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Apr. 27, 2009
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60 min.
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MasterChef Australia

MasterChef Australia gives budding chefs the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop their cooking skills, to be mentored by the best.

MasterChef Australia Season 2 (2010)

2x01 2 2x01 Top 50 Begins
MasterChef 2010 kicks off with the top 50 contestants cooking a BBQ dish of their own choosing. The ten contestants who cook the dishes the judges liked the least have to face an elimination ...
Apr. 19, 2010
2x02 2 2x02 Signature Dish
Top 50 Part 2 - The remaining contestants are asked to prepare their signature dish. In a first for MasterChef Australia the contestants did the judging, with the men voting for their ...
Apr. 20, 2010
2x03 2 2x03 Bottom 10
The contestants who scored the lowest in the signature dish challenge had to compete and be judged in pairs in an elimination round. The teams had to source ingredients from farms and ...
Apr. 21, 2010
2x04 2 2x04 10 More Spots
The first challenge is a series of kitchen prep tasks. For the next challenge, the remaining contestants cook Matt Moran’s quail, pumpkin and gnocchi dish alongside the chef h ...
Apr. 22, 2010
2x05 2 2x05 Masterclass
The six contestants who won Top 24 spots cooking against Matt Moran are treated to a Masterclass with him in ARIA’s kitchen. Matt shows them how to make seafood canapes. The other ...
Apr. 23, 2010
2x06 2 2x06 The Top 24
After a mystery box challenge, 4 contestants will be through to the Top 24, and 4 will be sent home. The contestants cook a Neil Perry fish dish in a pressure test and Neil also judges ...
Apr. 25, 2010
2x07 2 2x07 Invention Test
The Top 24 arrived at the MasterChef house and then headed to the MasterChef kitchen. The contestants had 90 minutes to create a dish that was a childhood memory for them. The winner ...
Apr. 26, 2010
2x08 2 2x08 Chef Challenge
Celebrity chef Luke Nguyen challenges the contestants.
Apr. 27, 2010
2x09 2 2x09 Offsite Challenge
Two teams, two Italian restaurants, one winner.
Apr. 28, 2010
2x10 2 2x10 Elimination Challenge
An egg identification test and a whipped egg white elimination test for the bottom two contestants.
Apr. 29, 2010
2x11 2 2x11 Masterclass
Luke Nguyen lends a hand, as does Garry's Mum.
Apr. 30, 2010
2x12 2 2x12 Mystery Box
A twist of a mystery box and a tough invention test.
May. 02, 2010
2x13 2 2x13 Pressure Test
Who can't handle the heat? Three nervous contestants face the latest challenge.
May. 03, 2010
2x14 2 2x14 Chef Challenge
This dessert is no piece of cake.
May. 04, 2010
2x15 2 2x15 Offsite Challenge
A birthday party for a 9 year old with 150 guests. Who made the best birthday cake?
May. 05, 2010
2x16 2 2x16 Elimination Challenge
Just 10 steps to fix a badly cooked dish.
May. 06, 2010
2x17 2 2x17 Masterclass
Shaun Presland shows how simple Japanese cooking is.
May. 07, 2010
2x18 2 2x18 Mystery Box
The contents of the mystery box are both sweet and savory. Which 5 contestants will have their creation judged?
May. 09, 2010
2x19 2 2x19 Pressure Test
Dominic, Joanne and Matthew faced off in the Pressure Test; to make a black forest cake. Joanne was able to put off a shaky start and finish strongly, leaving the judges to pick the ...
May. 10, 2010
2x20 2 2x20 Chef Challenge
Justin North beat Jonathan.
May. 11, 2010
2x21 2 2x21 0ffsite Challenge
Winner: Blue Team. Teams were chosen with each member selecting a remaining contestant, beginning with the captains, Jonathan (Blue) and Daniel (Red; chosen by Jonathan). The two ...
May. 12, 2010
2x22 2 2x22 Elimination Challenge
While the Blue Team enjoyed their lunch with Giovanni Pilu, the Red Team faced off in a two-round Elimination challenge. The first challenge was to make a traditional Genovese Pesto ...
