Jan. 17, 1988
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Home and Away (AU)

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.

Home and Away (AU) Season 15 (2002)

15x01 15 15x01 Episode 3191
Vinnie attempts to stay strong for Leah and V.J. when he is released on bail. Gypsy is having second thoughts about the engagement. Alex struggles to keep up a happy front for Leah's ...
Jan. 14, 2002
15x02 15 15x02 Episode 3192
Dani and Josh's mutual flirtation continues. Shelley is concerned by the bitterness that is consuming Brodie's life. Vinnie finds it increasingly hard to stay positive.
Jan. 15, 2002
15x03 15 15x03 Episode 3193
Charlotte and Jude find themselves in a passionate embrace. Dani is crushed when she learns of Will and Gypsy's engagement. Seb is crestfallen when Fisher refuses to take him and his ...
Jan. 16, 2002
15x04 15 15x04 Episode 3194
The camping trip gets off to a less then impressive start. Dani's attempt to befriend Cam is thrown back in her face. Charlotte and Jude take the first steps toward a more than physical ...
Jan. 17, 2002
15x05 15 15x05 Episode 3195
Vinnie is stunned when he learns the realities of the charges he is facing. Gypsy makes a decision about her future with Will. The camping trip takes an unexpected turn for the bet ...
Jan. 18, 2002
15x06 15 15x06 Episode 3196
Rhys is shocked when his brother, Pete and nephew Max, arrive in town. Vinnie continues to put distance between himself and V.J. Charlotte feels that she isn't ready for a relationship ...
Jan. 21, 2002
15x07 15 15x07 Episode 3197
Kirsty digs her heels in about quitting school. Leah is concerned for Alex as the inquest approaches. Pete is desperate to keep his gambling problem a secret. Vinnie is forced to be ...
Jan. 22, 2002
15x08 15 15x08 Episode 3198
Brodie is shattered by the outcome of the inquest. Leah learns the truth about Vinnie's meeting with his solicitor. Gypsy and Will begin to plan their big day. Fisher attends another ...
Jan. 23, 2002
15x09 15 15x09 Episode 3199
Will's life is in grave danger when a boat charter goes horribly wrong. Miles' father helps Brodie to work through her anger. Charlotte has a sudden change of heart about a relationship ...
Jan. 24, 2002
15x10 15 15x10 Episode 3200
The Smith family is rocked by some devastating news. Pete makes a heartbreaking decision. Charlotte and Jude's relationship continues to sizzle.
Jan. 25, 2002
15x11 15 15x11 Episode 3201
The search for Will begins. Josh's confused about Dani's feelings for Will. What will Shelley and Rhys do about Max?
Jan. 28, 2002
15x12 15 15x12 Episode 3202
Will decides on some new priorities. Kirsty embarks on a secret mission. Noah shocks Hayley with an expected decision.
Jan. 29, 2002
15x13 15 15x13 Episode 3203
Fisher makes a shock announcement. Kirsty takes things one step too far. Vinnie tries to handle things his way.
Jan. 30, 2002
15x14 15 15x14 Episode 3204
Shelley and Rhys find themselves in a no-win situation. Sally takes the future of Summer Bay High into her own hands. Alex is determined to have an Italian night at the Diner.
Jan. 31, 2002
15x15 15 15x15 Episode 3205
Max finally learns the truth. Will has an unexpected proposal for Gypsy. Sally and Fisher go head to head at the town meeting.
Feb. 01, 2002
15x16 15 15x16 Episode 3206
Will's world starts to fall apart. Sally continues to go behind Fisher's back. Brodie thinks Josh and Dani should be together - but they've got other ideas!
Feb. 04, 2002
15x17 15 15x17 Episode 3207
Flynn takes on a dangerous new challenge. Fisher reveals his secret plan. Gypsy and Will finally reach a decision.
Feb. 05, 2002
15x18 15 15x18 Episode 3208
Dani and Josh get a nasty surprise. Flynn learns the truth about Justin. It's Max's first day at Summer Bay High.
Feb. 06, 2002
15x19 15 15x19 Episode 3209
Max gets caught wagging school. Dani's night with Josh is her worst date ever. Noah decides to buy a motorbike.
Feb. 07, 2002
15x20 15 15x20 Episode 3210
Gypsy and Will get some devastating news. The police finally catch up with Justin. Fisher is all out of fight.
Feb. 08, 2002
15x21 15 15x21 Episode 3211
Charlotte finds herself in a dangerous situation. Gypsy and Will go shopping for the wedding. Irene gets a surprising phone call.
Feb. 11, 2002
15x22 15 15x22 Episode 3212
The girls of Summer Bay have a wild night in. Will's buck's night takes an unexpected turn. Brodie takes matters into her own hands.
Feb. 12, 2002
15x23 15 15x23 Episode 3213
Dani learns Josh's true feelings. Flynn's conflict with Justin comes to a head. Max comes up with a new money making venture.
Feb. 13, 2002
15x24 15 15x24 Episode 3214
Will Dani ask Josh to stay in Summer Bay? Nick makes a horrifying discover. Fisher discovers who's behind the pie sales.
