Oct. 23, 1995
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Hollyoaks (UK)

Hollyoaks is a UK soap that takes a mundane look at the lives, loves and careers of a group of teenage friends and their families as they graduate through GCSE's, A-Levels and College into the world of work. The show is set in and around the fictional Chester suburb of Hollyoaks and is centered around a former 1950s technical college which is now a college of higher education.

Hollyoaks (UK) Season 25 (2019)

25x01 25 25x01 Season 25, Episode 1
Harry returns, on a mission to win back former fling James. Romeo wants to expose Mac as the liar he really is.
Jan. 02, 2019
25x02 25 25x02 Season 25, Episode 2
The Dog is in hot water with the police, which could spell trouble for Liam. Romeo causes chaos for Yazz.
Jan. 03, 2019
25x03 25 25x03 Season 25, Episode 3
Darren convinces Ollie to get back into football, and a professional footballer approaches him with a difficult proposition. Plus, Imran comes home.
Jan. 04, 2019
25x04 25 25x04 Season 25, Episode 4
It's the first day of Buster's trial as he faces prison for claims of sexual assault. Ollie should be getting ready to testify, but he's nowhere to be found.
Jan. 07, 2019
25x05 25 25x05 Season 25, Episode 5
At Buster's trial, Luke is escorted to the stand by the police, but his anger gets the better of him. Ollie and Brody have to relive their traumatic experiences as they give their ...
Jan. 08, 2019
25x06 25 25x06 Season 25, Episode 6
It's Damon's turn to testify, but will he be able to keep up his lie? Laurie becomes overly friendly with Sienna.
Jan. 09, 2019
25x07 25 25x07 Season 25, Episode 7
Imran makes a shocking confession to his family. Sienna confronts Laurie, and Brody believes his best friend has turned against him.
Jan. 10, 2019
25x08 25 25x08 Season 25, Episode 8
It's time for the closing arguments at Buster's trial, with Brody and Ollie poised to discover whether justice will be served. Have they done enough to send him down?
Jan. 11, 2019
25x09 25 25x09 Season 25, Episode 9
Imran tries to win back ex-girlfriend Brooke, but little does he know she fancies his best friend. Goldie has a crush on a priest, and Mercedes parties with bad boy Liam.
Jan. 14, 2019
25x10 25 25x10 Season 25, Episode 10
Mercedes is nowhere to be found after a wild night out. Lisa decides to tell Liam how she really feels. There's a horrible surprise in store when a mysterious robber breaks in to ...
Jan. 15, 2019
25x11 25 25x11 Season 25, Episode 11
Grace and Lisa go on a hunt to find the hooded bandit. Louis wants to write a letter to his true love, and Mercedes conceals her hangover as she spends time with Sylver.
Jan. 16, 2019
25x12 25 25x12 Season 25, Episode 12
Louis has a realization that makes his situation a lot more threatening. Ollie and Brooke scrape up all their money for a slap up meal in The Hutch, but their date doesn't go to ...
Jan. 17, 2019
25x13 25 25x13 Season 25, Episode 13
Louis desperately tries to escape. Mercedes has some grovelling to do to prove to her family that her wild antics with Liam are over. Sinead looks through Jonny's wallet.
Jan. 18, 2019
25x14 25 25x14 Season 25, Episode 14
It's Breda's birthday, but she has more important matters to attend to as her hostage Louis is getting restless. Ste has to face his demons in the form of his stepdad Terry.
Jan. 21, 2019
25x15 25 25x15 Season 25, Episode 15
Simone is on the warpath as she turns up at Breda's pig farm, while Simone's lover Louis, who is gagged and restrained inside, manages to break free.
Jan. 22, 2019
25x16 25 25x16 Season 25, Episode 16
James crashes Harry's blind date to confess his love, which inspires his son Romeo to follow his heart too. Terry hatches an evil plan that may put his stepson Ste in danger.
Jan. 23, 2019
25x17 25 25x17 Season 25, Episode 17
Ste agrees to help Terry, if it means that Terry will leave town for good. Romeo and Lily rekindle their romance. And Alfie is offered an internship in Washington DC.
Jan. 24, 2019
25x18 25 25x18 Season 25, Episode 18
Scott gets fired in the aftermath of Terry's plan. Alfie makes Yazz an offer she can't refuse - to go to Washington DC with him, while Sienna gets the wrong end of the stick.
