Jan. 17, 1988
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Home and Away (AU)

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.

Home and Away (AU) Season 24 (2011)

24x01 24 24x01 Episode 5216
The community come together as the funeral of a loved one. Alf is let out from prison on bail. Liam and Bianca enjoy life together.
Jan. 24, 2011
24x02 24 24x02 Episode 5217
Will is attacked by Alf. Ruby has a go at Charlie about her breaking up with Angelo. Irene tries to help Will. Nicole and Marilyn return to town.
Jan. 25, 2011
24x03 24 24x03 Episode 5218
VJ surprises his mother. Marilyn tells Sid that she has decide to adopt Nicole's baby. Morag works on Alf's defence.
Jan. 26, 2011
24x04 24 24x04 Episode 5219
Sid attempts to accept Marilyn's decision. Xavier attempts to move on with his life.
Jan. 27, 2011
24x05 24 24x05 Episode 5220
Will ends up telling the truth. April returns to town.
Jan. 28, 2011
24x06 24 24x06 Episode 5221
Charlie and Morag attempt to locate Will. Liam and Bianca attempt to get used to having April around.
Jan. 31, 2011
24x07 24 24x07 Episode 5222
The 'real' Shandi Palmer shows up in town and meets her dad. Charlie and Angelo attempt to find the fake Daria.
Feb. 01, 2011
24x08 24 24x08 Episode 5223
Daria is questioned by Charlie and Robertson. Xavier tries to sort out thing with April.
Feb. 02, 2011
24x09 24 24x09 Episode 5224
April is questioned by Bianca about her father. Marilyn wants a decision from Sid about Nicole's baby. Romeo and Indi continue to drift apart.
Feb. 03, 2011
24x10 24 24x10 Episode 5225
Irene attempts to get through to Will. The children learn from Sid about Marilyn's idea. Irene finds herself being forced to betray Will when she is concerned about Lily.
Feb. 04, 2011
24x11 24 24x11 Episode 5226
The truth about Penn's death finally comes out. Lily discovers that Irene called the police on Will.
Feb. 07, 2011
24x12 24 24x12 Episode 5227
Alf and John end up clashing over changes John has made at the Surf Club. Lily wants to go see Will. A party is thrown to celebrate the charges against Alf being dropped.
Feb. 08, 2011
24x13 24 24x13 Episode 5228
Alf decides to resign from the Surf Club. Indi Marilyn thinks about different options besides Nicole's baby.
Feb. 09, 2011
24x14 24 24x14 Episode 5229
Ruby kisses Romeo after Indi passes out after becoming drunk. April admits that she stole some chemicals from school.
Feb. 10, 2011
24x15 24 24x15 Episode 5230
Gina believes that Xavier is responsible for the missing chemicals at the School. April's plans end up turning fatal. Ruby attempts to discover what is going on with Romeo and Indi ...
Feb. 11, 2011
24x16 24 24x16 Episode 5231
Alf tells everyone that he has decided to travel around the world. April thinks about making a confession as Xavier's life hangs in the balance.
Feb. 14, 2011
24x17 24 24x17 Episode 5232
Alf says goodbye. April admits that she took the chemicals. Morag attempts to stop the adoption of Nicole's baby. Gina decides to ban April from seeing Xavier.
Feb. 15, 2011
24x18 24 24x18 Episode 5233
Nicole leaves town so that she can think about her baby. Bianca is worried that the spark has gone out from her relationship with Liam. Miles returns to town.
Feb. 16, 2011
24x19 24 24x19 Episode 5234
Miles tries to stop Leah from finding out the truth about Elijah. Brax makes his presence felt in Summer Bay.
Feb. 17, 2011
24x20 24 24x20 Episode 5235
Dex ends up finding himself in trouble with the River Boys. Romeo and Casey become friends. Leah learns that Elijah is returning to town.
Feb. 18, 2011
24x21 24 24x21 Episode 5236
A search begins for Dex. Charlie feels under pressure to have to deal with the River Boys.
Feb. 21, 2011
24x22 24 24x22 Episode 5237
April wishes she hadn't broke up with Xavier. John ends up making things worse with the River Boys. VJ is involved in an accident.
Feb. 22, 2011
24x23 24 24x23 Episode 5238
Liam's past loves leave Bianca feeling threatened. Charlie ends up coming down on the River Boys. Elijah returns to town with a new wife and his new stepson.
Feb. 23, 2011
24x24 24 24x24 Episode 5239
Both Leah and Elijah find the going tough. After Nicole returns to town she decides to go ahead with the adoption.
