Jan. 17, 1988
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Home and Away (AU)

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.

Home and Away (AU) Season 13 (2000)

13x01 13 13x01 Episode 2756
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Jan. 31, 2000
13x02 13 13x02 Episode 2757
Edward's willing to risk his life for a thrill. Will Shauna fight for Harry? Ken asks Irene for a second chance.
Feb. 01, 2000
13x03 13 13x03 Episode 2758
Harry comes back for Shauna. Will reconciles with his dad. Peta rushes to stop Edward from jumping to his death. Fisher is back from the States... without Marilyn.
Feb. 02, 2000
13x04 13 13x04 Episode 2759
Rachel goes missing. HSC results start to arrive. Fisher has a few drinks too many. Alf's sister Celia has gone missing.
Feb. 03, 2000
13x05 13 13x05 Episode 2760
Joel discovers Natalie has lied to him. Alf leaves to search for his sister, Celia. Fisher gives up on Marilyn.
Feb. 04, 2000
13x06 13 13x06 Episode 2761
How commited is Shauna to Harry? Natalie and Joel are still disagreeing. Vinnie decides it's not over for him and Sally.
Feb. 07, 2000
13x07 13 13x07 Episode 2762
Joel and Natalie reconcile. Will goes to his father for advice. Sally thinks everyone has forgotten her birthday.
Feb. 08, 2000
13x08 13 13x08 Episode 2763
Ken is accused of drinking. Colleen's son, Lance comes back to the Bay! Sally has her 21st birthday party, rejects Vinnie and inherits $250 000.
Feb. 09, 2000
13x09 13 13x09 Episode 2764
Ken and Irene kiss. Mitch wins Hayley's heart and Sam's friendship. Lance reveals his big secret.
Feb. 10, 2000
13x10 13 13x10 Episode 2765
Edward starts making friends with Peta and Gypsy. Colleen discovers Lance has a wife! Typhoid has apparantly come to Summer Bay.
Feb. 11, 2000
13x11 13 13x11 Episode 2766
The diner is closed down due to Typhoid. Sam, is contacted by his father. Mitch finds naked drawings of Hayley in her portfolio.
Feb. 14, 2000
13x12 13 13x12 Episode 2767
Sam leaves Summer Bay to stay with his dad. Duncan hides Liang from the police.
Feb. 15, 2000
13x13 13 13x13 Episode 2768
Colleen is shocked when Lance's wife turns up in Summer Bay. With Duncan rescues Liang, with help from Lance. Shauna won't let Harry beat her.
Feb. 16, 2000
13x14 13 13x14 Episode 2769
Lance has to choose between his mother, Colleen or his wife, Debbie. Harry and Shauna have a fight.
Feb. 17, 2000
13x15 13 13x15 Episode 2770
Lance reveals that Debbie is pregnant. Ken and Sally talk business. Joel finds a way into Rachel's heart.
Feb. 18, 2000
13x16 13 13x16 Episode 2771
James has a secret admirer. Sam feels betrayed by his father. Tensions build between Will and Ken.
Feb. 21, 2000
13x17 13 13x17 Episode 2772
James discovers the identity of his secret admirer. Sam and Will have a fight at school. Irene and Ken come to blows.
Feb. 22, 2000
13x18 13 13x18 Episode 2773
Fisher gets angry when he discovers Edward's read his manuscript. Irene thinks Will has left home for good. Fisher and Greg come to have a big fight over Sam.
Feb. 23, 2000
13x19 13 13x19 Episode 2774
Ailsa is sick with worry when she learns that Alf's thrown himself into a war zone! Justine's glam photos make Tom jealous. Shauna thinks about quitting her job as a lifesaver.
Feb. 24, 2000
13x20 13 13x20 Episode 2775
Sam has to decide between living with his father and Fisher. Sally decides to travel to Ireland. Natalie discovers she's pregnant.
Feb. 25, 2000
13x21 13 13x21 Episode 2776
Gypsy's big mouth lands Mitch in trouble with Hayley. Hayley catches Ken and Irene kissing. Tom's shocked when he discovers Justine's going on stage naked.
