Oct. 16, 2001
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A young Clark Kent struggles to find his place in the world as he learns to harness his alien powers for good and deals with the typical troubles of teenage life in Smallville. His journey to become Superman!

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Clark Kent Smallville
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Clark Kent

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Tom WellingTom Welling
Thomas John Patrick Welling (born April 26, 1977) in the city of New York, New York, USA. The 6" ...

Character Bio

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Clark Kent ~ "My responsibilty is to do what's right. Like it or not we stand for something. We set an example for others to follow and if we don't than we're no better than the people we fight".

Two traits of Clark Kent that have been prominent for most of the series have been his positive and optimistic view on humanity as well as his self-loathing of not being human. Clark strongly believes that feelings such as compassion are synonymous to the human race, and thinks humans are, on the whole, noble beings. He has often expressed a desire to be human and disdain towards his alien heritage, probably because he feels his biology hinders his humanity despite several people telling him that humanity is more than biology. Clark also has been told many times to have a hero complex and that he often does good, selfless acts without any thought for himself.

This self-loathing is probably why Clark internalizes situations and believes everything is his fault or revolves around him in some fashion. It deeply affects him when his loved ones suffer because of his secret, as he fails to consider that people who love him would willingly suffer for him and instead blames himself for any trouble that befalls them. He considers knowing his secret a burden to bear that puts the secret-keeper in danger. He often feels guilt about things over which he had no control and, because of this, does not consider himself a hero. It may also explain part of his constant fear of sharing his secret, assuming that he won't be accepted for what he is because he is not comfortable with himself. Clark also struggles with the fact that he cannot save every endangered person and, as such, feels that his heroic deeds are inadequate.

This inferiority complex also extends to how Clark feels about his own race, since he was quick to judge that Kryptonians were evil until discovering that they, like humans, were capable of love and compassion as well as hate and evil, his own father having been a respected Kryptonian scientist who had his world's best interests at heart. Clark has made some improvements toward accepting who he is, expressing gratefulness for his abilities and taking pride in his compassion for the human race, which he views as a strength. However, recent events and revelations have caused Clark to abruptly change his mind about his compassionate side, and he now feels like caring too much for humans limits his ability to save them. As he has grown older, Clark has begun to realize that the circumstances surrounding his destiny affect a greater circle than his small hometown and has clearly decided to embark on his Kryptonian training in the near future.

However, after reuniting with Lana in the fall of 2007, he abandoned these plans and declared his intent to attempt to make a "normal" life with her on the farm. After Lana moved away from Smallville, accompanied by a near-death experience when he was temporarily rendered powerless, Clark resolved to take a more active role in his destiny and took a job at the Daily Planet to be certain of being in "the thick of the action." In conjunction with this decision, he begun to use his powers in a more active manner.

Clark has two notable characteristics that he takes directly after his biological parents Jor-El and Lara: His father's independent spirit and his mother's never-ending bravery and compassionate heart. Clark is idealistic and has the ability to always find the good in people, which manifests itself into a willingness to trust others to a fault.

Clark's superhuman abilities are powered by the energy of Earth's yellow sun. As a Kryptonian, his cells are veritable organic solar batteries that absorb and metabolize solar energy. He converts this energy into his abilities. His abilities usually appear suddenly and he must learn to control them. They have evolved and grown stronger to a degree as Clark has gotten older.

Powers and Abilities

* Solar Battery ~ This ability is the primal core from which all of Clark's superhuman powers and abilities manifest from. The interior of his body stores sunlight emitted from the Earth's yellow sun, and seems to operate like a battery.

* Super Strength ~ Clark's chief physical ability is his superior superhuman strength. Direct exposure or contact with the rays given off by Earth's yellow sun, makes him much more powerful and his strength capacity gets magnified to a degree.

