Reality/Game Show
Aug. 24, 2009
Returning Series
60 min.
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Pointless (UK)

Quiz show featuring teams of contestants attempting to find correct but obscure answers to general knowledge questions in order to score as few points as possible, and become eligible to compete for the show's cash jackpot. Contestants seek to find correct answers that were given by as few participants as possible; those given by no participants are termed "pointless" and are the most desirable. Every pointless answer given during the main game increases the jackpot by £250.

Pointless (UK) Season 22 (2019-2020)

22x01 22 22x01 Series 22, Episode 1
Categories: Famous People, Pets - Britian's Top 100 Dogs, UK Cities Containing Five Letters or Fewer in Their Names, Bananas and Florida. Stephen and Phil won the Pointless trophy. ...
Sep. 02, 2019
22x02 22 22x02 Series 22, Episode 2
Categories: Food & Drink - Things That Include Bread, US Presidents - Any US Presidents Whose Surnames Contain Three or More Vowels, Harrison Ford Films, Kilimanjaro and Famous English ...
Sep. 03, 2019
22x03 22 22x03 Series 22, Episode 3
Categories: Global Motoring - A1 Roads Around The World And Their Countries, Classical Music - Instruments In Mahler's Eighth Symphony, Events Of The 1940's, Matt LeBlanc and Short ...
Sep. 04, 2019
22x04 22 22x04 Series 22, Episode 4
Categories: Sport - 2018 Tennis Grand Slam Semi-Finalists, Literature - Books With Two-Letter Words In The Title, Places That Share The Same Names, Solos and Best of 2018. Sophie and ...
Sep. 05, 2019
22x05 22 22x05 Series 22, Episode 5
Categories: Women In History - Women Who Changed The World, Chemistry - Chemical Elements With An Even Number Of Letters In Their Names, Festivals, Fly-Over Countries and "Triple" Achievements ...
Sep. 06, 2019
22x06 22 22x06 Series 22, Episode 6
Categories: Words - Words ending With "RGE", Leisure Activities - Board Games By Definition, Famous Hills, Budapest and Fashion. Bill and Rose won the Pointless Jackpot of £1,000. ...
Sep. 09, 2019
22x07 22 22x07 Series 22, Episode 7
Categories: Geographical Surnames - People Who Share Their Surnames With Scottish Towns And Cities, Shakespeare - Shakespeare Plays With 11 or More Letters in The Title, Birds Preening, ...
Sep. 10, 2019
22x08 22 22x08 Series 22, Episode 8
Categories: Pop Music - UK Number One Singles With Unconventionally spelled Titles, Politics - Surnames of UK Prime Ministers That Have An Odd Number of Letters, Animals From "Blue ...
Sep. 11, 2019
22x09 22 22x09 Series 22, Episode 9
Categories: The Language of Cinema - "Best Picture" Oscar Winners By Definition, Hot Drinks - Top Tea-Producing Countries, Famous Glasses Wearers Without Glasses, Mixed "Bag", Animals ...
Sep. 12, 2019
22x10 22 22x10 Series 22, Episode 10
Categories: North American Geography - US States And State Capitals That Do Not Contain The Letters "U" Or "S", Family Relationships - Real And Fictional Twins, Musicals Nominated At ...
Sep. 13, 2019
22x11 22 22x11 Series 22, Episode 11
Categories: Famous Places - Locations In Historic England's "A History Of England In 100 Places", Pop Music - Acts Who Had The UK's Biggest Albums Of 2018, People Born In The 1990s, ...
Sep. 16, 2019
22x12 22 22x12 Series 22, Episode 12
Categories: Cinema - Emotionless Films, Board Games, People With Theaters Named After Them, "Royal" Things, Culinary Nuts and Astronauts. Mick and Jane won the Pointless Jackpot of ...
