Jan. 17, 1988
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Home and Away (AU)

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.

Home and Away (AU) Season 2 (1989)

2x01 2 2x01 Episode 229
The kids anxiously await their HSC results, though Carly is more interested in her new group of friends.
Jan. 23, 1989
2x02 2 2x02 Episode 230
Martin tells Lance to stay away from the Diner. Phillip won't give up on Stacey. Bobby gets closer to finding out who her real parents are.
Jan. 24, 1989
2x03 2 2x03 Episode 231
Encouraged by new information, Bobby presses on with her search.
Jan. 25, 1989
2x04 2 2x04 Episode 232
Bobby gives up on finding her real parents. Carly overdoses and is taken to hospital. Stacey's fiancee turns up.
Jan. 26, 1989
2x05 2 2x05 Episode 233
Pippa and Steven go to the city to collect Carly from the hospital. Stacey's fiancee Nick brings some excitement to the beach.
Jan. 27, 1989
2x06 2 2x06 Episode 234
Bobby tells Ailsa she doesn't care who her parents are. Carly admits she needs help.
Jan. 30, 1989
2x07 2 2x07 Episode 235
Rumours start to spread about Carly's problem. Alison tries to get Roo's help to get back at Bobby. Carly goes missing.
Jan. 31, 1989
2x08 2 2x08 Episode 236
Roo makes a new start. Celia continues to gossip about Carly. Phillip asks Stacey to choose him insted of Nick.
Feb. 01, 1989
2x09 2 2x09 Episode 237
Ailsa returns from the doctor with news for Alf. Nick goes over Stacey's head and makes an offer on the caravan park.
Feb. 02, 1989
2x10 2 2x10 Episode 238
There are celebrations over Ailsa's pregnancy. The Fletchers vote on an important issue.
Feb. 03, 1989
2x11 2 2x11 Episode 239
There are doubts whether or not Alf is the father. Could Sally's plan to save the park persuade Tom and Pippa to change their minds?
Feb. 06, 1989
2x12 2 2x12 Episode 240
Matt breaks up with Carly. Alf agrees to tell Bobby the truth.
Feb. 07, 1989
2x13 2 2x13 Episode 241
Bobby takes Carly out raging in the city. Alf's sister, Morag, arrives in the Bay.
Feb. 08, 1989
2x14 2 2x14 Episode 242
Bobby's mother is adamant about not attending the wedding. Bobby accusses Carly of drinking again. Allison is set up. Lance and Martin continue to argue.
Feb. 09, 1989
2x15 2 2x15 Episode 243
Will Bobby's mother reveal herself at the wedding?
Feb. 10, 1989
2x16 2 2x16 Episode 244
An emergency interupts Bobby and Frank's honeymoon. Bobby finally discovers who her real mother is.
Feb. 13, 1989
2x17 2 2x17 Episode 245
Carly admits her problem to the family and decides to fight it, but when word of her predicament gets out, it looks as if the battle may be too tough. Alison continues to cause tro ...
Feb. 14, 1989
2x18 2 2x18 Episode 246
The truth about Bobby's past is revealed to Summer Bay. Bobby and Morag meet again.
Feb. 15, 1989
2x19 2 2x19 Episode 247
Ailsa sends Bobby and Frank on a belated honeymoon, while Fisher has a shocking question for Morag.
Feb. 16, 1989
2x20 2 2x20 Episode 248
Fisher makes a life changing discovery. Carly goes back to Year 12. Tom makes an offer to the family.
Feb. 17, 1989
2x21 2 2x21 Episode 249
Alison leaves Summer Bay for the city, and Floss and Neville are saddened by Tom and Pippa's decision.
Feb. 20, 1989
2x22 2 2x22 Episode 250
The Stewarts are brought closer together. Morag wants revenge on Bobby.
Feb. 21, 1989
2x23 2 2x23 Episode 251
Morag and Nicholas plan to destroy Bobby's marriage.
Feb. 22, 1989
2x24 2 2x24 Episode 252
Leanne and Martin's romance changes pace. Donald questions Bobby about her and Alan's realationship. Tom agrees to sell the caravan park.
Feb. 23, 1989
2x25 2 2x25 Episode 253
Morag spreads a wicked rumour about Celia, Steven enlists Matt's help to cheer up Carly.
Feb. 24, 1989
2x26 2 2x26 Episode 254
Celia makes a change. Nicholas sets about destroying Roo's happiness.
