Jan. 17, 1988
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Home and Away (AU)

"Home and Away" chronicles the lives, loves, happiness, and heart-breaks of the residents of Summer Bay, a small coastal town in New South Wales, Australia.

Home and Away (AU) Season 10 (1997)

10x01 10 10x01 Episode 2066
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Jan. 13, 1997
10x02 10 10x02 Episode 2067
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Jan. 14, 1997
10x03 10 10x03 Episode 2068
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Jan. 15, 1997
10x04 10 10x04 Episode 2069
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Jan. 16, 1997
10x05 10 10x05 Episode 2070
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Jan. 17, 1997
10x06 10 10x06 Episode 2071
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Jan. 20, 1997
10x07 10 10x07 Episode 2072
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Jan. 21, 1997
10x08 10 10x08 Episode 2073
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Jan. 22, 1997
10x09 10 10x09 Episode 2074
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Jan. 23, 1997
10x10 10 10x10 Episode 2075
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Jan. 24, 1997
10x11 10 10x11 Episode 2076
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Jan. 27, 1997
10x12 10 10x12 Episode 2077
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Jan. 28, 1997
10x13 10 10x13 Episode 2078
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Jan. 29, 1997
10x14 10 10x14 Episode 2079
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Jan. 30, 1997
10x15 10 10x15 Episode 2080
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Jan. 31, 1997
10x16 10 10x16 Episode 2081
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Feb. 03, 1997
10x17 10 10x17 Episode 2082
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Feb. 04, 1997
10x18 10 10x18 Episode 2083
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Feb. 05, 1997
10x19 10 10x19 Episode 2084
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Feb. 06, 1997
10x20 10 10x20 Episode 2085
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Feb. 07, 1997
10x21 10 10x21 Episode 2086
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Feb. 10, 1997
10x22 10 10x22 Episode 2087
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Feb. 11, 1997
10x23 10 10x23 Episode 2088
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Feb. 12, 1997
10x24 10 10x24 Episode 2089
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Feb. 13, 1997
10x25 10 10x25 Episode 2090
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Feb. 14, 1997
10x26 10 10x26 Episode 2091
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Feb. 17, 1997
10x27 10 10x27 Episode 2092
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Feb. 18, 1997
10x28 10 10x28 Episode 2093
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Feb. 19, 1997
10x29 10 10x29 Episode 2094
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Feb. 20, 1997
10x30 10 10x30 Episode 2095
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Feb. 21, 1997
10x31 10 10x31 Episode 2096
Liam's money scheme pays off, with a little bit off help from Jesse. Chloe prepares to move in on Jesse behind Selina's back. Shannon's met yet another unsuitable man. Travis plays ...
Feb. 24, 1997
10x32 10 10x32 Episode 2097
Jesse falls under Chloe's spell. Shannon's new man turns out to be even more of a disaster than he looked. Stephanie does Liam an extra big favour.
Feb. 25, 1997
10x33 10 10x33 Episode 2098
Selina finds out about Chloe and Jesse. Meeting her grandmother gives Rebecca food for thought. Irene goes into labour!
Feb. 26, 1997
10x34 10 10x34 Episode 2099
Irene realises that handing her baby over to Fin isn't going to be as easy as she had thought. Selina hands Jesse over to Chloe. Fisher reveals the reason he and his mother are fig ...
Feb. 27, 1997
10x35 10 10x35 Episode 2100
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Feb. 28, 1997
10x36 10 10x36 Episode 2101
A violent outrage, makes Shannon wonder if she's done the right thing moving in with Kye. With Chloe and Selina living together, the beach house is not a good place to be. Irene struggles ...
Mar. 03, 1997
10x37 10 10x37 Episode 2102
The babies disappearance causes rifts in the family. Shannon becomes the target of Kye's anger.
Mar. 04, 1997
10x38 10 10x38 Episode 2103
Shannon destroys the remnants of her relationship with Kye. Chloe will not give up on Jesse easily. Irene's on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
Mar. 05, 1997
10x39 10 10x39 Episode 2104
Isobel has a mission. To find a man for Rebecca! Liam, the difficult boss, is left without any workers. The new girl in town leaves Curtis believing he's seen a ghost.