Sep. 17, 2019
22x13 22 22x13 Series 22, Episode 13
Categories: Football - Teams In The FA Cup Third Round Proper In 2019, Famous People - Famous Olivers And Olivias, Animals That Have Other Animal's Names In Their Names, Book Titles ...
Sep. 18, 2019
22x14 22 22x14 Series 22, Episode 14
Categories: UK Hit Singles - Songs By Subtitle, Science - Chemical Elements Known Before The 20th Century, Irish Cuisine, Queen Anne and 21st Century Comedy Films. Katy and Ashley won ...
Sep. 19, 2019
22x15 22 22x15 Series 22, Episode 15
Categories: Famous People - Men With Female First Names As Surnames, UK Geography - UK Cities With Repeated Letters, Dancing Politicians, Sewing And Knitting and "Sleepy" Films. Luke ...
Sep. 20, 2019
22x16 22 22x16 Series 22, Episode 16
Categories: Words - Words Ending With Either "...LM" Or "...LP", Modern History - Events Of The 2000s, People Who Have Served In The Armed Forces, Berts and Ernies and Classic Film ...
Sep. 23, 2019
22x17 22 22x17 Series 22, Episode 17
Categories: Olympic Medals - Countries That Have Won More Olympic Medals In The 21st Century Than Michael Phelps, Literature - Books With "And" In The Title, Celebrities In The 1960s, ...
Sep. 24, 2019
22x18 22 22x18 Series 22, Episode 18
Categories: Cinema - Films With Ordinal Numbers In Their Titles, Kings And Queens - Monarchs Who Immediately Succeeded A Parent, Indoor Plants, Acting Martins, Fishing Port Registration ...
Sep. 25, 2019
22x19 22 22x19 Series 22, Episode 19
Categories: UK Television - Radio Times "Greatest British TV Crime Dramas", US Politics - Surnames Of US Presidents And Vice Presidents That Contain No Repeated Letters, 1990s Fashion, ...
Sep. 26, 2019
22x20 22 22x20 Series 22, Episode 20
Categories: Iconic Entertainers - People On The London Palladium Wall Of Fame, Interrogative Sentences - Famous Questions, People Dressed As Vampires, "Blank" Things and Martial Arts ...
Sep. 27, 2019
22x21 22 22x21 Series 22, Episode 21
Categories: Foreign Languages - False Friends In Other Languages, Pop Music - Solo Female Singers Who Have Had a UK Number One Album, "Saintly" Places, Rules and "21st Century" Films. ...
Sep. 30, 2019
22x22 22 22x22 Series 22, Episode 22
Categories: History By Month - Historical Events That Happened In April, Tennis - Tennis Players Who Have Won Successive Grand Slam Singles Titles, Occupational Creatures, Actors ...
Oct. 01, 2019
22x23 22 22x23 Series 22, Episode 23
Categories: Literature - Novels Without Their Title Characters, Nature - Birds In The 2019 RSPB UK "Big Garden Birdwatch" With R, S, P or B In Their Names, Famous People Playing Guitar, ...
Oct. 02, 2019
22x24 22 22x24 Series 22, Episode 24
Categories: European Football - Teams In The 2018-19 Champions League, Famous People - Famous Jos And Joes, Stephen King Films, The 29th Of February, Shapes and 1940s Musical Biopics. ...
Oct. 03, 2019
22x25 22 22x25 Series 22, Episode 25
Categories: European Geography - Non-Capital Cities of European Countries, UK Politics - UK Prime Ministers With Surnames That Include The Letters "V", "O", "T", "E" or "D", Ballet ...
Oct. 04, 2019
22x26 22 22x26 Series 22, Episode 26
Categories: British Currency - Things Displayed On Fifty Pence Pieces, Board Games - Spaces On The Monopoly Board That Contain Repeated Letters, The Queen Through The Decades, Roof ...
Oct. 07, 2019
22x27 22 22x27 Series 22, Episode 27
Categories: Words - Words Ending In "...RCE", Pop Music - UK Hit Singles By Bands With Four-Letter Names, Colorful People, Areas Of The Atlantic Ocean and Berlin. Sue and John won ...