Feb. 27, 1989
2x27 2 2x27 Episode 255
Leanne and Celia become firm friends, Frank confronts Roo with some damaging evidence.
Feb. 28, 1989
2x28 2 2x28 Episode 256
Leanne and Martin get engaged, and Alf tells Roo to get out of his life.
Mar. 01, 1989
2x29 2 2x29 Episode 257
Roo seeks solace in her Aunt Morag, Bobby accuses Frank of still liking Roo.
Mar. 02, 1989
2x30 2 2x30 Episode 258
Leanne is appalled to meet Martin's family and Carly hears some devastating news.
Mar. 03, 1989
2x31 2 2x31 Episode 259
Tom and Stacey get together to foil Nicholas's evil plans while Carly suffers a major setback. Bobby demands to know the reasons for Fisher's strange behaviour. Floss and Neville run ...
Mar. 06, 1989
2x32 2 2x32 Episode 260
Tom makes a sad announcement, Carly is shocked at the identity of her counsellor and Bobby and Frank are aware of someone observing their private moments.
Mar. 07, 1989
2x33 2 2x33 Episode 261
Pippa finally returns from her holiday. Nicholas comes up with a new plan to make the Fletcher's leave. Fisher spy's on Bobby and Frank.
Mar. 08, 1989
2x34 2 2x34 Episode 262
Carly is on cloud 9, and Fisher refuses to bow to blackmail.
Mar. 09, 1989
2x35 2 2x35 Episode 263
Carly and Andrew catch up on old times. Nicholas is foiled by Stacey.
Mar. 10, 1989
2x36 2 2x36 Episode 264
Roo refuses to give Alf her forgiveness, Carly is falling under Andrew's spell and Morag faces a series of rejections.
Mar. 13, 1989
2x37 2 2x37 Episode 265
Lance sobs over lost friendship, Alf grieves over the loss of Roo's love.
Mar. 14, 1989
2x38 2 2x38 Episode 266
Tom and Pippa argue over Carly's relationship with Andrew. Morag takes Roo out for the day.
Mar. 15, 1989
2x39 2 2x39 Episode 267
Martin is embarrassed by Lance's childish behaviour. There are mixed reactions to Morag's housewarming invitations.
Mar. 16, 1989
2x40 2 2x40 Episode 268
Martin has trouble at work. After being teased at school, Carly admits to the word that she is an alchoholic. Pippa discovers the identity of Bobby's father.
Mar. 17, 1989
2x41 2 2x41 Episode 269
Bobby is astounded at Tom and Pippa's generosity and Martin assumes Leanne is two-timing him.
Mar. 20, 1989
2x42 2 2x42 Episode 270
Lance is amazed when he gets an invite to Morag's cocktail party. Roo refuses to be a spy and Carly issues Andrew an ultimatum.
Mar. 21, 1989
2x43 2 2x43 Episode 271
Carly admits she still loves Andrew. Roo discovers the reason for Nigel's loyalty to Morag.
Mar. 22, 1989
2x44 2 2x44 Episode 272
Morag sets up her plan for Roo to share in Andrew's wealth, Bobby bares all on a late night chat show and Carly is over the moon as Andrew makes the right decision.
Mar. 23, 1989
2x45 2 2x45 Episode 273
A paranoid Martin is knocked out cold. Morag prepares to tell Bobby who her real father is.
Mar. 24, 1989
2x46 2 2x46 Episode 274
Lance saves the day. Roo accusses Morag of mistreating her family. A betrayed Bobby runs off into the night.
Mar. 27, 1989
2x47 2 2x47 Episode 275
Roo resolves her rift with Alf, Bobby freaks out when she discovers blood at her father's house.
Mar. 28, 1989
2x48 2 2x48 Episode 276
Fisher listens to Bobby's sensible advice and is a hit with his students but Rebecca's unexpected arrival makes him fear the worst.
Mar. 29, 1989
2x49 2 2x49 Episode 277
There are grave fears for Rebecca's safety and Martin catches Leanne kissing another man.
Mar. 30, 1989
2x50 2 2x50 Episode 278
Fisher thinks Bobby is a bad influence on Rebecca and Martin is challenged to a duel.
Mar. 31, 1989
2x51 2 2x51 Episode 279
Carly is an unexpected dinner guest and Stacey receives some disturbing news.