Feb. 28, 2000
13x22 13 13x22 Episode 2777
Will gets angry when Irene announces Ken is moving in. Mitch and Hayley have a fight. Justine and Curt are caught in the act.
Feb. 29, 2000
13x23 13 13x23 Episode 2778
Fisher is furious to discover Edward's read his manuscript. Mitch digs himself into a deeper hole with Hayley. Fisher and Greg come to verbal blows. Irene worries that Will has left ...
Mar. 01, 2000
13x24 13 13x24 Episode 2779
Nat is shocked to discover she's pregnant. Sam realises that Fisher does love him. Sally lets her hair down and gets robbed in the process. Edward pushes to have Fisher's manuscript ...
Mar. 02, 2000
13x25 13 13x25 Episode 2780
Sam has to decide between living with his father and Fisher. Sally is hit with an early 'mid-life crisis' and decides to travel to Ireland. The Nashes come to terms with Natalie's ...
Mar. 03, 2000
13x26 13 13x26 Episode 2781
Mitch tries to win back Hayley. Vinnie advises Tom to scam Fisher. Ken buys Will's support with a motorbike.
Mar. 06, 2000
13x27 13 13x27 Episode 2782
Irene and Ken fight for control over the kids. Gypsy puts Hayley in her place. Edward agrees to write about his disease. Hayley hoses Mitch when he tries to win her heart.
Mar. 07, 2000
13x28 13 13x28 Episode 2783
Gypsy gets into a fight at school. Justine's having second thoughts about being naked on stage. Has Ken finally won Will and Hayley over?
Mar. 08, 2000
13x29 13 13x29 Episode 2784
Harry is accused of kissing a student. Summer Bay hears that Joel isn't the father of Natalie's baby. Justine realises she's been taken for a ride.
Mar. 09, 2000
13x30 13 13x30 Episode 2785
Justine gets an unexpected offer after her play. Harry struggles to clear his name. Sam finds a new love interest.
Mar. 10, 2000
13x31 13 13x31 Episode 2786
Harry's disillusioned with teaching. Tom and Gypsy join forces to take out the boat illegally. Vinnie is beaten up.
Mar. 13, 2000
13x32 13 13x32 Episode 2787
Vinnie reveals he's still pining for Sally. Joel threatens to pull the plug on Tom's boat hire business. Irene hands over the reins to Ken.
Mar. 14, 2000
13x33 13 13x33 Episode 2788
Justine and Tom join forces to bring Vinnie out of his blues. Ken goads Will into a fight. Alf is released.
Mar. 15, 2000
13x34 13 13x34 Episode 2789
Harry hands in his letter of resignation. Hayley takes a job against Irene and Ken's wishes. Ken and Irene take the next step in their relationship.
Mar. 16, 2000
13x35 13 13x35 Episode 2790
Gypsy is surprised and flattered to find that Charlie has tracked her down. Fisher tries to convince Harry not to leave. Hayley has started working for Claire's dad at the real estate ...
Mar. 17, 2000
13x36 13 13x36 Episode 2791
Peta catches Gypsy two-timing Will. Claire discovers Sam has been boasting about them sleeping together. Edward takes Peta's job as editor of the school newspaper. James announces he's ...
Mar. 20, 2000
13x37 13 13x37 Episode 2792
Harry's amateur psychology is working on Shauna. Gypsy accuses Peta of being an interfering busybody. Edward is announced editor of the school newspaper, and the students boycott.
Mar. 21, 2000
13x38 13 13x38 Episode 2793
Shauna beats her dog phobia. Vinnie picks up an unfortunate hitchhiker. Peta and Gypsy become reluctant allies.
Mar. 22, 2000
13x39 13 13x39 Episode 2794
Vinnie's keen on Leah, but so is Tom! Natalie is harassed by a mysterious phone caller. Hayley suspects things aren't innocent with Brian Rogers.
Mar. 23, 2000
13x40 13 13x40 Episode 2795
Leah reveals she's committed a terrible crime. Ken punches Rogers for harassing Hayley. Natalie's mysterious caller turns up on her doorstep.