Feb. 24, 2011
24x25 24 24x25 Episode 5240
The River Boys are wrongly accused by Charlie again. Colleen and her caravan end up being abducted.
Feb. 25, 2011
24x26 24 24x26 Episode 5241
Xavier attempts to win April back. Brax gets even. Angelo makes a deal so that his business won't have to close.
Feb. 28, 2011
24x27 24 24x27 Episode 5242
Grace learns about Elijah's past with Leah. Brax asks Leah out on a date which causes Charlie to feel a little bit jealous.
Mar. 01, 2011
24x28 24 24x28 Episode 5243
Leah isn't impressed by Brax on their date. Grace attempts to make her marriage to Elijah official.
Mar. 02, 2011
24x29 24 24x29 Episode 5244
Indi attempts to get closer to Romeo. Ruby wonders if Romeo and Casey are at odds over her.
Mar. 03, 2011
24x30 24 24x30 Episode 5245
Bianca learns the truth about Liam's "muse". Indi ends up giving Romeo the wrong impression. Ruby and Romeo end up sleeping together.
Mar. 04, 2011
24x31 24 24x31 Episode 5246
Romeo realises the huge mistake he has made. Colleen has trouble moving on with her life. Ruby finds her dreams being shattered.
Mar. 07, 2011
24x32 24 24x32 Episode 5247
Ruby is on the warpath. VJ causes problems between Elijah and his stepson.
Mar. 08, 2011
24x33 24 24x33 Episode 5248
Brax is arrested by Charlie after he kisses her. Ruby continues to spiral downwards.
Mar. 09, 2011
24x34 24 24x34 Episode 5249
April feels out of place. Dex, Xavier and Casey end up joining forces in the name of science.
Mar. 10, 2011
24x35 24 24x35 Episode 5250
Morag attempts to try and help Colleen with her anxiety problems. April has a panic attack.
Mar. 11, 2011
24x36 24 24x36 Episode 5251
Miles attempts to convince Casey to enter the Science competition. April gets a surprise party. Colleen attempts to face up to her fears.
Mar. 14, 2011
24x37 24 24x37 Episode 5252
The 'Mad Max" car is stolen by Xavier. Ruby attempts to rebel against Charlie. John attempts to find Xavier.
Mar. 15, 2011
24x38 24 24x38 Episode 5253
Charlie wants Casey to stay away from Ruby after finding them together. Miles attempts to be there for Casey. A bombshell ends up being dropped by Ruby.
Mar. 16, 2011
24x39 24 24x39 Episode 5254
Romeo attempts to sort things out with Indi. Thabo confronts Elijah after having a conversation with VJ.
Mar. 17, 2011
24x40 24 24x40 Episode 5255
Elijah finds himself having a crisis of faith after Thabo's condition worsens. Angus's motives are questioned by Nicole.
Mar. 18, 2011
24x41 24 24x41 Episode 5256
Elijah and Grace find it hard to deal with with Thabo's death. Roo decides to return to Summer Bay for good.
Mar. 21, 2011
24x42 24 24x42 Episode 5257
Elijah finds his issues coming to a head. Nicole isn't sure she has made the right decision.
Mar. 22, 2011
24x43 24 24x43 Episode 5258
Elijah has to make a choice. Ruby finds her frustrations growing. Romeo ends up taking reponsibility for his actions.
Mar. 23, 2011
24x44 24 24x44 Episode 5259
Ruby feels humiliated after Dex's latest blog is a massive hit. Casey attempts to help Ruby.
Mar. 24, 2011
24x45 24 24x45 Episode 5260
April finds her insecurities taking hold. A bombshell is dropped by Marilyn.
Mar. 25, 2011
24x46 24 24x46 Episode 5261
April ends up breaking down. Roo ends up finding a place to live.
Mar. 28, 2011
24x47 24 24x47 Episode 5262
Irene and April get a new housemate after Bianca moves in. Angelo finds it hard to get on with Roo. Angus offers Nicole some conflicting advise.
Mar. 29, 2011
24x48 24 24x48 Episode 5263
Marilyn attempts to sort everything out. Charlie attempts to keep her daughter and Casey apart. Casey and Xavier end up getting jobs.
Mar. 30, 2011
24x49 24 24x49 Episode 5264
Elijah attempts to make a decision. Xavier attempts to get his motorcycle licence. Ruby learns Casey's secret.
Mar. 31, 2011
24x50 24 24x50 Episode 5265
Elijah makes a decision about Grace finally. Indi and Romeo attempt to start a new. Some news about Keith ends up shocking Colleen.
