Sep. 07, 1998
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Ash Ketchum sets out on his journey to become the greatest Pokemon Master along with Pikachu, he sets out on several journeys to capture as many Pokemon as he can whilst making new friends and helping to combat evil but an ever present evil comes from Jessie, James and Meowht of Team Rocket who aim to catch Pikachu and any other Pokemon they can get their hands on.

Pokémon Season 9 (2006-2007)

9x00 9 TV Special: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters Out Of The Gate!
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Sep. 08, 2006
9x01 9 9x01 Fear Factor Phony
On their way to the Battle Arena, Ash and friends arrive in a Ghost Town where they are a group of Ghost Pokémon scaring anyone who comes by. After being scared, they find a group ...
Sep. 08, 2006
9x02 9 9x02 Sweet Baby James
On the way to the Battle Arena, both James' Chimecho and May's Munchlax fall sick. They bring them to James' old summer mansion where they are attended to by James' Nanny and Pop-Pop. ...
Sep. 09, 2006
9x03 9 9x03 A Chip Off the Old Brock
During a training match against Ash's Grovyle, Brock's Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp and with its new power injures a nearby Flaaffy. They offer to help Flaaffy, but it turns out the ...
Sep. 16, 2006
9x04 9 9x04 Wheel of Frontier
At the Pokémon Center Ash recieves his Snorlax from Professor Oak. He learns about the Arena Tycoon Greta from Scott, who tells him that she battles with Fighting Pokémon. At the ...
Sep. 16, 2006
9x05 9 9x05 May’s Egg-Cellent Adventure
On the way to the Battle Dome, Ash and friends stumble upon a Pokémon Breeding Farm. On the farm, a girl named Nicolet dreams of entering Pokémon Contests, but doesn't want to leave ...
Sep. 23, 2006
9x06 9 9x06 Weekend Warrior
May arrives in Silver Town for her second Pokémon Contest. As the contest begins a guy named Jeremy enters the contest much to his wife and son's protest. Jeremy tries to tell his ...
Sep. 23, 2006
9x07 9 9x07 On Olden Pond
On the way to the Battle Dome, Ash and the others decide to stop at a famous fishing spot for the day. However, the lake is deserted. They find out from the owner of a fishing house, ...
Sep. 30, 2006
9x08 9 9x08 Tactics Theatrics!!
Ash finally arrives at the Battle Dome ready for his next Frontier Battle. After a little press conference Ash finally begins his battle against the Frontier Brain, Tucker. The battle ...
Sep. 30, 2006
9x09 9 9x09 Reversing The Charges
On their way to the Battle Pike, Ash and friends encounter an Elekid with an attitude problem. Lately, the mountains where Elekid lives have been struck by tons of lightning, which ...
Oct. 07, 2006
9x10 9 9x10 The Green Guardian
On their way to the Battle Pike, Ash and friends decide to ride along Cycling Road. However it is closed and they must go through the forest below. After hearing a noise, Pikachu wanders ...
Oct. 07, 2006
9x11 9 9x11 From Cradle to Save!
On the way to the Battle Pike, Ash and friends stumble across a ninja school. However, there have been thefts around the school lately and they are told to be alert. On one of their ...
Oct. 14, 2006
9x12 9 9x12 Time Warp Heals All Wounds!
Ash and friends finally arrive in Fuchsia City with the Battle Pike only a day away. May's egg then begins to glow signaling that it is ready to hatch. However, before she can celebrate ...
Oct. 14, 2006
9x13 9 9x13 Queen of the Serpentine!
Ash finally arrives at the location of the Battle Pike ready to battle. Team Rocket tricks him into coming into their own fake Battle Pike where they capture Pikachu. With the help ...
Oct. 21, 2006
9x14 9 9x14 Off the Unbeaten Path!
On their way to the Battle Palace, Ash & friends stop at Potpourri Island where they learn about the Pokémon Orienteering Contest. The contest is a race around the island where a trainer ...
Oct. 21, 2006
9x15 9 9x15 Harley Rides Again
Ash and friends finally arrive in Wisteria Town where May prepares for her next contest. Harley shows up and this time, he's not so friendly! He declares that he will win this contest ...
