. Meg has a nightmare in which Ben tries to kill her. Annie tells Caitlin ...
Feb. 16, 1998
2x33 2 2x33 Episode 278
Tim is taken to the hospital. Ben and Meg go to the hospital where Ricardo questions them. Ben is given an alibi by Meg. Olivia and Gregory remember the past that they shared together. ...
Feb. 17, 1998
2x34 2 2x34 Episode 279
Sean agrees to help Annie with her plan to get Caitlin a baby not knowing that she intends to steal his mother's baby. Vanessa still doesn't tell Michael about her mother's condition. ...
Feb. 18, 1998
2x35 2 2x35 Episode 280
The evil Ben learns that Tim is recovering. Annie calls Olivia telling her that she has the tape of Cole and Jade together and demands money. Sean tries to convince Caitlin that it's ...
Feb. 19, 1998
2x36 2 2x36 Episode 281
Ben and Meg learn that Tim's condition has got worse as somebody has tampered with his medical equipment. Annie stabs Olivia with a dart and she passes out. The evil Ben tries to smother ...
Feb. 20, 1998
2x37 2 2x37 Episode 282
Olivia wakes up and recognises Annie and gives birth to a healthy baby boy. Caitlin is worried when Annie doesn't show up to meet her.
Feb. 23, 1998
2x38 2 2x38 Episode 283
Ben and Meg learn that Tim may have brain damage. Meg tells Gabi about Carmen's warning. The evil Ben decides to use Eddie as part of his plans. Annie takes Olivia's baby away leaving ...
Feb. 24, 1998
2x39 2 2x39 Episode 284
Gregory takes the phone away from Bette and demands to know what is going on. Annie gives the baby to Caitlin. Virginia is nearly discovered working at the hospital by Vanessa. Dr Brock ...
Feb. 25, 1998
2x40 2 2x40 Episode 285
Tyus wants to examine Caitlin and the baby. Virginia lies to Michael as to why she needs the money. Caitlin refuses to allow herself to be examined. Joan decides to come to Sunset Beach ...
Feb. 26, 1998
2x41 2 2x41 Episode 286
Annie steals the notes from another patients chart and puts it onto Caitlin's to make it look like she has been examined. Eddie breaks into Ben's safe but runs into Meg as he is leaving. ...
Feb. 27, 1998
2x42 2 2x42 Episode 287
Dr Brock worries that the drug Annie gave to Olivia may not work and that she will remember everything that happened. The gunshot misses hitting anybody but Eddie flees when Casey shows ...
Mar. 02, 1998
2x43 2 2x43 Episode 288
Eddie gives everything he took from the safe to the evil Ben. Gabi shares her concerns with Ricardo. Ben suffers with headaches.
Mar. 03, 1998
2x44 2 2x44 Episode 289
Gabi decides to look for a new job. Antonio wonders how his brother can so easily forgive Gabi after everything she put him through. Virginia puts two drops of the potion onto Vanessa ...
Mar. 04, 1998
2x45 2 2x45 Episode 290
Vanessa notices a mark on her arm. Olivia has a nightmare in which somebody steals her baby. Joan visits Tim.
Mar. 05, 1998
2x46 2 2x46 Episode 291
Vanessa worries that she is developing the same illness as her mother. Olivia remembers talking to somebody on the telephone on the day that her baby died but she can't remember who ...
Mar. 06, 1998
2x47 2 2x47 Episode 292
Gregory tells Caitlin and Cole about Olivia losing the baby. Gregory bonds with baby Trey. Olivia remembers hearing her baby crying.
Mar. 09, 1998
2x48 2 2x48 Episode 293
Tyus gives Ben something to help him with his headaches. Joan tells her daughter that she received a phone call back home from Tim warning her about Ben. Sean learns about his mother ...
Mar. 10, 1998
2x49 2 2x49 Episode 294
Olivia tries to convince Cole that she heard her baby crying. Annie tries to convince Gregory to get rid of everything that could make Olivia think about the baby. Meg is worried about ...
Mar. 11, 1998
2x50 2 2x50 Episode 295
Meg talks to Caitlin about what happened to Tim. Mrs Moreau tells Virginia how to make the effects of the potion last longer. Carmen warns Gabi that Meg is in danger. Gabi tells Antonio ...
Mar. 12, 1998
2x51 2 2x51 Episode 296
Virginia mixes some of Mrs Moreau's potion into Vanessa's lotion. As Virginia is leaving, Michael and Vanessa show up. Ben tells Meg that he wants to marry her in Venice. Meg is upset ...
Mar. 13, 1998
2x52 2 2x52 Episode 297
Virginia lies about what she is doing in Vanessa's apartment. The evil Ben says to himself that Meg is his next target. Ben discusses Maria's death with her mother. After Vanessa puts ...
Mar. 16, 1998
2x53 2 2x53 Episode 298
Catlin catches Annie trying to get rid of a music box that would make Olivia remember the baby. Meg tells her mother about her plans to elope to Venice with Ben. Hank decides to come ...
