Jan. 17, 1988
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Home and Away (AU)

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.

Home and Away (AU) Season 26 (2013)

26x01 26 26x01 Episode 5661
Dex decides to return to uni with April's support. Bianca is scared that Adam has killed Heath. Brax, Kyle and Jamie look for a missing Heath.
Jan. 21, 2013
26x02 26 26x02 Episode 5662
Brax decides to cuts all ties with Adam. Casey is in prison and makes friends with Zac but also makes an enemy. Sasha receives some advise from Sid.
Jan. 22, 2013
26x03 26 26x03 Episode 5663
Casey goes to stay at Leah's following Kyle's arrival at the share house. Tamara informs Casey about her intentions for their relationship. Celia and Colleen are concerned about Harvey's ...
Jan. 23, 2013
26x04 26 26x04 Episode 5664
Colleen and Celia's actions sees Alf deciding to send them packing only to discover Celia has nowhere to go. April attempts to qualm Dex's fears that will he never be able lead a normal ...
Jan. 24, 2013
26x05 26 26x05 Episode 5665
Alf encourages Celia to stay at Summer Bay House. Hiding Celia's secret it's clear to Roo, Harvey and Marilyn that this is more than just an extended stay. Marilyn gets Celia a job ...
Jan. 25, 2013
26x06 26 26x06 Episode 5666
The Braxton's capture Jamie in an effort to get to Adam. Celia's secret motives are closer to being revealed after she takes a phone call from a mystery caller. Maddy and Spencer ponder ...
Jan. 28, 2013
26x07 26 26x07 Episode 5667
Adam and Jamie end up being arrested following Adam's confession. Jett's crush on Indi increases after she comes over to babysit. Romeo end up showing up as well. Heath and Bianca decide ...
Jan. 29, 2013
26x08 26 26x08 Episode 5668
Romeo ruins Jett's plans to cause problems between him and Indi. Sasha completes her Science assignment with the help of new friend Rosie. Alf and Irene are suspicious of Celia after ...
Jan. 30, 2013
26x09 26 26x09 Episode 5669
Dex and Sasha throw a toga party at the farmhouse but things don't go to plan. Brax and Casey address Courtney's assault. Rosie takes to Casey but is upset to learn he wasn't hitting ...
Jan. 31, 2013
26x10 26 26x10 Episode 5670
Roo and Harvey look after Maddy and Spencer. Dex puts everything on the line to sort things out with Sid and April. Bianca is concerned after Heath decides to apply for custody of ...
Feb. 01, 2013
26x11 26 26x11 Episode 5671
Bianca ends up agreeing to fight for custody of Darcy with Heath. Maddy and Spencer run away. Celia reveals that she returned the money that she took. Bianca decides to get a divorce ...
Feb. 04, 2013
26x12 26 26x12 Episode 5672
Celia promises that she will get help for her gambling problem. Heath and Bianca meet with the social worker, but things don't go to plan. Tamara returns to town and has a run in with ...
Feb. 05, 2013
26x13 26 26x13 Episode 5673
Sasha manages to get some closure on her relationship with Casey. Dex defends Sasha and asks Casey to go. Nelson messages Tamara.
Feb. 06, 2013
26x14 26 26x14 Episode 5674
Gina, John and Romeo are set up by Jett and he is forced to face the consequences after his plans fall apart. John and Jett bond after Jett is upset following Indi's rejection. Sid ...
Feb. 07, 2013
26x15 26 26x15 Episode 5675
Heath's custody is revoked. Kyle and Liam begin a friendship. Darcy is kidnapped by a mysterious man.
Feb. 08, 2013
26x16 26 26x16 Episode 5676
Having found out that Adam has taken Darcy, Brax and Heath attempt to get her back. Harvey and Roo allow Maddy and Spencer to stay at the caravan park. Sid's depressive attitude co ...
Feb. 11, 2013
26x17 26 26x17 Episode 5677
Brax and Heath try to escape the deal alive but Brax finds himself in some real trouble. Following Maddy's illness Harvey calls the police. Alf is concerned that Celia's short rehabilitation ...