Mar. 24, 2000
13x41 13 13x41 Episode 2796
Peta clashes with Edward over the school newspaper – and his ego. Hayley wants Mitch to suffer a little more before reconciling with him…Tom and Vinnie discover Leah's ...
Mar. 27, 2000
13x42 13 13x42 Episode 2797
Mitch refuses to be Hayley's doormat. Edward quits as editor of the school newspaper. Fisher breaks down in class. Vinnie's conning lands Leah a job.
Mar. 28, 2000
13x43 13 13x43 Episode 2798
Charlie presses Gypsy for a ""proper"" relationship. Shauna tries to play matchmaker with James and Juliette. Tom is green with jealousy over Leah's interest in Vinnie…Nat explodes, ...
Mar. 29, 2000
13x44 13 13x44 Episode 2799
Gypsy catches Nat – with another man! Harry learns that speed kills. James begins to warm to Juliette. Gypsy's dream afternoon ends in tragedy…
Mar. 30, 2000
13x45 13 13x45 Episode 2800
Gypsy's life hangs in the balance after Charlie's drunken car crash. Will is heartbroken over Gypsy's two timing. Hayley and Mitch reconcile. Has James found his true love? Harry makes ...
Mar. 31, 2000
13x46 13 13x46 Episode 2801
Justine spends the night with Tom…Has Gypsy lost her memory? Joel blames Justine and Peta for Gypsy's accident. Juliet worries that James is having second thoughts about going ...
Apr. 03, 2000
13x47 13 13x47 Episode 2802
Nat reveals to Judith that she had an affair with Glen and is pregnant with his child. Joel arrests Will for dangerous driving and confiscates the motorbike. Gypsy admits to Joel that ...
Apr. 04, 2000
13x48 13 13x48 Episode 2803
Duncan tricks Shauna into a kissing him. Will goads Judith into suspending him from school. Before leaving Summer Bay, James admits that he's not in love with Juliet…Fisher refuses ...
Apr. 05, 2000
13x49 13 13x49 Episode 2804
Embarrassed after trying to kiss Shauna, Duncan swims into the surf and disappears! Judith tells Edward she's sending him away to a private school. Shauna's suspended from her duties ...
Apr. 06, 2000
13x50 13 13x50 Episode 2805
Leah breaks the bad news to Tom – she's seeing Vinnie. Mitch refuses to give up the search for Duncan. Justine leaves Summer Bay. Gypsy warns Glen to stay away from her moth ...
Apr. 07, 2000
13x51 13 13x51 Episode 2806
Ken thinks that Mitch is after one thing from Hayley...Duncan's found – alive and well on the Blaxland. Gypsy knows her mum had an affair.
Apr. 10, 2000
13x52 13 13x52 Episode 2807
Peta tries to get romantic with Edward and he runs a mile. Ken drives Mitch out of the house. Gypsy agrees to keep Nat's affair a secret, but vows never to forgive her. Gypsy is shunned ...
Apr. 11, 2000
13x53 13 13x53 Episode 2808
Edward and Peta both admit they aren't ready to get intimate. Sam feels like he'll never meet Fisher's academic expectations. Hayley throws down the gauntlet to Ken – she's spending ...
Apr. 12, 2000
13x54 13 13x54 Episode 2809
Duncan threatens to run away if Ailsa makes him apologise to Shauna. A traveller catches Tom's eye, and moves in... - Leah's green with jealousy over Vinnie's new house mate.
Apr. 13, 2000
13x55 13 13x55 Episode 2810
Sam tells Fisher he wants to quit school and join the surfing tour. Tom's found himself a romantic interest, but is she genuine? Gypsy spies Nat with Glen. Duncan makes amends with ...
Apr. 14, 2000
13x56 13 13x56 Episode 2811
The Nashes fear for Gypsy's mental health after she breaks down while confronting Nat over Glen. Meanwhile Duncan refuses to participate in the Nippers Carnival and Mitch over-reacts ...
Apr. 17, 2000
13x57 13 13x57 Episode 2812
Mitch reveals to Hayley a dark secret about his mother. Gilly, the backpacker, tells Tom they can't fall in love... Duncan is embarrassed when Ailsa competes in a father-son race at ...
