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Apr. 27, 2009
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MasterChef Australia

MasterChef Australia gives budding chefs the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop their cooking skills, to be mentored by the best.


MasterChef Australia Season 13 (2021)

13x01 13 13x01 Auditions, Day 1
The best home cooks from around the country will face challenge after challenge to see who will rise to the top and take home the coveted title of Australia's next MasterChef.
Apr. 19, 2021
13x02 13 13x02 Auditions, Day 2
The judges are looking for just five more cooks to round out the top 24. The home cooks who are given a second chance will battle it out for the remaining aprons.
Apr. 20, 2021
13x03 13 13x03 Emelia Jackson Mystery Box
This mystery box is selected by MasterChef Australia champion Emelia Jackson. The three best dishes will be awarded an immunity pin that can be played at any time during an elimination ...
Apr. 21, 2021
13x04 13 13x04 Chicken Or The Egg?
In this two round challenge, contestants must create dishes that feature a chicken or an egg. The contestant with the least impressive dish will be the first sent home.
Apr. 22, 2021
13x05 13 13x05 Superstars Week - Nigella Lawson (Elimination Challenge)
Superstars Week kicks off with Nigella Lawson. Contestants must recreate Nigella's favorite dish based on her detailed description, with no ingredient list, recipe or visual reference ...
Apr. 25, 2021
13x06 13 13x06 Superstars Week - Yotam Ottolenghi (Team Challenge)
Yotam Ottolenghi presents his favorite flavour bombs: numbing oil, fenugreek marinade and chipotle peanuts. Each team must create a meal that features one of Yotam's flavor bombs ...
Apr. 26, 2021
13x07 13 13x07 Superstars Week - Massimo Bottura (Elimination Challenge)
The judges reveal this elimination challenge is over two rounds and is set by cooking legend Massimo Bottura. Massimo presents his take on the classic dish: mac and cheese.
Apr. 27, 2021
13x08 13 13x08 Superstars Week - Clare Smyth (Mystery Box)
Clare Smyth reveals the dish that has inspired her choice of mystery box ingredients. Contestants must create a sweet or savory dish using the ingredients that Clare has chosen for ...
Apr. 28, 2021
13x09 13 13x09 Superstars Week - Heston Blumenthal (Immunity Challenge)
Heston Blumenthal sets an immunity challenge in which contestants must use a popular breakfast ingredient to create a delicious dessert.
Apr. 29, 2021
13x10 13 13x10 Poh, Callum & Reynold (Elimination Challenge)
MasterChef alumni Poh, Callum and Reynold present the contestants with three dishes from their venues. Contestants must create a dish worthy of a place on the menu at any of these ...
May. 02, 2021
13x11 13 13x11 Least & Most Comfortable (Team Challenge)
Each team must cook the same six dishes within the time allocated. Each contestant on the team will cook one of the dishes and will be judged against the same dish made by the other ...
May. 03, 2021
13x12 13 13x12 Sweet & Savoury Tart (Elimination Challenge)
Each contestant must choose the dish they feel most comfortable making: a savory tart or sweet tart. Jock then switches the dishes and contestants must cook the dish they're least ...
May. 04, 2021
13x13 13 13x13 Staples (Immunity Challenge)
Contestants must create a dish using the staple ingredients under their benches as well as two ingredients from the garden for flavor. Contestants with the top five dishes will compete ...
May. 05, 2021
13x14 13 13x14 Choose Your Ingredient & Masterclass
Contestants must choose an ingredient they would like to feature in a dish, but they won't know the ingredient they must pair it with until they have locked in their choice. A Masterclass ...
May. 06, 2021
13x15 13 13x15 That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles (Elimination Challenge)
Keen as mustard, the contestants have to cook a dish that interprets one of the classic food sayings on display. The contestant who fails will be going home. The contestant who fails ...
May. 09, 2021
13x16 13 13x16 Meet The Masters
It's Meet the Masters Week. This opportunity gives the contestants up-close insights into the skills of the best culinary masters in Australia.
May. 10, 2021
13x17 13 13x17 Pressure Test
The least impressive team from the master team challenge must cook off in this pressure test.
May. 11, 2021
13x18 13 13x18 Mystery Box
The contestants enter the kitchen ready to take on the mystery box challenge set by a Michelin-starred chef.
May. 12, 2021
13x19 13 13x19 Cooking With Fire (Immunity Challenge)
In a very special challenge, the top four contestants from the previous challenge meet in the kitchen to be taught a lesson in cooking with fire. The most impressive cook wins im ...
May. 13, 2021
13x20 13 13x20 Meet The Masters (Elimination)
For the final cook of Meet the Masters Week, the bottom four contestants must make a dish that demonstrates how they have mastered a skill, flavor or technique they have learned across ...
