Jan. 17, 1988
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Home and Away (AU)

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.

Home and Away (AU) Season 28 (2015)

28x01 28 28x01 Episode 6121
After crashing into Palmer's bus, driver Darryl is unharmed, passenger Josh only has a mild head wound, which he soon forgets about as Evie eagerly makes up. Nate finds most bus passengers ...
Feb. 02, 2015
28x02 28 28x02 Episode 6122
As soon as worried VJ makes Alf realize Leah is missing, Nate is informed and starts a successful crash site search, but her prospects remain uncertain. Kyle survives surgery, but ...
Feb. 03, 2015
28x03 28 28x03 Episode 6123
Andy is doing his best to worm his way back into Hannah's life, banning her family from seeing her in the hospital and hypocritically judging Nate and Sophie for the accident.
Feb. 04, 2015
28x04 28 28x04 Episode 6124
Roo is furious that Oscar has gone looking for Maddy without her but Alf convinces her that Maddy is more willing to listen to a friend than an authority figure.
Feb. 05, 2015
28x05 28 28x05 Episode 6125
Covering for VJ, Jett takes the blame and seemingly everlasting chores-punishment for their wild beach quad ride. While comatose Kyle still fights for his life, Devlin and Grant eagerly ...
Feb. 05, 2015
28x06 28 28x06 Episode 6126
Brax slips into smug criminal mode at being questioned over Dean's murder but the smugness fades when he's presented with the fact his fingerprints were on the murder weapon. Ricky ...
Feb. 05, 2015
28x07 28 28x07 Episode 6127
Will Brax take the fall for a murder? John decides that living next to the Braxtons is too dangerous. Hannah finally tells Denny that she may never walk again.
Feb. 09, 2015
28x08 28 28x08 Episode 6128
Evelyn finally learns that Hannah may never be able to walk again. Brax and Ash resolve to get to a confession from Sam. Jett is devastated that John is considering selling the hou ...
Feb. 10, 2015
28x09 28 28x09 Episode 6129
Sasha receives an offer for her first choice of university, while Matt fails to get any offers. Zac and VJ learn some devastating news about Leah's prognosis.
Feb. 11, 2015
28x10 28 28x10 Episode 6130
Maddy finally decides it's time to return to Summer Bay. Irene is terrified of losing Leah. In the wake of the catastrophic news about Leah, the community gathers to support Zac and ...
Feb. 12, 2015
28x11 28 28x11 Episode 6131
Maddy returns to Summer Bay. Andy forces Nate to let him bring Hannah home early. Denny learns she'll be sharing a house with Andy. Ash and Brax plan to get out of town without Kat ...
Feb. 16, 2015
28x12 28 28x12 Episode 6132
A mysterious boy heads to the Diner looking for Phoebe. Kyle learns that he may never be able to sing again. Denny puts her feelings about Andy aside for Hannah's sake.
Feb. 17, 2015
28x13 28 28x13 Episode 6133
There is a mysterious fan of Phoebe's lurking around the Braxton house. Matt gets punched in the face when he tries to reach out to a struggling VJ. Ash and Brax attempt to get a confession ...
Feb. 18, 2015
28x14 28 28x14 Episode 6134
Sasha is angry when she finds out that Matt has decided to go back to school. Chris sets his heart on becoming a lifesaver, much to John's chagrin. Zac blows up at Irene when she tries ...
Feb. 19, 2015
28x15 28 28x15 Episode 6135
Chris and John are furious when Josh paints a mural for Evelyn on the Surf Club wall. Kat has CCTV footage that proves Brax broke his bail. Maddy prepares for her first chemotherapy ...
Feb. 23, 2015
28x16 28 28x16 Episode 6136
Josh and Evelyn's protest escalates. Maddy is finally returning Oscar's affections but he resists her. Brax becomes increasingly distant after learning his trial is only two weeks ...
Feb. 24, 2015
28x17 28 28x17 Episode 6137
Sasha and Matt worry about distance affecting their relationship. Alf returns from the city and shuts down the protest. Brax considers pleading guilty to a crime he didn't commit to ...
