Oct. 23, 1995
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Hollyoaks (UK)

Hollyoaks is a UK soap that takes a mundane look at the lives, loves and careers of a group of teenage friends and their families as they graduate through GCSE's, A-Levels and College into the world of work. The show is set in and around the fictional Chester suburb of Hollyoaks and is centered around a former 1950s technical college which is now a college of higher education.

Hollyoaks (UK) Season 22 (2016)

22x01 22 22x01 New Year, New… Man?
Ellie celebrates the New Year with a brooding stranger, while Lindsey is set on revenge when she finally gets her man, only to have him snatched away again.
Jan. 01, 2016
22x02 22 22x02 Final Request
Sienna tells Ben about Patrick’s plan to die. Elsewhere, Darren takes Nancy on a ‘first date’ and ends up putting his foot in it, while Grace tries to make amends with Esther ...
Jan. 04, 2016
22x03 22 22x03 Change of Heart
Patrick has second thoughts about framing Maxine, and the vow renewal goes without a hitch. Elsewhere, Lindsey refuses to leave the Roscoes and tells Kim she has bought the house, while ...
Jan. 05, 2016
22x04 22 22x04 Troublemaker
Nancy becomes suspicious about Darren and Maxine, while Nico tries to persuade Alfie to steal money from The Dog till. Elsewhere, Cindy agrees to be Neeta's chief bridesmaid after walking ...
Jan. 06, 2016
22x05 22 22x05 Sneaking Suspicions
Nancy finds something suspicious in the boot of Darren’s car, while eagle-eyed Ellie is curious about Mac and Cindy’s relationship. Elsewhere, Alfie is left embarrassed when his ...
Jan. 07, 2016
22x06 22 22x06 Wedding in Danger
Ellie is determined to stop Neeta and Mac’s wedding from happening, while Cindy panics when Mac won’t speak to her. Elsewhere, Pete tries to get back in touch with Cleo, while Darren ...
Jan. 08, 2016
22x07 22 22x07 Spinning a Lie
Ben’s suspicions over Darren’s story leave him wondering whether it’s time to come clean, while Cindy’s life is left in pieces when Holly and Dirk both turn their backs on her. ...
Jan. 11, 2016
22x08 22 22x08 Fairy Godfather
A new face descends on the village and promises a lifeline to Cindy just when she needs it most. Alfie feels rejected when Tony decides he wants to keep his secret buried, while Harry ...
Jan. 12, 2016
22x09 22 22x09 Breaking the Rules
Holly and Robbie find themselves on the wrong side of the law when they step their affair up a gear at a hotel. Manipulative Pete turns to dirty tactics to get himself back in the good ...
Jan. 13, 2016
22x10 22 22x10 Mood Killer
Things get steamy between Cameron and Leela, but someone is waiting to pour cold water on their passionate moment. Cindy and Ellie lock horns over Mac’s past, while it looks like ...
Jan. 14, 2016
22x11 22 22x11 Competition Time
It’s the day of The Dog’s Mr and Mrs Contest and Cameron is feeling the pressure to prove himself, while the rift between Tony and Ste grows even deeper when Tony points a finger ...
Jan. 15, 2016
22x12 22 22x12 Scheming and Revenge
When Peri locks horns with Mrs St Claire, her revenge plan takes a nasty turn. Jealous of Joe and Mercedes, a desperate Lindsey starts a new scheme to sabotage their relationship, while ...
Jan. 18, 2016
22x13 22 22x13 Desperate Measures
Lindsey stoops to desperate measures to keep Joe close to her, while Grace tries to prove herself to Esther, but is she just lying to herself? Elsewhere, Louis fears Mrs St Claire is ...
Jan. 19, 2016
22x14 22 22x14 Truth, Suspicions and Lies
Esther stumbles upon a clue that could get Trevor released, but her and Ben’s personal feelings could stand in the way of justice. Elsewhere, just as Joe is falling for Lindsey’s ...
Jan. 20, 2016
22x15 22 22x15 Shock Revelations
The village is in suspense as the case against Trevor takes an unexpected turn. Joe is determined to do the right thing by Lindsey, but his decision could hugely affect his relationship ...
Jan. 21, 2016
22x16 22 22x16 Dangerous Paths
When Ben’s anger over Trevor leads to violence, Sienna begs him not to let his obsession destroy the family. Elsewhere, it seems Mrs St Claire could have a hidden agenda, while Lindsey ...
Jan. 22, 2016
22x17 22 22x17 You've Got a Friend
Alfie is shocked to hear that Jade might have cancer and he tries to reassure her. Elsewhere, Diego’s fears are confirmed when he walks in on Myra and Nathan getting cosy, while Ellie ...
Jan. 25, 2016
22x18 22 22x18 Sweet Sixteen
It is clear that Alfie and Jade want to be more than just friends when he gives her a beautiful charm bracelet for her 16th birthday, while Peri confesses that she misses Tom. Meanwhile, ...