Mar. 06, 1997
10x40 10 10x40 Episode 2105
Chloe is prepared to try every trick in the book to get her claws into Jesse. Curtis's obsession with Jenna lands him in trouble. It looks like Isobel is here to stay.
Mar. 07, 1997
10x41 10 10x41 Episode 2106
Will Chloe's emotional blackmail break Jesse's resolve? Isobel leaves Fisher's house in a fury Curtis struggles to let the past lie.
Mar. 10, 1997
10x42 10 10x42 Episode 2107
Isobel is hiding more than Rebecca thought. Shannon warns Kye to stay away from her A television interview portrays the wrong picture of Irene.
Mar. 11, 1997
10x43 10 10x43 Episode 2108
The ice between Isobel and Fisher begins to thaw. Kye flees as Pippa lies unconscious at the top of the Ross House stairs.
Mar. 12, 1997
10x44 10 10x44 Episode 2109
Things aren't looking good for Pippa. Accusations fly when a journalist questions what really happened to Irene's baby. Despite what he says, Curtis can't separate Jenna from Laura ...
Mar. 13, 1997
10x45 10 10x45 Episode 2110
Exercising his democratic right of freedom of speech lands Travis in trouble. Jesse warns Chloe that trying to buy his child's affection won't buy his. Curtis and Jenna take the first ...
Mar. 14, 1997
10x46 10 10x46 Episode 2111
Casey's heart breaks when she sees Curtis and Jenna together. Fisher agrees to let Isobel run drama classes at the school. Time is running out for Selina and Jesse.
Mar. 17, 1997
10x47 10 10x47 Episode 2112
After chasing her for weeks, Curtis fails to show for his first date with Jenna. Isobel's teaching methods prove successful with her students. Marilyn has a surprise contender for the ...
Mar. 18, 1997
10x48 10 10x48 Episode 2113
Curtis has to choose between Jenna and Casey. A slip of the tongue could land Kelly in serious trouble. Joey forces Marilyn to make an uncomfortable decision.
Mar. 19, 1997
10x49 10 10x49 Episode 2114
Kelly realises she's falling behind her medical peers. Chloe uses Rachel to make a breakthrough with Jesse.
Mar. 20, 1997
10x50 10 10x50 Episode 2115
Stephanie and Liam realise they really are meant to be together. Chloe successfully increases the rift between Jesse and Selina. Kelly's disillusionment leaves Travis worried about ...
Mar. 21, 1997
10x51 10 10x51 Episode 2116
Stephanie and Liam decide it's time to take their relationship further. Selina realises it really is all over between her and Jesse. Who is Jenna and what is she hiding?
Mar. 24, 1997
10x52 10 10x52 Episode 2117
Selina and Chloe cry over their lost friendship, but know it will never return. Curtis begs Jenna to stay. He promises to protect her from whatever she's scared of. Shannon learns not ...
Mar. 25, 1997
10x53 10 10x53 Episode 2118
Selina wonders what's happening between Shannon and Lachlan. Stephanie and Liam are caught out after their first night of intimacy. Bert and Isobel prove love knows no bounds.
Mar. 26, 1997
10x54 10 10x54 Episode 2119
Bert accuses Isobel of being afraid of love. A bushwalking adventure ends in tragedy.
Mar. 27, 1997
10x55 10 10x55 Episode 2120
Liam loses Stephanie forever. Curtis discovers who Jenna is running from. Chloe and Jesse work on redeveloping their friendship.
Mar. 28, 1997
10x56 10 10x56 Episode 2121
Curtis can't understand why Jenna chooses Shaun over him. Liam struggles to let go of Stephanie.
Mar. 31, 1997
10x57 10 10x57 Episode 2122
Jenna jeopardises herself for Curtis's safety. Kelly wonders whether Travis is telling her the truth about his feelings on moving to the city.
Apr. 01, 1997
10x58 10 10x58 Episode 2123
Marilyn has some startling news for Fisher. Casey risks losing another friendship. Selina has a change of heart. But is it too late?
