Jan. 17, 1988
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Home and Away (AU)

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.

Home and Away (AU) Season 11 (1998)

11x01 11 11x01 Episode 2296
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Jan. 12, 1998
11x02 11 11x02 Episode 2297
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Jan. 13, 1998
11x03 11 11x03 Episode 2298
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Jan. 14, 1998
11x04 11 11x04 Episode 2299
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Jan. 15, 1998
11x05 11 11x05 Episode 2300
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Jan. 16, 1998
11x06 11 11x06 Episode 2301
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Jan. 19, 1998
11x07 11 11x07 Episode 2302
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Jan. 20, 1998
11x08 11 11x08 Episode 2303
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Jan. 21, 1998
11x09 11 11x09 Episode 2304
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Jan. 22, 1998
11x10 11 11x10 Episode 2305
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Jan. 23, 1998
11x11 11 11x11 Episode 2306
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Jan. 26, 1998
11x12 11 11x12 Episode 2307
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Jan. 27, 1998
11x13 11 11x13 Episode 2308
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Jan. 28, 1998
11x14 11 11x14 Episode 2309
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Jan. 29, 1998
11x15 11 11x15 Episode 2310
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Jan. 30, 1998
11x16 11 11x16 Episode 2311
Sam has to tell lie after lie to cover his tracks. What kind of a racket has Rod got going? Alf offers Justine a place to live when Pippa goes away, but Justine tells him to stick ...
Feb. 02, 1998
11x17 11 11x17 Episode 2312
Chloe dumps Lachie. Justine starts some serious drinking and doesn¹t want to stop. Tiegan wants to join Joey¹s band.
Feb. 03, 1998
11x18 11 11x18 Episode 2313
Diana can¹t pretend to be sad that Lachie and Chloe have broken up. Is Jesse falling in love with Kylie all over again? Pippa's worried that Justine might take to alcohol like she ...
Feb. 04, 1998
11x19 11 11x19 Episode 2314
Kylie decides to move out — the arrangement with Jesse just isn't working out. Sally assumes that she and Tim will look after the Ross house while Pippa's away. Diana blackmails ...
Feb. 05, 1998
11x20 11 11x20 Episode 2315
Rod drops Sam from the ram-raiding gang. Sam is crushed. Pippa agrees to let Rebecca and Travis mind her house and the kids while she's away. Kylie and Jesse finally give in to their ...
Feb. 06, 1998
11x21 11 11x21 Episode 2316
Sam is rushed to hospital with a serious wound. Kylie and Jesse are back together for good. Chloe tells Lachie she doesn¹t love him. Tim feels as though Sally is just using him.
Feb. 09, 1998
11x22 11 11x22 Episode 2317
Terri arrests Rod and Sam for the ram-raid. Fisher sets up a student council so the students can discipline each other. Sally apologises to Tim for being so horrible lately.
Feb. 10, 1998
11x23 11 11x23 Episode 2318
The school council punishes Tiegan with two weeks of rubbish duty. Hai makes some signs in Vietnamese, Cantonese and Japanese for the Bait Shop, but Alf isn¹t happy about them. Justine ...
Feb. 11, 1998
11x24 11 11x24 Episode 2319
Lachie discovers that his mother has been blackmailing Chloe to keep them apart. Alf faces his own racial prejudices and Hai leaves town. Tiegan becomes the new guitarist for the b ...
Feb. 12, 1998
11x25 11 11x25 Episode 2320
Lachie tells Diana that he and Chloe are moving in together. A handsome young man mysteriously turns up on Irene¹s doorstep. Sam gets off with a good behaviour bond. Sally has to decide ...
Feb. 13, 1998
11x26 11 11x26 Episode 2321
Chloe is reluctant to move in with Lachie. Will causes trouble between Irene and Joey. Tiegan plants some prawns in Lillian's locker.
Feb. 16, 1998
11x27 11 11x27 Episode 2322
Lillian¹s friendship with Justine makes Tiegan hate her even more. Will tries to break up Irene¹s household. Kylie accuses Jesse of being the father of Chloe¹s baby.
Feb. 17, 1998
11x28 11 11x28 Episode 2323
Travis's longlost brother moves back to Summer Bay. Irene works out why Will is trying to come between her, Joey and Chloe. Lachie and Chloe think about taking on the lease to Travis ...
Feb. 18, 1998
11x29 11 11x29 Episode 2324
Travis is angry and hurt that his brother has let seventeen years go by without contacting him. Vinnie hits on Gypsy, the new girl in town. Marilyn decides Fisher has to get fit — ...
Feb. 19, 1998
11x30 11 11x30 Episode 2325
Rebecca and Natalie become friends. Vinnie transfers his affections to Gypsy and Justine punches him out. Joel tells Travis that it's time for them to talk.
Feb. 20, 1998
11x31 11 11x31 Episode 2326
Travis and Natalie meet. Vinnie tries to juggle two women at once. Lillian's crush on Joey gets worse.
