Jan. 17, 1988
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Home and Away (AU)

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.

Home and Away (AU) Season 14 (2001-2002)

14x01 14 14x01 Episode 2961
Alf is tormented with guilt over Ailsa's death. Leah waits with baited breath for Vinnie's proposal. Harry forces Sally to reconsider her relationship with Luke.
Jan. 15, 2001
14x02 14 14x02 Episode 2962
Alf accidentally causes Shauna to become curious about her father's identity. Mitch is left to hold the Stewart family together. Harry is tempted to leave Summer Bay. Sally begins to ...
Jan. 16, 2001
14x03 14 14x03 Episode 2963
Gypsy's constant presence is causing problems for the Sutherlands. Sam struggles to earn Sandy's trust. Will is dared to take his clothes off. Shauna gets closer to discovering her ...
Jan. 17, 2001
14x04 14 14x04 Episode 2964
Sam is heartbroken after Fisher interferes in his relationship with Sandy. Leah is convinced that Vinnie will never propose. Is Gypsy after Rhys Sutherland?
Jan. 18, 2001
14x05 14 14x05 Episode 2965
Harry's attempts to support Shauna backfire. Alf is near breaking point. Leah turns down Vinnie's second proposal.
Jan. 19, 2001
14x06 14 14x06 Episode 2966
Vinnie and Leah have very different ideas about the 'perfect wedding'. Gypsy foils Will and Dani's plans for romance. Duncan finds it difficult to deal with his grief over Ailsa's ...
Jan. 22, 2001
14x07 14 14x07 Episode 2967
Brodie tries to help Mitch in the diner, but she's more of a hindrance than a help. Duncan remembers the good times with his mum. Dani warns Gypsy to stay away from her family.
Jan. 23, 2001
14x08 14 14x08 Episode 2968
Brett Egan returns to the Bay to succeed where he once failed. Alf's grief is all-consuming. Mitch is finding it difficult to cope.
Jan. 24, 2001
14x09 14 14x09 Episode 2969
Mitch takes drastic steps to free himself from Alf's unacceptable behaviour. Leah finally meets Vinnie's mum and it's not all happy families. Could Brett Egan be falling for Sally? ...
Jan. 25, 2001
14x10 14 14x10 Episode 2970
Gypsy makes a shock declaration of love. Harry and June farewell Summer Bay. Stella and Theo's interference in the wedding plans takes its toll on Vinnie. The twins, Duncan and Nick ...
Jan. 26, 2001
14x11 14 14x11 Episode 2971
Stella thinks Vinnie can do better than Leah. Gypsy questions her sexuality after a heart to heart with Shelley. Irene experiences more unwanted pressure to sell the Beach House. Nick, ...
Jan. 29, 2001
14x12 14 14x12 Episode 2972
Fisher enlists Sally's help to boost Brett's morale. Alf sees red when Mitch announces that he's moving out. Vinnie and Leah reconcile their differences about the wedding. Irene is ...
Jan. 30, 2001
14x13 14 14x13 Episode 2973
Fisher accuses Alf of being selfish in his treatment of Duncan and Mitch. Brodie tells Mitch that she wants to take a break. Sally is taken aback when Brett kisses her. Jude continues ...
Jan. 31, 2001
14x14 14 14x14 Episode 2974
Jade goes ahead with the dice man challenge and gets into hot water. Brodie and Mitch clash over Mitch's attitude towards Woody. Alf and Duncan's relationship deteriorates further. ...
Feb. 01, 2001
14x15 14 14x15 Episode 2975
Shelley is forced to lie to cover for Jade. A brawl erupts when Irene is threatened by two heavies. Jude and Shauna's relationship intensifies. Is Alf losing his mind?
Feb. 02, 2001
14x16 14 14x16 Episode 2976
Noah disapproves of Jude and Shauna's relationship. Fisher comes to Irene's rescue. Kirsty and Nick can't seem to keep out of trouble.
Feb. 05, 2001
14x17 14 14x17 Episode 2977
Gypsy goes a long way to prove a point. Rhys discovers Shelley's been keeping a secret from him. Duncan dobs in his mate to save himself.
Feb. 06, 2001
14x18 14 14x18 Episode 2978
News of Gypsy and Desiree's kiss spreads like wildfire. Rhys and Shelley try to maintain control over their wayward daughters. Brodie wonders whether she can really get things back ...
