Jan. 17, 1988
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Home and Away (AU)

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.

Home and Away (AU) Season 12 (1999)

12x01 12 12x01 Episode 2526
The Nash family lives in fear – Robert is still out there. Chloe has found comfort in the arms of James. Has Joey turned to drugs?
Jan. 11, 1999
12x02 12 12x02 Episode 2527
Joey promises to lift his game. What did Robert do to Gypsy when he had her captive?
Jan. 12, 1999
12x03 12 12x03 Episode 2528
Chloe decides to give more of herself to James. Is Joey cracking up? Ailsa has a nasty experience on the road.
Jan. 13, 1999
12x04 12 12x04 Episode 2529
Is someone stalking Ailsa? Vinnie is back from his romantic holiday – and he's beaming. Fisher discovers that the bandit graffiti artist is Hayley.
Jan. 14, 1999
12x05 12 12x05 Episode 2530
Robert makes his presence known. Does Justine want Vinnie back? Alf decides he wants to join the gun club.
Jan. 15, 1999
12x06 12 12x06 Episode 2531
Robert is back – and he's up to something sinister. Chloe rejects James one more time. Sally returns from her secret holiday.
Jan. 18, 1999
12x07 12 12x07 Episode 2532
Has the Nash family gone up in flames?
Jan. 19, 1999
12x08 12 12x08 Episode 2533
Robert is finally captured.
Jan. 20, 1999
12x09 12 12x09 Episode 2534
The Nashes try to deal with the horror of their experience. Could Joey have a mental illness? Hayley gets ready to graffiti again.
Jan. 21, 1999
12x10 12 12x10 Episode 2535
Tiegan blames herself for Joey's illness. Ailsa shoots Alf! Sally and Vinnie have their first disagreement.
Jan. 22, 1999
12x11 12 12x11 Episode 2536
Alf takes a stand on the gun issue. Robert has the last laugh. Irene seeks help for Joey.
Jan. 25, 1999
12x12 12 12x12 Episode 2537
[add summary]
Jan. 26, 1999
12x13 12 12x13 Episode 2538
Joey isolates himself even further. Gypsy loses her cool in class. Is Sally the healous type? Hayley catches Sam in the act.
Jan. 27, 1999
12x14 12 12x14 Episode 2539
Has Joey injured Irene? Hayley compromises her principles. Are Vinnie and Sally about to come out?
Jan. 28, 1999
12x15 12 12x15 Episode 2540
Will Irene turn Joey in to the cops? Hayley backs out of the graffiti challenge. Justine catches Vinnie pashing Sally.
Jan. 29, 1999
12x16 12 12x16 Episode 2541
Justine is horrified to find Vinnie has lost the big V to Sally. Sam chickens out of a friendly challenge. Joel causes a huge scene at the cricket.
Feb. 01, 1999
12x17 12 12x17 Episode 2542
Tom becomes the local hero. Has Vinnie finally got a real job? Sam overcomes his fears. Fisher runs foul of the law.
Feb. 02, 1999
12x18 12 12x18 Episode 2543
Tom is picked up by an older woman. Has Rebecca joined high society or is she just a fish out of water? Is Fisher going blind?
Feb. 03, 1999
12x19 12 12x19 Episode 2544
Is Rebecca bending school rules? Gypsy gets tipsy and storms out of Fisher's class. Things are looking up for Chloe and James.
Feb. 04, 1999
12x20 12 12x20 Episode 2545
Joel worries – is Gypsy losing it? Geraldine's facade is finally broken. Sam puts himself in great danger. Chloe is concerned for Olivia's health.
Feb. 05, 1999
12x21 12 12x21 Episode 2546
Geraldine sobers up and reverts to her nasty self. Is Olivia's life in danger? Joey has found comfort in the arms of a woman.
Feb. 08, 1999
12x22 12 12x22 Episode 2547
Joey thinks he's Superman. Has James found another woman? Is Vinnie up to his old tricks?