Jan. 25, 2019
25x19 25 25x19 Season 25, Episode 19
Terry makes Ste's life hell, but luckily Jonny is by his side. Sienna needs to prove to Laurie she's worth trusting, and Romeo plans to make a shocking confession to James.
Jan. 28, 2019
25x20 25 25x20 Season 25, Episode 20
Yazz and Alfie tell their families about their future plans. Mac is on a mission to stop Alfie pursuing his dreams. Sienna's frustration with Laurie forces her to take drastic ac ...
Jan. 29, 2019
25x21 25 25x21 Season 25, Episode 21
Darren catches ex-wife Nancy in a compromising situation with her new lover. Donna-Marie reveals the truth for all to hear, and Yazz, while feeling second best, makes a drastic d ...
Jan. 30, 2019
25x22 25 25x22 Season 25, Episode 22
Cindy is back and ready to reclaim her house. Donna-Marie gives Mac some life-changing news, while Laurie, Sienna, Sinead and Brody go on a double date.
Jan. 31, 2019
25x23 25 25x23 Season 25, Episode 23
It's Juliet's birthday, which ends in tears. Sinead is determined not to let Sienna steal her husband. Scott discovers the identity of Nancy's new man, while Cindy asks Tony for ...
Feb. 01, 2019
25x24 25 25x24 Season 25, Episode 24
Mandy and Darren face a big decision about their unborn baby. Mac has a proposition for Sami, while Juliet sparks an inappropriate new crush.
Feb. 04, 2019
25x25 25 25x25 Season 25, Episode 25
Nancy organizes a disability awareness day at The Bean. Oscar gets stage fright before his big performance, but Brooke is on hand to reassure him. Mandy has a confession to make. ...
Feb. 05, 2019
25x26 25 25x26 Season 25, Episode 26
Donna-Marie sets her sights on a new client, Martine convinces Lisa to stand up for herself, and Brooke gets the wrong end of the stick and confronts Juliet
Feb. 06, 2019
25x27 25 25x27 Season 25, Episode 27
Juliet will stop at nothing to get her crush to reciprocate her feelings, even if that means destroying a family. Lisa is let down, while Joel tries to talk sense into Mercedes.
Feb. 07, 2019
25x28 25 25x28 Season 25, Episode 28
There are two new arrivals in the village. Liam loses his cool when his car is stolen, and Juliet applies for a job in the hopes it will lead to romance with her crush.
Feb. 08, 2019
25x29 25 25x29 Season 25, Episode 29
Liam accuses someone of being Michael, the mysterious person who has been terrorizing him for weeks, unaware that his true tormentor is trainee priest Joel.
Feb. 11, 2019
25x30 25 25x30 Season 25, Episode 30
Liam shows his vulnerability to Mercedes, but later a fight breaks out and someone gets shot. It's Sinead and Laurie's anniversary, but Sinead is convinced he's having an affair ...
Feb. 12, 2019
25x31 25 25x31 Season 25, Episode 31
There's a desperate situation for one family as the gunshot victim is revealed. Cleo is asked on a date, and Sinead, Laurie, Sienna and Brody play a game of truth or dare.
Feb. 13, 2019
25x32 25 25x32 Season 25, Episode 32
Liberty discovers a surprising secret from Sami's past. The McQueen family do all they can to get Bobby in to private school.
Feb. 14, 2019
25x33 25 25x33 Season 25, Episode 33
One village resident turns to God for help. Sinead is desperate to find proof that her husband is cheating, so she breaks in to his office.
Feb. 15, 2019
25x34 25 25x34 Season 25, Episode 34
Hollyoaks High is hosting an 'inspiration' fundraising ball. Everyone dresses up as iconic and inspirational people, but one resident crashes the party and reveals a huge secret in ...
Feb. 18, 2019
25x35 25 25x35 Season 25, Episode 35
Liberty takes centre stage to save the fund-raising ball from being a disaster, but she freezes under pressure. Misbah discovers a shocking meme has been posted on social media about ...
Feb. 19, 2019
25x36 25 25x36 Season 25, Episode 36
Ste continues to taunt the Maaliks, but did he post the meme of 'killer doctor' Misbah? Tom has a confession to make to Peri, and Damon decides to splash the cash on a new ventur ...
Feb. 20, 2019
25x37 25 25x37 Season 25, Episode 37
Tony tries to talk Ste out of his vendetta against the Maaliks. Brody isn't too happy with Damon once he finds out what all their money was spent on, and Mac treats Donna-Marie and ...