Jan. 26, 2016
22x19 22 22x19 Suspicious Minds
Diego tells Rachel about Myra and Nathan’s affair, while Nancy is suspicious about what Darren is hiding from her. Elsewhere, the case is closed on Patrick’s disappearance as Maxine ...
Jan. 27, 2016
22x20 22 22x20 Wonder Wall
It’s the day of Patrick’s memorial and Maxine is nervous when Ben drills a plaque into the wall, and Sienna launches an attack on Maxine over her father’s will. Elsewhere, Joanne ...
Jan. 28, 2016
22x21 22 22x21 The Game Plan
Cindy has an ulterior motive when she decides to meet James, while Nancy confronts Darren about his secrecy. Elsewhere, Maxine is left feeling tormented when she hears Patrick’s voice, ...
Jan. 29, 2016
22x22 22 22x22 Face to Face with the Enemy
Mac can’t believe his eyes when Cindy teams up with two of his rivals in an attempt to ruin him. Elsewhere, Simone gives Louis the silent treatment after last week’s shocking accusations, ...
Feb. 01, 2016
22x23 22 22x23 Picture Perfect
Maxine is in for the shock of her life when Mrs St Claire summons her, Nancy and Sienna to the school. Tony offers to make amends with Harry, but it may be too little too late. Elsewhere, ...
Feb. 02, 2016
22x24 22 22x24 Shock to the System
Alfie struggles to get his head around yesterday’s shocking news, while Lindsey finds herself face to face with the only witness to her killings. Elsewhere, Darren and Nancy break ...
Feb. 03, 2016
22x25 22 22x25 Killer Intentions
Lindsey takes drastic measures to make sure she’s out of the frame for the Gloved Hand murders by eyeing up her next victim. Celine encourages Tegan to take part in Dee Valley Hospital’s ...
Feb. 04, 2016
22x26 22 22x26 Wrong Side of the Law
Trevor is furious when he’s landed in more trouble with the police, while Lindsey sees an opportunity that’s too good to miss. Elsewhere, Celine, Kim and Tegan are speechless when ...
Feb. 05, 2016
22x27 22 22x27 Accessory To Murder
Lindsey risks being found out when one of her earrings is found at the scene of her latest attack, while Kim is determined for her sister’s fake pregnancy to be revealed. Elsewhere, ...
Feb. 08, 2016
22x28 22 22x28 A Roscoe Reunion
Joe, Robbie and Jason are stunned to find Freddie alive and well, while Lindsey is determined to end his life once and for all. Elsewhere, Trevor finds solace in an unlikely neighbour ...
Feb. 09, 2016
22x29 22 22x29 Who Found Freddie?
Freddie is caught sleeping rough on The Dog couch, and Ellie starts developing feelings for him. Elsewhere, Alfie tries to help Nico cheat during her presentation, and Ben is demoted ...
Feb. 10, 2016
22x30 22 22x30 A Royle Vendetta
Trevor goes after Ben when he is convinced that he’s the one who attacked him, but panic descends when Nico has a heart attack. Meanwhile, John Paul covers for Cleo when she falls ...
Feb. 11, 2016
22x31 22 22x31 Aphrodisiac Alert
Joanne tries to seduce Louis with Prosecco and oysters after she convinces him to let her stay over. Meanwhile, Cleo asks for a job at The Hutch while Diane comforts her. Elsewhere, ...
Feb. 12, 2016
22x32 22 22x32 Topless Trouble
Theresa is shocked to find Zack in bed with another woman, while Grace wants revenge for Trevor so goes to find Ben. The Loveday parents have a blazing row when Louis finds out Simone ...
Feb. 15, 2016
22x33 22 22x33 Turned Down
Diane and Tony refuse Marnie’s offer to buy The Hutch, but will she take no for an answer? Elsewhere, Theresa threatens to tell the whole village about Zack’s latest conquest, while ...
Feb. 16, 2016
22x34 22 22x34 Let The Games Begin!
Marnie and James are caught red-handed by an unsuspecting Scott after stealing Diane’s laptop. Elsewhere, Zack kisses Lisa and makes his feelings clear, while Pete manipulates Cleo ...
Feb. 17, 2016
22x35 22 22x35 Jealous Genes
Holly and Jason’s wedding plans are in full swing, but it all gets too much for Robbie at the sight of the happy couple. Elsewhere, Tony fires Cleo but ends up helping her to pay ...
Feb. 18, 2016
22x36 22 22x36 You Can Leave Your Hat On
Jason is delighted with his stag do surprise, but Holly is furious with Robbie. Elsewhere, Cindy and Dirk break the ice and call a truce, while Celine puts the trial in jeopardy when ...