Mar. 17, 1998
2x54 2 2x54 Episode 299
Eddie listens in as Meg tells Caitlin about her trip to Venice and later he calls the evil Ben and fills him in. Cole promises to discover the truth about what happened to Olivia. Annie ...
Mar. 18, 1998
2x55 2 2x55 Episode 300
Ben and Meg exchange pre wedding presents. Dr Brock refuses to allow Gregory to see Olivia's medical file without her permission. The music box gets broken when Olivia and Annie fi ...
Mar. 19, 1998
2x56 2 2x56 Episode 301
Vanessa makes an appointment to have the tests down to see if she has Martin's Syndrome. Ben finds a letter written to him in Maria's handwriting asking him to show up for a meeting. ...
Mar. 20, 1998
2x57 2 2x57 Episode 302
The evil Ben manages to get the upper hand and ties up Ben. Meg is shocked when Carmen claims that Ben is the island killer. Meg is happy that her father is in town. The evil Ben shows ...
Mar. 23, 1998
2x58 2 2x58 Episode 303
Dr Brock comes to Sunset Beach with Gregory where he is introduced to a nervous Annie and Caitlin. The evil Ben does recognize Meg's parents. When she reads her medical file, Olivia ...
Mar. 24, 1998
2x59 2 2x59 Episode 304
The evil Ben makes Meg feel nervous while she is around him. Gregory wants to know why Olivia signed the release papers to have the baby cremated. Ben tries unsuccessfully to call Ricardo. ...
Mar. 25, 1998
2x60 2 2x60 Episode 305
Gregory blames Olivia for the baby's death. Sean realizes the truth about Trey. The two Ben's argue. Ricardo tries to warn Meg.
Mar. 26, 1998
2x61 2 2x61 Episode 306
Ben refers to the evil Ben as Derek for the first time and it is revealed that they are twins. Gregory tells Olivia that he is sending her to rehab for her drinking problems. When Cole ...
Mar. 27, 1998
2x62 2 2x62 Episode 307
Cole manages to get to Olivia in time. Ben refuses to agree to Derek's demands until he has proof that Meg is still alive. Sean buys his mother a replacement music box as Olivia decides ...
Mar. 30, 1998
2x63 2 2x63 Episode 308
Virginia learns that Michael is moving in with Vanessa. After Sean confronts Annie about her giving Olivia's baby to Caitlin, he tells her that unless she can prove otherwise he will ...
Mar. 31, 1998
2x64 2 2x64 Episode 309
Annie tries to find somebody to pretend to be Trey's biological mother. Vanessa is told about a new test that could determine if she has Martin's Syndrome. Caitlin refuses to move back ...
Apr. 01, 1998
2x65 2 2x65 Episode 310
Derek videos Meg to prove to Ben that she is still alive. Dr Estrada agrees not to tell Tyus about Vanessa's tests. Casey sees Derek going into his hiding place and knocks on the d ...
Apr. 02, 1998
2x66 2 2x66 Episode 311
To hide his secret Derek is forced to allow Casey to come in. After he invites Derek to a party as Surf Central, Casey is puzzled when he says he doesn't know where it is. Meg and Casey ...
Apr. 03, 1998
2x67 2 2x67 Episode 312
Tyus works out who Dr Estrada's mystery patient is. Derek learns from Hank and Joan that Casey and Meg have gone to the warehouse. Derek manages to get there in time and manages to ...
Apr. 06, 1998
2x68 2 2x68 Episode 313
Eddie blackmails Derek into giving him money so that he can pay his gambling debts. Annie decides to hire an actress to play Trey's biological mother.
Apr. 07, 1998
2x69 2 2x69 Episode 314
Annie finds an actress to play Trey's mother but as she introduces her to Sean, Annie sees her on a televison show. Virginia continues to plot against Vanessa.
Apr. 08, 1998
2x70 2 2x70 Episode 315
Annie is relieved when Sean doesn't spot the actress she hired on television. Derek refuses to give Eddie all of the money he wants. Derek informs Ben that he intends to take over his ...
Apr. 09, 1998
2x71 2 2x71 Episode 316
Ben informs Derek, thinking that she is talking to Ben, that she knows that he gave money to Eddie. Ricardo asks Gabi to go out on a date with him. Hank learns that the family farm ...
Apr. 10, 1998
2x72 2 2x72 Episode 317
Derek manges to convince Meg that his lies are true. Meg's parents tell her about losing the farm.
Apr. 13, 1998
2x73 2 2x73 Episode 318
Vanessa is determined that Michael cant know that she might have Martin's Syndrome. Annie tries to convince Caitlin not to move back into Gregory's house. Virginia is not sure which ...
Apr. 14, 1998
2x74 2 2x74 Episode 319
When Meg asks Ben / Derek if his brother is going to come to the wedding he informs her that he is dead. Annie manages to seduce Gregory. Cole is attacked by a thug who steals a lock ...
Apr. 15, 1998
2x75 2 2x75 Episode 320
Gabi feels uncomfortable out on her date with Ricardo. Gregory tries to convince Cole that he was not responsible for the thug attacking him. Eddie has a warning for Meg. Eddie later ...
Apr. 16, 1998
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