Oct. 23, 1995
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Hollyoaks (UK)

Hollyoaks is a UK soap that takes a mundane look at the lives, loves and careers of a group of teenage friends and their families as they graduate through GCSE's, A-Levels and College into the world of work. The show is set in and around the fictional Chester suburb of Hollyoaks and is centered around a former 1950s technical college which is now a college of higher education.

Hollyoaks (UK) Season 21 (2015)

21x01 21 21x01 January 2, 2015
Celine sheds a new light on Jason’s eating disorder while the rest of the family learns the fate of their loved one. The Roscoes pray for a miracle, and Joe uses his hold over Kim ...
Jan. 02, 2015
21x02 21 21x02 January 5, 2015
The Roscoes are struggling to cope after the events of New Year’s Eve; will they let it destroy the family? Tegan records a special message for baby Rose, but ends up making a terrible ...
Jan. 05, 2015
21x03 21 21x03 January 6, 2015
Leela is caught in the middle as Cameron and Peri go head to head, and a mysterious arrival has a surprising revelation for the Lomax family. Tegan panics when she remembers what she ...
Jan. 06, 2015
21x04 21 21x04 January 7, 2015
Tegan and Ziggy discover a surprise stowaway when they arrive at their secret hideaway, and when Leela and Cameron track them down, it seems like Cameron’s past mistakes could finally ...
Jan. 07, 2015
21x05 21 21x05 January 8, 2015
Tegan forces herself to be cruel to be kind when Ziggy shares his deepest feelings with her. Grace makes a decision about the job in The Loft, but celebrations turn frosty when a misplaced ...
Jan. 08, 2015
21x06 21 21x06 January 9, 2015
The Lomaxes try their best to survive the emotional earthquake that threatens to destroy their family. When Lockie discovers Porsche is missing, panic sets in, but someone knows more ...
Jan. 09, 2015
21x07 21 21x07 January 12, 2015
Darren launches his new business and is delighted when he gets his first customer. Elsewhere, keen to escape her family, Peri puts her trust in the wrong person, while Robbie goes off ...
Jan. 12, 2015
21x08 21 21x08 January 13, 2015
Trevor offers Robbie a job stealing cars, while Jason fears he’s holding Sandy back from an exciting new adventure. Dirk is shocked when Maxine returns from LA without Dodger, but ...
Jan. 13, 2015
21x09 21 21x09 January 14, 2015
Maxine and Theresa are racing against time to rescue Dodger as Sienna plans to disappear with him forever. Elsewhere, Robbie’s new job causes more heartbreak for the Roscoes.
Jan. 14, 2015
21x10 21 21x10 January 15, 2015
Maxine needs to find the courage to save herself and Minnie when they are forced to leave the village. Tony offers to help Darren with ‘Daz Cabs’, but the pairing could be a recipe ...
Jan. 15, 2015
21x11 21 21x11 January 16, 2015
Life is set to change forever for the Blakes and the Savages, while shockwaves are felt throughout the village when news of an escape spreads. Elsewhere, can Darren swallow his pride ...
Jan. 16, 2015
21x16 21 21x16 January 23, 2015
With the evidence against him continuing to grow, Lindsey starts to question Freddie’s innocence. Meanwhile, Porsche, Nana and Lockie search for answers of their own. Grace plans ...
Jan. 23, 2015
21x17 21 21x17 January 26, 2015
Ste’s loved ones rush to him when he sets out for revenge, while Grace, Trevor and Esther are delighted to see their baby for the first time. Elsewhere, there’s a development in ...
Jan. 26, 2015
21x18 21 21x18 January 27, 2015
Freddie has a terrible day as he tries to keep one step ahead of the police, only to be caught at the scene of a crime. Patrick has faith in Nancy and decides to give her an exciting ...
Jan. 27, 2015
21x19 21 21x19 January 28, 2015
Nancy asks Esther for help at the school, but the students get more than they expected when Grace gets involved. Elsewhere, Lindsey makes it her mission to save Freddie from a life ...
Jan. 28, 2015
21x20 21 21x20 January 29, 2015
Lindsey’s actions leave Celine in a terrible dilemma, while a familiar face returns and makes things even more difficult. Dylan leads Peri down a dangerous path, putting her and her ...
Jan. 29, 2015
21x21 21 21x21 January 30, 2015
Nancy knows what happened at the school was her fault… but will she find the courage to face the consequences? Elsewhere, Jack makes a potentially life changing decision, while Dirk’s ...