Apr. 01, 2011
24x51 24 24x51 Episode 5266
Grace comes to a decision. The person who told the immigration department about Elijah and Grace is revealed.
Apr. 04, 2011
24x52 24 24x52 Episode 5267
Liam ends up getting drunk after forgetting about his date with Bianca. Dex is made to promise to keep April's secret. Elijah attempts to move forward with his life.
Apr. 05, 2011
24x53 24 24x53 Episode 5268
Roo is invited to dinner by Marilyn. Romeo comes to a surprising decision.
Apr. 06, 2011
24x54 24 24x54 Episode 5269
April is encouraged by Dex to get some help. Charlie attempts to sort things out with her daughter. Romeo's life continues to spiral out of control.
Apr. 07, 2011
24x55 24 24x55 Episode 5270
Charlie receives an invite from the Braxtons. Colleen and Kevin go on a date. Ruby's plan leaves Casey feeling wary.
Apr. 08, 2011
24x56 24 24x56 Episode 5271
Charlie attempts to impress the Braxtons. Ruby's party ends up getting out of control.
Apr. 11, 2011
24x57 24 24x57 Episode 5272
Nicole reveals her designs for the Surf Club. Charlie has to make a difficult decision.
Apr. 12, 2011
24x58 24 24x58 Episode 5273
Charlie attempts to deny that she has any feelings for Brax. Marilyn ends up making a fool of herself. Nicole and Angelo grow closer.
Apr. 13, 2011
24x59 24 24x59 Episode 5274
April finds her anxiety problems getting worse. Sid admits how he really feels about Roo.
Apr. 14, 2011
24x60 24 24x60 Episode 5275
Xavier ends up being busted. Elijah is confronted by Leah.
Apr. 15, 2011
24x61 24 24x61 Episode 5276
Gina attempts to find out more about Xavier's new girlfriend. Sid and Roo end up being forced together.
Apr. 18, 2011
24x62 24 24x62 Episode 5277
Marilyn ends up being the warpath. April ends up admitting the truth.
Apr. 19, 2011
24x63 24 24x63 Episode 5278
Romeo starts a new business. Xavier finds himself caught up in a web of deceit. Nicole finally realises what she really wants.
Apr. 20, 2011
24x64 24 24x64 Episode 5279
Marilyn ends up giving way to Roo. Charlie finds herself torn over her feelings for Brax.
Apr. 21, 2011
24x65 24 24x65 Episode 5280
Charlie and Brax decide to try and hide their love affair. Indi decides not to follow Romeo's advice. Elijah helps the helpless again.
Apr. 22, 2011
24x66 24 24x66 Episode 5281
After Elijah is attacked, Leah finds him in a bad way. Roo is concerned about Nicole's rights. A huge risk is taken by Romeo with his new business venture.
Apr. 25, 2011
24x67 24 24x67 Episode 5282
Morag and Romeo end up being trapped with an attacker. Colleen ends up facing up to her fears. Nicole goes into labour.
Apr. 26, 2011
24x68 24 24x68 Episode 5283
Nicole gets help from Angelo as she gives birth to a baby boy. Gina finds her past coming back to haunt her.
Apr. 27, 2011
24x69 24 24x69 Episode 5284
Indi's admirer manages to infiltrate her family. April battle against her OCD gets under way. Liam finds himself being tempted by some old habits after being dropped by the record ...
Apr. 27, 2011
24x70 24 24x70 Episode 5285
Charlie and Brax find it difficult to keep their affair a secret. Elijah learns the truth about the person who attacked him.
Apr. 28, 2011
24x71 24 24x71 Episode 5286
Bianca is warned by Liam to stay out of his life. Elijah tries to talk to Billy.
May. 02, 2011
24x72 24 24x72 Episode 5287
Bianca discovers what Liam's secret is. Charlie is set up on date by Ruby. Angelo tries to find out more about the Braxton brothers.
May. 03, 2011
24x73 24 24x73 Episode 5288
Charlie goes on the date that Ruby set up for her. Indi can't get rid of her unwanted admirer. Angelo suspicions about Brax increase.
May. 04, 2011
24x74 24 24x74 Episode 5289
Romeo and Indi grow closer. Nicole goes to see baby. Dex thinks about the next topic for his blog.
May. 05, 2011
24x75 24 24x75 Episode 5290
Marilyn ends up having breakthrough with the baby. There are sparks between Miles and Leah.
May. 06, 2011

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