Feb. 19, 2016
22x37 22 22x37 Wedding Bells
It is the day of Holly and Jason’s wedding but Robbie is determined to win Holly’s heart. Kim confronts Lindsey when she overhears that Pete was attacked the night before, while ...
Feb. 22, 2016
22x38 22 22x38 Not Such A Best Man
Robbie is left reeling when Holly turns him down, while Jason receives a strange video message. Alfie successfully fixes Dr S’Avage’s laptop, and Nico is particularly intrigued ...
Feb. 23, 2016
22x39 22 22x39 Leap Of Faith
Alfie promises to put his vertigo aside and take part in the abseil, but only if Jade goes to her chemo appointment. Lindsey is at risk of being found out when Dirk watches the footage ...
Feb. 24, 2016
22x40 22 22x40 Love Is In The Air
The charity abseil is a huge success, despite an unlikely mishap. Jade is in awe of Alfie’s bravery and the pair share their first kiss. Elsewhere, Lindsey prepares to silence Freddie ...
Feb. 25, 2016
22x41 22 22x41 Protective Father
Cameron boils with anger when Peri goes to stay with Nico for the weekend. Elsewhere, Alfie and Jade are both on Cloud 9 after their kiss, while Jack is upset when he receives flowers ...
Feb. 26, 2016
22x42 22 22x42 Got the Wrong Girl
The village is shocked at the latest arrest for the hospital killings, but as Lindsey goes about her normal day, she suddenly comes face to face with a sinister visitor. Elsewhere, ...
Feb. 29, 2016
22x43 22 22x43 Zack, 18, Hollyoaks
Simone signs Zack up to a dating site when he complains about “girl trouble,” leaving Lisa to try and ignore her feelings for him. Alfie finds himself in the firing line when the ...
Mar. 01, 2016
22x44 22 22x44 Shake it off
Alfie and Jade put their health worries on the back-burner and have some fun in the village, while Darren falls back into old habits when he tries to make amends for Jade’s missing ...
Mar. 02, 2016
22x45 22 22x45 Get Pasta it
Things get messy in Price Slice when Simone discovers what Louis and Joanne have been hiding from her, while Lisa’s cover could be blown when a familiar face returns. Elsewhere, Ben ...
Mar. 03, 2016
22x46 22 22x46 Any Sides with that?
Lunch at the Hutch takes a turn for the worse when Trevor calls Grace an embarrassment. She storms out, leaving Sienna and Trevor alone, trying to resist their feelings for each other. ...
Mar. 04, 2016
22x47 22 22x47 Swig In The Wrong Direction
Nico has a change of heart, but it’s too little too late when Theresa drinks the spiked wine. Elsewhere, Cameron is encouraged by Ste to give Peri some space, while Trevor continues ...
Mar. 07, 2016
22x48 22 22x48 The Ultimate Cringe
Grace decides to take matters into her own hands, and Trevor is shocked to find her standing over Sienna’s lifeless body. Meanwhile, Cameron realises that Tom and Peri have been left ...
Mar. 08, 2016
22x49 22 22x49 Chemical Romance
Trevor worries that the forensics might find his DNA on Sienna’s body, while Grace packs his bags and asks him to leave. John Paul is shocked by the news that Diego and Myra are thinking ...
Mar. 09, 2016
22x50 22 22x50 Suspicious Minds
All eyes are on Ste when Cameron plants a bag of cocaine in Rose’s baby changing bag, while an anxious Tom pushes Peri away. Elsewhere, Trevor begins having second thoughts about ...
Mar. 10, 2016
22x51 22 22x51 Clowning Around!
Scott decides to become a children’s entertainer to help raise money for The Hutch, and Darren offers Tony gambling advice. Meanwhile, Ste tries to plead his innocence but not even ...
Mar. 11, 2016
22x52 22 22x52 The Art of Deception
John Paul lies to Mrs St Claire and heads out on a date with a mystery man, but he’s shocked to see him at the school later. Cameron is determined to find out what Tegan’s hiding ...
Mar. 14, 2016
22x53 22 22x53 Clowning Around
Scott’s clown show leaves one villager injured when it goes spectacularly wrong, while John Paul is worried that someone has a crush on him. Elsewhere, Darren is on edge when Tony’s ...
Mar. 15, 2016
22x54 22 22x54 Dig a Little Deeper
John Paul and Scott have a heart-to-heart, which reveals there’s far more to carefree Scott than John Paul first thought. Elsewhere, Alfie tells Jade he wants everyone to know they’re ...
Mar. 16, 2016
22x55 22 22x55 Standing Up To Cancer
Alfie and Jade stand united in their fight against cancer by shaving their heads together. Joanne threatens to tell the truth about Lisa’s identity, while suspicious Diego follows ...
