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Aug. 24, 2009
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60 min.
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Pointless (UK)

Quiz show featuring teams of contestants attempting to find correct but obscure answers to general knowledge questions in order to score as few points as possible, and become eligible to compete for the show's cash jackpot. Contestants seek to find correct answers that were given by as few participants as possible; those given by no participants are termed "pointless" and are the most desirable. Every pointless answer given during the main game increases the jackpot by £250.

Pointless (UK) Season 20 (2018-2019)

20x01 20 20x01 Series 20, Episode 1
Quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else can think of. Categories: ...
Jun. 19, 2018
20x02 20 20x02 Series 20, Episode 2
Categories: Famous Ladies, European Football, Plants With Animals in Their Names, Jeremy Paxman, 21st Century Animated Films. Lucy and Lizzy won the Pointless trophy.
Sep. 03, 2018
20x03 20 20x03 Series 20, Episode 3
Categories: Geography, Cinema, Artists With the UK's Biggest-selling Classical Albums, Prime Ministers in Other Words and Double Award Winners. Sophie and Gary won 3,250£.
Sep. 04, 2018
20x04 20 20x04 Series 20, Episode 4
Categories: "B"s in Biology, Fashion, Chess, Cheesy Dishes and Poetic Language. Abi and Sera won the Pointless trophy.
Sep. 05, 2018
20x05 20 20x05 Series 20, Episode 5
Categories: Words Ending in eam, Pop Music, Events of the 21st Century, Agatha Christie, Types of Coffee and Scottish Politics. Kirsty and Stevie won the Pointless jackpot of 2,500 ...
Sep. 07, 2018
20x06 20 20x06 Series 20, Episode 6
Categories: Flags That Look Similar, Boxing, Kate Winslet Films, "Tiny" Things, Books People Lie About Reading and Muscians from Birmingham. Chris and Rachel won the Pointless trop ...
Sep. 07, 2018
20x07 20 20x07 Series 20, Episode 7
Categories: Hidden Words in U.S. States, Fantasy Actors, Rainbows, The Australian Bird of The Year, Sport Venues and UK Number One Singles by Decade. Mel and Chris won the Pointless ...
Sep. 10, 2018
20x08 20 20x08 Series 20, Episode 8
Categories: Food and Drink Containing the Letter Z, Motor Racing, Fictional Dogs, Ewan McGregor, 1980s Fashion, Teams at Wembley Stadium. David and Ryan won the Pointless jackpot of ...
Sep. 11, 2018
20x09 20 20x09 Series 20, Episode 9
Categories: Chemical Reactions, Cinematic Adaptations, Queen Singles, Manchester and "Sitting Down" Sports at The Rio Olympics. Gary and Robina won the Pointless jackpot of £2,250 ...
Sep. 12, 2018
20x10 20 20x10 Series 20, Episode 10
UK Politics - Chancellors and Their Prime Ministers, Organizations, Views From Bridges, Literary Toms and Thomases, Sporting Maths and London Theater Awards. Christine and Aly won ...
Sep. 13, 2018
20x11 20 20x11 Series 20, Episode 11
Categories: French Transport, Biographical Films, British Animals That Weigh Under 10 Grams, Stuff and Things, Oils and Watery Film Stars. Timon and Dem won the Pointless jackpot of ...
Sep. 14, 2018
20x12 20 20x12 Series 20, Episode 12
Categories: Astronomy, U.S. Politics, The Carbuncle Cup, The Year 1989 and South American Geography. Nick and Katie won £1,000.
Sep. 17, 2018
20x13 20 20x13 Series 20, Episode 13
Categories: Football, Education, People Who Share Their Names With U.S. Capitals, "A Hundred" Things, UK Hit Singles With Birds in Their Titles and "Rocks" on Film. Richard and Joe ...
Sep. 18, 2018
20x14 20 20x14 Series 20, Episode 14
Categories: Musical Grammar, Geographical Names, Garden Tools in Close-Up, Serena Williams, Types of Chili and Children's Book Series. Chantelle and Emma won the Pointless trophy. ...
Sep. 19, 2018
20x15 20 20x15 Series 20, Episode 15
Categories: Words Ending in "oon", Famous People, States & Territories of Australia, Theresa May and 1960's Bands. Simon and Susan won the Pointless trophy.
Sep. 20, 2018
20x16 20 20x16 Series 20, Episode 16
Categories: Famous People, Avian Cinema, Festive Food and Drink, Clocks, Long-Running BBC Radio Programs and Business & Economics. Chloe and Geoff won the Pointless jackpot of £4, ...
Sep. 21, 2018
20x17 20 20x17 Series 20, Episode 17
Categories: Best Dressed Men of 2017, Chemical Elements, Office Stationary, Poland and 1990's Pop Albums. Catherine and Kirstie won the Pointless trophy.