Feb. 09, 1999
12x23 12 12x23 Episode 2548
Irene has renewed hope for Joey. Is Sam the cause of his mate's death? James surprises Chloe.
Feb. 10, 1999
12x24 12 12x24 Episode 2549
Geraldine steals Rebecca's glory. Tom's love life takes centre stage. Sam can't shake his guilt.
Feb. 11, 1999
12x25 12 12x25 Episode 2550
Rebecca puts Geraldine in her place. Vinnie's secret is revealed. Tom and Justine get it on.
Feb. 12, 1999
12x26 12 12x26 Episode 2551
Has Marilyn's baby come prematurely? Tom and Justine finally get their act together. Has Saul returned from the dead?
Feb. 15, 1999
12x27 12 12x27 Episode 2552
Marilyn has a baby boy. Tom manipulates his sister to get what he wants. Joey's love leaves him.
Feb. 16, 1999
12x28 12 12x28 Episode 2553
Marilyn's worried – why isn't she feeling happy? Vinnie is convinced he has psychic powers. Has Lachie married the other woman?
Feb. 17, 1999
12x29 12 12x29 Episode 2554
James comforts a grieving Chloe. Has Gypsy's drinking problem been uncovered?
Feb. 18, 1999
12x30 12 12x30 Episode 2555
Has Joel been dismissed from the force? Gypsy's welfare is becoming everyone's concern. What's Diana up to this time?
Feb. 19, 1999
12x31 12 12x31 Episode 2556
Ian announces Pippa's not coming back. Joey's seeing visions of his dead father. Joel is suspended from the police force. Justine and Tom's night of passion doesn't entirely go as ...
Feb. 22, 1999
12x32 12 12x32 Episode 2557
Will Joey kill Irene? Tiegan's keen to leave Summer Bay, but will Justine go with her? Why is Diana spending time with the local real estate agent? Hayley's angry Sam lied to her about ...
Feb. 23, 1999
12x33 12 12x33 Episode 2558
Has Diana had a fatal accident? James admits Joey to a psychiatric clinic. Marilyn's afraid to leave the hospital with her baby. Sam's unsure whether to leave Summer Bay.
Feb. 24, 1999
12x34 12 12x34 Episode 2559
Diana loses her sight. Fisher realises he's failed Sam. Marilyn's afraid to admit to Donald she feels nothing for the baby. Why does Vinnie have a lawyer after him?
Feb. 25, 1999
12x35 12 12x35 Episode 2560
Fisher's concerned – why is Marilyn refusing to breastfeed? Gypsy's desperate to get her hands on some more alcohol. Tom is caught with Gypsy's bottle of vodka... but will he ...
Feb. 26, 1999
12x36 12 12x36 Episode 2561
Is Gypsy in danger of becoming an alcoholic? Marilyn's filled with shame but she just doesn't love her baby. Spending the night with Tom helps Justine to decide to stay in Summer Bay. ...
Mar. 01, 1999
12x37 12 12x37 Episode 2562
Will's not too happy about the prospect of Joey coming home. Diana pretends to be blind. Natalie's horrified to find Gypsy passed out drunk. Vinnie decides the money isn't worth it ...
Mar. 02, 1999
12x38 12 12x38 Episode 2563
Gypsy returns to counselling. Joey panics when Irene tells him she has to go to the city. Chloe suspects Diana's sight has come back. Sam can't decide whether to stay or go. Duncan ...
Mar. 03, 1999
12x39 12 12x39 Episode 2564
Chloe and James consummate their relationship. Fisher loses his patience with Marilyn. Joel's careful not to give Brook and Mara the wrong idea. Sam thinks Fisher's mellowing a little. ...
Mar. 04, 1999
12x40 12 12x40 Episode 2565
Fisher's devastated to find Marilyn's gone. Did Travis cheat on Rebecca with Brook? Sam decides to stay in Summer Bay. Sally says she won't respect Vinnie unless he returns to scho ...