May. 13, 2010
2x23 2 2x23 Masterclass
The judges serve up duck two ways and invite guest chef Kumar Mahadevan to cook a spicy prawn curry. Justin North also helps the contestants make crackling pork.
May. 14, 2010
2x24 2 2x24 Invention Test
"Around the world" theme. The Mystery Box challenge saw the contestants tackle a complex range of ingredients and a time of just 25 minutes. Peter took out the challenge and was given ...
May. 16, 2010
2x25 2 2x25 Pressure Test Elimination
Alvin, Daniel and Fiona faced off in the Pressure Test; to recreate a Pork Schnitzel with chips and coleslaw with no recipe to follow. While each contestant cooked the correct meat, ...
May. 17, 2010
2x26 2 2x26 Celebrity Chef Challenge
Team "Restaurant Arras" (Adam Humphrey, Lovaine Allen, Aaron Eady) beat Aaron, Joanne and Matthew.
May. 18, 2010
2x27 2 2x27 Offsite Challenge
No winner. The two teams were tasked with preparing a 3 course meal for a normal family and judges Matt Preston and Curtis Stone, on a tight budget and time limit. In the end, the ...
May. 19, 2010
2x28 2 2x28 Elimination Challenge
As the Blue Team and Red Team enjoyed their lunch at Sailor's Thai, the four contestants were asked to name the ingredients of a traditional Bouillabaisse in a taste test Elimination ...
May. 20, 2010
2x29 2 2x29 Masterclass
Gary cooked braised BBQ ribs with homemade sauce and George offered up a Waldorf salad. Guest chef Peter Kuravita from Sydney restaurant Flying Fish, showed the contestants two completely ...
May. 21, 2010
2x30 2 2x30 Invention Test
"Modern Australia" theme. There was no Mystery Box challenge this week, instead the contestants faced a pizza making challenge. Fiona was the victor and picked tropical fruit as the ...
May. 23, 2010
2x31 2 2x31 Pressure Test Elimination
Starting a week of challenges in Melbourne, Carrie, Jimmy and Peter faced off in the Pressure Test. Their task was to recreate a dish by Australian food icon, Stephanie Alexander, ...
May. 24, 2010
2x32 2 2x32 Celebrity Chef Challenge
Marion beat Frank Camorra in the challenge.
May. 25, 2010
2x33 2 2x33 Offsite Challenge
Winner: Red Team. The two teams were faced with their toughest challenge yet: to take over the running of George Calombaris' own restaurant The Press Club on its relaunch, serving a ...
May. 26, 2010
2x34 2 2x34 Elimination Challenge
In a mystery box Elimination Challenge, the Blue Team members were tasked with creating a dish to complement a specific bottle of wine. Although Fiona's dish impressed more than others, ...
May. 27, 2010
2x35 2 2x35 Masterclass
Gary and George showed the contestants how to make the perfect pizza, while Gary also served up an English rice pudding, and George cooked up some chicken oysters with homous and f ...
May. 28, 2010
2x36 2 2x36 Invention Test
Pasta theme. After a trying Mystery Box challenge featuring lambs' brains, Marion emerged as winner and picked seafood as the core ingredient for the Invention Test. Most contestants ...
May. 30, 2010
2x37 2 2x37 Pressure Test Elimination
Jake, Jimmy and Matthew faced off in the Pressure Test; to recreate a Rick Stein seafood platter worth $350. Jimmy struggled when preparing the various types of seafood and a lack ...
May. 31, 2010
2x38 2 2x38 Celebrity Chef Challenge
Maggie Beer beat Aaron.
Jun. 01, 2010
2x39 2 2x39 Offsite Challenge
Winner: Red Team. In the biggest Off Site Challenge ever, contestants were faced with preparing 8000 canapes for 2000 guests on the P&O Pacific Jewel, who would vote for their favorite ...
Jun. 02, 2010
2x40 2 2x40 Elimination Challenge
In a taste test Elimination Challenge, Jake, Joanne and Marion were asked to name the ingredients of a Thai Green Curry. Marion chose to use her immunity pin and did not take part in ...