May. 16, 2021
13x21 13 13x21 Service Challenge - Tonka (Immunity Challenge)
Andy reveals that every challenge this week will be a service challenge and all 16 contestants are in with a chance at winning immunity from Sunday's elimination.
May. 17, 2021
13x22 13 13x22 Service Challenge - Movida (Immunity Challenge)
This challenge is all about the ingredients. Each team must feature the same ingredient in each course
May. 18, 2021
13x23 13 13x23 Service Challenge - Lucy Liu (Immunity Challenge)
For this challenge, two pantries are on offer: a European pantry and an Eastern pantry. By the toss of a coin, the team that win the toss get to choose their desired pantry.
May. 19, 2021
13x24 13 13x24 Service Challenge - Stokehouse (Immunity Challenge)
Each team has two-and-a-half hours to cook a three-course meal and each course must champion a color chosen by the toss of a coin.
May. 20, 2021
13x25 13 13x25 Team Challenge
Each team must create a dish that features the ingredient hidden underneath the tablecloth and must also use an allocated electrical appliance at some stage during the cook.
May. 23, 2021
13x26 13 13x26 Vegetable Challenge
Contestants must choose from either a potato, broccoli, carrot, brown onion or zucchini, to make a delicious dish featuring the vegetable of choice, but not necessarily a vegetarian ...
May. 24, 2021
13x27 13 13x27 Pressure Test
In this pressure test, it's a fight to stay in the competition and four contestants must re-create a dish without ever seeing it.
May. 25, 2021
13x28 13 13x28 11 Utensils
The contestants must create a dish using only the 11 utensils in the mystery box. The dish can be sweet or savory, with an open pantry and access to the garden.
May. 26, 2021
13x29 13 13x29 Hot Chillies! (Immunity Challenge)
The contestants must cook a dish using some of the hottest chilies in the world. The dish that best highlights the heat and flavor of their chili will win immunity.
May. 27, 2021
13x30 13 13x30 Game ID (Elimination Challenge)
This elimination is played over two rounds. In the first round, contestants must identify the 14 game meats on display. The six contestants with the lowest scores will cook off in ...
May. 30, 2021
13x31 13 13x31 Second Chance Week
It's Second Chance Week in the MasterChef kitchen. Across the week, 11 previously eliminated contestants are back with not one, but two chances to get back in the competition.
May. 31, 2021
13x32 13 13x32 Second Chance Week (Pressure Test)
Renowned pastry chef Anthony Hart reveals his pressure test dish: chocolate oasis. The contestants have 2 hours and 15 minutes, plus a further eight minutes to plate up Anthony's ...
Jun. 01, 2021
13x33 13 13x33 Clear Or Hidden (Mystery Box Challenge)
The 10 returning contestants can choose between a clear mystery box where the ingredients are visible or a regular mystery box where the ingredients are hidden.
Jun. 02, 2021
13x34 13 13x34 It's A Knockout
Four contestants are told they will have two-and-a-half hours to prepare a three-course menu. But the catch is that after each course is tasted, one contestant will be knocked out ...
Jun. 03, 2021
13x35 13 13x35 Murray Cod (Elimination Challenge)
Josh Niland demonstrates how to make the most of a Murray cod utilizing the entire fish. For this challenge, contestants are given one Murray cod and must use the same fish for up ...
Jun. 06, 2021
13x36 13 13x36 Pair Up With Crayfish
Contestants must pair up with another contestant to form seven teams. Each team must create crayfish two ways, one familiar dish and one inventive dish, utilizing the freshly caught ...
Jun. 07, 2021
13x37 13 13x37 Vego (Elimination Challenge)
The four contestants cooking in this elimination challenge discover they will be cooking a vegetarian dish, with all ingredients harvested fresh from Dairy Flat Farm in Daylesfor ...
Jun. 08, 2021
13x38 13 13x38 Melbourne Inspiration (Mystery Box)
The mystery box reveals a map of Melbourne and a camera phone to take pictures. The contestants must explore the city streets and laneways to take a picture that will inspire their ...
Jun. 09, 2021
13x39 13 13x39 Kate Reid Pastry
Jock introduces Kate Reid, the mastermind behind Lune Croissanterie. Contestants must use Kate's world-class pastry and turn it into a dish that is not a croissant.
Jun. 10, 2021
13x40 13 13x40 90 Minute Cook Time (Elimination Challenge)
The contestants must decide how much of their 90-minute cook time they use in round one, because they will only have the remainder of that time to cook in round two.
Jun. 13, 2021
13x41 13 13x41 Home Delivery (Team Challenge)
Teams must create a three-course home delivery menu and can choose any theme or cuisine for their menu. Each team has three hours to produce 60 serves.