Mar. 05, 1999
12x41 12 12x41 Episode 2566
Has Marilyn committed suicide? Duncan hates that Will and Hayley are now living in his house. Joel can't help suspecting that more went on between Brook and Travis than he's being told. ...
Mar. 08, 1999
12x42 12 12x42 Episode 2567
Gypsy and Will are locked in the cellar. Fisher starts to think marrying Marilyn was a big mistake. Joey feels like the town freak. Vinnie's finding it hard to concentrate on schoo ...
Mar. 09, 1999
12x43 12 12x43 Episode 2568
Duncan has Ailsa wrapped around his little finger. Jesse develops a friendship with Maggie, the prison warden. Tom's not over Terri by a long shot. Joey's still feeling like an out ...
Mar. 10, 1999
12x44 12 12x44 Episode 2569
Is there a possibility of romance between Jesse and Maggie? Travis admits to Rebecca that Brook came onto him. Fisher seems to have accepted that Marilyn's not coming back. There are ...
Mar. 11, 1999
12x45 12 12x45 Episode 2570
Is Maggie a prisoner on the run? Will Brook cause problems for Travis and Rebecca? Justine catches Tom on Terri's doorstep. Joel boosts Vinnie's confidence. Tiegan leaves to live with ...
Mar. 12, 1999
12x46 12 12x46 Episode 2571
Tom and Terri are unable to control their physical attraction. Jesse's suspicions of Maggie are allayed. Joey begins to open up in therapy. The sea search for Marilyn has been abandoned. ...
Mar. 15, 1999
12x47 12 12x47 Episode 2572
Jesse discovers Maggie's secret. Fisher employs a housekeeper. Tom lies to Justine about what happened with Terri. Travis warns Brooke to keep her distance. Joey enjoys giving his speech ...
Mar. 16, 1999
12x48 12 12x48 Episode 2573
Jesse and Maggie are forced to say goodbye. Natalie isn't falling for Brook's 'poor me' routine, even if Rebecca is. James is hurt that Chloe still isn't over Lachie. Hayley and Will's ...
Mar. 17, 1999
12x49 12 12x49 Episode 2574
Nick's afraid Johnno will kill him if he doesn't come up with $500. James asks Chloe to marry him. Travis begins to feel sorry for Brook. Vinnie agrees to let Hayley paint him. Natalie ...
Mar. 18, 1999
12x50 12 12x50 Episode 2575
Chloe agrees to marry James. Johnno catches up to Will and Nick. Justine feels guilty for not trusting Tom. Sam and Ellen develop a friendship. Sam is shocked to discover what Hayley's ...
Mar. 19, 1999
12x51 12 12x51 Episode 2576
Will turns his brother in. Brook tells Rebecca that she and Travis are in love. Vinnie rocks up at school wearing nothing but a fresh coat of paint.
Mar. 22, 1999
12x52 12 12x52 Episode 2577
Is Nick in trouble with the law? Joel and Travis realise their father lived a double life. Justine finally discovers the truth about Tom and Terri's relationship.
Mar. 23, 1999
12x53 12 12x53 Episode 2578
Has Tom lost both the women in his life? Nick's foster parents come to town. Chloe decides she's going to be happy about this marriage.
Mar. 24, 1999
12x54 12 12x54 Episode 2579
Tom and Terri go public with their relationship. Duncan is out to get Joey. Is Vinnie going to become a father? What's Ellen's big secret?
Mar. 25, 1999
12x55 12 12x55 Episode 2580
Sam harasses Ellen's daughter. Ailsa asks Joey to leave. Sally lets Vinnie off the hook. Has Travis found his half-sister?
Mar. 26, 1999
12x56 12 12x56 Episode 2581
Irene and Ailsa have it out. Travis finally finds his sister. Tom and Terri face the music.