Jun. 03, 2010
2x41 2 2x41 Masterclass
George cooked up ravioli with potato and leek as well as a quail dolmatha with tahini and yoghurt dressing. Meanwhile guest chef Matt Moran had quesadillias on the menu and a berry ...
Jun. 04, 2010
2x42 2 2x42 Invention Test
Vegetarian theme. In a meaty Mystery Box challenge, it was Claire who managed to impress the most and was given a significant advantage in the Invention Test, which would be contested ...
Jun. 06, 2010
2x43 2 2x43 Pressure Test Elimination
Callum, Joanne, Peter and Skye faced off in the Pressure Test; to recreate George Calombaris' oyster terrine. Callum's terrine was described as a dog's breakfast but was closest to ...
Jun. 07, 2010
2x44 2 2x44 Celebrity Chef Challenge
Adam beat Aaron (3–0). In a twist on the traditional format, Aaron and Adam competed against each other to win immunity. They had 1 hour 45miinutes to complete three dishes with ...
Jun. 08, 2010
2x45 2 2x45 0ffsite Challenge
Winner: Red Team. Teams were tasked with creating a dining experience using principles of molecular gastronomy. With the help of two leaders in innovative cooking, each team was tasked ...
Jun. 09, 2010
2x46 2 2x46 Elimination Challenge
In a two-round Elimination Challenge testing basic skills, members of the Blue Team were first asked to cook Chicken Korma. They were provided with all the ingredients but were left ...
Jun. 10, 2010
2x47 2 2x47 Masterclass
Callum and Sharnee were treated to a masterclass on Cheese by Australian cheese expert Will Studd, while the remaining contestants were treated to a steak and kidney sandwich by Gary ...
Jun. 11, 2010
2x48 2 2x48 Invention Test
"Australian Food Icon" theme. The winner of Masterchef Australia 2009, Julie Goodwin, returned as a guest judge for the Mystery Box Challenge, the ingredients of which were also chosen ...
Jun. 13, 2010
2x49 2 2x49 Pressure Test Elimination
Callum, Matthew and Sharnee faced off in the Pressure Test, where they had to recreate a Beef Stroganoff with Parsley Fettuccine without a recipe to follow. Each of the contestants ...
Jun. 14, 2010
2x50 2 2x50 Celebrity Chef Challenge
Josh Emett beat Jonathan (27–22).
Jun. 15, 2010
2x51 2 2x51 Offsite Challenge
[add summary]
Jun. 16, 2010
2x51 2 2x51 Offsite Challenge
Winner: Red Team. Teams were tasked with creating a 3 course menu suitable for Qantas business class passenters. They were required to prepare the food at the MasterChef Kitchen and ...
Jun. 16, 2010
2x52 2 2x52 Elimination Challenge
In a taste test Elimination Challenge, all members of the Blue Team were asked to name the ingredients to a carrot cake. Matthew guessed "apricots" but when asked to be more specific ...
Jun. 17, 2010
2x53 2 2x53 Masterclass
Aaron and Marion are treated to a masterclass in artisan baking by Michael Klausen, while Gary and George cook up a dish of lamb backstrap fillet cooked in a Barramundi skin with flesh ...
Jun. 18, 2010
2x54 2 2x54 Invention Test
"Afternoon Tea" theme. It was revealed to the contestants that this Invention Test would take place in London. After settling in at the Langham Hotel, the contestants first challenge ...
Jun. 20, 2010
2x55 2 2x55 Pressure Test
Contestants competed in pairs to recreate Heston Blumenthal's elaborate signature dishes. Heston praised the contestants' attempts at dishes he'd taken years to perfect with Alvin and ...
Jun. 21, 2010
2x56 2 2x56 Celebrity Chef Challenge
Martin Blunos beat Marion (26–24).
Jun. 22, 2010
2x57 2 2x57 Super Challenge
In the first ever Super Challenge, contestants raced from London to Paris, France with the task to create a two-course meal based around the French favorite, the truffle. For the first ...