Oct. 28, 2006
9x16 9 9x16 Odd Pokémon Out!
While on the way to May's next contest, Ash and friends must stop at a nearby island to switch to the ferry to the next island. They let their Pokémon out to play and Donphan, still ...
Oct. 28, 2006
9x17 9 9x17 Spontaneous Combusken!
After losing a ribbon to Harley, May arrives on Chrysanthemum Island ready to win her Thrid Ribbon. Ash is also working hard trying to help Sceptile regain its ability to use attacks. ...
Nov. 04, 2006
9x18 9 9x18 Cutting the Ties That Bind!
Ash and friends have finally arrived on Metallica Island, the location of the Battle Palace. Before challenging the Frontier Brain, Ash does a little training hoping to boost Sceptile's ...
Nov. 04, 2006
9x19 9 9x19 Ka Boom With a View!
Ash finally arrives at Battle Palace, ready to take on Spenser for the Spirit Symbol. As they head out to the battlefield Ash learns that he has the entire surronding Jungle to battle ...
Nov. 10, 2006
9x20 9 9x20 King and Queen for a Day!
On their way to the Battle Tower, Ash and friends arrive in a town back on the mainland of Kanto. Then, Team Rocket (in disguise) convinces them to get free massages, which they agree ...
Nov. 10, 2006
9x21 9 9x21 Curbing the Crimson Tide!
In a dark alley three kids come face to face with the mysterious "Red Lighting". One kid sends out his Poliwag only to have it beaten and scribbled on. Then, Ash and the others arrive ...
Nov. 18, 2006
9x22 9 9x22 What I Did For Love!
May finally arrives in Gardenia Town ready to win her Fourth Ribbon. She gains a nice surprise when she finds out the Eevee has learned Dig. While May prepares for the contest, Brock ...
Nov. 18, 2006
9x23 9 9x23 Three Jynx and a Baby!
On their way to the Battle Tower, May finds a Smoochum behind a bush. She tries to pick it up, only to be attacked by three Jynx, Smoochum's sisters. After a short battle Ash and the ...
Nov. 25, 2006
9x24 9 9x24 Talking A Good Game
As Ash and the others finally arrive at the Battle Tower, Ash does some last minute training with Pikachu. He is suddenly attacked by a Beedrill and a girl comes to his rescue. After ...
Nov. 25, 2006
9x25 9 9x25 Second Time's the Charm!
After a devastating defeat at the hands of Anabel, Ash is eager to challenge her again, except this time he plans to think with his Pokémon like Anabel instead of rush in. While training ...
Nov. 27, 2006
9x26 9 9x26 Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis! (1)
On the way to the Battle Pyramid, Ash and friends meet up with Solana, the Pokémon Ranger. She is there because of a geometric problem in the area that is disturbing electronics of ...
Oct. 28, 2006
9x27 9 9x27 Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys Crisis! (2)
With Max and Meowth taken by Deoxys, Ash and the others head back to the Pokémon Center to devise a plan. Solana manages to fix their Pokéballs and so they head out in search of their ...
Oct. 28, 2006
9x28 9 9x28 All That Glitters Is Not Golden!
On the way to Pewter City and then the Battle Pyramid, Ash and May encounter a Golden Sudowoodo. Ash tries to catch it but fails. In town, Brock doesn’t believe them but a bunch of ...
Nov. 28, 2006
9x29 9 9x29 New Plot, Odd Lot!
Finally in Mulberry Town, May learns that this is the last contest before the Grand Festival! May becomes nervous and begins to doubt herself, but this is quickly put to rest when Harley ...
Nov. 29, 2006
9x30 9 9x30 Going For Choke!
As the battle rounds for the Mulberry Contest begin, James and Meowth trick Ash, Brock, and Max into a huge metal box so that they can't cheer May on, in hopes that it will cause her ...
Nov. 30, 2006
9x31 9 9x31 The Ole' Berate and Switch
After failing to capture Pikachu, Jessie, James, and Meowth go their separate ways. Butch and Cassidy also split which leads to Jessie teaming up with Butch and James with Cassidy. ...