Feb. 23, 1998
11x32 11 11x32 Episode 2327
Joey and Tiegan kiss and make up. Joel tells Travis to stay away from his kids and to stop asking so many questions about Natalie. Will and Joel have a clash.
Feb. 24, 1998
11x33 11 11x33 Episode 2328
Tim starts to show signs of jealousy. Gypsy and Will start to hang out. The truth finally comes out... why Joel left Summer Bay. The little old lady from next door won't leave Chloe ...
Feb. 25, 1998
11x34 11 11x34 Episode 2329
Jesse and Kylie talk about having more kids. Tim asks Sally to show him the exact spot that she and Scott did it! Chloe and Lachie's neighbour is turning out to be a bit of a night ...
Feb. 26, 1998
11x35 11 11x35 Episode 2330
Kylie decides she doesn't want any more kids, after all. Sally breaks it off with Tim. Lachie and Chloe re-think the whole parenting thing.
Feb. 27, 1998
11x36 11 11x36 Episode 2331
Tim accuses Travis of having a hidden agenda by moving to the Ross house. Lillian starts showing her true colours. Will and Gypsy get together, and Tom joins Joey and Aaron's band. ...
Mar. 02, 1998
11x37 11 11x37 Episode 2332
Tim gets nasty. Lillian turns into the wicked witch of the west. The girls form a band.
Mar. 03, 1998
11x38 11 11x38 Episode 2333
Travis and Joel decide it's time to bury the dead. Chloe visits her father in jail. Jesse proposes to Kylie. Tim leaves Summer Bay.
Mar. 04, 1998
11x39 11 11x39 Episode 2334
Kylie tells Jesse she can't marry him. Justine decides to drop maths and pick up Drama. Chloe starts a petition to get her father out of jail.
Mar. 05, 1998
11x40 11 11x40 Episode 2335
Justine and Tom get close. Lillian creeps her way into every facet of Aaron's life. Kylie finally accepts Jesse's proposal.
Mar. 06, 1998
11x41 11 11x41 Episode 2336
Kylie accepts Jesse's proposal. Travis gives Vinnie a job.
Mar. 09, 1998
11x42 11 11x42 Episode 2337
Joey, Tiegan and Justine carry out their plans to save Aaron from Lillian's nasty tricks. Travis and Rebecca go to the foster parents' meeting in the city. Vinnie takes Travis' boat ...
Mar. 10, 1998
11x43 11 11x43 Episode 2338
Chloe is upset by Lachie acting as a doctor rather than the father. Ralph finds that Vinnie has no clue of navigating. Aaron discovers that Lillian told Fisher about Vinnie taking Travis' ...
Mar. 11, 1998
11x44 11 11x44 Episode 2339
Kylie refuses to have Rachel vaccinated while Jesse wants her immunised. Chloe is determined to have a home birth, despite Lachie's worries it may go wrong.
Mar. 12, 1998
11x45 11 11x45 Episode 2340
Kylie changes her mind about Rachel's vaccination. Lachie and Chloe agree on having a home birth. Joey, Gypsy and Tiegan decide to help with the petition against Bonza Burgers. Sally ...
Mar. 13, 1998
11x46 11 11x46 Episode 2341
Ian returns and Pippa's getting prepared. Sal decides to organise a party for Pip. Pip finds out and tells her that she'd rather have a family lunch. Kylie and Jesse have their wedding ...
Mar. 16, 1998
11x47 11 11x47 Episode 2342
A farewell party for Pippa gets underway. Tom and his father make up. Travis gives Tom the job on his boat.
Mar. 17, 1998
11x48 11 11x48 Episode 2343
Vinnie gets a job, to Travis' amusement. Sam disappears, only to get a present for Pippa. Chloe and Lachie attend their first birth class and meet a couple - the husband is the area ...
Mar. 18, 1998
11x49 11 11x49 Episode 2344
Chloe and Lachie try to protect Terri, but end up hurting her. Tje girls have a hen party. The lads watch a video - Alf's feeling a bit left out! A stripper is hired - we find that ...
Mar. 19, 1998
11x50 11 11x50 Episode 2345
Terri tries to get closer to Lachie after being dumped by Jason. Kylie and Jesse are getting married. Will refuses to accept Fisher's help. The police wait for Kylie...
Mar. 20, 1998
11x51 11 11x51 Episode 2346
Kylie confesses to her crime. Jason offers a proposal to Alf and Ailsa. He later threatens Joey, Aaron and Tiegan, and gets a visit from the police. Travis and Rebecca find parenthood ...
Mar. 23, 1998
11x52 11 11x52 Episode 2347
Jesse gets Kylie released on bail. Aaron, Justine and Tiegan discover that Joey's entering the competition! Tamara catches her husband flirting. The kids stage a protest, while Alf's ...
Mar. 24, 1998
11x53 11 11x53 Episode 2348
Kylie refuses to accept forgiveness. Natalie takes up rowing exercises. Vinnie bets Tom that he'd beat him any day.