Feb. 25, 2015
28x18 28 28x18 Episode 6138
Brax decides to plead guilty so he can get a lighter sentence. Matt farewells Sasha as she leaves for Uni. Andy tells Hannah he can't keep fighting her battles for her.
Feb. 26, 2015
28x19 28 28x19 Episode 6139
Hannah resolves to take charge of her life and push herself toward recovery. VJ's relationship with Zac is increasingly strained in Leah's absence. Phoebe learns she has a stalker. ...
Mar. 02, 2015
28x20 28 28x20 Episode 6140
Phoebe gets an AVO against her stalker but it proves to be no help. John decides to sell the house. VJ considers leaving the bay. Oscar and Maddy share a moment.
Mar. 03, 2015
28x21 28 28x21 Episode 6141
Zac frantically searches for VJ. Kat and Kyle confront Phoebe's stalker. Maddy confesses her love to Oscar. Brax learns his sentence will be reduced if he pleads guilty.
Mar. 04, 2015
28x22 28 28x22 Episode 6142
Marilyn is devastated when they receive an offer on the house. Brax puts his affairs in order in preparation for his trial. Hannah tries to reignite the intimacy in their relationship ...
Mar. 05, 2015
28x23 28 28x23 Episode 6143
John is overjoyed by the offer on the house but Marilyn and Jett don't want to move. Spencer is upset about Oscar and Maddy becoming an item. Nate considers whether he should divorce ...
Mar. 09, 2015
28x24 28 28x24 Episode 6144
Spencer decides to organize a fundraiser for teenagers with cancer. John finds the perfect romantic gesture he can give to Marilyn. Zac goes to the city to make their family work whether ...
Mar. 10, 2015
28x25 28 28x25 Episode 6145
Matt and Sasha make up and decide to continue their long distance relationship. Brax attends court to learn his fate.
Mar. 11, 2015
28x26 28 28x26 Episode 6146
Brax's lawyer hopes they can beat his murder charge by discrediting Sam as a witness. Sophie serves Nate with divorce papers. Spencer and Evie come up with the perfect idea for Maddy's ...
Mar. 12, 2015
28x27 28 28x27 Episode 6147
Police find the duffle bag of money at Angelo's. Spencer takes his planning of the fundraiser a bit too far. Phoebe's stalker breaks into her room.
Mar. 16, 2015
28x28 28 28x28 Episode 6148
Andy tries to force Hannah to talk to him about their break up - will she listen? Oscar is worried Maddy is pushing herself too much.
Mar. 17, 2015
28x29 28 28x29 Episode 6149
Hannah starts to feel some sensation in her legs again. Sasha and Matt decide to spend the night in the Diner. Maddy decides to return to school, despite her illness. VJ lashes out ...
Mar. 18, 2015
28x30 28 28x30 Episode 6150
After spending the night with Matt, Sasha misses her tutorial and may fail her assignment. Ryan attacks Phoebe. Zac agrees to let Maddy come back to school. VJ finds a healthy outlet ...
Mar. 19, 2015
28x31 28 28x31 Episode 6151
Maddy prepares to return to school and finish year 12. Kat flirts with Nate. Ryan kidnaps Phoebe.
Mar. 23, 2015
28x32 28 28x32 Episode 6152
Andy and Hannah are more in love than ever. Nate goes out on a date with Kat. Oscar realizes he wants to break up with Maddy, but is torn when he realizes how much she loves him.
Mar. 24, 2015
28x33 28 28x33 Episode 6153
Oscar breaks up with Maddy. Hannah succeeds in lifting her leg on her own. Evelyn tells Josh she's ready to take their relationship to the next level.
Mar. 25, 2015
28x34 28 28x34 Episode 6154
Evie and Josh take their relationship to the next level, and Sasha is thinking of transferring to a Uni closer to home so she can be with Matt.
Mar. 26, 2015
28x35 28 28x35 Episode 6155
Ricky is told she can visit Brax, Matt breaks up with Sasha and Denny kisses Ash.
