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Apr. 27, 2009
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MasterChef Australia

MasterChef Australia gives budding chefs the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop their cooking skills, to be mentored by the best.

MasterChef Australia Season 10 (2018)

10x01 10 10x01 Auditions Part 1
The amateur cooks are given one hour to recreate their signature dish for the first of the two judges' auditions. The judges introduce the nine past winners of the program, who are ...
May. 07, 2018
10x02 10 10x02 Auditions Part 2
After handing out 18 aprons on the first day of cooking, the judges are looking for six more cooks to round out the top 24. The cooks who were given a second chance will battle it ...
May. 08, 2018
10x03 10 10x03 Individual Hospitality Cooking Challenge
Our 2018 cooks enter the MasterChef kitchen for their first challenge as the top 24. The contestants need to imagine they are hosting the judges at their house for a meal, cooking ...
May. 09, 2018
10x04 10 10x04 Home Fridge Elimination Challenge
In the first elimination challenge of the season, three contestants fight to stay in the competition. They are given 75 minutes to cook, using only the ingredients contained in their ...
May. 10, 2018
10x05 10 10x05 Eclectic Mystery Box Challenge & Perception Invention Test
The 23 cooks enter the kitchen for the first mystery box challenge of the season. This time, the rules are changing: the winner of the mystery box will get a game-changing advant ...
May. 13, 2018
10x06 10 10x06 Pressure Test - Maggie Beer
The three contestants with the least impressive dishes from the invention test face-off in the pressure test. Queen of the kitchen Maggie Beer enters with the dish to be recreate ...
May. 14, 2018
10x07 10 10x07 Immunity Challenge - Eggs
The winner of the mystery box challenge and the three best-performing cooks from the invention test will compete for immunity, with Shannon Bennett back in the kitchen to guide and ...
May. 15, 2018
10x08 10 10x08 Team Challenge: MCG
The contestants find themselves on the turf of the iconic MCG for the first team challenge. Split into two teams, each must cook delicious and nutritious food for 50 diners using ...
May. 16, 2018
10x09 10 10x09 Elimination Challenge
The losing team from the MCG service challenge must face-off in this elimination challenge. The contestants must cook something inspired by the dish that made them fall in love with ...
May. 17, 2018
10x10 10 10x10 Mystery Box Challenge: Nigella Lawson & Invention Test
Culinary goddess Nigella Lawson arrives in the kitchen for a week of challenges and surprises. The lid is lifted on Nigella's mystery box to reveal some of her favorite ingredien ...
May. 20, 2018
10x11 10 10x11 Pressure Test
The bottom three contestants from the previous invention test will face off in this episode's pressure test. The contestants have 75 minutes to complete four of Nigella Lawson's favorite ...
May. 21, 2018
10x12 10 10x12 Immunity Challenge
The winning contestant from the mystery box challenge joins the top three contestants from the invention test in this episode's two round immunity challenge.
May. 22, 2018
10x13 10 10x13 Team Challenge - Week 3
In a team service challenge, it will be a battle of the brunches, as in two groups of 10, they take over two cafes. Contestants will have real customers, with real orders and real ...
May. 23, 2018
10x14 10 10x14 Elimination Challenge - Week 3
The contestants in the losing team are in the kitchen for what will be the last time for one of them. Plus, the first Masterclass of the season with Nigella Lawson.
May. 24, 2018
10x15 10 10x15 Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test - Week 4
In one of the biggest surprises of the season so far, and in a program first, Gordon Ramsay enters the kitchen for a mystery box challenge.
May. 27, 2018
10x16 10 10x16 Pressure Test - Week 4
With Gordon Week off to a flying start, the bottom three contestants in the invention test roll up to the kitchen ready to cook for their place in the competition with a pressure ...
May. 28, 2018
10x17 10 10x17 Immunity Challenge - 3 vs 3
Our mystery box winner and the top two dishes from the invention test will have the chance to cook for immunity with Gordon Ramsay as their mentor.
May. 29, 2018
10x18 10 10x18 Team Challenge - Three-Course Meal
The contestants enter the kitchen only to find Gordon Ramsay, who is already yelling at them to hurry up. Divided into two teams, they prepare a three-course meal for 50 diners.
May. 30, 2018
10x19 10 10x19 Elimination Challenge - Gordon's Challenge
It's the last day of Gordon week. The team who lost the service challenge will have to cook for their lives. The contestants had to recreate a three-Michelin star chicken dish from ...
May. 31, 2018
10x20 10 10x20 20/20 Mystery Box Challenge & Honey
Contestants are shopping for their own mystery box ingredients with only $20 and 20 minutes. Maker of the best dish goes through to the immunity challenge, followed by the winners ...