Mar. 29, 1999
12x57 12 12x57 Episode 2582
Is Sam's little friend pregnant? Has Fisher finally found Marilyn? Evil Duncan strikes again. Diana steamrolls her way back into town.
Mar. 30, 1999
12x58 12 12x58 Episode 2583
Diana takes over James and Chloe's wedding. Has Fisher found a new love? Will has a female admirer and Gypsy is fuming. The kids boycott the diner. What does Vinnie have in store for ...
Mar. 31, 1999
12x59 12 12x59 Episode 2584
Joey recommits himself to hospital. Rebecca takes matters into her own hands. Fisher tries to resolve the continuing feud between Duncan and the other kids.
Apr. 01, 1999
12x60 12 12x60 Episode 2585
Travis's sister comes to the Bay. Tom punches one of Terri's friends. Is Chloe marrying a man she doesn't love?
Apr. 02, 1999
12x61 12 12x61 Episode 2586
Irene decides to throw Chloe an engagement party. Vinnie makes an embarrassing confession. Duncan destroys Hayley's art. Travis and Rebecca take pity on Claire.
Apr. 05, 1999
12x62 12 12x62 Episode 2587
Claire robs Travis and skips town. Vinnie gets six months of community service. Terri makes a fool out of herself. Fisher's past comes back to haunt him.
Apr. 06, 1999
12x63 12 12x63 Episode 2588
Travis lets Claire off the hook. Tom packs his bags – he's moving out! Joey and Miranda get intimate.
Apr. 07, 1999
12x64 12 12x64 Episode 2589
Is Terri going to reject Tom? Diana uncovers the shocking truth about Ellen! The sight of blood horrifies Miranda.
Apr. 08, 1999
12x65 12 12x65 Episode 2590
Fisher follows his conscience. Irene assaults Diana at the engagement party. Sally sees trouble in store for Fisher.
Apr. 09, 1999
12x66 12 12x66 Episode 2591
The kids try to qualify as life savers. Chloe and James kick Diana out. Vinnie heads for a showdown with Fisher.
Apr. 12, 1999
12x67 12 12x67 Episode 2592
Alf's life saving classes end in nudity on the beach. A drunken Diana shows up on Irene's doorstep. Fisher turns Vinnie down - again.
Apr. 13, 1999
12x68 12 12x68 Episode 2593
Diana drops the charges against Irene. Tom betrays Tom to his own parents. Will reveals the truth about his father. Is there a conspiracy against Travis?
Apr. 14, 1999
12x69 12 12x69 Episode 2594
Tom puts Joel in his place. Joey discovers that Miranda's secret. Travis's boat is destroyed!
Apr. 15, 1999
12x70 12 12x70 Episode 2595
Joey and Miranda have their first kiss. Vinnie decides to campaign for Alan Fisher's book. Natalie blames Joel for breaking up their family.
Apr. 16, 1999
12x71 12 12x71 Episode 2596
Is Joel and Natalie's marriage headed for disaster? There's tension between Travis and Joel. Will and Sam compete with each other for Hayley's favour. Sam discovers Miranda's secre ...
Apr. 19, 1999
12x72 12 12x72 Episode 2597
Joel arrests Travis. Miranda decides to leave the Bay. Is Vinnie beginning to regret his actions?
Apr. 20, 1999
12x73 12 12x73 Episode 2598
Travis wants more than an apology from Joel. Duncan searches the Internet for trouble. Has Vinnie finally exposed Fisher?
Apr. 21, 1999
12x74 12 12x74 Episode 2599
Duncan makes a home bomb. Gypsy tells Will she's pregnant.
Apr. 22, 1999
12x75 12 12x75 Episode 2600
Will and Gypsy's relationship looks doomed. Duncan blows Alf to smithereens! An old friend from Jesse's criminal past shows up.
Apr. 23, 1999

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