Mar. 26, 2015
28x36 28 28x36 Episode 6156
Ash’s betrayal of Brax enrages Ricky, Sasha takes desperate measures to save her relationship with Matt and Oscar warns Josh to take care of Evelyn.
Mar. 26, 2015
28x37 28 28x37 Episode 6157
Will Ricky’s unraveling push Brax to do something dangerous, Ash’s honesty pushes things forward with Denny and Nate and Kat’s romance heats up.
Mar. 26, 2015
28x38 28 28x38 Episode 6158
Kat's insecurities get in the way of a relationship with Nate. Andy and Hannah's attempt at being spontaneous turns bad.
Mar. 30, 2015
28x39 28 28x39 Episode 6159
Kyle and Kat help Phoebe put her demons in the past.
Mar. 30, 2015
28x40 28 28x40 Episode 6160
Spencer accidentally humiliates Maddy on her return to school. Denny finds moving on harder than she thought.
Mar. 31, 2015
28x41 28 28x41 Episode 6161
Sasha's heartbreaking realization ends her relationship with Matt. Can Zac and VJ find a way to live together without Leah?
Mar. 31, 2015
28x42 28 28x42 Episode 6162
Matt is left heartbroken as Sasha leaves the Bay. Kat's hot and cold behavior confuses Nate.
Apr. 01, 2015
28x43 28 28x43 Episode 6163
Ash tells Brax that he's seeing Denny. Andy's pride may put the gym in jeopardy.
Apr. 01, 2015
28x44 28 28x44 Episode 6164
Maddy receives devastating news about her chemotherapy. Andy takes a big step in tackling his reading issues.
Apr. 01, 2015
28x45 28 28x45 Episode 6165
Andy takes a big step in tackling his reading issues. Josh becomes Phoebe's new project. Matt's world unravels without Sasha.
Apr. 02, 2015
28x46 28 28x46 Episode 6166
Leah's awake but Zac feels guilty about giving up on her. Will Maddy turn up to the Color Run or will it all be for nothing? Brax is attacked while in gaol.
Apr. 06, 2015
28x47 28 28x47 Episode 6167
Maddy decides she's going to fight her cancer again. Brax gets injured and lands in solitary. Kyle has a surprise for Phoebe.
Apr. 07, 2015
28x48 28 28x48 Episode 6168
Ash and Denny decide to take their relationship to the next level. Just as things heat up between Kat and Nate, Kat pulls away. Hannah is finally able to stand.
Apr. 08, 2015
28x49 28 28x49 Episode 6169
Denny freaks out after sleeping with Ash. Matt resurfaces but won't talk to anyone.
Apr. 09, 2015
28x50 28 28x50 Episode 6170
Leah's struggling being back at home.
Apr. 09, 2015
28x51 28 28x51 Episode 6171
Matt continues to drown his sorrows despite the repercussions. John pulls out all the stops to organize a local ANZAC Memorial. Alf finds to his dismay that ANZAC Day is not considered ...
Apr. 13, 2015
28x52 28 28x52 Episode 6172
Kyle and Phoebe realise they want completely different lives but want to be together. Roo and Marilyn try to help Alf as he struggles with his anger over dismissive ANZAC Day attitudes. ...
Apr. 14, 2015
28x53 28 28x53 Episode 6173
Leah is going stir crazy resting up so takes on a Diner shift, but it could be detrimental to her health. Kat and Nate manage to make tenuous peace. Andy does his practical personal ...
Apr. 15, 2015
28x54 28 28x54 Episode 6174
Spencer finally comes round to going with Chris to see their father in hospital. Hannah uses an unorthodox method to help Andy with his studies.
Apr. 16, 2015
28x55 28 28x55 Episode 6175
Maddy finally tells her mother that she has cancer. Alf experiences disturbing flashbacks on the Canberra excursion.
Apr. 16, 2015
28x56 28 28x56 Episode 6176
After a night on the recreated battlefield, Alf collapses. Maddy has to decide whether to move back home with her mum or stay in Summer Bay. Will Ash get involved with Gunno's drug ...
