Jan. 17, 1988
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Home and Away (AU)

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.

Home and Away (AU) Season 25 (2012)

25x01 25 25x01 Episode 5436
Charlie is found unconscious after being shot and Sid is confronted by Alan, Stu's father.
Jan. 23, 2012
25x02 25 25x02 Episode 5437
Sid's job at the hospital is under treat. Indi attempts to convince Romeo to apply for a job at the resort.
Jan. 24, 2012
25x03 25 25x03 Episode 5438
Sasha is going through turmoil after her abusive relationship with Stu. Xavier comes to her defence and provides support.
Jan. 25, 2012
25x04 25 25x04 Episode 5439
Liam and Bianca enjout their engagement party. Xavier decides on a change of career. April and Heath enjoy another kiss.
Jan. 26, 2012
25x05 25 25x05 Episode 5440
Heath learns April's secret. Dex is upset after he sees Heath and April together. Irene attempts to move on with her life.
Jan. 27, 2012
25x06 25 25x06 Episode 5441
Irene has a heart attack. Bianca wants April to agree to stay away from Heath. Geoffrey King offers Heath a deal to help deal with Angelo's debt.
Jan. 30, 2012
25x07 25 25x07 Episode 5442
Heath gets caught up in a dodgy deal with Geoffrey King, Brax fears he's he's going to lose Angelo's and April wants to keep seeing Heath in secret.
Jan. 31, 2012
25x08 25 25x08 Episode 5443
Brax is questioned over some stolen goods, and he makes a desperate decision to prevent losing Angelo's.
Feb. 01, 2012
25x09 25 25x09 Episode 5444
Alan propositions Sid in regards to the assault charges, Sasha attempts to strike a deal with Stu and Romeo is tentative about his new career.
Feb. 02, 2012
25x10 25 25x10 Episode 5445
[add summary]
Feb. 03, 2012
25x11 25 25x11 Episode 5446
April fears she's losing Heath, Brax continues to fight Geoffrey King for ownership of Angelo's, and Xavier attempts to make amends with Sasha.
Feb. 06, 2012
25x12 25 25x12 Episode 5447
Leah tries to help Brax out of debt, Bianca slips up at her Hen's night and Romeo throws Liam a Buck's party.
Feb. 07, 2012
25x13 25 25x13 Episode 5448
Liam and Bianca ends up agreeing to make a pact. Brax says sorry to Leah.
Feb. 08, 2012
25x14 25 25x14 Episode 5449
Dex struggles with his decision not to pursue medicine and Alf makes a last minute effort for the election.
Feb. 09, 2012
25x15 25 25x15 Episode 5450
Romeo is suspicious of Dennis and John, and Alf and Roo manage to get Irene out into the world.
Feb. 10, 2012
25x16 25 25x16 Episode 5451
Bianca and Liam's wedding is interrupted by a paparazzo, Xavier is confused about where he stands with Sasha, and everyone is shocked when a body is found at the caravan park.
Feb. 13, 2012
25x17 25 25x17 Episode 5452
In a Valentine's Day special, Liam and Bianca's big day has finally arrived. But as the ceremony nears, Bianca's feelings for Heath continue to loom. Will she make it to her wedding, ...
Feb. 14, 2012
25x18 25 25x18 Episode 5453
Elijah finally confesses his feelings to Leah, April can't get a straight answer from Heath, and Brax finds a way to pay back Leah.
Feb. 15, 2012
25x19 25 25x19 Episode 5454
Casey's friend from juvey arrives in Summer Bay, Ruby receives boxes of Charlie's processions, and Leah receives a gift from Charlie. Meanwhile, Roo is offered a job by Harvey.
Feb. 16, 2012
25x20 25 25x20 Episode 5455
Irene suffers from pains in her legs, Ruby finds herself on a downward spiral, and John loses big when the resort is shut down.
Feb. 17, 2012
25x21 25 25x21 Episode 5456
Struggling to cope with the aftermath of Charlie's death, Ruby continues to push everyone away. Romeo is reluctant to continue his career path in sales, and John pressures Dennis to ...
Feb. 20, 2012
25x22 25 25x22 Episode 5457
Roo takes a tough love approach with Ruby. April and Dex start to rebuild their friendship, and Brax signs up for a dangerous cage fight.
Feb. 21, 2012
25x23 25 25x23 Episode 5458
Leah finds it hard to stay away from Brax. April is upset with Heath for not being honest with her. Bianca attempts to reason with April about Heath. Irene's friends attempt to help ...
Feb. 22, 2012
25x24 25 25x24 Episode 5459
The investigation into Stu's murder leads the police to Dex and Xavier. Irene attempts to get on with her life and has a go at karaoke.
Feb. 23, 2012
25x25 25 25x25 Episode 5460
Casey is furious after Tyler lands a job at the caravan park. Gina learns the truth about John's lost investment, and Dex and Xavier are suspects in Stu's murder.