Mar. 25, 1998
11x54 11 11x54 Episode 2349
Tom worries he may lose to Vinnie, and asks Travis to help him surf-ski. Will is jealous of Chris. Natalie decides to join a rowing club, but Tom is against it.
Mar. 26, 1998
11x55 11 11x55 Episode 2350
Gypsy dumps Will, but they are later reconciled after Joel teaches him a lesson. Vinnie and Tom are determined to win.
Mar. 27, 1998
11x56 11 11x56 Episode 2351
This episode is set in England, where Selina is ill. Steven turns up after being called by Irene. Bill asks Irene out.
Mar. 30, 1998
11x57 11 11x57 Episode 2352
Joey and Will find that Irene's coming back and are left to clean up their mess. Sam and Tiegan play war on each other.
Mar. 31, 1998
11x58 11 11x58 Episode 2353
Rebecca and Travis are lost for what to do about Sam and Tiegan's constant squabbling. Can Joey and Will clean the house before Irene comes home? Alf asks what Ailsa thinks of sprucing ...
Apr. 01, 1998
11x59 11 11x59 Episode 2354
Natalie helps Tom to realise why he lost the Triathlon to Vinnie. Why isn't Vinnie happy about winning? Sam will never forgive Tiegan for this one! Joey and Aaron cringe when Vinnie ...
Apr. 02, 1998
11x60 11 11x60 Episode 2355
Kylie's horrified to discover she could be in prison for ten years! Georgia, the crisis care child, is as bad as they come. Vinnie is sent on a Bonza Burgers Employees intensive course... ...
Apr. 03, 1998
11x61 11 11x61 Episode 2356
The evil Georgia becomes the cause of Travis and Rebecca's first argument. Jesse suggests that Kylie skip bail, and the three of them leave Summer Bay together. Alf and Ailsa decide ...
Apr. 06, 1998
11x62 11 11x62 Episode 2357
Vinnie's the new face of Bonza Burgers, and he'll do anything to get fired. Jesse and Kylie start planning their great escape. Travis and Rebecca kiss and make up.
Apr. 07, 1998
11x63 11 11x63 Episode 2358
The Broken Dolls and the Chick Magnets prepare for the big night. Jesse and Kylie get one step further in their plans to skip town. Sam has some surprises in store for Tiegan. Vinnie ...
Apr. 08, 1998
11x64 11 11x64 Episode 2359
The bands are a huge hit at the school dance. Gypsy and Will get locked into the school music room.
Apr. 09, 1998
11x65 11 11x65 Episode 2360
Joel and Natalie finally find Gypsy. She's grounded... probably for the rest of her life. Sam gets Tiegan back... Big time!
Apr. 10, 1998
11x66 11 11x66 Episode 2361
Everything's in place. It's time for Jesse and Kylie to go. Natalie is infuriated at Joel's double standards. Irene realises she's nothing more than a landlady to the kids. Tiegan is ...
Apr. 13, 1998
11x67 11 11x67 Episode 2362
Kylie, Jesse and Rachel leave Summer Bay.
Apr. 14, 1998
11x68 11 11x68 Episode 2363
Vinnie strips in the Bonza Burgers uniform. Tom gets busted lying to his parents. Terri interrogates Lachie about Jesse and Kylie's whereabouts.
Apr. 15, 1998
11x69 11 11x69 Episode 2364
Vinnie calls Jason an animal. Alf is furious: he's suddenly inherited a $10,000 overdraft. Gypsy is let off the hook. Chloe wakes in the middle of the night. The baby's here!
Apr. 16, 1998
11x70 11 11x70 Episode 2365
Chloe's baby isn't ready to come out yet. Candy dumps Tom. Vinnie makes Fisher an offer he can't refuse.
Apr. 17, 1998
11x71 11 11x71 Episode 2366
Vinnie thinks the Broken Dolls will be the school's saviour. Chloe has her baby. It's a girl. A heart broken Tom mopes around, feeling sorry for himself.
Apr. 20, 1998
11x72 11 11x72 Episode 2367
Chloe and Lachie's baby remains nameless. Joey becomes a woman. Tom confronts Candy. Will and Irene start behaving a little like mother and son. Fisher tells Vinnie that the bands can ...
Apr. 21, 1998
11x73 11 11x73 Episode 2368
Joey collects his thousand-dollar prize... in drag. Kylie gets pulled over by the cops. Vinnie's destined for the top.
Apr. 22, 1998
11x74 11 11x74 Episode 2369
Things are looking up for Jesse and Kylie. Joey becomes a very wanted man... or woman. Vinnie finally gets his revenge.
Apr. 23, 1998
11x75 11 11x75 Episode 2370
Jason leaves Summer Bay. Fisher bans Joey from performing with the school band. Kylie gets busted. The secret's out... Josey Rainbow is a boy!
Apr. 24, 1998

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