Feb. 07, 2001
14x19 14 14x19 Episode 2979
Duncan threatens Leah's position at the diner. Woody misinterprets Brodie's kind heartedness. Gypsy tries to deal with the aftermath of Desiree.
Feb. 08, 2001
14x20 14 14x20 Episode 2980
Alf realises he needs to take a break from Summer Bay. The community meeting has devastating consequences. Woody continues his menacing behaviour.
Feb. 09, 2001
14x21 14 14x21 Episode 2981
Brodie's involvement with Woody becomes more complicated. Gypsy feels disconnected from those around her. Dani sets out to achieve her dream.
Feb. 12, 2001
14x22 14 14x22 Episode 2982
A stranger is asking questions about Mitch. Will asks Noah to refuse the job at the kiosk. Shauna sets Duncan on the straight and narrow.
Feb. 13, 2001
14x23 14 14x23 Episode 2983
Brett takes the disciplining of a student too far. Alf admits he needs professional grief counselling. Vinnie and Leah receive some good news.
Feb. 14, 2001
14x24 14 14x24 Episode 2984
Woody continues his menacing behaviour. Dani surprises everyone at the talent night. Mitch meets the uncle he never knew he had. Brett and Sally deal with the aftermath of Brett's inappropriate ...
Feb. 15, 2001
14x25 14 14x25 Episode 2985
Woody gets pushed to the edge. Mitch learns about his real family. Brett tries out new ways of teaching. Nick confronts Rhys man-to-man.
Feb. 16, 2001
14x26 14 14x26 Episode 2986
Summer Bay is in shock as news of the hostage crisis spreads. Brett, Shelley and Rhys face their fears as their loved ones remain trapped in the siege.
Feb. 19, 2001
14x27 14 14x27 Episode 2987
Sally and Brett struggle to come to terms with what they have been through. Mitch receives an urgent call from his uncle in New Zealand. Duncan questions his relationship with his father. ...
Feb. 20, 2001
14x28 14 14x28 Episode 2988
Shauna quits her job. Shelley unravels the unhappy story of Woody's childhood. Alf and Duncan have an emotional heart-to-heart. Alf keeps Leah and Vinnie in doubt over making them ...
Feb. 21, 2001
14x29 14 14x29 Episode 2989
A lonely Gypsy pines for Will. Brett's guilt over the siege threatens his relationship. Shauna struggles over her career. Noah and Jude clash over Jude's relationship with Shauna.
Feb. 22, 2001
14x30 14 14x30 Episode 2990
Noah reveals his insecurities about Jude's relationship with Shauna. Irene is less than impressed with Hayley's new car. Alf offends Leah with a racist remark. Gypsy and Will admit ...
Feb. 23, 2001
14x31 14 14x31 Episode 2991
Leah's brother arrives in town with eyes for Hayley. Hayley accuses Irene of treating her like a child.
Feb. 26, 2001
14x32 14 14x32 Episode 2992
Holly reveals her sordid past with Noah. Irene tells Will that he is playing with fire. A surprise announcement follows Fisher's meeting with the school board. Kirsty questions her ...
Feb. 27, 2001
14x33 14 14x33 Episode 2993
Shauna and Hayley are caught in the middle of Jude and Noah's problems. Brett's career is in jeopardy after he loses his cool. Shelley is furious at Rhys for ruining a family day. Mitch ...
Feb. 28, 2002
14x34 14 14x34 Episode 2994
Is Brett about to end his life? Brodie reveals her devastation about Mitch's impending departure. Alex does all he can to avoid going back to the city. Shelley and Rhys reconcile.
Mar. 01, 2001
14x35 14 14x35 Episode 2995
Sally is distraught when Brett leaves the Bay. Dani breaks up with Will after she finds out he lied to her. Brodie struggles to come to terms with the thought of losing Mitch. Leah ...
Mar. 02, 2001
14x36 14 14x36 Episode 2996
Shelley is devastated at the news that her parents are separating. Noah returns to find Holly worming her way into Jude's affections. Brodie reveals the extent of her feelings for Mitch. ...
Mar. 05, 2001
14x37 14 14x37 Episode 2997
Sally is slightly withdrawn as wedding preparations fill the air. Alex reveals the truth to Theo about his Uncle's shonky work practices. Will is jealous as Dani plays up to Alex. Vinnie ...
Mar. 06, 2001
14x38 14 14x38 Episode 2998
Excitement, nerves and family dissension surround Leah and Vinnie's wedding. Shauna says that Holly is deluding herself if she thinks she is going to get back with Jude.
