Jan. 17, 1988
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Home and Away (AU)

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.

Home and Away (AU) Season 2 (1989)

2x76 2 2x76 Episode 304
Celia is accused of lighting the fire. Tom and Pippa continue to argue about the new foster kid. Dodge and Steven come up with a plan to get back at Simon.
May. 08, 1989
2x77 2 2x77 Episode 305
Morag shows how uncaring she is towards Celia. Steven gets cold feet. Stacey and Nigel help Celia get the insurence money she deserves. Roo threatens Morag.
May. 09, 1989
2x78 2 2x78 Episode 306
Morag begs Roo not to say a word. Dodge and Steven's plan works.
May. 10, 1989
2x79 2 2x79 Episode 307
Simon is arrested. Dodge takes up Fisher's offer. Simon skips bail.
May. 11, 1989
2x80 2 2x80 Episode 308
Stacey and Carly talk Andrew into going to his father's funeral. Alf is sure that Simon will return. One of Andrew's past addictions resurfaces.
May. 12, 1989
2x81 2 2x81 Episode 309
Andrew can't help his addiction. Pippa warns Tom that he's more worried about his job than his family. Lance takes his new girlfriend, Marilyn, out on a boat with disasterous resul ...
May. 15, 1989
2x82 2 2x82 Episode 310
Fisher counsels a former colleague, and Martin is blamed for Lance's stupidity.
May. 16, 1989
2x83 2 2x83 Episode 311
An innocent discovery at the beach has some horrible implications for a popular Summer Bay resident, and Carly is faced with making an important decision.
May. 17, 1989
2x84 2 2x84 Episode 312
Pippa confides all her woes to an unlikely confidante, and Dodge has a lucrative part-time job.
May. 18, 1989
2x85 2 2x85 Episode 313
Celia's heart is broken, and Bobby and Morag have a short-lived truce.
May. 19, 1989
2x86 2 2x86 Episode 314
Fisher manages to outsmart Dodge and puts him in his place, and Lance is shattered when he discovers Marilyn has a date for the cocktail party.
May. 22, 1989
2x87 2 2x87 Episode 315
Celia is suspicious of Fisher's unusual hospitality and starts doing some detective work, and Pippa and Tom are impressed with Carly's mature attitude.
May. 23, 1989
2x88 2 2x88 Episode 316
Martin's new love affair is very shortlived, while Carly agonizes over a very important decision.
May. 24, 1989
2x89 2 2x89 Episode 317
Martin gets a rapid promotion to an executive position, and Dodge manages to persuade Steven to lie to Pippa and Tom.
May. 25, 1989
2x90 2 2x90 Episode 318
There's lots in store for Steven on his trip to the city with Dodge, and Ailsa helps Celia get some worries off her chest.
May. 26, 1989
2x91 2 2x91 Episode 319
Morag's desperate attempt to make some friends fails miserably and Frank deeply offends Bobby.
May. 29, 1989
2x92 2 2x92 Episode 320
Marilyn's first night at the diner is a fiasco, and Bobby goes berserk at the dinner table.
May. 30, 1989
2x93 2 2x93 Episode 321
Ailsa comforts a former foe, and Stacey finds herself in great demand.
May. 31, 1989
2x94 2 2x94 Episode 322
Morag falls under Marilyn's spell, and Celia shocks everyone with her new position.
Jun. 01, 1989
2x95 2 2x95 Episode 323
Celia finds herself way out of her depth, and Carly adds insult to injury with a cruel prank.
Jun. 02, 1989
2x96 2 2x96 Episode 324
Tom receives an ultimatum from above, while Martin impresses the powers that be.
Jun. 05, 1989
2x97 2 2x97 Episode 325
Alf and Tom set out on a fishing trip that seems perfectly harmless...
Jun. 06, 1989
2x98 2 2x98 Episode 326
Grave fears are held for two of Summer Bay's most popular residents, and a thief takes malicious advantage of the town's preoccupation.
Jun. 07, 1989
2x99 2 2x99 Episode 327
Martin ingratiates himself into a position of power at the Macklins.
Jun. 08, 1989
2x100 2 2x100 Episode 328
A traumatised Ailsa rebels against the arrival of her baby, while Alf and Tom cling desperately to life.