Feb. 21, 2019
25x38 25 25x38 Season 25, Episode 38
Cindy tries to help Donna-Marie get out of Mac's life, but her kind gesture backfires. Maxine is in hospital after collapsing, and Damon is shocked to discover what might be wron ...
Feb. 22, 2019
25x39 25 25x39 Season 25, Episode 39
Breda tries to stop Sylver from reuniting with his birth mother. Romeo organises an intervention for Juliet, hoping to convince her how evil Mac is, and Damon makes a big gesture ...
Feb. 25, 2019
25x40 25 25x40 Season 25, Episode 40
Diane tries to reunite Lily with an old friend. Breda is blackmailed over her murderous ways. Cleo has her first date with Mitchell.
Feb. 26, 2019
25x41 25 25x41 Season 25, Episode 41
The McQueens declare war on the Deverauxs, which may cause problems with Cleo and Mitchell's budding romance. Sylver meets his biological mother, but it doesn't go as well as he'd ...
Feb. 27, 2019
25x42 25 25x42 Season 25, Episode 42
Breda tells Sylver all the tragedies of his past, but is it the truth? Darren and Mandy are back from London after her operation, so Juliet pays her crush a visit.
Feb. 28, 2019
25x43 25 25x43 Season 25, Episode 43
Mandy desperately tries to get in contact with Darren after she feels sharp pains in her stomach, but Juliet has turned his phone to silent. And Breda has a change of heart.
Mar. 01, 2019
25x44 25 25x44 Season 25, Episode 44
Darren has no idea that he is Juliet's forbidden crush, but that doesn't stop her telling Brooke all about their love. Romeo takes drastic measures to prove a point to Lily.
Mar. 04, 2019
25x45 25 25x45 Season 25, Episode 45
Brooke is determined to put a stop to Juliet's forbidden love for Darren. Tom asks Tony for some love advice, Myra suggests a double McQueen wedding, and Prince returns to the v ...
Mar. 05, 2019
25x46 25 25x46 Season 25, Episode 46
Prince is determined to win his wife back, but will he find out about her affair with Romeo? Mercedes and Myra have their hen do, while Harley and Tom plan a coming out party.
Mar. 06, 2019
25x47 25 25x47 Season 25, Episode 47
Lily has to make a big decision on whether to stay with her husband, or start a new life with Romeo. Liam sabotages Mercedes' hen do by convincing Sylver that his bride-to-be is ...
Mar. 07, 2019
25x48 25 25x48 Season 25, Episode 48
Peri has a shocking confession to make to her lovers Harley and Tom. Sylver is finding it difficult to trust his fiancée, and his anger takes over. Lily struggles to stop harming ...
Mar. 08, 2019
25x49 25 25x49 Season 25, Episode 49
Liam does Mercedes a favor, but what does he want in return? Tony has a confession to make to the Maaliks, while cracks appear in Sally and Myra's wedding plans.
Mar. 11, 2019
25x50 25 25x50 Season 25, Episode 50
Peri invites the Maaliks around for dinner, which doesn't go as planned. Myra is having second thoughts about marrying Sally. Jonny and Stuart's true intentions with Ste become c ...
Mar. 12, 2019
25x51 25 25x51 Season 25, Episode 51
Ste is on a path of destruction, but can Jonny stop him from making a huge mistake? Sami's Auntie Kameela takes a shine to Liberty and invites her to dinner without telling Sami. ...
Mar. 13, 2019
25x52 25 25x52 Season 25, Episode 52
This special episode follows the Maaliks having a traditional Indian meal, while Ste is introduced to a group of friends, unaware that they all have far-right extremist views
Mar. 14, 2019
25x53 25 25x53 Season 25, Episode 53
Mac is trying his best to bond with his daughter Juliet, but James keeps getting in the way, leaving Mac more determined than ever to rid himself of James for good.
Mar. 15, 2019
25x54 25 25x54 Season 25, Episode 54
Sylver receives a mysterious gift while celebrating his first birthday since being let out of prison. Breda breaks in to the Cunninghams' house, Lily makes a decision about her m ...
Mar. 18, 2019
25x55 25 25x55 Season 25, Episode 55
Breda has come to a decision about Mac's proposition. Prince wants to help Lily, even if she's resistant, and Damon surprises Maxine, but she is confused by the gesture.
Mar. 19, 2019
25x56 25 25x56 Season 25, Episode 56
It's the first day of Mac's trial for defrauding Cindy, and Breda has a big task ahead of her, but will she be able to pull it off? Cleo gets a helping hand from Mitchell.