Mar. 07, 2001
14x39 14 14x39 Episode 2999
Shelley suspects Gypsy still has feelings for Will. Theo confronts Con about Alex's claims. Holly promises to stay out of Jude's life. Duncan catches Alf in a compromising position ...
Mar. 08, 2001
14x40 14 14x40 Episode 3000
Duncan confronts his father over his kiss with Stella. Shelley finds out the truth about her father. The lust between Gypsy and Will reaches boiling point. Mitch makes an emotional ...
Mar. 09, 2001
14x41 14 14x41 Episode 3001
Brodie collapses and is rushed to hospital. Will rejects Dani's attempts to get back together. Shelley is infuriated when her father turns up with his much younger girlfriend. Nick ...
Mar. 12, 2001
14x42 14 14x42 Episode 3002
A side effect of Brodie's surgery emerges. Gypsy reveals her true feelings for Will. Shelley's relationship with her father continues to deteriorate. Vinnie begins to feel like a kept ...
Mar. 13, 2001
14x43 14 14x43 Episode 3003
Vinnie's feelings of inadequacy grow. Irene is furious at Will for criticising her daughter. Noah and Hayley rescue a scared kid. Gypsy tells Tom that she is still in love with Wil ...
Mar. 14, 2001
14x44 14 14x44 Episode 3004
Will is upset when Irene agrees to let Hayley take sole charge of the house. Vinnie realises what is really important in life. Tom is attacked by the mysterious kid. Jude is concerned ...
Mar. 15, 2001
14x45 14 14x45 Episode 3005
Shelley panics when it appears Geoff has gone sailing in a vicious storm. Brodie pines for Alex. Alf feels bad about leaving Duncan. Kirsty helps a kid in trouble.
Mar. 16, 2001
14x46 14 14x46 Episode 3006
Geoff's sailing dream comes to an end. Who is the mystery kid Toni, and what is 'he' running from? Noah's had enough of his good boy routine. Could Gypsy be falling for one of her TAFE ...
Mar. 19, 2001
14x47 14 14x47 Episode 3007
Vinnie has a crisis of confidence. Jade suspects Brodie has feelings for Alex. Noah rescues Toni from the irate farmer Leo. Nick wants to spend time with Kirsty alone, but she's giving ...
Mar. 20, 2001
14x48 14 14x48 Episode 3008
Nick gives Kirsty an ultimatum - single dates or else. Alex seeks Brodie's help in getting closer to Dani, much to Brodie's heartbreak. Vinnie feels he can do no right with Leah. Gypsy ...
Mar. 21, 2001
14x49 14 14x49 Episode 3009
Noah's on a path of self-destruction. Nick blames himself for Kirsty's mishap in the surf. Gypsy attempts to deal with her discovery, but it's clear she's still playing games. Vinnie ...
Mar. 22, 2001
14x50 14 14x50 Episode 3010
Toni's secret is discovered. Dani finally agrees to go on a date with Alex, much to Brodie's heartbreak. Gypsy tries to make everyone think she's romantically linked with Andrews. Linda ...
Mar. 23, 2001
14x51 14 14x51 Episode 3011
Gypsy continues on her quest to make everyone believe she's interested in Andrew. Fisher receives an upsetting letter from Marilyn. Toni makes Noah promise to keep 'his' true identity ...
Mar. 26, 2001
14x52 14 14x52 Episode 3012
Noah and Hayley take their relationship to the next level. Leah warns Dani not to play with her brother's affections. Toni's true identity is revealed.
Mar. 27, 2001
14x53 14 14x53 Episode 3013
Dani kisses Alex - but is it true love or something sinister? Gypsy sets her trap for Andrew. Fisher decides to let go of the past.
Mar. 28, 2001
14x54 14 14x54 Episode 3014
Dani finally learns the truth about Brodie's feelings for Alex. The diner's new advertising campaign experiences some obstacles. Alex is distraught when Dani dumps him. The twins shun ...
Mar. 29, 2001
14x55 14 14x55 Episode 3015
Toni's father John discovers the whereabouts of his daughter. Leah and Vinnie share terrific news. Gypsy's morning sickness is ever present. Kirsty and Nick reconcile.
Mar. 30, 2001
14x56 14 14x56 Episode 3016
Leah and Vinnie come down from cloud nine with a crash. A trauma leads Toni to make a shocking confession about her father. Jade starts to feel insecure about her weight. Brodie helps ...