Apr. 02, 1997
10x59 10 10x59 Episode 2124
Selina is in for a rude awakening when she tells Jesse she wants to get back with him. Marilyn tries to bring Fisher around to the idea of having a child.
Apr. 03, 1997
10x60 10 10x60 Episode 2125
Jesse hopes he made the right choice between Selina and Chloe. Rebecca fears she'll never see her grandmother again. Curtis goes in search of Jenna.
Apr. 04, 1997
10x61 10 10x61 Episode 2126
Alf joins Curtis on a mission to rescue Jenna from Shaun. To everyone's surprise, Travis decides to sever all links with Summer Bay. Liam starts to sink into himself, mourning the death ...
Apr. 07, 1997
10x62 10 10x62 Episode 2127
Travis accuses Kelly of seeking prestige. Chloe starts to feel insecure in her relationship with Jesse. Joey's decision to surf the net goes horribly wrong.
Apr. 08, 1997
10x63 10 10x63 Episode 2128
To her surprise, Selina discovers Lochie's quite serious about Shannon. Selina puts her own feelings aside to stop Jesse from hurting Chloe. Liam, Casey and Joey finally come toget ...
Apr. 09, 1997
10x64 10 10x64 Episode 2129
Curtis is shocked to find Jenna's gone missing from the beach. Shannon chickens out of her plan to shock Lochie. Chloe realises Jesse's true love is Selina.
Apr. 10, 1997
10x65 10 10x65 Episode 2130
Jenna takes a stand against Shaun. Shannon and Lochie's date to the Med. Ball turns out to be a disaster... or does it? Travis is called to help rescue victims of the storm.
Apr. 11, 1997
10x66 10 10x66 Episode 2131
Travis and Curtis embark on a daring sea-rescue mission. A reconciliation between Jesse and Selina doesn't look promising. Casey bitterly warns Jenna that Curtis will dump her like ...
Apr. 14, 1997
10x67 10 10x67 Episode 2132
After saving the fisherman and his sons, Travis feels a renewed sense of self-worth. Curtis leaves Summer Bay with Jenna, his sights set on the pro-surfing circuit. Pippa's making very ...
Apr. 15, 1997
10x68 10 10x68 Episode 2133
Kelly makes a harsh realisation about Travis. Is Lachie really a sleaze? Jesse's attempts to woo Selina back only makes things worse.
Apr. 16, 1997
10x69 10 10x69 Episode 2134
Pippa's eyes flicker... is she coming out of the coma? Saul's back. And he wants his son. Selina and Jesse take their first steps towards getting back together.
Apr. 17, 1997
10x70 10 10x70 Episode 2135
Bert gets the news that Isobel's running out of time. Shannon is shocked to learn that Pippa's chances of making a full recovery are slim. Saul tells Irene he knows where her missing ...
Apr. 18, 1997
10x71 10 10x71 Episode 2136
Jesse accuses Alf of stealing his Bait Shop idea. Sam fears that once DOCS find out Pippa's incapacitated they'll take him away from the family. Seeds of doubt are planted in Joey's ...
Apr. 21, 1997
10x72 10 10x72 Episode 2137
Lachie pushes things too fast for Shannon. Kelly and Travis decide to get married before they leave Summer Bay. Sam pleads with Pippa to remember him before DOCS send him away.
Apr. 22, 1997
10x73 10 10x73 Episode 2138
Pippa is forced to deal with the death of Michael all over again. Shannon decides that she and Lachie are entirely incompatible. Rebecca and Marilyn vow that if Donald won't fulfil ...
Apr. 23, 1997
10x74 10 10x74 Episode 2139
Garner shows up at Saul's commune with a warrant to search the property. Kelly makes a startling realisation. Fisher becomes obsessed with visions of skydiving doom.
Apr. 24, 1997
10x75 10 10x75 Episode 2140
To Fisher's horror, Marilyn becomes caught in a crosswind during her skydive. Joey begins a risky mission to find Irene's baby himself. Kelly makes the heartbreaking decision to leave ...
Apr. 25, 1997

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