Apr. 03, 1989
2x52 2 2x52 Episode 280
Phillip accepts Stacey's marriage proposel. Alf and Nigel come to a mutually satisfying arrangement and Morag makes Andrew an offer he should not refuse.
Apr. 04, 1989
2x53 2 2x53 Episode 281
Tom is not ecstatic about the circumstances surrounding his promotion. Carly confronts Bobby over some matters of the heart.
Apr. 05, 1989
2x54 2 2x54 Episode 282
Stacey tells Phillip the truth about her pregnancy. Fisher is convinced that Rebecca and Steven have run off together.
Apr. 06, 1989
2x55 2 2x55 Episode 283
Bobby and Stacey continue to bicker. Celia makes a startling discovery and an irrational threat. Lance makes an important decision.
Apr. 07, 1989
2x56 2 2x56 Episode 284
Celia continues to complain about the moral standards in Summer Bay. The Fisher family share a moment of grief.
Apr. 10, 1989
2x57 2 2x57 Episode 285
Nigel confronts Morag about her secret past. Pippa gets dressed to the 9s for a secret rendezvous. Morag plays a nasty trick on Nigel.
Apr. 11, 1989
2x58 2 2x58 Episode 286
Martin has another idea. Celia and Nigel become closer. Bobby becomes closer to the Fisher family.
Apr. 12, 1989
2x59 2 2x59 Episode 287
A new kid in town causes trouble. Stacey and Bobby don't see eye to eye. Fisher becomes suspicious when the church dance is sold out.
Apr. 13, 1989
2x60 2 2x60 Episode 288
Celia and Nigel come up with an alternative plan to cancelling the dance. Lance offers refuge to a fugitive on the run.
Apr. 14, 1989
2x61 2 2x61 Episode 289
Steven and Rebecca are ecstatic when Fisher has a change of heart. Lance tells Sally about his new girlfriend. Celia makes a shock announcement at the dance.
Apr. 17, 1989
2x62 2 2x62 Episode 290
Dodge is accussed of stealing the money. Andrew confronts Morag.
Apr. 18, 1989
2x63 2 2x63 Episode 291
Phillip finds his car broken into. Andrew hassles Morag. Dodge is caught thanks to Celia.
Apr. 19, 1989
2x64 2 2x64 Episode 292
Lance is worried he'll be arrested. Carly and Andrew argue about their age difference. Ailsa collapses in the Diner.
Apr. 20, 1989
2x65 2 2x65 Episode 293
Alf continues to fuss over Ailsa. Bobby and Frank continue to have problems with their marriage. Celia's shop is set alight.
Apr. 21, 1989
2x66 2 2x66 Episode 294
Frank is feared dead when a body is found in the burnt out shop. Bobby and Fisher become closer. Ailsa and Celia are sure it was Dodge who started the fire.
Apr. 24, 1989
2x67 2 2x67 Episode 295
Phillip is confirmed to be the one who was killed in the fire. Stacey and Steven both find out that it was Phillip.
Apr. 25, 1989
2x68 2 2x68 Episode 296
Stacey and Steven both try to handle the news of Phillip's death. Martin breaks his arm. Frank refuses to recieve charity.
Apr. 26, 1989
2x69 2 2x69 Episode 297
Frank and Bobby agree to move in with Fisher. Andrew's father asks Carly a big favour.
Apr. 27, 1989
2x70 2 2x70 Episode 298
The day of Phillip's funeral arrives. Morag finds out more about Simon's criminal past. Steven makes a promise to his uncle.
Apr. 28, 1989
2x71 2 2x71 Episode 299
Steven investigates the fire. Celia wants to set up her grocery store in Alf's bottle shop. Steven has a go at Simon.
May. 01, 1989
2x72 2 2x72 Episode 300
Morag tells Roo that Simon leaving town is for her own good. Lance continues to be a pain at the office. Morag finds an intruder in her house.
May. 02, 1989
2x73 2 2x73 Episode 301
Tom gives Martin an ultimatim. Sally finds the one possesion Morag doesn't want found and gives them to Bobby.
May. 03, 1989
2x74 2 2x74 Episode 302
Morag offers Roo a European trip to keep her away from Simon. Andrew gets some shocking news. Simon decides to come back to Summer Bay.
May. 04, 1989
2x75 2 2x75 Episode 303
Alf and Celia can't come to an agreement. Steven gives Simon a hard time when he return to Summer Bay. The Fletcher's foster a new kid, Dodge.
May. 05, 1989
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