Sep. 24, 2018
20x18 20 20x18 Series 20, Episode 18
Categories: Book Titles, Tennis, Animals With Their Mouths Open, 2017 Election Losers, Shades of Blue and the year 2009. Sherry and Cambell won the Pointless trophy.
Sep. 25, 2018
20x19 20 20x19 Series 20, Episode 19
Categories: The European Union, Art, Face Swapped Celebrities, Nakedness and 21st Century Film Stars. Jane and Susan won the Pointless trophy.
Sep. 26, 2018
20x20 20 20x20 Series 20, Episode 20
Famous People Known By One Name, Anniversaries in 2018, Edible seeds, Optics and Oasis. Paula and Stephen won £4,250.
Sep. 27, 2018
20x21 20 20x21 Series 20, Episode 21
Categories: Famous Wilsons, English Literature, Noisey Creatures, Things That Share Their Names With Types of Apples and Lower League Football in The UK. Jacqui and Jacob won the Pointless ...
Sep. 28, 2018
20x22 20 20x22 Series 20, Episode 22
Categories: Definitions, BBC Sports Personality of The Year Award Winners, Natural Actors, Protected Cultural Practices, Writers and Their Birth Names and Film Composers. Paul and Trish ...
Oct. 01, 2018
20x23 20 20x23 Series 20, Episode 23
Categories:World Transport, Fashion, Celebrities With Gemstones in Their Names, Mad Things, Cookbooks and Modern British Boxers. Russell and Ashley won the £3,000 Pointless jackpo ...
Oct. 02, 2018
20x24 20 20x24 Series 20, Episode 24
Categories: Domestic Knowledge, Celebrity Couples, Fictional Bears, Cuba, Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals and Films About Flight. Carol and Katie won the £1,000 Pointless jackpot.
Oct. 03, 2018
20x25 20 20x25 Series 20, Episode 25
Categories: FA Cup Football, European Film Stars, Cheese, Winners of The Brits Critics' Choice and Nobel Prize Winners. Lex and Dan won the Pointless trophy.
Oct. 04, 2018
20x26 20 20x26 Series 20, Episode 26
Categories: Literature, Iconic Figures, Most Intelligent Dogs, Would-be Footballers and The East of England. Nemo and Maryem won the Pointless trophy.
Oct. 05, 2018
20x27 20 20x27 Series 20, Episode 27
Categories: Words, Disney and Pixar Films, Royal Engagements, Names Beginning With "U" and Beyonce. Ian and Ashleigh won the £3,250 Pointless jackpot.
Oct. 08, 2018
20x28 20 20x28 Series 20, Episode 28
Categories: World Leaders, North American Sport, Dangling Animals, Adele and Will Smith. Malcolm and Sam won the Pointless trophy.
Oct. 09, 2018
20x29 20 20x29 Series 20, Episode 29
Categories: Song Titles, Games, People Who Share a Name With Kiefer Sutherland, Famous Russians and Word Endings. Dom and Caz won the Pointless trophy.
Oct. 10, 2018
20x30 20 20x30 Series 20, Episode 30
Categories: "Cross" Word Clues, Film Stars, Camouflaged Creatures, London, Songs in "South Pacific" and Scottish Football. Donna and James won the Pointless trophy.
Oct. 11, 2018
20x31 20 20x31 Series 20, Episode 31
Categories: Song Contests, Prime Ministers, Oscar Best Picture Winners, Celebrities With Capital Cities in Their Names, Things That Fly Without Wings and Cold War Politicians. Joe and ...
Oct. 12, 2018
20x32 20 20x32 Series 20, Episode 32
Categories: European Football, "Saintly" Things, Countries Out of Context, Castles and Albums Named After Years. Kiran and Dan won the Pointless trophy.
Oct. 15, 2018
20x33 20 20x33 Series 20, Episode 33
Categories: European Literature, UK Geography, "EGOT" Winners, Golden, 2016 Olympic Sports and Versailles. Shreeya and Andrew won the Pointless trophy.
Oct. 16, 2018
20x34 20 20x34 Series 20, Episode 34
Categories: Festive Recipes, Things That Come in Threes, People in Camel Coats, The Number 23, Street Furniture and "True" Entertainment. Priscilla and Debbie won the Pointless tro ...
Oct. 17, 2018
20x35 20 20x35 Series 20, Episode 35
Categories: Breeds of Dogs, TV Comedy, Close-ups of Gym Equipment, Take That Singles By Definition and The Beatles Live. Lynn and Laura won the £8,250 Pointless jackpot.
Oct. 18, 2018
20x36 20 20x36 Series 20, Episode 36
Categories: Modern Film Stars, Pop Music - Songs With Animals in Their Titles, Baby of The House, Mo Farah and Stars of Hollywood's Golden Age. Rachel and Andy won the Pointless T ...
Dec. 28, 2018
20x37 20 20x37 Series 20, Episode 37
Categories: Famous People Who Got a New Job in 2017, Geography, Noisy Birds, "Dark" Questions, Spreads, and English Rugby. Jacob and Erinna won the Pointless trophy.