Apr. 18, 2000
13x58 13 13x58 Episode 2813
Hayley understands Mitch's concern and asks Irene to take her to the hospital for a check up. After Will relates that Hayley's gone to hospital, Ken's becomes frantic with worry. Ken ...
Apr. 19, 2000
13x59 13 13x59 Episode 2814
Leah discovers that Vinnie has a shady past...Ken buys a sports car from the wreckers - for Irene. Gypsy goes to the garage to apologise to Will and gets a nasty surprise. Tom tries ...
Apr. 20, 2000
13x60 13 13x60 Episode 2815
Nat has to make a decision - will she tell Joel about the affair? Vinnie refuses to give up stripping for Leah. Will discovers why Gypsy freaked over Ken's new car... Colleen tells ...
Apr. 21, 2000
13x61 13 13x61 Episode 2816
Leah's father orders her to come home to the city. Vinnie thinks Gilly's scamming Tom into marrying her. Hayley is annoyed that everyone's forgotten about Nick, the youngest Smith. ...
Apr. 24, 2000
13x62 13 13x62 Episode 2817
Joel demands to know if Nat had the affair with Glen so that she could fall pregnant. Ed uncovers some startling information about Mitch's mother death. Mr Poulos offers to take Leah ...
Apr. 25, 2000
13x63 13 13x63 Episode 2818
Leah's father offers Vinnie $50,000 to stop seeing his daughter. Mitch realises that he wasn't responsible for his mother's death... Nick is less than enthused about rejoining Ken's ...
Apr. 26, 2000
13x64 13 13x64 Episode 2819
When Mitch goes to confront his step-father, he gets a shocking surprise. Edward's discovered his true calling - or has he? Nick is convinced that his mother is going to rejoin the ...
Apr. 27, 2000
13x65 13 13x65 Episode 2820
Duncan calls Alf a dirty liar. Tom asks Gilly if she has any regrets about their marriage plans. Ailsa learns the secret behind Alf's heroic rescue of Celia. Natalie collapses at the ...
Apr. 28, 2000
13x66 13 13x66 Episode 2821
Joel asks Natalie if he can move back in. Duncan turns against his Aunt Celia. Vinnie suspects Gilly is taking Tom for a ride.
May. 01, 2000
13x67 13 13x67 Episode 2822
Is Edward showing signs of Huntington's Disease? Natalie and Joel attempt to reconcile. Tom can't forgive either his mum or his sister. Sam admits the pressure's on.
May. 02, 2000
13x68 13 13x68 Episode 2823
Natalie comes to a decision about her marriage. Tom makes peace with his mum and his sister. Nick continues to cause grief for Irene. The ride gets bumpy for Shauna and Harry.
May. 03, 2000
13x69 13 13x69 Episode 2824
Duncan and Nick break into the surf club. Edward practices for when he has Huntington's. Alf faces bankruptcy. Harry presents Shauna with an engagement ring.
May. 04, 2000
13x70 13 13x70 Episode 2825
Edward reveals that beneath the mask of confidence, he's scared. Celia and Duncan strike a deal. Alf receives a cheque from an anonymous benefactor, for damages to the surf club. Shauna ...
May. 05, 2000
13x71 13 13x71 Episode 2826
Ken has wedding bells on his mind. Peta refuses to let Edward walk away from her. Duncan and Nick go on a vandalising spree. Joel calls a family meeting to talk about the future.
May. 08, 2000
13x72 13 13x72 Episode 2827
Gypsy blames herself for her parents break-up. Irene wants a little romance and gets some. Harry makes plans to move out.
May. 09, 2000
13x73 13 13x73 Episode 2828
Will Irene accept Ken's proposal, Duncan and Nick get into a brawl. Sally arrives back in Summer Bay with a surprise for everyone.
May. 10, 2000
13x74 13 13x74 Episode 2829
Vinnie realises just how much Sally's changed . Tom catches his fiancées in a compromising situation. Edward matchmakers his mother.
May. 11, 2000
13x75 13 13x75 Episode 2830
Edward's mismatching goes awry. Tom loses it over Gilly. Natalie leaves Summer Bay. Vinnie seems to holding a torch for Sal...
May. 12, 2000

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