Feb. 14, 2002
15x25 15 15x25 Episode 3215
Will and Gypsy leave the Bay forever. Dani gets a surprise at the wedding. Jude's plagued by memories of Shauna.
Feb. 15, 2002
15x26 15 15x26 Episode 3216
Vinnie prepares for his court case. Josh finally opens up to Dani. Jude can't get Shauna off his mind.
Feb. 18, 2002
15x27 15 15x27 Episode 3217
The day of the court case arrives, but where's Vinnie? Josh gets a surprise visitor. Kirsty starts looking for a job.
Feb. 19, 2002
15x28 15 15x28 Episode 3218
Vinnie's court case has an unexpected outcome. Leah struggles to cope with reality.
Feb. 20, 2002
15x29 15 15x29 Episode 3219
Shelley gets an alarming phone call. Irene's worried about Nathan's behaviour. Kristy gets her first job interview.
Feb. 21, 2002
15x30 15 15x30 Episode 3220
Rhys is worried about Max. Nathan confronts Nick about his attitude. Flynn anxiously waits for news.
Feb. 22, 2002
15x31 15 15x31 Episode 3221
The desperate search for Max continues. Leah visits Vinnie in jail for the first time. Alf's small mindedness jeopardises Nathan's chances of finding work.
Feb. 25, 2002
15x32 15 15x32 Episode 3222
Max's attempt to find his Dad lands him in hot water. Leah is forced to face the reality of Vinnie's situation. Flynn puts his career on the line in defence of Justin.
Feb. 26, 2002
15x33 15 15x33 Episode 3223
Flynn is blackmailed. Rhys promises Max he'll help him find his Dad. Fisher is taken aback by the exchange teacher from Reefton Lakes.
Feb. 27, 2002
15x34 15 15x34 Episode 3224
Flynn is furious with Noah for interfering in a case. Dani's plan to seduce Josh is foiled by Alf. Kick's year ten history class takes an interesting turn. Kirsty's first day at work ...
Feb. 28, 2002
15x35 15 15x35 Episode 3225
Leah bids a heart-wrenching farewell to Vinnie. Dani and Josh finally kiss. Kick is skating on thin ice with Fisher after his 'alternative' method of teaching is discovered.
Mar. 01, 2002
15x36 15 15x36 Episode 3226
Kirsty's jealousy takes a devious turn. Nathan loses his cool in the Diner after a run in with Colleen. Flynn's anger towards Noah continues to fester.
Mar. 04, 2002
15x37 15 15x37 Episode 3227
Kirsty's deception continues. Fisher and Kick are at loggerheads. Nathan and Hayley bond.
Mar. 05, 2002
15x38 15 15x38 Episode 3228
Kirsty gets what's coming to her. Leah makes a momentous decision. Dani is falling fast for Josh.
Mar. 06, 2002
15x39 15 15x39 Episode 3229
Flynn is confronted by a siege situation. Alex makes a big sacrifice for the sake of his sister and his nephew. Fisher's attempt to transfer Kick back to Reefton Lakes is rebuffed. ...
Mar. 07, 2002
15x40 15 15x40 Episode 3230
Flynn desperately negotiates with Mrs Bell. Rhys is shocked by a surprise visitor. Alex reveals his big surprise to Leah.
Mar. 08, 2002
15x41 15 15x41 Episode 3231
Rhys learns the truth about Pete's situation. Seb is outraged when Fisher refuses to let an excursion go ahead. Leah goes out on a limb for Nathan.
Mar. 11, 2002
15x42 15 15x42 Episode 3232
Rhys is forced to lie to save his brother. Kirsty acquires a new group of friends. Seb's video presentation deeply hurts Fisher.
Mar. 12, 2002
15x43 15 15x43 Episode 3233
Max makes a heartbreaking decision. Dani is puzzled by Josh's reaction to her studying. Charlotte quizzes Jude about their future.
Mar. 13, 2002
15x44 15 15x44 Episode 3234
Charlotte makes a discovery that will change her life forever. Josh shares a dark secret with Dani. Nathan drowns his sorrows when he loses his job at the Diner. Noah's dream of owning ...
Mar. 14, 2002
15x45 15 15x45 Episode 3235
The year ten excursion ends in tragedy. Jude reacts badly to the news of Charlotte's pregnancy. Nathan steals Alf's car.
Mar. 15, 2002
15x46 15 15x46 Episode 3236
A desperate rescue plan is set in motion to save the people trapped in the bus.
Mar. 18, 2002
15x47 15 15x47 Episode 3237
The hospital is in chaos as victims of the bus crash are treated. Nick's life hangs in the balance as he undergoes emergency surgery.
Mar. 19, 2002
15x48 15 15x48 Episode 3238
Nick receives some devastating news. Nathan is crestfallen by the outcome of his television interview. Kirsty gets a fake ID.
Mar. 20, 2002
15x49 15 15x49 Episode 3239
Kick reaches crisis point in the aftermath of the bus accident. Kirsty sneaks out to a nightclub. Alf blocks Josh's chances of getting the head lifeguard job.