Jun. 23, 2010
2x58 2 2x58 Elimination Challenge
In the Elimination Challenge, Joanne and Jonathan both recreated one of Brett Graham's dishes. Although both dishes had positives and negatives, Jonathan's dish was judged to be more ...
Jun. 24, 2010
2x59 2 2x59 Masterclass
Back in Australia, George cooks up a seafood dish of Char Sui salmon with stir-fried winter melon and wood ear mushrooms, while Gary cooks a rhubarb and blackberry crumble souffle. ...
Jun. 25, 2010
2x60 2 2x60 Return Elimination Challenge
Eleven of the 17 eliminated contestants returned to the MasterChef kitchen to compete for three second-chance spots. Devon, Kate, Courtney, Daniel, Philip, Jimmy, Jake, Peter, Skye, ...
Jun. 27, 2010
2x61 2 2x61 Return Elimination Challenge 2
Devon, Courtney, Philip, Jimmy, Jake and Peter competed in the final round for one of 3 spots back in the competition. They were faced with an Invention Test, with the freedom to ...
Jun. 28, 2010
2x62 2 2x62 Celebrity Chef Challenge
Mitchell Orr won. Unlike other Celebrity Chef Challenges, Orr was cooking against all of the remaining 10, with the amateur winner (should there have been one) to receive immunity. ...
Jun. 29, 2010
2x63 2 2x63 Offsite Challenge
Winner: Red Team. Teams were faced with a seemingly simple challenge; to bake five traditional Australian afternoon tea staples made famous by the Country Women's Association. They ...
Jun. 30, 2010
2x64 2 2x64 Elimination Challenge
While the Red Team enjoyed their lunch at Bilson's, Aaron and Jimmy were required to "fix that dish", an unappetizing coq au vin. George favored Jimmy's finished dish but Gary preferred ...
Jul. 01, 2010
2x65 2 2x65 Masterclass
While Adam and Alvin are treated to a masterclass in chocolate making from Belgian-Australian chocolatier Jan Ter Heerdt, the other contestants are given tips based on their struggles ...
Jul. 02, 2010
2x66 2 2x66 Invention Test
"Home-style cooking" theme. Contestants were faced with snails under the Mystery Box, and it was Alvin who impressed the judges with his dish, creating a unique balance of complex flavors. ...
Jul. 04, 2010
2x67 2 2x67 Pressure Test Elimination
Alvin, Aaron, Marion and Peter faced off in the Pressure Test, where they had to recreate Adriano Zumbo's Macaroon Tower. Each contestants had to build their own tower consisting of ...
Jul. 05, 2010
2x68 2 2x68 Celebrity Chef Challenge
Adam Melonas beat Claire (24–21).
Jul. 06, 2010
2x69 2 2x69 Offsite Challenge
Winner: Red Team. Teams were faced with preparing a hearty buffet lunch for 100 Australian soldiers. Starting at Holsworthy army base, contestants trekked to the field kitchen where ...
Jul. 07, 2010
2x70 2 2x70 Elimination Challenge
Marion, Jonathan and Aaron were required to name a variety of nuts to progress to the next round. Jonathan won the first round and was safe. Marion and Aaron progressed to the second ...
Jul. 08, 2010
2x71 2 2x71 Masterclass
Gary and George take over the kitchen. On the menu: succulent roast pheasant and for dessert, luxurious chocolate fondant.
Jul. 09, 2010
2x72 2 2x72 Invention Test
"Seven Deadly Sins" theme. Contestants struggled to produce stand-out dishes from a simple Mystery Box, with the two women left in the competition emerging as the strongest performers. ...
Jul. 11, 2010
2x73 2 2x73 Pressure Test Elimination
Guest chef Christine Manfield set the most technically difficult dish seen so far in a pressure test: spice roasted squab with a turnip cake, with a recipe including 55 ingredients. ...
Jul. 12, 2010
2x74 2 2x74 Celebrity Chef Challenge
Shaun Presland beat Claire (29–21).
Jan. 13, 2010
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