Jan. 17, 1988
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Home and Away (AU)

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.

Home and Away (AU) Season 30 (2017)

30x151 30 30x151 Episode 6731
Will the Morgan family unit be able to repair itself or is this fracture between Brody and Mason too deep? Will Ash tell Tori of his developing feelings for her?
Sep. 14, 2017
30x152 30 30x152 Episode 6732
Now that Justin knows about Brody and Ziggy is this it for the couple? Will Ash be able to hide his growing feelings for Tori?
Sep. 18, 2017
30x153 30 30x153 Episode 6733
How will Ben react when he finds out about Ziggy and Brody? Is Coco okay? Are her fainting spells triggered by her bulimia?
Sep. 19, 2017
30x154 30 30x154 Episode 6734
Are Kat and Robbo the new couple of the bay? How much longer will Coco be able to keep her secret?
Sep. 20, 2017
30x155 30 30x155 Episode 6735
Who is Robbo? Why was he on the boat? Will he be able to outrun his past or is it catching up to him? Will Olivia's business take off and will she be the next big thing?
Sep. 21, 2017
30x156 30 30x156 Episode 6736
Why was Dylan Carter on the boat with Robbo? How do they know each other? Did Robbo kill Dylan? Will Ash tell Tori about his feelings?
Sep. 25, 2017
30x157 30 30x157 Episode 6737
What will it take for Tori to believe Ash’s feelings for her are genuine? Will Beth make it through this? Is Dylan dead? Is Robbo a good guy or was he involved with Dylan too?
Sep. 26, 2017
30x158 30 30x158 Episode 6738
Will Ben forgive Brody and give him a second chance? Is Mason falling in too deep, too quickly for Beth?
Sep. 27, 2017
30x159 30 30x159 Episode 6739
Will Olivia’s fashion label recover from the disastrous launch party? Will Ziggy forgive Brody? Will Ben accept him? Will they be able to work something out?
Sep. 28, 2017
30x160 30 30x160 Episode 6740
Did Brody do what he has been accused of? Is this an elaborate ploy by someone else to catch him out for snitching? Now that Liv Designs is a success, what’s next? Can Raffy fit ...
Oct. 02, 2017
30x161 30 30x161 Episode 6741
Will Scarlett be discovered? Can the screw driver clear Brody’s name? Does VJ also have feelings for Coco or will he have to let her down?
Oct. 03, 2017
30x162 30 30x162 Episode 6742
Was Ziggy involved in the attack on her mum? Is that what has caused the fracture in their relationship? Is this it for Kat and Scarlett’s friendship? Things could be rekindling ...
Oct. 04, 2017
30x163 30 30x163 Episode 6743
When will Tori and Ash sort their issues out and get together? Coco binging, is this a warning sign, is she hitting rock bottom? Is Beth ok? What is triggering Raffy’s strange ...
Oct. 05, 2017
30x164 30 30x164 Episode 6744
Coco's binging, is this a warning sign, is she hitting rock bottom? Will Olivia’s brand be able to recover from this set back? Ash and Tori are finally together.
Oct. 05, 2017
30x165 30 30x165 Episode 6745
Is Beth ok? What is triggering Raffy’s strange behavior? Is it Marilyn and John or is it all the sudden changes she is enduring? Will Olivia get caught stealing from Irene?
Oct. 05, 2017
30x166 30 30x166 Episode 6746
Tori breaks the news to Beth and her family that if she doesn’t get a new heart soon she will die. Despite an initial blunder Scarlett comes through for Brody in court.
Oct. 09, 2017
30x167 30 30x167 Episode 6747
Robbo is blindsided when he discovers it is Kat’s birthday. Raffy acts out at school. Caleb finds Scarlett in Summer Bay and forces her to confront the demons of her past.
Oct. 10, 2017
30x168 30 30x168 Episode 6748
Robbo takes Kat out on an amazing date to make up for her birthday blunder. Justin discovers why Raffy has been acting out. Ziggy harbors a guilty secret.
Oct. 11, 2017
30x169 30 30x169 Episode 6749
Coco’s secret is finally out.
Oct. 12, 2017
30x170 30 30x170 Episode 6750
Mason jeopardizes his career trying to help Beth. When will Ash & Tori sleep together? Will Irene ever forgive Olivia for breaking her trust?
Oct. 12, 2017
30x171 30 30x171 Episode 6751
Will Irene go to Mick’s parole hearing? Has Mick changed? Are things over between Justin and Scarlett? Will Scarlett and her husband find their way back to one another?
Oct. 12, 2017
30x172 30 30x172 Episode 6752
Will the crash victim’s heart save Beth? Will Mason cross a line that will have serious consequences to save her? Now that Mick is free, is he coming for Luc? What will this mean ...