Jun. 03, 2018
10x21 10 10x21 Pressure Test - Darren Purchese
The losing team from yesterday's invention test are in the kitchen, ready to fight for their place in the competition.
Jun. 04, 2018
10x22 10 10x22 Immunity Challenge - Jacqui Challinor
The winner of Sunday night's mystery box, along with the members of the winning team in the invention test relay will compete for a coveted immunity pin.
Jun. 05, 2018
10x23 10 10x23 Team Challenge - From Memory
The judges surprise the contestants by announcing that this episode, a few of them will be journeying to the wide blue yonder.
Jun. 06, 2018
10x24 10 10x24 Elimination Challenge - Curtis Stone
The eight contestants who lost the previous challenge are cooking in this episode's elimination, with Curtis Stone to keep them company.
Jun. 07, 2018
10x25 10 10x25 Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test - South Australia
It's the beginning of South Australia Week for the contestants, where they will be cooking with some of the best ingredients South Australia has to offer.
Jun. 10, 2018
10x26 10 10x26 Pressure Test - D'Arenberg Cube
The contestants find themselves at the incredible D'Arenberg Cube restaurant in the heart of McLaren Vale wine country, with the bottom two teams from the night market challenge facing ...
Jun. 11, 2018
10x27 10 10x27 Immunity Challenge - Mt Lofty House
This immunity challenge takes place at the stunning Mt Lofty House in the Adelaide Hills. Does our contestant have what it takes to outscore the chef and win immunity?
Jun. 12, 2018
10x28 10 10x28 Table Grapes Team Challenge - Barossa Valley
The team challenge will take place in the Barossa Valley. Divided into two teams, contestants will be given two hours to prepare an entree, main and dessert with each course celebrating ...
Jun. 13, 2018
10x29 10 10x29 Maggie Beer's Elimination Challenge & Masterclass
For the elimination challenge, the contestants go to Maggie Beer's Eatery in the Barossa Valley. Plus, a masterclass takes place at the Adelaide Markets.
Jun. 14, 2018
10x30 10 10x30 Mystery Box Challenge & Spaghetti Bolognese Invention Test
The contestants arrive back at the kitchen after a week of adventure in South Australia. There is a lot at stake, knowing that the top 10 is just around the corner.
Jun. 17, 2018
10x31 10 10x31 Pressure Test - Alla Wolf- Tasker
The bottom three contestants from the invention test are facing elimination.
Jun. 18, 2018
10x32 10 10x32 Immunity Challenge - Andy Harmer
The winner of the mystery box and the top three from the invention test have the chance to cook for immunity.
Jun. 19, 2018
10x33 10 10x33 Team Challenge - Three-course fire challenge
The contestants find themselves in the Dandenong Ranges where a fiery team challenge awaits them. To cook a three-course meal, all they have to use is fire.
Jun. 20, 2018
10x34 10 10x34 World Cuisine Elimination Challenge & Second Chance Cook-Off
The losing team from the previous challenge arrives at the kitchen for what will be the last time for one of them.
Jun. 21, 2018
10x35 10 10x35 Adriano Zumbo's Mystery Box Challenge & Team Invention Test - Sweet Week
The judges reveal this is Sweet Week. To kick off the week, they introduce the master of sweets, Adriano Zumbo, who has selected the mystery box ingredients and will reveal the invention ...
Jun. 24, 2018
10x36 10 10x36 Pressure Test - Katherine Sabbath
Continuing Sweet Week, the judges are joined by social media cake superstar Katherine Sabbath. The bottom two teams from the previous invention test will face off in a pressure t ...
Jun. 25, 2018
10x37 10 10x37 Immunity Challenge - Alice Wright
Our two Sweet Week mystery box winners and the winning team from Zumbo's invention test compete for immunity over two rounds.
Jun. 26, 2018
10x38 10 10x38 Team Service Challenge - Tonka & Coda
George pays a surprise visit to the Masterchef contestant house with a special guest. Together, they reveal the challenge.
Jun. 27, 2018
10x39 10 10x39 Elimination Challenge - Kirsten Tibballs
The losing team from the previous challenge will fight for their place in the competition.
Jun. 28, 2018
10x40 10 10x40 The Everything Mystery Box & Dish For a King
For the mystery box challenge the contestants find a big surprise among their ingredients. Later, the invention test is a chance for the contestants to prove they deserve to be in ...
Jul. 01, 2018
10x41 10 10x41 Pressure Test - Saransh Goila
The bottom three contestants from the invention test face elimination in a pressure test.