Mar. 17, 2016
22x56 22 22x56 Money on the Mind
Myra prepares for a financial windfall at Tony’s expense, while Rachel pushes Alfie to tell his family that his cancer has returned. Elsewhere, Lisa pleads with Joanne to keep her ...
Mar. 18, 2016
22x57 22 22x57 Deep Dark Secrets
DS Thorpe breaks up a heated argument between Louis and Joanne when Louis’ suspicions spiral out of control. At the Osborne’s, a case of mistaken identity has embarrassing repercussions ...
Mar. 21, 2016
22x58 22 22x58 Table for One
The heartbreak continues for Jason when he comes face to face with Holly and the Savages. Elsewhere, loyal Simone supports Louis’ bold claims against Joanne, while Kim puts Esther ...
Mar. 22, 2016
22x59 22 22x59 Sleeping Rough
Ste and Harry’s relationship is really put to the test when they’re left with no place to stay, while guilty ‘Lisa’ tries to pluck up the courage to come clean about her true ...
Mar. 23, 2016
22x60 22 22x60 Guilty Conscience
Rachel is burning with guilt about going behind the Nightingale’s backs when Alfie receives his results. Meanwhile, Ellie offers Cindy a beauty treatment, but Marnie has got sabotage ...
Mar. 24, 2016
22x61 22 22x61 Family Ties
The Nightingales pull together following their recent revelation. Marnie overhears a private conversation and uses it to her advantage, while Holly is in shock when Robbie makes a life-changing ...
Mar. 25, 2016
22x62 22 22x62 Judgement Day
The Roscoes unite when Robbie and Jason have an important decision to make, while Holly races against time when she puts her life in danger to follow her heart. Elsewhere, new boy Liam ...
Mar. 28, 2016
22x63 22 22x63 The Aftermath
Following Holly's loss of control behind the wheel, there’s chaos as a car explodes with somebody still inside. Back in the village, Celine is quick to show Liam around Hollyoaks. ...
Mar. 29, 2016
22x64 22 22x64 Hopeless Romantic
Ellie finds herself as the object of Freddie’s affections, but does she feel the same way? Liam ends up in a messy situation when his double-crossing is exposed, while Alfie prepares ...
Mar. 30, 2016
22x65 22 22x65 Head to Head
Celine is determined to win her man, but a shocking intervention leaves her heartbroken. Lindsey’s on edge when Esther comes clean about her visit to Kath, while a cunning Marnie ...
Mar. 31, 2016
22x66 22 22x66 Bump in the Road
Lindsey’s huge bump causes a stir when Mercedes arrives back in the village demanding answers. Kim is terrified that Lindsey could resort back to her murderous ways, while Freddie ...
Apr. 01, 2016
22x67 22 22x67 Tangled
Darren finds himself spinning a web of lies when he’s caught hiding stacks of cash. A furious Freddie overhears a conversation about Lindsey’s baby daddy, so he goes looking for ...
Apr. 04, 2016
22x68 22 22x68 Deception
Kim’s world starts to crumble around her when she realises she’s been betrayed, while Joe prepares a romantic setting for his proposal, unaware he’s in serious danger. Elsewhere, ...
Apr. 05, 2016
22x69 22 22x69 Quick Getaway
Lindsey’s escape from Hollyoaks takes a nasty turn when she hitches a lift with Frankie, while Esther continues to fight for Kim’s innocence, and Joe is floored by Mercedes’ bold ...
Apr. 06, 2016
22x70 22 22x70 Danger, Danger!
The Osbornes wait for Frankie to return, unaware what’s really happened. Meanwhile Esther tries to be the hero while Lindsey threatens to kill again.
Apr. 07, 2016
22x71 22 22x71 Lethal Partnership
Lindsey tries to make her great escape with the help of a deadly ally, while Frankie’s life hangs in the balance. Elsewhere, it’s Sonia’s birthday, and Zack decides to come clean ...
Apr. 08, 2016
22x72 22 22x72 Fright of your Life
With encouragement from Zack, Louis decides to fight for his marriage and books a romantic getaway, but he and Simone are in for a huge shock when they return to the flat. Elsewhere, ...
Apr. 11, 2016
22x73 22 22x73 Steamy Affair
Sienna and Trevor’s secret affair hots up, but Grace is close to bringing it all crashing down. The Lovedays are in crisis following yesterday’s shock revelation, while Ste and ...
Apr. 12, 2016
22x74 22 22x74 Where to Start?
Louis, Simone and DS Thorpe turn up to interrogate Joanne, while Sienna and Trevor plan to leave Hollyoaks together, but something stands in the way of their happy ending. Elsewhere, ...
Apr. 13, 2016
22x75 22 22x75 Not Quite Home
Harry finds a shack for him and Ste to stay in, but it seems like James Nightingale wants something from them. Elsewhere, Darren’s concerned that Maxine can’t keep quiet about their ...
Apr. 14, 2016

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