Oct. 16, 2017
30x173 30 30x173 Episode 6753
Is Coco okay? Will her family find her in time? Have Mason’s efforts convinced Brendan to donate his wife’s heart to Beth or will it be too late?
Oct. 17, 2017
30x174 30 30x174 Episode 6754
Who is the stranger watching Robbo?
Oct. 18, 2017
30x175 30 30x175 Episode 6755
Are the foursome safe on their weekend away?
Oct. 19, 2017
30x176 30 30x176 Episode 6756
What does this mystery man want with Robbo? Are secrets from his past about to surface?
Oct. 19, 2017
30x177 30 30x177 Episode 6757
Where is Ziggy?
Oct. 19, 2017
30x178 30 30x178 Episode 6758
Now that Mick is in the Bay is he coming for Luc? Is he sincere when he says he wants to start over? How will Mason be now that Beth has died? Where is Ziggy?
Oct. 23, 2017
30x179 30 30x179 Episode 6759
Is someone going to help Ziggy before something bad happens? Is Mick going to go back on his promise to Irene? Does he want to be a part of Luc’s life? Will the others forgive Irene ...
Oct. 24, 2017
30x180 30 30x180 Episode 6760
Will Maggie and Ziggy be able to repair their relationship after this revelation? Will Maggie ever be able to forgive her? Who is Alf’s mystery grandson and a thief no less?!
Oct. 25, 2017
30x181 30 30x181 Episode 6761
How much trouble is Robbo going to be in?
Oct. 26, 2017
30x182 30 30x182 Episode 6762
Will Alf be able to help Kat track down the man from the cabin?
Oct. 26, 2017
30x183 30 30x183 Episode 6763
Will Ben ever come around to Brodie?
Oct. 26, 2017
30x184 30 30x184 Episode 6764
Who will Scarlett choose, Justin or Caleb? Now that Brody’s inner chef has been unleashed, what will happen to the Diner? Mason finally has closure over Beth and can start to move ...
Oct. 30, 2017
30x185 30 30x185 Episode 6765
Is Kat pregnant? Brody is making small steps in his recovery, slowly returning to cooking. Now that Ryder is staying in the bay, is this the start of something with him and Coco? ...
Oct. 31, 2017
30x186 30 30x186 Episode 6766
Who was Robbo choking and why? Will Kat say yes to Robbo’s proposal? What is Diana’s true agenda? Will she find out about Ziggy?
Nov. 01, 2017
30x187 30 30x187 Episode 6767
What is wrong with Irene? Will Ash kill Mick? What will he do to him?
Nov. 02, 2017
30x188 30 30x188 Episode 6768
Will Tori and Ash break-up? Will Mason go back to University?
Nov. 02, 2017
30x189 30 30x189 Episode 6769
Can Alf and Ryder work through their issues?
Nov. 02, 2017
30x190 30 30x190 Episode 6770
Will Ryder find his place in Summer Bay? What will happen to Tori and Ash? Can they overcome the Mick situation? Will Olivia take the job offer from Axel? Does he have an ulterior ...
Nov. 06, 2017
30x191 30 30x191 Episode 6771
A violent incident at work helps Kat to decide what to do about her pregnancy Will Robbo survive long enough to get the answers he needs? Axel lures Olivia on an out of state tri ...
Nov. 07, 2017
30x192 30 30x192 Episode 6772
Robbo and Novak face off. Ben organizes a romantic occasion for Maggie, hoping to get Diana off his back. Mason and Ziggy stumble upon a surprise at the garage.
Nov. 08, 2017
30x193 30 30x193 Episode 6773
Mason and Ziggy uncover illegal activity at the garage. Mick is determined to be there for Baby Luc. VJ stresses about his future.
Nov. 09, 2017
30x194 30 30x194 Episode 6774
Can Luc’s guardians talk Mick around? Tori’s stunned when Ash makes a shocking, sudden decision. Ryder puts the moves on Raffy and Coco.
Nov. 13, 2017
30x195 30 30x195 Episode 6775
Will Olivia’s ambition cause issues for her relationship with Hunter? Tori must decide if she will flee Summer Bay with Ash and Luc. Raffy and Coco put their friendship first.
Nov. 14, 2017
30x196 30 30x196 Episode 6776
Will Mick do something crazy? Can Justin get the money to save Buddy? Who is Willow? Will Brody and Ziggy get back together?
Nov. 15, 2017
30x197 30 30x197 Episode 6777
What will happen with Willow and Justin? Will Tori and Ash make it out of the country?
Nov. 16, 2017
30x198 30 30x198 Episode 6778
What is wrong with Ryder? Is Kat in danger?