Jun. 09, 1989
2x101 2 2x101 Episode 329
Celia agonises over a moral dilemma and earns Roo's total contempt when she takes the law into her own hands.
Jun. 12, 1989
2x102 2 2x102 Episode 330
Morag makes an untypical compassionate gesture, and Frank and Roo fall into a surprisingly passionate embrace.
Jun. 13, 1989
2x103 2 2x103 Episode 331
Bobby plans a special romantic evening, and Ailsa turns to Morag for help.
Jun. 14, 1989
2x104 2 2x104 Episode 332
Frank refuses to talk and avoids a confrontation, while Roo makes an astonishing disclosure.
Jun. 15, 1989
2x105 2 2x105 Episode 333
Frank omits an extremely important detail, while Bobby does a good job of hiding her real feelings.
Jun. 16, 1989
2x106 2 2x106 Episode 334
Bobby is betrayed by a very close friend, and Frank knows he has a critical decision to make.
Jun. 19, 1989
2x107 2 2x107 Episode 335
A former friend of Sally's comes to visit, and Bobby is forced to accept some overwhelming news.
Jun. 20, 1989
2x108 2 2x108 Episode 336
Sally's concern for those she loves leads to Roo making a confession she regrets.
Jun. 21, 1989
2x109 2 2x109 Episode 337
Marilyn makes a good impression with Colleen, and local gossip puts Roo in a dangerous situation.
Jun. 22, 1989
2x110 2 2x110 Episode 338
Morag displays a rare spark of human compassion, and Roo is forced to make a decision.
Jun. 23, 1989
2x111 2 2x111 Episode 339
Roo makes plans for her future, and Dodge rids the Fletcher House of an unwanted guest.
Jun. 26, 1989
2x112 2 2x112 Episode 340
Tom rediscovers a lost skill and helps Martin out of a sticky situation, while Ailsa's unheeded cries for help lead to potential tragedy.
Jun. 27, 1989
2x113 2 2x113 Episode 341
Ailsa's actions call for Morag's intervention, while Steven and Dodge's camping trip suddenly becomes more enjoyable.
Jun. 28, 1989
2x114 2 2x114 Episode 342
Ailsa accepts she is in need of professional help, and wedding bells are in the air, but does the groom know?
Jun. 29, 1989
2x115 2 2x115 Episode 343
Andrew is concerned about a potential suicide victim, and Dodge teaches Steven more survival skills.
Jun. 30, 1989
2x116 2 2x116 Episode 344
Stacey is offered a job, but is dubious about accepting. Bobby makes Ailsa come to a decision, but her problem is still not resolved.
Jul. 03, 1989
2x117 2 2x117 Episode 345
A close shave for Dodge and Steven's fugitive friend, and a christening party proves to be no reason for celebration.
Jul. 04, 1989
2x118 2 2x118 Episode 346
Sally gets suspicious about Steven and Dodge's new friend, and the cause of Duncan's illness is discovered.
Jul. 05, 1989
2x119 2 2x119 Episode 347
Viv realises she's made a wrong decision, and Celia blames herself for Duncan's illness.
Jul. 06, 1989
2x120 2 2x120 Episode 348
Colleen's attitude comes as a big surprise, while Tom discovers Steven and Dodge have been telling lies.
Jul. 07, 1989
2x121 2 2x121 Episode 349
Colleen is shocked to learn the truth about her son, and Stacey makes an executive decision.
Jul. 10, 1989
2x122 2 2x122 Episode 350
Lance is forced to tell his mother the truth, and Marilyn sees Andrew in a new and different light.
Jul. 11, 1989
2x123 2 2x123 Episode 351
Celia becomes unreasonably distraught, and Marilyn discovers a new way of getting Andrew's attention.
Jul. 12, 1989
2x124 2 2x124 Episode 352
Tom and Pippa face their first failure, and Andrew makes Marilyn face a few home truths.
Jul. 13, 1989
2x125 2 2x125 Episode 353
Dodge tries desperately to rebuild his low stocks with the Flethchers, and Steven drops a bombshell.