Dec. 31, 2018
20x38 20 20x38 Series 20, Episode 38
Categories: Films Set in Asia, Tennis, Beans, Barcelona, Non-colored Spaces on The Monopoly Board and Sprinters. Leo and Noah won £3,500.
Jan. 02, 2019
20x39 20 20x39 Series 20, Episode 39
Categories: Foreign Languages, 90's Music: Acts Who Had a UK Number 1 Album in The 1990s, Athletes Wo Swapped Sports, Ant and Dec, Cuts of Beef and The Last Night of The Proms. Pam ...
Jan. 03, 2019
20x40 20 20x40 Series 20, Episode 40
Categories: World Geography, Named Characters in "The Force Awakens" & "The Last Jedi", Animal Pairs, Events That Took Place on Christmas Day, Money in Music and Iceland. Kim and Gavin ...
Jan. 04, 2019
20x41 20 20x41 Series 20, Episode 41
Categories: Words Ending in "ove", Songs With The Word Song in Their Titles, Travelers, Sporting Comebacks, Famous Works of Art and Sport in 2017. Helen and Brian won the Pointless ...
Jan. 07, 2019
20x42 20 20x42 Series 20, Episode 42
Categories: Famous People - Celebrity Authors, Motor Racing, Famous Juniors, Clubs and Classic 1940's Cinema. Alec and Diane won the Pointless jackpot of £1,000.
Jan. 08, 2019
20x43 20 20x43 Series 20, Episode 43
Categories: Modern Cinema, UK Politicians, The UK's Most Popular Dog Breeds, Angels and Classic 1970's Albums. Annie and Soraya won the Pointless trophy.
Jan. 09, 2019
20x44 20 20x44 Series 20, Episode 44
Categories: Pop Music - Album Titles By Definition, Urban Georgraphy, Famous People Who Were Born in Ireland, The Coppola Family and Chris Films. Alison and Martin won the Pointless ...
Jan. 10, 2019
20x45 20 20x45 Series 20, Episode 45
Categories: Spy Films, Educated Celebrities, Endangered Species, Alaska, Winners of The MOBO Award For Best Album and Robert Altman Films. Jenna and Ian won the Pointless trophy.
Jan. 11, 2019
20x46 20 20x46 Series 20, Episode 46
Categories: Food Groups - Carbohydrates, U.S. Politics, 2017 TV Judges, Eagles, Alan Bennett Plays and Museums. Bob and Caroline won the Pointless trophy.
Jan. 14, 2019
20x47 20 20x47 Series 20, Episode 47
Categories: North American Sport, Festive Music - Artists of The Top 50 Christmas Songs, Scottish Islands, 20th Century Nobel Prize Winning Scientists and Five-Letter Words. Kirsty ...
Jan. 15, 2019
20x48 20 20x48 Series 20, Episode 48
Categories: Europe - EU Countries That Don't Contain The Letters "U" or "K", Famous People - Women in History, Clerihews, "Le" and "La" and Decades of BBC Sports Personality of The ...
Jan. 16, 2019
20x49 20 20x49 Series 20, Episode 49
Categories: Astronomy - Things in Outer Space, Words ending in "ack" Between Lumberjack and Steeplejack alphabetically, Celebrities With Geographical Features as Surnames, Quotations ...
Jan. 17, 2019
20x50 20 20x50 Series 20, Episode 50
Categories: Grammy Awards, Wildlife - UK Bird Species, 2017 Sporting Events and Their Venues, Dragons and Musical Acts With Colorful Names. Silvana and Carol won the Pointless trop ...
Jan. 18, 2019
20x51 20 20x51 Series 20, Episode 51
Categories: Chemical Elements, New Year's Honors List 2018, Leaping Animals, Star Wars, Contronyms and Best Picture Oscar Winners. Emma and Rob won the Pointless trophy.
Jan. 21, 2019
20x52 20 20x52 Series 20, Episode 52
Categories: Dog Breeds By Definition, Two Word Film Titles, Famous People Playing Golf, Colorless Books, Trinity College Alumni and Football Cup Finals in 2017. Lucy and Paul won the ...
Jan. 22, 2019
20x53 20 20x53 Series 20, Episode 53
Categories: The World's Most Nutritious Foods, Shakespeare Plays, Famous People Born in Nottingham, Answers With Locks in Them, Words Whose letters Are in Alphabetical Order and Justin ...
Jan. 23, 2019
20x54 20 20x54 Series 20, Episode 54
Categories: Post-War Long-Serving UK Politicians, Pop Music - Number One Hit Singles, Famous Left Handers, Kenneth Branagh and Acting Ryans. Rob and Jaime won the Pointless jackpot ...
Jan. 24, 2019
20x55 20 20x55 Series 20, Episode 55
Categories: UK Sitcoms in Spanish, Geography, James Bond Films, Words Beginning and Ending With "T" and Circus Films. Janet and Nick won the Pointless trophy.
Jan. 25, 2019

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