Feb. 12, 2013
26x18 26 26x18 Episode 5678
Spencer ends up admitting to Maddy that he believes they should return home. Alf warns Celia if she gambles again, she'll be out the door for good. Indi, Dex, April and Romeo decide ...
Feb. 13, 2013
26x19 26 26x19 Episode 5679
Tamara begins to panic after she learns that her ex-boyfriend Nelson is in town. Kyle is involved in an alteration with Nelson after they meet. Rosie's got a secret and Sasha's determined ...
Feb. 14, 2013
26x20 26 26x20 Episode 5680
With Nelson having been arrested, it looks like that things between Casey and Tamara are going to be okay. Even though she has met Rosie's little sister, Sasha still belIEves that something's ...
Feb. 15, 2013
26x21 26 26x21 Episode 5681
Heath learns from Connie that he'll be allowed supervised visits of Darcy only. Casey attempts to find a job having decided he and Tamara are going to move in together
Feb. 18, 2013
26x22 26 26x22 Episode 5682
Tamara manages to find a place to live at Irene's. Casey is fired by John at the Surf Club. Heath turns over a new leaf as he takes over Angelo's.
Feb. 19, 2013
26x23 26 26x23 Episode 5683
Heath decides to demote Liam and promotes himself at Angelo's. Liam ends up stealing money from the till. Sasha gives April a hard time after she finds out that she helped Tamara with ...
Feb. 20, 2013
26x24 26 26x24 Episode 5684
Marilyn attempts to try and help Alf and Celia resolve their differences. Rosie admits the truth about her family to Sasha. and Romeo and Indi decide to re-open the gym.
Feb. 21, 2013
26x25 26 26x25 Episode 5685
With Dex's help, Sid moves back to the farmhouse to start a new. Romeo and Indi manage to secure a loan to re-open the gym and Sid joins them as a silent partner. Celia's gambling partner ...
Feb. 22, 2013
26x26 26 26x26 Episode 5686
Natalie and Zac start a romantic relationship. Brax needs to sort out the mess that Heath has made of Angelo's in his absence. Jamie is intimidated into beating up Casey. Celia attempts ...
Feb. 25, 2013
26x27 26 26x27 Episode 5687
Brax promises to try and help Heath win back visitation rights with Darcy. Indi and Romeo attempt to prove themselves that they can own their own business. Brax is not happy with Zac ...
Feb. 26, 2013
26x28 26 26x28 Episode 5688
Liam continues taking money from the till. Romeo offers Casey a job at the gym. April is concerned that she's pushed Dex into going back to uni too soon.
Feb. 27, 2013
26x29 26 26x29 Episode 5689
Dex and April decide to take a break. Jett is unable to defend himself against Tilda because she is a girl. Spencer and Maddy are reunited and decide to stay with Roo and Harvey. Spencer's ...
Feb. 28, 2013
26x30 26 26x30 Episode 5690
Spencer and Maddy decide to stay in Summer Bay. Jett admits that he feels he deserves to be bullied. Rosie is beginning to smother Sasha.
Mar. 01, 2013
26x31 26 26x31 Episode 5691
Dex and April are not sure how to treat each other following their break up. Celia feels bad for the damage she's caused to both Heath and Bianca. Roo and Harvey enjoy being parent ...
Mar. 04, 2013
26x32 26 26x32 Episode 5692
Celia decides to leave town. Maddy decides to move in to Summer Bay House.
Mar. 05, 2013
26x33 26 26x33 Episode 5693
Casey saves Sasha and Rosie from the surf. Kyle tries to offer the olive branch to Tamara. Brax tells Casey to go to Zac if he needs help.
Mar. 06, 2013
26x34 26 26x34 Episode 5694
Natalie lets Brax know that she has feelings for him but doesn't want to be with him. The gym loses power right before the opening. Tilda continues her bullying.
Mar. 07, 2013
26x35 26 26x35 Episode 5695
Casey manages to survive the stabbing and is transferred out of jail to the hospital. Brax warns Jamie to stay away from Casey. Liam continues to steal from Angelo's. Tamara informs ...
Mar. 08, 2013
26x36 26 26x36 Episode 5696
Casey refuses to give a statement, even if it means he will go back to jail and Tamara gives him an ultimatum that if he doesn't give the statement, they are over. Romeo has an x-ray ...