Oct. 08, 2019
22x28 22 22x28 Series 22, Episode 28
Categories: International Football - Teams That Won A Match At The 2018 FIFA Men's World Cup, American Politics - Spouses Of US Presidents, Cocktails, Alternative Titles Of Daily Newspapers, ...
Oct. 09, 2019
22x29 22 22x29 Series 22, Episode 29
Categories: Definitions - Words Made From "Richard Osman", Economic Surveys - Top 40 Countries With The Smallest Gender Gap In 2018, People Outside 10 Downing Street, The Number 60 ...
Oct. 10, 2019
22x30 22 22x30 Series 22, Episode 30
Categories: Pop Music - Acts With Ten Or More UK Top Ten Singles, Golf - Post-War Major-Winning Golfers With "G", "O", "L" or "F" In Their Surnames, Insects, Lancashire and Horse ...
Oct. 11, 2019
22x31 22 22x31 Series 22, Episode 31
Categories: BBC Radio Presenters and DJs, Zoological Geography - Animals Hidden in City Names, Pies and Tarts, "Back" to Front Clues, Ways a Batsman Can be Dismissed in Cricket and ...
Oct. 14, 2019
22x32 22 22x32 Series 22, Episode 32
Categories: Politicians - MPs With The Same First Name, Words - Words Ending "...Rum", Three-Letter Films, Edible Squashes, Scientific Names of Animals and European Battles. Johanna ...
Oct. 15, 2019
22x33 22 22x33 Series 22, Episode 33
Categories: Chemistry - Chemical Elements That Contain The Letters "G", "A" or "S" in Their Names, British Cinema Comedies - Synonyms of "Carry On" Film Titles, Brians of Britain, Positions ...
Jan. 02, 2020
22x34 22 22x34 Series 22, Episode 34
Categories: Television - TV Medics, Higher Education - Countries With at Least One of The World's Best 500 Universities, Joints, Words Beginning With an "A" And Ending With a "Z", Two-Wheeled ...
Jan. 03, 2020
22x35 22 22x35 Series 22, Episode 35
Categories: Music - Acts That Got No Higher Than Number Two in The UK Singles Chart, Famous People - Time Magazine's "Influential People of 2019", Central and Eastern European Food, ...
Jan. 06, 2020
22x36 22 22x36 Series 22, Episode 36
Categories: British Football - Teams In The English And Scottish Leagues That Contain The Letter "F" or "A" In their Names, Literary Relations - Aunts In Fiction, Animals Drinking, ...
Jan. 07, 2020
22x37 22 22x37 Series 22, Episode 37
Categories: Definitions - "All" Words, Spy Films - Words Of Six Or More Letters In The Titles Of James Bond Films, Famous Anitas, Alternative Definitions For Mathematical Terms and ...
Jan. 08, 2020
22x38 22 22x38 Series 22, Episode 38
Categories: Famous People - People Born in 1969, Literature - Opening Words Of Books, Former Olympic Sports, Geometrical Shapes, Prime Ministers and Unusual Word Ending. Sophie and ...
Jan. 09, 2020
22x39 22 22x39 Series 22, Episode 39
Categories: Pop Music - Rolling Stone's Magazine "100 Greatest Songs Of The Century", World Geography - Countries That Begin And End With A Vowel, People With Palindromic Surnames, ...
Jan. 10, 2020
22x40 22 22x40 Series 22, Episode 40
Categories: Definitions - Words In "Armstrong", Energy Production - Top Producers Of Natural Gas, Flatbreads, Philadelphia and The Beatles On Film. Roz and Dec won the Pointless tr ...
Jan. 13, 2020
22x41 22 22x41 Series 22, Episode 41
Categories: UK Tourism - The UK's Most Visited Attractions, Celebrities - Famous Joneses, Astronomical Objects, Things With Misleading Names and Antarctica. Malcolm and Jack won the ...