Jun. 14, 2021
13x42 13 13x42 Khanh Nguyen's Pork Wellington
Guest chef Khanh Nguyen from Sunda has taken South-East Asian food to the next level. The contestants must create Khanh's dish: pork wellington with lattice crackling and flavors ...
Jun. 15, 2021
13x43 13 13x43 4 Ingredient Barter (Mystery Box)
Jock reveals this mystery box is different. Contestants need to use four ingredients in their final dish, but before the cook starts, they can barter for the ingredients from each ...
Jun. 16, 2021
13x44 13 13x44 The Top Four (Immunity Challenge)
The top four cooks from the latest mystery box challenge battle it out for immunity and a guaranteed spot in the top 10.
Jun. 17, 2021
13x45 13 13x45 Nu Nu Ingredient ID (Elimination Challenge)
Contestants must correctly identify ingredients in three dishes from Nick Holloway's Nu Nu menu. The five contestants who name the least amount of ingredients correctly will cook ...
Jun. 20, 2021
13x46 13 13x46 Three Blue Ducks (Service Challenge)
The top 10 contestants arrive at URBNSURF, the home to Australia's first ever surf park in Melbourne's west to discover they will be running Andy Allen's restaurant, Three Blue D ...
Jun. 21, 2021
13x47 13 13x47 Darren Purchese (Pressure Test)
Contestants must cook a sweet pressure test recipe of their own design. Darren Purchese will be running the floor and mentoring the contestants and the judges will do a blind tasting ...
Jun. 22, 2021
13x48 13 13x48 Family Messages
After watching emotional messages from their family members, Melissa explains that contestants must make a dish inspired by their family. The top two dishes will cook in tomorrow's ...
Jun. 23, 2021
13x49 13 13x49 Keep Up With Curtis & Masterclass
In today's challenge, the contestants must keep up with Curtis Stone as he cooks his ultimate roast chicken dish. Andy, Jock and chef Nornie Bero show off their skills in a delicious ...
Jun. 24, 2021
13x50 13 13x50 Black Mystery Box or Black Gloche? (Double Elimination)
Today there is a massive double elimination. Contestants must choose between cooking with the black mystery box or the black cloche, with the ingredients only revealed when they make ...
Jun. 27, 2021
13x51 13 13x51 Uluru (Team Challenge)
Today we are in the spiritual heart of Australia, Uluru. Contestants must create a fine dining three-course meal under the stars at the stunning Field of Light installation for 25 ...
Jun. 28, 2021
13x52 13 13x52 Simpson's Gap (Elimination Challenge)
The team arrives at Simpson's Gap and judges reveal the contestants must create a dish using a variety of foraged bush foods. The contestant with the least impressive dish will be ...
Jun. 29, 2021
13x53 13 13x53 All 7 Ingredients! (Mystery Box Challenge)
In the toughest mystery box challenge of the season, the contestants discover they must create a dish using all seven ingredients under the mystery box.
Jun. 30, 2021
13x54 13 13x54 The Cloche Challenge
Each cloche represents an ingredient, a cuisine, food related word, or kitchen equipment. The contestants must choose any two cloches and feature whatever is under the cloche in their ...
Jul. 01, 2021
13x55 13 13x55 Fast Food & Fancy Food (Elimination Challenge)
Contestants must choose an ingredient and cook it two ways, in a fast-food and in a fancy food application. The contestants with the three least impressive fast-food dishes will cook ...
Jul. 04, 2021
13x56 13 13x56 Society (Service & Elimination Challenge)
The judges welcome the contestants to Martin Benn's opulent new Melbourne restaurant, Society. The pressure is on as they discover today's service challenge is also an eliminatio ...
Jul. 05, 2021
13x57 13 13x57 Vue Du Monde - Bottlebrush (Pressure Test)
Contestants face a pressure test like no other. Chef Hugh Allen from restaurant Vue Du Monde, challenges contestants to recreate his dish, bottlebrush, mum's gum nuts and billy ...
Jul. 06, 2021
13x58 13 13x58 Finalists (Advantage Challenge)
The finalists enter the MasterChef kitchen to discover the day's advantage challenge, which will see the winner cooking in the Finale.
Jul. 07, 2021
13x59 13 13x59 Semi-Final
Contestants compete in a semifinal service challenge. The contestant with the least impressive menu will leave the competition. Finalists are joined by returning contestants for the ...
Jul. 11, 2021
13x60 13 13x60 Grand Finale - Part 1
It’s here, the MasterChef Australia Grand Finale for 2021. Our three finalists face an incredible three round challenge over two days with a total of 140 points up for grabs.
Jul. 12, 2021
13x61 13 13x61 Grand Finale - Part 2
It’s day two of the epic MasterChef Australia Grand Finale for 2021 and the contestant who scores the most points overall will win the title of MasterChef 2021 and walk away with ...
Jul. 13, 2021
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