Mar. 11, 2013
26x37 26 26x37 Episode 5697
Casey gives his statement. Romeo turns down Heath for a job at the gym, leading him to become frustrated because nobody will give him a chance.
Mar. 12, 2013
26x38 26 26x38 Episode 5698
April ends up realising that she's lost without Dex. Romeo employs Heath at the gym. Romeo goes to the city to see a specialist.
Mar. 13, 2013
26x39 26 26x39 Episode 5699
April and Dex are both finding the going tough as university. Sasha believes that April and Dex should get back together. Liam sends the money he has stolen from Angelo's to his da ...
Mar. 14, 2013
26x40 26 26x40 Episode 5700
Jett finally manges to get the the upper hand on Tilda. Tamara decides to return to school but isn't impressed by the uniform restrictions. Maddy and Roo attempt to ease the tension ...
Mar. 15, 2013
26x41 26 26x41 Episode 5701
Rosie misconstrues Natalie's advice and ends up insulting Sasha in an effort to reconcile their friendship, Casey doesn't have to go back to prison, and by helping Casey's release, ...
Mar. 18, 2013
26x42 26 26x42 Episode 5702
Romeo employs Heath full time. Gina is pleased by Sasha's efforts towards the petition. Tamara agrees to allow Kyle to tutor her. Gina and John tell Jett that they want to adopt hi ...
Mar. 19, 2013
26x43 26 26x43 Episode 5703
Brax attempts to lay down the law in the Braxton household. After spending some time with Harvey and Spencer, Jett realises that adoption could be a good thing.
Mar. 20, 2013
26x44 26 26x44 Episode 5704
Natalie finally cuts ties with the Braxton family. Maddy and Spencer develop opposing views on sex after receiving advise from Harvey and Roo. April struggles with her OCD.
Mar. 21, 2013
26x45 26 26x45 Episode 5705
April and Dex realise just how special they are together following her disastrous date. Heath's in trouble with Connie after letting Darcy skip school. Following Maddy and Spencer's ...
Mar. 21, 2013
26x46 26 26x46 Episode 5706
Romeo has his first session of chemotherapy and Sid attempts to convince Liam to get Romeo to tell Indi about his cancer. Dex manages to get his job at the hospital back.
Mar. 21, 2013
26x47 26 26x47 Episode 5707
Casey and Tamara move into the flat together. The charges against Kyle are dropped. Tamara works out that Kyle has a crush on her.
Mar. 25, 2013
26x48 26 26x48 Episode 5708
Tamara learns from Kyle that he has feelings for her and he believes that she feels the same, however she shuts him down when she tells him he's mad. Mollie tells Gina, John and Jett ...
Mar. 26, 2013
26x49 26 26x49 Episode 5709
Upset with Spencer's rejection, Maddy takes her frustrations out on the Roo and Alf tells her to show some respect. Richard shows up to talk about Jett's adoption.
Mar. 27, 2013
26x50 26 26x50 Episode 5710
Maddy says sorry for her behaviour to Roo. Sid tells Romeo that he can't keep hiding his cancer from Indi. Romeo decides to take Indi away for a romantic weekend, leaving Heath to look ...
Mar. 28, 2013
26x51 26 26x51 Episode 5711
Indi is taken away by Romeo on a romantic weekend. Kyle and Heath plan a last minute engagement part. Zac tells Natalie she should go to Bianca's engagement party.
Apr. 01, 2013
26x52 26 26x52 Episode 5712
The engagement party is ruined after Casey punches Kyle after finding out about his feelings for Tamara. Bianca is not happy when Cheryl embraces Tamara as part of the family.
Apr. 02, 2013
26x53 26 26x53 Episode 5713
Brax starts to grow closer to a distant Ricky. Kyle tells Casey that he'll stay away from Tamara.
Apr. 03, 2013
26x54 26 26x54 Episode 5714
Rosie is attacked by Mullins. Chris gets Spencer to leave with him for few days.
Apr. 04, 2013
26x55 26 26x55 Episode 5715
Gina and John sign Jett's adoption papers. Dex tells April that they need to go on a real break.