Apr. 20, 2015
28x57 28 28x57 Episode 6177
Jett visits Alf in hospital and meets another war veteran. Maddy decides she can't leave the Bay or her adopted family. Ash gets dumped with a bag full of cash.
Apr. 21, 2015
28x58 28 28x58 Episode 6178
Phoebe and Kyle fail to get along post break up. Alf is deeply affected by seeing a fellow veteran pass away. Ash gears up to do the job for Gunno, only to have Kyle take his place ...
Apr. 22, 2015
28x59 28 28x59 Episode 6179
The teens put on an ANZAC Day dawn service for Alf and the Summer Bay residents. Kat decides its time to tell Nate what she really wants.
Apr. 23, 2015
28x60 28 28x60 Episode 6180
Spencer says his goodbyes before leaving the Bay for good. Matt disappears.
Apr. 24, 2015
28x61 28 28x61 Episode 6181
Ash tries to persuade Billie to stay in Summer Bay. Josh and Evie search for Matt whos done a runner.Maddy persuades Roo to go to the city to be with Alf in hospital.
Apr. 27, 2015
28x62 28 28x62 Episode 6182
Billie finds out that she was wrong to testify against Ash. Evie and Josh look for Matt, but hes not ready to help himself. Chris is missing Spencer and takes it out on Irene and M ...
Apr. 28, 2015
28x63 28 28x63 Episode 6183
Kat tries to find out what Kyle's up to. Leah and Nate manage to get through to Matt about his drinking. Kyle insists that he has to do the new job for Gunno.
Apr. 29, 2015
28x64 28 28x64 Episode 6184
Phoebe and Denny think that Kyle and Ash are up to no good. Matt goes on a retreat for his drinking problem.
Apr. 30, 2015
28x65 28 28x65 Episode 6185
Zac confesses to Leah that he was about to leave when she woke from the coma. Hannah worries about Oscar taking on work at the gym. Chris is lonely and is looking for company.
Apr. 30, 2015
28x66 28 28x66 Episode 6186
Leah makes amends with VJ and Zac, but Irene suspects she is still not herself. Kyle gets injured after the latest deal goes bad. Nate forges medical documents to get Ricky in to visit ...
May. 04, 2015
28x67 28 28x67 Episode 6187
Brax is filled in on Gunno's threats to his family. Denny breaks up with Ash. Andy completes his personal training studies. Ash's sister Billie arrives in the Bay.
May. 05, 2015
28x68 28 28x68 Episode 6188
Ash finds a way for Billie to stay in the Bay. Oscar is frustrated with Andy's constant mentoring. Phoebe overhears that Kyle and Billie slept together.
May. 06, 2015
28x69 28 28x69 Episode 6189
Phoebe tries to cope with Kyle moving on. Matt returns and apologises to Josh and Evelyn. Hannah is unsettled by Andy moving in.
May. 07, 2015
28x70 28 28x70 Episode 6190
Leah breaks down and Jett reveals that he wants to join the army.
May. 07, 2015
28x71 28 28x71 Episode 6191
Alf wont admit that he has a problem. Evie tries her hardest to get Maddy and Matt together. Billie wants more than Kyle wants to give.
May. 11, 2015
28x72 28 28x72 Episode 6192
Evie plays matchmaker with Matt and Maddy. Alf is in denial about his PTSD and takes it out on his loved ones. Ash finds out about Billie and Kyle.
May. 12, 2015
28x73 28 28x73 Episode 6193
Ash and Denny try to reassure Ricky that she will be a great mother. Hannah isnt coping with Andy moving in. Jett announces to Marilyn that he wants to join the armed forces.
May. 13, 2015
28x74 28 28x74 Episode 6194
Nate and Kat cross swords, Jett storms out after a failed family discussion about his hopes to join the armed forces
May. 14, 2015
28x75 28 28x75 Episode 6195
Phoebe and the girls throw a surprise baby shower for a reluctant Ricky.
May. 14, 2015

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