Apr. 02, 2001
14x57 14 14x57 Episode 3017
Will returns to Summer Bay and makes up with Dani. Jade's insecurity leads her to make an unhealthy decision. Toni makes a statement to the police and leaves the Sutherlands. Geoff ...
Apr. 03, 2001
14x58 14 14x58 Episode 3018
Much to his consternation Geoff realises he is the object of Colleen's affection. Noah rises to Hayley's challenge and decides to taker her out driving. Kirsty is suspicious of Jade's ...
Apr. 04, 2001
14x59 14 14x59 Episode 3019
Brodie fears her memory loss is affecting her schoolwork. Shauna worries she has ruined her chances of teaching at Summer Bay. Noah and Hayley continue their illegal driving lessons. ...
Apr. 05, 2001
14x60 14 14x60 Episode 3020
Shauna's class go overboard to show their support in an unnecessary protest. Brodie desperate to pass her test resorts to cheating. Gypsy is angry with Shelley that her secret is o ...
Apr. 06, 2001
14x61 14 14x61 Episode 3021
Gypsy's half-truth's backfire on her. Nick 'borrows' Will's car for a night out with the guys. Brodie feels the pressure of cheating. Shauna attracts the attentions of a student. Jade ...
Apr. 09, 2001
14x62 14 14x62 Episode 3022
Shauna lays down the law to Kane. Andrew threatens Gypsy with legal action. Vinnie show's signs of 'pregnancy'. In desperation, Nick takes $200 from Irene's bill money.
Apr. 10, 2001
14x63 14 14x63 Episode 3023
Brodie's guilt causes her to confront Fisher. Colleen is stood up by Geoff, Vinnie's good-looking, trouble-making cousin turns up. Gypsy finally tells her parents her secret.
Apr. 11, 2001
14x64 14 14x64 Episode 3024
Rhys and Shelley realise the severity of Brodie's memory loss. Geoff and Avril decide to try again. Skye starts giving Alex the run around. Vinnie discovers what his symptoms mean. ...
Apr. 12, 2001
14x65 14 14x65 Episode 3025
Kane is beaten up after Jude threatens him. Skye continues to lead Alex on. Nick's theft is discovered Shelley suspects Jade's problem.
Apr. 13, 2001
14x66 14 14x66 Episode 3026
Jude realises people suspect him of attacking Kane. Sally and Alf both arrive back in the Bay. Jade tells Shelley off for interfering.
Apr. 16, 2001
14x67 14 14x67 Episode 3027
Hayley's 18th birthday is a disaster. Sally discovers Gypsy's big secret. Nick runs away from home.
Apr. 17, 2001
14x68 14 14x68 Episode 3028
Is Hayley and Noah's fairytale romance over? Nick meets a ghost. Brodie finally stands up to Alex. Duncan and Alf sort things out.
Apr. 18, 2001
14x69 14 14x69 Episode 3029
Jude is booked for the assault on Kane. Alex realises he has feelings for Brodie. Sally agrees to keep Gypsy's secret.
Apr. 19, 2001
14x70 14 14x70 Episode 3030
Melissa collapses on the beach. Noah is unsuccessful in his attempts to woo back Hayley. Kane tells Shauna the horrible truth about his assault.
Apr. 20, 2001
14x71 14 14x71 Episode 3031
Scott threatens Jude and Duncan if Shauna doesn't keep quiet. Jade continues to make progress with her recovery. Alf and Leah clash over the direction the Diner is taking. Sally tries ...
Apr. 23, 2001
14x72 14 14x72 Episode 3032
Jude's stubbornness could be putting his loved ones in jeopardy. Will's perplexed when Gypsy starts avoiding him. Alex's business has a big break. Brodie and Dani find themselves in ...
Apr. 24, 2001
14x73 14 14x73 Episode 3033
Dani decides to let 'the best man win'. Brodie and Alex finally get passionate. Sally worries about Gypsy's morning sickness. Dani starts to wonder about Will and Sally's relations ...
Apr. 25, 2001
14x74 14 14x74 Episode 3034
Hayley gives Noah a second chance on her terms. Leah and Skye start to bond. Alex realises he's found the girl of his dreams in Brodie.
Apr. 26, 2001
14x75 14 14x75 Episode 3035
Scott and Kane kidnap Shauna. Colleen is caught in Leah and Alf's cross-fire. Hayley can't seem to trust Noah. Leah wins a friend in Skye.
Apr. 27, 2001

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