Jan. 30, 2015
21x27 21 21x27 February 9, 2015
Someone is targeting Darren and Maxine, while Ste confides in his old friend Tony about being HIV positive. Elsewhere, Theresa tells Dirk the truth about Myra-Pocahontas but his happiness ...
Feb. 09, 2015
21x28 21 21x28 February 10, 2015
In the midst of another row, Diane and Tony are taken back by the return of a familiar face. Elsewhere, Maxine is admitted to hospital, and Peri plots to get rid of Ziggy in a desperate ...
Feb. 10, 2015
21x29 21 21x29 February 11, 2015
With her world spiraling out of control, Peri decides to take drastic action, and John Paul’s good mood is ruined by a haunting phone call. Elsewhere, Maxine is shocked when Patrick ...
Feb. 11, 2015
21x30 21 21x30 February 12, 2015
Ste and Sinead go for a baby scan, while John Paul enlists Trevor's help in getting rid of his demons. Elsewhere, love-sick Tegan offers to help Ziggy plan a Valentine’s Day surprise, ...
Feb. 12, 2015
21x31 21 21x31 February 13, 2015
Ziggy talks to Tegan about his future with Leela, oblivious to Leela’s big plan, while Porsche’s demands push Lockie down a criminal path, and Diane’s day goes from bad to worse ...
Feb. 13, 2015
21x32 21 21x32 February 16, 2015
Porsche locks horns with Trevor over Lockie. It’s the morning after the night before for Diane and she’s shocked by what she’s done. John Paul and Ste’s marriage is put under ...
Feb. 16, 2015
21x33 21 21x33 February 17, 2015
Lindsey vows to help Freddie, but there are dangerous consequences in store. John Paul struggles to get his life back on track until a reminder of the past makes things ten times worse. ...
Feb. 17, 2015
21x34 21 21x34 February 18, 2015
As John Paul attempts to overcome his demons, Patrick’s intervention could spell big changes for JP’s future. There’s a new development in the Mercedes murder case, while Grace ...
Feb. 18, 2015
21x35 21 21x35 February 19, 2015
Will it be an all-out war or happy families for the Roscoes when Joe makes a shock appearance at JJ’s naming ceremony? Phoebe is stunned by what she discovers when she finds Mercedes’ ...
Feb. 19, 2015
21x36 21 21x36 February 20, 2015
When more evidence stacks up against Freddie, he makes a decision to flee the village. Joe seizes the chance to get Lindsey back, but Lindsey’s got her own agenda. When Tony offers ...
Feb. 20, 2015
21x37 21 21x37 February 23, 2015
Joe makes a desperate attempt to get his son back as Freddie and Lindsey make a quick escape, while Jack faces big decisions about his future. Elsewhere, Cindy starts brewing a cunning ...
Feb. 23, 2015
21x38 21 21x38 February 24, 2015
Things are looking up for Jason when he makes a friend in the clinic, while Kim is in turmoil when someone she loves begs her for help. Elsewhere, Theresa gets herself in trouble when ...
Feb. 24, 2015
21x39 21 21x39 February 25, 2015
Theresa is relying on a family member when she makes an error of judgement, while it seems Jason’s new friend may not have his best interests at heart. Elsewhere, Lindsey reveals ...
Feb. 25, 2015
21x40 21 21x40 February 26, 2015
Leela makes a huge discovery at Peri’s birthday party, but someone steps in to take the blame. Ziggy is left embarrassed when he steps up to the mark to impress the Lomaxes, and Patrick ...
Feb. 26, 2015
21x41 21 21x41 February 27, 2015
It’s the morning after Peri’s party and the village is shaken by last night’s news. Following the revelation, Leela makes an announcement, leaving two other villagers feeling ...
Feb. 27, 2015
21x42 21 21x42 March 2, 2015
Nancy gets too close for comfort and provokes an emotional outburst from a village resident. Maxine receives devastating news that could change everything, and Ste decides he needs ...
Mar. 02, 2015
21x43 21 21x43 March 3, 2015
Maxine flees with Minnie, but she could be putting her daughter’s life in danger in the process. John Paul’s guilt over Harry begins to spiral out of control when a good deed goes ...