Jul. 02, 2018
10x42 10 10x42 Immunity Challenge - Ashley Davis
The mystery box winner and the top three contestants from the invention test compete for immunity.
Jul. 03, 2018
10x43 10 10x43 Team Challenge - Canapes for The Royal Reception
The contestants receive a surprise message in the Masterchef house which informs them of their next group challenge and where they'll be traveling to.
Jul. 04, 2018
10x44 10 10x44 Elimination Challenge - Nitmiluk National Park
Continuing their adventure, the contestants arrive at their next destination. The two losing teams from the previous challenge face elimination in this challenge.
Jul. 05, 2018
10x45 10 10x45 Mystery Box Challenge - Surprise Ingredient & Invention Test
This week the judges have a surprise - it's survival week and the contestants will be cooking for their lives every day. By the end of the week one of them will win the most powerful ...
Jul. 08, 2018
10x46 10 10x46 Re-Invention Test - Retro TV Dinners
As survival week continues, the contestants are shocked to discover that another challenge may lead to elimination. Tonight, they have to turn a tray of terror in to a modern mas ...
Jul. 09, 2018
10x47 10 10x47 Time or Ingredients
The contestants remaining in survival week will learn all about making decisions under pressure as they decide what is of more value to them: time or ingredients.
Jul. 10, 2018
10x48 10 10x48 Off-Site Challenge - Panama Dining Room
The challenge is off site at Panama Dining Room, in Melbourne's inner-city suburb of Fitzroy. The contestants will be cooking a main course and dessert for 25 people each.
Jul. 11, 2018
10x49 10 10x49 Elimination Challenge - Peter Gilmore's Snow Egg & MasterClass 3
This is no ordinary elimination, but a pressure test with an iconic dish. How will the contestants cope with this massive challenge? Plus, join us for a masterclass.
Jul. 12, 2018
10x50 10 10x50 Mystery Box Challenge & Shannon Bennett's Invention Test
Our 7 remaining contestants are in the MasterChef kitchen ready to fight for their place with a big surprise awaiting them.
Jul. 15, 2018
10x51 10 10x51 Pressure Test - Joe Grbac
The bottom three contestants from the invention test face elimination. Which of our contestants will be able to save their place in the competition with a pressure test like no o ...
Jul. 16, 2018
10x52 10 10x52 Challenge - Fast track to Finals
The winner of the mystery box and of the invention test will face off in round one, vying for the chance to cook off against a professional cook in round two to get fast tracked to ...
Jul. 17, 2018
10x53 10 10x53 Team Challenge - Six-Course Degustation
This episode is all about raising money for Second Bite, a charity that the program supports. The contestants will cook using only ingredients donated by the charity, cooking a six-course ...
Jul. 18, 2018
10x54 10 10x54 Final Elimination Challenge & Curtis Stone's Masterclass
This is the final elimination before Finals Week, and will determine the top five for 2018. It's an elimination over three rounds. Plus, a MasterClass with Curtis Stone.
Jul. 19, 2018
10x55 10 10x55 Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test - Finals Week
Today marks the first day of Finals Week for 2018. Each contestant will cook with one of five mystery boxes from a past season - who will be make it through to the next challenge ...
Jul. 22, 2018
10x56 10 10x56 Pressure Test - Ashley Palmer-Watts
It's the first pressure test of finals week and the bottom three contestants from the previous invention test line up for what will be the last time in the MasterChef kitchen for ...
Jul. 23, 2018
10x57 10 10x57 Top 4 Challenge - Advantage Challenge
We are down to the top four in the competition and they will compete for a massive advantage. Just days from the grand finale, this advantage will be a game changer.
Jul. 24, 2018
10x58 10 10x58 Offsite Challenge - Icebergs Restaurant
The contestants arrive in Sydney at the iconic Icebergs restaurant in Bondi. They are competing for a place in the semifinal and need to be inspired by the Italian menu at Iceber ...
Jul. 25, 2018
10x59 10 10x59 Elimination Challenge & MasterClass 6
The elimination challenge will determine who will go into the semifinal. The bottom three contestants will fight it out for their place in the competition. Plus, a final MasterClass ...
Jul. 29, 2018
10x60 10 10x60 Semi-Finals: Service Challenge
It is the semi final of MasterChef Australia 2018. Our top three contestants are told that today they will be cooking for some very special guests.
Jul. 30, 2018
10x61 10 10x61 Grand Finale
It's the grand finale of 2018 and our top 24 has been whittled down to two home cooks battling it out in one final day in the kitchen.
Jul. 31, 2018
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