Nov. 16, 2017
30x199 30 30x199 Episode 6779
What will happen with Diana and her family?
Nov. 16, 2017
30x200 30 30x200 Episode 6780
What will happen to Kat? Is something going on with Axel and Olivia? How will VJ handle Luc leaving?
Nov. 20, 2017
30x201 30 30x201 Episode 6781
Can Robbo save Kat from Novak? Will Hunter’s best laid proposal plans bring him a fairytale ending? Maggie’s mum has a shock announcement.
Nov. 21, 2017
30x202 30 30x202 Episode 6782
Robbo takes desperate measures to keep Kat safe. Kat’s pregnancy tips Tori’s world off its axis. Coco takes one for the family - and teaches them all a lesson.
Nov. 22, 2017
30x203 30 30x203 Episode 6783
Robbo learns the heartbreaking truth about Kat’s baby.
Nov. 23, 2017
30x204 30 30x204 Episode 6784
Will being Ash’s rock push Tori over the edge?
Nov. 23, 2017
30x205 30 30x205 Episode 6785
Brody takes the first step in getting Ziggy back. Alf reconnects with his long-lost daughter, Quinn.
Nov. 23, 2017
30x206 30 30x206 Episode 6786
Will Olivia be honest with Hunter about her kiss with Axel? Kat is uneasy, believing that Novak is still after her; Robbo hates having to hide the truth from her.
Nov. 27, 2017
30x207 30 30x207 Episode 6787
Robbo finds himself in hot water when the special force detectives bring him in for questioning. Ash puts Tori on the back-burner, jeopardizing their relationship. Mick agrees to ...
Nov. 28, 2017
30x208 30 30x208 Episode 6788
Justin tries to help Willow out of hot water, but will she accept his help? Can Ash and Tori make amends? Maggie suspects that Brody and Ziggy are more than just friends.
Nov. 29, 2017
30x209 30 30x209 Episode 6789
Ryder’s relationship with his mum hits rock bottom.
Nov. 30, 2017
30x210 30 30x210 Episode 6790
Justin grows closer to Willow.
Nov. 30, 2017
30x211 30 30x211 Episode 6791
Robbo hides his dreadful secret from Kat.
Nov. 30, 2017
30x212 30 30x212 Episode 6792
Justin defends Willow. Quinn admits there’s a problem with Ryder. Raffy cracks under the weight of her secrets. Will Robbo leave Kat?
Dec. 04, 2017
30x213 30 30x213 Episode 6793
Justin and Willow work together to put Boyd away for good. Ash and Tori struggle to spend some desperately needed time alone together. Will Hunter’s jealousy end Olivia’s car ...
Dec. 05, 2017
30x214 30 30x214 Episode 6794
What lengths will Olivia go to in order to salvage her career?
Dec. 06, 2017
30x215 30 30x215 Episode 6795
Will Novak’s body finally be uncovered?
Dec. 06, 2017
30x216 30 30x216 Episode 6796
Will Robbo’s secret be blown wide open?
Dec. 06, 2017
30x217 30 30x217 Episode 6797
The net around Robbo tightens - will he drag Kat down with him?
Dec. 07, 2017
30x218 30 30x218 Episode 6798
Are Willow and Justin on the same page?
Dec. 07, 2017
30x219 30 30x219 Episode 6799
Ash searches for evidence against Robbo. Can Olivia and Axel keep things professional?
Dec. 07, 2017
30x220 30 30x220 Episode 6800
Quinn makes a difficult decision about Ryder’s future. Will Ash open Kat’s eyes to the real Robbo? A new, confident Coco returns home with a secret.
Dec. 11, 2017
30x221 30 30x221 Episode 6801
Kat is determined to uncover the truth behind Robbo’s lies. Is Justin truly on-board with taking things casual with Willow or is he lying to himself? Ben tries to appease Maggie’s ...
Dec. 12, 2017
30x222 30 30x222 Episode 6802
Ash jeopardizes his relationship with Tori. Olivia confides in Ziggy about her infidelity.
Dec. 13, 2017
30x223 30 30x223 Episode 6803
Will Ziggy's ultimatum force Olivia to confess? Brody decides to follow his heart and come up with a plan to buy Salt back. Jennifer flirts with Mason - but is he ready to move o ...
Dec. 13, 2017
30x224 30 30x224 Episode 6804
Kat & Ash's investigation reveals a shocking truth about Robbo. Hunter grows closer to Jennifer. Eco-warrior Coco targets Alf and Irene.
Dec. 13, 2017
30x225 30 30x225 Episode 6805
Robbo's true identity rocks Kat. Coco's "go green, keep it clean" protest forces change at the Diner. Raffy challenges Ryder to put his heart on the line with Coco.
Dec. 14, 2017

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