Mar. 03, 2015
21x44 21 21x44 March 4, 2015
Someone is closer to discovering John Paul and Harry’s secret than they realise. Meanwhile, Maxine tries everything to put things right before history repeats itself, and Nancy has ...
Mar. 04, 2015
21x45 21 21x45 March 5, 2015
Robbie is furious when he discovers Joe’s secret, while Joe is shocked by the return of a familiar face. Patrick ropes Theresa in to a wicked plan with an offer she can’t refuse. ...
Mar. 05, 2015
21x46 21 21x46 March 6, 2015
Lockie gives Ziggy a hilarious new business idea, and it looks like Joe’s luck is about to change for the better, but things might not be all that they seem. And Theresa could find ...
Mar. 06, 2015
21x47 21 21x47 March 9, 2015
Grace is spooked out by some reminders of Mercedes, while Porsche gets a bit too close for comfort to a guilty Diane. Elsewhere, Ziggy is mortified when a new business venture takes ...
Mar. 09, 2015
21x48 21 21x48 March 10, 2015
Porsche is on the warpath, and her rage has heart-stopping consequences. Lindsey comes close to uncovering a truth, but a secret someone stands in her way. Elsewhere, Lockie is forced ...
Mar. 10, 2015
21x49 21 21x49 March 11, 2015
It's decision time for Tom and Peri as the reality of their situation hits, while Lockie teams up with his brother when Porsche is under threat. Elsewhere, Tony is determined to see ...
Mar. 11, 2015
21x50 21 21x50 March 12, 2015
Lockie puts himself and Cameron in danger as a heroic act goes horribly wrong, while suspicion causes tension between Charles’ Angels at the hospital. Elsewhere, Theresa’s conscience ...
Mar. 12, 2015
21x51 21 21x51 March 13, 2015
Tegan receives some life changing news about her health, while another part of her life is about to crumble. Elsewhere, the pressure is building for Peri and Tom, and Patrick gives ...
Mar. 13, 2015
21x52 21 21x52 March 16, 2015
Maxine seems doomed to fail when a secret plot threatens her chances with Social Services. Will a guardian angel be her saviour? Porsche drags a dangerous ally into her bid for revenge ...
Mar. 16, 2015
21x53 21 21x53 March 17, 2015
A night out with Porsche and Theresa could cost Maxine her future. Meanwhile, it’s a race against time for Darren and Cameron after a shock revelation. Trevor locks horns with a fellow ...
Mar. 17, 2015
21x54 21 21x54 March 18, 2015
Grace is determined to get to the bottom of Trevor’s betrayal, and Kim gets more than she bargained for when she confronts Grace. Dirk’s torture over the poison pen letter escalates… ...
Mar. 18, 2015
21x55 21 21x55 March 19, 2015
Dirk’s tormentor could be closer to home than he thought. Fresh clues about the Mercedes case emerge, while Grace and Kim have to deal with the consequences of their actions. Patrick ...
Mar. 19, 2015
21x56 21 21x56 March 20, 2015
It’s a big day for Jason as he finally leaves the clinic. When more truths surrounding Will’s death surface, Dirk is forced to pray the price. Elsewhere, Kim comes dangerously close ...
Mar. 20, 2015
21x57 21 21x57 March 23, 2015
Sinead hits the jackpot when she stumbles across Lindsey’s plan. Robbie finds himself out of his depth, and makes a shock discovery, while Joe ensures the rogue responsible for a ...
Mar. 23, 2015
21x58 21 21x58 March 24, 2015
Robbie goes off the rails, but will anyone come to his rescue before he hits self-destruct? Kim’s scheme could prove detrimental for one Roscoe brother. Desperate Tom clutches at ...
Mar. 24, 2015
21x59 21 21x59 March 25, 2015
Tegan is speechless when a notorious face turns up on her doorstep. Meanwhile, an astonishing secret is exposed after an impulsive proposal. Elsewhere, someone is out for revenge on ...
Mar. 25, 2015
21x60 21 21x60 March 26, 2015
Patrick sees red after a recent revelation. The walls are closing in on one villager as the police gather more evidence surrounding Mercedes’ murder. Meanwhile, Tegan’s condition ...
Mar. 26, 2015
21x61 21 21x61 March 27, 2015
With time running out, Tegan is forced to make some tough decisions. Grace is out for revenge when she discovers that her plans have been thwarted. Elsewhere, a desperate Ziggy is pushed ...