Mar. 20, 2019
25x57 25 25x57 Season 25, Episode 57
Marnie and Harry make a shocking discovery. Mercedes is sick of Myra's insistence on an extravagant wedding. Walter disapproves of his grandson's crush, Cleo.
Mar. 21, 2019
25x58 25 25x58 Season 25, Episode 58
Romeo is in a panic after what he discovers. Liam starts to smirk when he sees Myra and Mercedes drunk in the village. What is he planning?
Mar. 22, 2019
25x59 25 25x59 Season 25, Episode 59
The McQueens are preparing for their double wedding, but Liam is still blackmailing Mercedes, and he gives her an ultimatum. Meanwhile, an upset Juliet threatens to burn down the ...
Mar. 25, 2019
25x60 25 25x60 Season 25, Episode 60
It's the double McQueen wedding. Myra and Sally, and Mercedes and Sylver prepare to commit their lives to one another, but Myra spots an unwanted face at the event.
Mar. 26, 2019
25x61 25 25x61 Season 25, Episode 61
A beloved resident decides to leave the village. Maxine discovers her boyfriend Damon's dream future is to move to New York with his best friend Brody.
Mar. 27, 2019
25x62 25 25x62 Season 25, Episode 62
Maxine passes out in her car, and Misbah worries that her illness is more serious than they first thought. Breda acts as super nanny to Bobby and Max, while Liam rethinks his life ...
Mar. 28, 2019
25x63 25 25x63 Season 25, Episode 63
Jealousy is all around as Sinead is convinced Sienna is out to steal her husband, and Liberty discovers her new boyfriend Sami had a fling with Sinead. Maxine claims she's getting ...
Mar. 29, 2019
25x64 25 25x64 Season 25, Episode 64
Laurie makes Sienna uncomfortable while they're on a school camping trip. Liberty and Sami host an awkward dinner for Sinead and Brody, and Liberty gets the wrong end of the stic ...
Apr. 01, 2019
25x65 25 25x65 Season 25, Episode 65
Liberty shares some news with the Maaliks, and Sami is mortified. Brody is frustrated when Sienna won't tell him what happened on the camping trip, and Maxine goes missing from h ...
Apr. 02, 2019
25x66 25 25x66 Season 25, Episode 66
Sinead is accused of being a homewrecker, while Sami is determined to prove himself to Liberty, and Sienna decides to do something about her situation with Laurie.
Apr. 03, 2019
25x67 25 25x67 Season 25, Episode 67
Lily reunites with Romeo, and discovers the tragic developments she has missed since being away. Grace and Mercedes declare bar war on each other - who can put on the biggest eve ...
Apr. 04, 2019
25x68 25 25x68 Season 25, Episode 68
Mercedes and Grace are loving throwing shade at each other in their battle of the best night out. Maxine comes clean to Minnie, while Lily is feeling overwhelmed.
Apr. 05, 2019
25x69 25 25x69 Season 25, Episode 69
Lily breaks down in school after forgetting to prepare a presentation. Damon could be about to discover Maxine's lies, while James is determined to find Mac's killer.
Apr. 08, 2019
25x70 25 25x70 Season 25, Episode 70
Lily is recovering in a mental health hospital, and Romeo decides he must go on the run, or he will face prison for Mac's murder. Before he goes he must say one final goodbye to ...
Apr. 09, 2019
25x71 25 25x71 Season 25, Episode 71
Diane gets a call from the hospital to say that Lily has disappeared. She looks everywhere for her, and Prince joins in the search. Farrah gets some shocking news.
Apr. 10, 2019
25x72 25 25x72 Season 25, Episode 72
Diane, Prince and Tony are desperate to find Lily, who is with Romeo waiting for a train, and there's a series of flashback memories around Lily's mum.
Apr. 11, 2019
25x73 25 25x73 Season 25, Episode 73
Residents of the village react to a recent departure, and Juliet decides she will tell Darren about her true feelings for him.
Apr. 12, 2019
25x74 25 25x74 Season 25, Episode 74
Before Juliet can tell Darren how she truly feels about him, his girlfriend Mandy goes into labor. Meanwhile, Sylver tries to distract Prince from the heartbreak he is going thro ...
Apr. 15, 2019
25x75 25 25x75 Season 25, Episode 75
Darren is worried that the baby may not be his biological son, so he orders a DNA kit, while Luke wants to fight for his family. Brooke meddles in Juliet's love life.
Apr. 16, 2019

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