Jan. 14, 2020
22x42 22 22x42 Series 22, Episode 42
Categories: Geography - Towns And Cities On The Mediterranean Sea, Soap Operas - Coronation Street Surnames, Famous Birds, Events In The Month Of The First Moon Landing and Grand National ...
Jan. 15, 2020
22x43 22 22x43 Series 22, Episode 43
Categories: Food - Cakes And Biscuits, Sporting Surnames - Famous People Who Share Their Surnames With England Footballers, Alfred Hitchcock Films With One Word Titles, New Orleans ...
Jan. 16, 2020
22x44 22 22x44 Series 22, Episode 44
Categories: Pop Music - Acts That Have Had Three UK Number One Singles In A Year, Shakespeare - Shakespeare Play Titles Containing At Least One Of The Letters "R", "S" or "C", Fermented ...
Jan. 17, 2020
22x45 22 22x45 Series 22, Episode 45
Categories: Geography - Capital Cities With Exactly Two Vowels in Their Name, Athletics - Olympic Athletes and Their Events, "The" Television Programs, Art Equipment, Books With House ...
Jan. 20, 2020
22x46 22 22x46 Series 22, Episode 46
Categories: Famous Novels - "B" For Books, World Geography - Countries That Are Healthier Than The United States, British Birds, Shows Hosted By Bob Monkhouse and Skyscrapers. Chris ...
Jan. 21, 2020
22x47 22 22x47 Series 22, Episode 47
Categories: UK Geography - UK Cities That Begin With The Letters "N', "E", "S" or "W", Famous People - People Born in 1949, Marine Transport in Pop Songs, Dinosaurs in The "Jurassic ...
Jan. 22, 2020
22x48 22 22x48 Series 22, Episode 48
Categories: History - Historical Events That Happened in May, Pop Music - Acts Who Have Had Two or More UK Number One Singles Since 2010, Sports Kit, Film Studio Logos,Chemical Elements ...
Jan. 23, 2020
22x49 22 22x49 Series 22, Episode 49
Categories: Music Awards - Hosts of The Brit Awards, Natural World - Animal, Vegetable or Mineral, Political Husbands, The Lake District and Eurovision Lyrics. Julia and Tiffany won ...
Jan. 24, 2020
22x50 22 22x50 Series 22, Episode 50
Categories: Royal Family - People in The Line of Succession to The UK Throne, Pop Music - "Car" Songs, Dogs on Television, Ten Pin Bowling, The Hundred Years' War and Mary Poppins.Neil ...
Mar. 30, 2020
22x51 22 22x51 Series 22, Episode 51
Categories: Travel and Communication - Transport on Royal Mail Stamps, Sporting Losers - Football Teams That Have Lost Over 100 Premier League Games, Emma Thompson Films, Historical ...
Mar. 31, 2020
22x52 22 22x52 Series 22, Episode 52
Categories: Wealthy People - People on Forbes Magazine's "World Billionaires 2019" List, Board Games - Monopoly Spaces That Contain the Letters "G" or "O", Flowering Trees and Shrubs, ...
Apr. 01, 2020
22x53 22 22x53 Series 22, Episode 53
Categories: Politics - Post-War UK Prime Ministers and US Presidents, Pop Music - 2018's Most Streamed Songs by Year, Synonyms of Dickens's Works, Editors and The All Blacks. Jonny ...
Apr. 02, 2020
22x54 22 22x54 Series 22, Episode 54
Categories: Epic Movies - Films With Running Times That Are Three Hours or Longer, Formula 1 - Drivers Who Won 10 or More of The First 1,000 Grand Prix Races, Ferries Around The World, ...
Apr. 03, 2020
22x55 22 22x55 Series 22, Episode 55
Categories: Cinema - Characters From Greek Mythology in Film Titles, World Geography - Countries That Start With The Same Letter as Their Capital City, Famous Women With Men's First ...
Apr. 06, 2020

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