Dec. 04, 2006
9x32 9 9x32 Grating Spaces!
On their way to the Battle Pyramid, Ash and friends arrive in Pewter City to find the gym redecorated! Brock's siblings explain that three people convinced their parents to get the ...
Dec. 05, 2006
9x33 9 9x33 Battling the Enemy Within
Ash and friends finally arrive at the Battle Pyramid. As they get close, they fall into some ancient ruins. After almost being crushed, they run into a guy named Brandon who owns a ...
Dec. 06, 2006
9x34 9 9x34 Slaking Kong
On the way to Indigo Plateau for May’s Grand Festival, a group of Aipom come by and steal Ash’s hat and May’s ribbons! A old man comes by and tells them that local Aipom, Mankey, ...
Dec. 07, 2006
9x35 9 9x35 May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!
Ash and friends finally arrive at the Indigo Plateau for May’s Kanto Grand Festival. Before the competition, excitement already unfolds as Aipom returns and steals everybody’s hats! ...
Dec. 11, 2006
9x36 9 9x36 Thinning The Hoard!
The Grand Festival continues with appeals as Drew shows off his new Absol. May, Harley, and Solidad also do great appeals and the four of them all make it into the Top 16, which are ...
Dec. 12, 2006
9x37 9 9x37 Channeling The Battle Zone
As May and Drew continue their battle. Drew quickly gains a lead with a new combo move. As the battle progresses, May manages to finally defeat Flygon with Squritle. However, her victory ...
Dec. 13, 2006
9x38 9 9x38 Aipom and Circumstance!
On the way to Fennel Valley and the Battle Pyramid, Ash and friends stop for lunch. After they are done eating, Aipom tries to show Ash the flowers it gathered, but when Pikachu jumps ...
Dec. 14, 2006
9x39 9 9x39 Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!
On thier way to the Battle Pyramid, Ash and friends meet a trainer who uses a Chatot for her pokémon comedy routine. She hopes to win an upcoming comedy showdown by using Chatot to ...
Jan. 06, 2007
9x40 9 9x40 Duels of the Jungle!
Ash and friends continue thier journey to the Battle Pyramid for Ash's final symbol. They come across a injured wild Weavile. They try to help it but it attacks and badly injures Aipom. ...
Jan. 13, 2007
9x41 9 9x41 Overjoyed!
Ash and friends finally arrive at the Battle Pyramid. Ash has a training match against Nurse Joy and Chansey which he loses. He then trades Aipom for Torkoal and faces off against Brandon ...
Jan. 20, 2007
9x42 9 9x42 The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!
While Ash is preparing hinself for another rematch with Brandon, Drew appears again and May challenges him to a battle.
Jan. 27, 2007
9x43 9 9x43 Pinch Healing!
A bus full of Pokémon breaks down in front of the Pokémon Center. However, Nurse Joy has fallen sick! Now Ash, May, Max, and Brock must take care of the Pokémon and save them from ...
Feb. 03, 2007
9x44 9 9x44 Gathering The Gang Of Four!
Ash calls in Bulbasuar, Squirtle, and Charizard for his upcoming 4-on-4 rematch with Brandon. In the first round, Ash sets Charizard up against Dusclops. Jap title: First Pokémon! ...
Feb. 10, 2007
9x45 9 9x45 Pace - The Final Frontier!
Ash continues his battle against Brandon. The battle continues to stay fairly balanced, that is until Regice comes out, can Ash finally beat Brandon? Jap title: Deciding Match! VS ...
Feb. 17, 2007
9x46 9 9x46 Once More With Reeling
On their way back to Pallet Town, Ash and May compete in a Pokémon Contest. During the break, May's Combusken evolves into Blaziken! In the final round, Ash pits Sceptile against May's ...
Feb. 24, 2007
9x47 9 9x47 Home Is Where The Start Is
After tying in the contest, May decides that she will head to Johto alone. After her and Max head back to Hoenn on a ship, Ash and Brock must depart as well. On the way back to Pallet, ...
Mar. 03, 2007
 9 TV Movie: Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea
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Mar. 23, 2007
 9 TV Special: The Mastermind Of Mirage Pokemon
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Apr. 29, 2006

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