Jul. 14, 1989
2x126 2 2x126 Episode 354
Celia reacts unfavourably to Alf's generous proposal, and the Fletcher household will face a new regime as a result of Steven's behaviour.
Jul. 17, 1989
2x127 2 2x127 Episode 355
Martin's marketing concept gets the thumbs-down, and Viv's past catches up with her.
Jul. 18, 1989
2x128 2 2x128 Episode 356
Celia faces a new lease of life, and Viv's worst fears are realised.
Jul. 19, 1989
2x129 2 2x129 Episode 357
Dodge's charm appears to be winning, while an innocent trip to the beach puts someone's life in danger.
Jul. 20, 1989
2x130 2 2x130 Episode 358
Dodge does Steven a very good turn, and Marilyn turns out to be the answer to Nina's problems.
Jul. 21, 1989
2x131 2 2x131 Episode 359
Stacey has to convince Lance and Martin that the group needs another member, and Bobby receives a shock phone call.
Jul. 24, 1989
2x132 2 2x132 Episode 360
Carly sets her sights on a millionaire visitor and Steven persuades Bobby to join him on a rescue mission.
Jul. 25, 1989
2x133 2 2x133 Episode 361
Carly finds herself in a sticky situation with a millionaire on his yacht, and Bobby breaks the law to affect a rescue.
Jul. 26, 1989
2x134 2 2x134 Episode 362
Carly's glamorous lifestyle is short-lived, and Bobby and Viv fear for Tammy's safety.
Jul. 27, 1989
2x135 2 2x135 Episode 363
Dodge devises a plan for some quick money, while the return of a boat to Summer Bay ends Carly's depression.
Jul. 28, 1989
2x136 2 2x136 Episode 364
Sally calls a worker's strike, and Carly makes a bad mistake while trying to secure her future in the rock music industry.
Jul. 31, 1989
2x137 2 2x137 Episode 365
Adam and Matt become serious rivals, and Sally makes a momentous decision.
Aug. 01, 1989
2x138 2 2x138 Episode 366
Sally's decision to leave prompts Tom to make a suggestion, and Carly has to admit her mistake to Stacey.
Aug. 02, 1989
2x139 2 2x139 Episode 367
Dodge talks Sally into helping him plan a special occasion, and Steven and Viv find themselves locked into an awkward situation.
Aug. 03, 1989
2x140 2 2x140 Episode 368
Viv and Steven are taunted by their schoolmates, and Matt's uncle exerts his influence at the council.
Aug. 04, 1989
2x141 2 2x141 Episode 369
Tensions mount between Matt and Adam, while Bobby and Ailsa are surprised by Dodge's thoughtful nature.
Aug. 07, 1989
2x142 2 2x142 Episode 370
Martin hears some news which will put an end to Lance's love affair, and Tom and ""Pippa"" are overwhelmed by a well-planned surprise.
Aug. 08, 1989
2x143 2 2x143 Episode 371
Viv embarks on a disruptive course in the classroom, and Adam applies for a job.
Aug. 09, 1989
2x144 2 2x144 Episode 372
Adam seeks legal advice about suing Fisher, and Dodge lets slip some very incriminating information.
Aug. 10, 1989
2x145 2 2x145 Episode 373
The combined talent of Lance, Martin and Marilyn is put to the test when they make a video clip, and Steve discovers who caused the fire that killed Phillip.
Aug. 11, 1989
2x146 2 2x146 Episode 374
Steven examines his feelings and behaviour towards his family, and the final truth about Dodge is revealed.
Aug. 14, 1989
2x147 2 2x147 Episode 375
The Fletchers redecorate Sally's bedroom to make her feel one of the family, but a surprise visitor spoils that feeling...
Aug. 15, 1989
2x148 2 2x148 Episode 376
Adam overhears some plans which will upset Sally's security, and Viv is threatened by a jealous classmate.
Aug. 16, 1989
2x149 2 2x149 Episode 377
Lance discloses some home truths to a magazine, and Steven is ecstatic about his partner for the dance.
Aug. 17, 1989
2x150 2 2x150 Episode 378
Stacey's relationship with Andrew changes, and Sally pays a reluctant visit to her uncle's house.
Aug. 18, 1989
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