Feb. 24, 2012
25x26 25 25x26 Episode 5461
John tries to retrieve some of the money he lost back from Dennis, Harvey makes Roo reapply for the position she quit, and Tyler causes more trouble for Casey.
Feb. 27, 2012
25x27 25 25x27 Episode 5462
Brax warns Tyler not to bring down Casey with his reckless behaviour and April is forced to think about the sacrifices she makes for Heath.
Feb. 28, 2012
25x28 25 25x28 Episode 5463
April and Heath make an official decision about their relationship, Liam helps Irene with her music, and Ruby catches Brax in the arms of another woman.
Feb. 29, 2012
25x29 25 25x29 Episode 5464
The Walker house is searched by Police, Romeo's past comes back to haunt him, and Ruby tries to forgive Brax after seeing him with another woman.
Mar. 01, 2012
25x30 25 25x30 Episode 5465
Roo prepares her pitch, only to find out Harvey lied and Romeo decides to join the Surf Comp circuit. Meanwhile, Sasha is finding it hard to deal with the drama her family is being ...
Mar. 02, 2012
25x31 25 25x31 Episode 5466
Xavier resolves to stick the academy out. Meanwhile, a shocking truth is revealed in Summer Bay.
Mar. 05, 2012
25x32 25 25x32 Episode 5467
Harvey tries to trick Roo into going on a date, and Romeo wants to keep surfing despite Indi's objections.
Mar. 06, 2012
25x33 25 25x33 Episode 5468
Heath discovers Tyler's bag of money. Indi says she'll support Romeo's dream of pursuing a career as a professional surfer. Drama arises when April invites Heath to dinner, pretending ...
Mar. 07, 2012
25x34 25 25x34 Episode 5469
Brax pays John back for his stolen car. April's plan to lure Heath into a family dinner backfires.
Mar. 08, 2012
25x35 25 25x35 Episode 5470
Xavier proves his worth in a real-life incident. Gina discovers John's come into money without telling her. Elijah and Leah make amends, and Roo tells Harvey she isn't jealous of h ...
Mar. 09, 2012
25x36 25 25x36 Episode 5471
Tension builds as both April and Henri want a romantic getaway with Heath. Roo becomes competitive fundraising for Alf as she tries to outshine Harvey. And Irene decides to get a singing ...
Mar. 12, 2012
25x37 25 25x37 Episode 5472
April and Henri find out about Heath's deceitful two-timing behaviour. There's speculation about a romance between Irene and Eddie, and Tyler returns and steals a knife.
Mar. 13, 2012
25x38 25 25x38 Episode 5473
Tyler tracks down Casey and chases him while brandishing a knife. Indi becomes jealous and angry when Romeo admits that Ruby joined him surfing. Then, Brax apologises to Leah for his ...
Mar. 14, 2012
25x39 25 25x39 Episode 5474
Indi decides to trust Romeo and let him surf with Ruby, and Gina sees John accept money from Brax.
Mar. 15, 2012
25x40 25 25x40 Episode 5475
John reveals his connection with Brax to Gina and moves out. Roo flirts with a tradie to get under Harvey's skin. And will the Walker family will move for Sid's new job?
Mar. 16, 2012
25x41 25 25x41 Episode 5476
Sasha remains tight-lipped about her bully, and John moves out without telling Gina.
Mar. 19, 2012
25x42 25 25x42 Episode 5477
Sasha reveals who has been bullying her, and Sid is offered his old job back.
Mar. 20, 2012
25x43 25 25x43 Episode 5478
Henri decides she can no longer tutor Casey, and Irene invites Eddie to her birthday dinner.
Mar. 21, 2012
25x44 25 25x44 Episode 5479
Ruby pulls out of the surf competition at the last minute, Roo lies about a date she has to Harvey, and Brax is knocked out at Angelo's.
Mar. 22, 2012
25x45 25 25x45 Episode 5480
Brax fights despite his head injury, Xavier and Ruby have a fun night in, and Romeo ruins his romantic evening with Indi. Meanwhile, Harvey forces Roo to admit her feelings for him ...
Mar. 23, 2012
25x46 25 25x46 Episode 5481
Heath's quest for revenge endangers Bianca, Brax is confronted by memories of Charlie and leaves the hospital, and Roo tells Harvey she wants more time.
Mar. 26, 2012
25x47 25 25x47 Episode 5482
Brax realises Leah has feelings for him and Sid tries to wake Brax up to the danger that he's in.
Mar. 27, 2012
25x48 25 25x48 Episode 5483
Henri resumes as Casey's tutor and Roo and Marilyn meddle in John and Gina's situation.
Mar. 28, 2012
25x49 25 25x49 Episode 5484
Romeo puts a boundary between him and Ruby. Meanwhile, Xavier and Sasha try to bring John and Gina together.
Mar. 29, 2012
25x50 25 25x50 Episode 5485
Sid suspects Alan Henderson's wife is trying to poison him, and Sasha is caught retrieving a message that implicates her.