Apr. 04, 2013
26x56 26 26x56 Episode 5716
Spencer wants Maddy to leave Summer Bay and return home with him. Indi gives Casey his job at the gym. Chris makes a play for Indi.
Apr. 08, 2013
26x57 26 26x57 Episode 5717
Spencer decides to remain in town with Maddy. Despite April wanting to get back together with Dex, Steph sleeps over at Dex's place leading Dex to tell April it's over.
Apr. 09, 2013
26x58 26 26x58 Episode 5718
Brax attempts to get closer to Ricky, who is acting distant. Connie takes back her promise to let Darcy pay a visit. Sasha punches Mullens in the face after he is cleared of all the ...
Apr. 10, 2013
26x59 26 26x59 Episode 5719
Kyle threatens the Mullen family, who then decides to change schools. Jett's adoption is put in jeopardy after doctors query John's health.
Apr. 11, 2013
26x60 26 26x60 Episode 5720
Kyle and Tamara grow closer. Brax kicks Kyle out after he finds out that he still has feelings for Tamara.
Apr. 11, 2013
26x61 26 26x61 Episode 5721
Casey and Kyle, unable to sort out their differences, drive off together. Steph finishes things with Dex, feeling his baggage is too much to deal with. Gina and John's adoption of Jett ...
Apr. 15, 2013
26x62 26 26x62 Episode 5722
Ricky lets Brax know that she likes him. Casey and Kyle work things out. Indi's anger towards Casey is misplaced anger towards Romeo.
Apr. 16, 2013
26x63 26 26x63 Episode 5723
Heath is really upset to discover that his name is not on Darcy's birth certificate and that he has no real legal rights. Chris plays Maddy and Spencer off against one another.
Apr. 17, 2013
26x64 26 26x64 Episode 5724
After having freaked out at the beach, Rosie wants April and Sasha to enjoy a girls' night in with her. Heath gives up on pursuing custody for Darcy's sake.
Apr. 18, 2013
26x65 26 26x65 Episode 5725
Maddy and Spencer realise that they've been tricked by Chris. The Palmers prepare to go to the city to finalize the adoption. Dex hooks up with Steph in a supply closet at the hospital. ...
Apr. 18, 2013
26x66 26 26x66 Episode 5726
Maddy informs Spencer that she believes that their first time should be on his birthday. Spencer promises Maddy that he is going to do something about Chris.
Apr. 22, 2013
26x67 26 26x67 Episode 5727
Tamara is concerned that Casey is putting other people's problems before his own. Brax starts to fall for Ricky.
Apr. 23, 2013
26x68 26 26x68 Episode 5728
Casey attempts to support Indi. Tamara says sorry to Casey for being so hard on him. Brax finds out that the police are looking for Ricky.
Apr. 24, 2013
26x69 26 26x69 Episode 5729
Dex discovers that Steph is fudging her OBS. Kyle becomes Natalie and Zac's new housemate. Ricky opens up to Brax about her problems.
Apr. 25, 2013
26x70 26 26x70 Episode 5730
Bianca is fed up with with Heath not helping with their wedding plans.
Apr. 25, 2013
26x71 26 26x71 Episode 5731
Maddy and Spencer decide to split up. Sid is not happy with Dex for his behaviour with Steph at work. Bianca and Heath decide to get married in Sydney.
Apr. 29, 2013
26x72 26 26x72 Episode 5732
Dex decides to give up nursing. Sasha and Rosie meet another victim of Mullens. Bianca and Heath decide not to elope after all.
Apr. 30, 2013
26x73 26 26x73 Episode 5733
John is feeling lost without Gina and doesn't know how he's going to raise Jett on his own. Tamara is concerned that Casey is putting others needs ahead of his study.
May. 01, 2013
26x74 26 26x74 Episode 5734
Chris makes it known that he's interested in Indi. John decides to stop attempting to be like Gina, and Jett is relieved. John receives a letter about Jett's adoption.
May. 02, 2013
26x75 26 26x75 Episode 5735
Ricky secretly transfers a huge sum of cash into Connie's account.
May. 02, 2013

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