* Super Speed/Super Stamina ~ Clark can move and or react at superhuman speeds that far exceed the speed of sound barrier whether it is on land or underwater. Clark through accelerated vision perceives the entire world in slow motion. Clark can now run on water and was able to run back to Metropolis from London England in just 15 seconds. Recently Clark has admitted that ever since he gained the power of flight, he became slower whenever he runs.

* Super Intelligence ~ Like any Kryptonian, Clark possesses a genius level intellect, and under a yellow sun this power is amplified hundreds of times beyond those human beings. Clark is very smart his brain works similar or superior to a high powered computer, he is able to make immensely fast calculation and multi tasking at alarming rates.

* Eidetic Memory ~ With his accelerated brain activity, Clark can receive or process large amounts of information and data at once, reading words and pictures at a fast pace.

* Invulnerability ~ Under a yellow sun, Clark has an invisible forcefield aura that renders him invulnerable to virtually any forms of physical harm. Much like his speed and strength, Clark's durability capacity increased gradually as he gets older. When he was younger, he was immune to bullets, flames, cold temperatures, and all earthly diseases and sicknesses, and was able to collide with cars head on and come out completely unfazed. Also, due to the aura that surrounds Clark, even his hair is somewhat invulnerable to damage, as seen when Lana while possessed by Margaret Isobel Thoreaux, tried to cut his hair with a pair of scissors, and they snapped in half on contact. Now as an adult, along with still being immune to diseases, bullets, and temperature extremes; rockets/silos, bombs and lasers can't harm him in any way. He is now basically indestructible; even something devastating like an atom or nuclear bomb would have no effect on him. However, despite his high resistance, forms of Kryptonite, magic, aliens and Kryptonian objects/artifacts can greatly damage him.

* X-Ray Vision ~ Clark can see through any type of matter, except for lead, just by concentrating.

Heat Vision, Super Breath/Arctic breath, Super Hearing, Super Leap, Flight

* Super Dexterity ~ Clark is able to throw a basketball into a hoop yards away easily and he never trips.

* Longevity ~ Clark will live for an extremely long period of time, explaining it as if he can "go on forever." While under the light of a yellow sun Clark would age without appearing to do so. This power retards his aging process making him effectively immortal.

* Micro Vision
~ Clark has the ability to see things too small for the human eye to normally see.

* Telescopic Vision
~ Clark has the ability to see things miles away.

* Precognition
~ On multiple occasions, Clark has been shown to be able to see glimpses of the future.

* Telekinesis
~ Clark has used telekinesis to pull one of the Kryptonian stones towards him while he was brainwashed as Kal-El.

* Infrared Vision
~ Clark is able to see heat signatures


* Green kryptonite, along with magic, is one of his greatest weaknesses. It renders Clark physically weak and mentally ill; the effects will make Clark weaker the longer he's exposed to its radiation and can cause death.

* Red kryptonite ~ Its affects are psychological, making him lose his inhibitions and social conscience; the effects strengthen over long periods of exposure. Under the influence of red kryptonite, Clark usually refers to himself as "Kal", short for his birth name, Kal-El.

* Blue kryptonite robs Clark of his powers and abilities but does not cause him any physical or mental ailment. Making him human he could choose to use this to grow old.

* Gold kryptonite can give Clark permanent wounds or scars that can't ever be healed and it can also cause him to lose his powers and abilities forever.

* Black kryptonite can separate Clark from his Kryptonian persona, Kal-El.

* Silver kryptonite is a synthetic kryptonite that doesn't weaken Clark's abilities, though too much of exposure can make him sweat, his eyes will start to dilate, his skin becomes pale. and his breatheing becomes heavy. It makes Clark dangerously paranoid and suspicious, inducing hallucinations in the process.

There are weapons that can hurt Clark.

Episode Screenshots

08x11 - Legion
Season 8, Episode 11
05x02 - Mortal
Season 5, Episode 02
01x10 - Shimmer
Season 1, Episode 10
08x16 - Turbulence
Season 8, Episode 16
[More Episodes]

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