Mar. 30, 2012
25x51 25 25x51 Episode 5486
Sasha is caught breaking into Stu's house, and Sid confronts Margaret about her poisoning Alan.
Apr. 02, 2012
25x52 25 25x52 Episode 5487
Sid reports Margaret to the Police. Meanwhile Xavier catches Sasha as she's preparing to run away.
Apr. 03, 2012
25x53 25 25x53 Episode 5488
Irene notices the tension between and Bianca and April. Meanwhile, Casey and Henri share a kiss.
Apr. 04, 2012
25x54 25 25x54 Episode 5489
Brax is thrust back into Leah's life. Meanwhile Roo and Marilyn attempt an intervention to encourage John to be a better housemate and VJ gets into trouble with the Police
Apr. 05, 2012
25x55 25 25x55 Episode 5490
Brax and VJ embark on a project together. John and Gina give their marriage another go. Ruby runs into the arms of a untrustworthy surfer.
Apr. 06, 2012
25x56 25 25x56 Episode 5491
Brax and VJ's relationship puts Elijah on the outer. Harvey and Roo's second first date goes awry. John and Gina negotiate moving in again.
Apr. 09, 2012
25x57 25 25x57 Episode 5492
Brax distances himself from Leah and VJ. Meanwhile, Heath and Liam fight and Liam discovers Eddie ripped off his lyrics.
Apr. 10, 2012
25x58 25 25x58 Episode 5493
April sees Casey and Henri kissing and Colleen encourages Dex to get back together with April. Meanwhile Irene and Eddie part ways.
Apr. 11, 2012
25x59 25 25x59 Episode 5494
Sasha's rattled at her trial and Ruby's dismayed when Romeo skips the championship.
Apr. 12, 2012
25x60 25 25x60 Episode 5495
The outcome of Sasha's trial is revealed. Meanwhile Harvey's ex-wife Melissa shows up.
Apr. 13, 2012
25x61 25 25x61 Episode 5496
Ruby is in trouble, and Brax seeks to intervene. Logan tries his luck again with Indi, and Harvey meets his daughter, Lottie.
Apr. 16, 2012
25x62 25 25x62 Episode 5497
Everyone learns of Sasha's plans to move, and Ruby is angry at Brax's interference in her case.
Apr. 17, 2012
25x63 25 25x63 Episode 5498
Sasha discovers Felix may not need her, Henri chooses between her career and Casey, and Dex gets some 'bad boy' coaching.
Apr. 18, 2012
25x64 25 25x64 Episode 5499
Bianca breaks plans with Liam and bonds with Darcy, and Heath blows Henri and Casey's secret. Meanwhile, Roo, Irene and Leah have some single ladies' time.
Apr. 19, 2012
25x65 25 25x65 Episode 5500
Roo, Harvey and Lottie spend time together, and Dex tries to turn chess skills into cash. Heath keeps pursuing Bianca, which rattles Liam's nerves.
Apr. 20, 2012
25x66 25 25x66 Episode 5501
April is jealous of Dex and Lottie, Bianca and Liam prepare to leave the Bay, and Heath and Bianca share a moment.
Apr. 23, 2012
25x67 25 25x67 Episode 5502
Casey and Henri are caught kissing; Heath takes legal action against Liam and Bianca, who are leaving the Bay with his unborn baby; and Leah joins an online dating site.
Apr. 24, 2012
25x68 25 25x68 Episode 5503
[add summary]
Apr. 25, 2012
25x69 25 25x69 Episode 5504
Bianca breaks plans with Liam and bonds with Darcy, and Heath blows Henri and Casey's secret. Meanwhile, Roo, Irene and Leah have some single ladies' time.
Apr. 26, 2012
25x70 25 25x70 Episode 5505
Roo, Harvey and Lottie spend time together, and Dex tries to turn chess skills into cash. Heath keeps pursuing Bianca, which rattles Liam's nerves.
Apr. 27, 2012
25x71 25 25x71 Episode 5506
April is jealous of Dex and Lottie, Bianca and Liam prepare to leave the Bay, and Heath and Bianca share a moment.
Apr. 30, 2012
25x72 25 25x72 Episode 5507
Casey and Henri are caught kissing; Heath takes legal action against Liam and Bianca, who are leaving the Bay with his unborn baby; and Leah joins an online dating site.
May. 01, 2012
25x73 25 25x73 Episode 5508
Indi and Romeo both look to others for comfort, Gina learns of Casey and Henri's relationship, and Brax tells Henri to leave Summer Bay for good.
May. 02, 2012
25x74 25 25x74 Episode 5509
John and Sid join forces to convince Sasha and Xavier to take it slow. John questions Harvey about the validity of his involvement in the EcoPark.
May. 03, 2012
25x75 25 25x75 Episode 5510
Gina and Roo try to reconcile John and Harvey, Lottie invites Dex over for dinner, and a drunken Leah makes a move on Brax while feeling lonely.
May. 04, 2012

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