Mar. 21, 2002
15x50 15 15x50 Episode 3240
Charlotte makes a decision about the pregnancy. Jude tells Noah that he doesn't love Charlotte. Brodie is shocked when she discovers Ethan's secret. Alf has a change of heart about ...
Mar. 22, 2002
15x51 15 15x51 Episode 3241
Seb decides Fisher needs looking after, Kirsty prepares for a big night out and Ethan wants Brodie to trust him.
Mar. 25, 2002
15x52 15 15x52 Episode 3242
Brodie is devastated to find her necklace missing, all hell breaks loose in the Sutherland House and Jude tries to focus on his new life with Charlotte.
Mar. 26, 2002
15x53 15 15x53 Episode 3243
Nick has a breakthrough in his recovery and Charlotte's worried the pregnancy will affect her career.
Mar. 27, 2002
15x54 15 15x54 Episode 3244
Fisher gets some devastating news. Nick is eager to go home. Alex has a new love interest!
Mar. 28, 2002
15x55 15 15x55 Episode 3245
Nick struggles to readapt to living at home. Ethan makes a shocking discovery. Nathan goes on an awkward first date.
Mar. 29, 2002
15x56 15 15x56 Episode 3246
Nick grows even more dependent on Jade. Kelli gets revenge on Alex. Brodie comes up with a radical plan to fight the school closure.
Apr. 01, 2002
15x57 15 15x57 Episode 3247
Nick takes matters into his own hands, with devastating consequences Leah is struggling to cope without Vinnie.
Apr. 02, 2002
15x58 15 15x58 Episode 3248
Nathan gets an unexpected kiss. Alex decides to do something for Leah. Kirsty is forced to work with Seb.
Apr. 03, 2002
15x59 15 15x59 Episode 3249
Fisher is determined to stop the sit in. Nathan thinks he's blown things with Grace. Kirsty continues to taunt Brodie.
Apr. 04, 2002
15x60 15 15x60 Episode 3250
Kirsty sneaks out to a nightclub and makes a dangerous decision. Ethan makes a shocking declaration. Dani tells Josh the truth about her past.
Apr. 05, 2002
15x61 15 15x61 Episode 3251
Kirsty's life hangs in the balance. Dani discovers Kirsty took drugs. Police raid the school sit in.
Apr. 08, 2002
15x62 15 15x62 Episode 3252
The Sutherlands wait anxiously for news of Kirsty. Josh supports Dani through some hard times. Fisher has put his job on the line.
Apr. 09, 2002
15x63 15 15x63 Episode 3253
Rhys and Kirsty reach a new level of understanding. Nathan hears some heartbreaking news about Grace.
Mar. 10, 2002
15x64 15 15x64 Episode 3254
Irene helps fulfil one of Nathan's dreams. Hayley makes an important decision. Leah is excited about her first wedding anniversary.
Apr. 11, 2002
15x65 15 15x65 Episode 3255
Charlotte discovers how Jude really feels about her. Fisher gets some devastating news. Irene says an emotional goodbye to her son.
Apr. 12, 2002
15x66 15 15x66 Episode 3256
Kirsty sneaks off to spend time with Jemma. Charlotte decides to raise the baby on her own.
Apr. 15, 2002
15x67 15 15x67 Episode 3257
Nick reaches breaking point. Charlotte is faced with a life-changing decision. Kirsty's attempt to help Jemma backfires.
Apr. 16, 2002
15x68 15 15x68 Episode 3258
Fisher gets a surprise visitor. Shelley and Rhys meet Jemma's parents - with unexpected results. Hayley comes up with a plan to help Nick.
Apr. 17, 2002
15x69 15 15x69 Episode 3259
Alex's romantic date goes horribly wrong. Nick finds new hope in the form of an unexpected visitor.
Apr. 18, 2002
15x70 15 15x70 Episode 3260
Jude finally admits his true feelings for Charlotte. Alex confronts his past. Josh and Dani go orienteering in the bush.
Apr. 19, 2002
15x71 15 15x71 Episode 3261
Alex is feeling pressured by Leah. Fisher decides to take a leaf out of June's book and approach life from a different perspective. Sally questions Jude when she learns he is back with ...
Apr. 22, 2002
15x72 15 15x72 Episode 3262
Alex finally asserts his independence with Leah. Rhys and Shelley's relationship begins to suffer under the strain of family tension. Fisher makes a breakthrough with a young boy at ...
Apr. 23, 2002
15x73 15 15x73 Episode 3263
Noah collapes. Sally is shocked when Brett Egan arrives back in the Bay. Leah realises that she has been taking Alex for granted.
Apr. 24, 2002
15x74 15 15x74 Episode 3264
Charlotte puts her baby at risk to try and save Noah's life. Sally is intrigued by Brett's presence in the Bay. Kirsty is furious when she learns Dani has posted a story on the net ...
Apr. 25, 2002
15x75 15 15x75 Episode 3265
Dani's relationship with Josh is affected by her continued memories of Kane. Hayley desperately wills Noah to survive. Sally receives a startling piece of information.
Apr. 26, 2002

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