Mar. 27, 2015
21x62 21 21x62 March 30, 2015
Tony and Diane go in search of answers, while a blast from the past causes havoc for Dr S'Avage. Meanwhile, a frantic Ziggy takes desperate measures…with criminal consequences.
Mar. 30, 2015
21x63 21 21x63 March 31, 2015
Someone threatens to expose the truth about Dr S'Avage, but what’s his big secret? Reality hits Ste and Leela as they take the law into their own hands. And it’s decision time for ...
Mar. 31, 2015
21x64 21 21x64 April 1, 2015
Ziggy’s faced with an impossible decision… what will he decide? Diane’s search for justice has frightening consequences, which put her family in the firing line. Elsewhere, Cindy ...
Apr. 01, 2015
21x65 21 21x65 April 2, 2015
Tegan has to cover her heartbreak when Leela makes an announcement, while Celine plots to keep love on course. Sienna has something planned, and sets her sights on Dr S’Avage, and ...
Apr. 02, 2015
21x66 21 21x66 April 3, 2015
As Jason leaps to Cindy’s rescue, Darren has his own suspicions about the culprit, and Maxine discovers Darren’s not all he seems. Patrick and Theresa take their working relationship ...
Apr. 03, 2015
21x67 21 21x67 April 6, 2015
Theresa makes a shocking discovery when doing a good deed, while Darren takes matters into his own hands, but soon finds the police are one step ahead of him. Elsewhere, things are ...
Apr. 06, 2015
21x68 21 21x68 April 7, 2015
Patrick gains an ally, but can he trust them to keep his secret safe? Sinead finds herself caught up in a dangerous game when she does a deal with Freddie, while a surprise phone call ...
Apr. 07, 2015
21x69 21 21x69 April 8, 2015
An awkward double booking at The Dog brings two sets of sworn enemies face to face… but there’s a big shock in store when DS Thorpe makes a very public arrest. Elsewhere, in a moment ...
Apr. 08, 2015
21x70 21 21x70 April 9, 2015
Cracks start to show in John Paul’s fairy-tale when Sinead comes between him and Ste. Trevor’s loyalty is pushed to the limit when Grace refuses to abandon her master plan, and ...
Apr. 09, 2015
21x71 21 21x71 April 10, 2015
Feeling guilty and alone, Sinead’s emotions threaten to spiral out of control, while Ste re-opens some old wounds, but it’s at a cost to John Paul. Elsewhere, Porsche and Celine ...
Apr. 10, 2015
21x72 21 21x72 April 13, 2015
Three is a crowd for Sinead, John Paul and Ste. Cleo pushes boundaries to get back at Harry, a decision she might end up regretting. Meanwhile, Porsche’s buried secrets threaten to ...
Apr. 13, 2015
21x73 21 21x73 April 14, 2015
Harry braces himself to come clean about one of his many secrets, and Peri panics as her dilemma gets bigger every day. Lockie faces a tough decision to help Porsche, which forces him ...
Apr. 14, 2015
21x74 21 21x74 April 15, 2015
Celine gets more than she bargained for when deep emotions are stirred because of her interfering. Sparks fly for Darren as the search for his mystery woman continues. Elsewhere, Tegan ...
Apr. 15, 2015
21x75 21 21x75 April 16, 2015
An unwelcome face tells Porsche their plans to stick around. Tensions erupt for Leela over her wedding day plans, while Cameron gets his hands on evidence that could make his dreams ...
Apr. 16, 2015
21x76 21 21x76 April 17, 2015
Cameron’s meddling may have gone too far and Tegan is forced to reveal her true feelings as the pressure mounts. Jason and Cindy get a bit too close for comfort when they use each ...
Apr. 17, 2015
21x77 21 21x77 April 20, 2015
Leela starts to blame her loved ones following the recent attack, while jealous forces are out to stop her wedding to Ziggy. Nico and Dylan come up with an idea to cheer Peri up, but ...
Apr. 20, 2015
21x78 21 21x78 April 21, 2015
Time is running out for Ziggy at the wedding, but what will his heart decide? Elsewhere, Tegan faces another battle with Diane, while Cameron’s biggest secret could be about to come ...
Apr. 21, 2015
21x79 21 21x79 April 22, 2015
Patrick and Sienna are in for a shock after a visit to the hospital, while Theresa is approached with a new career prospect. Elsewhere, Cameron has to choose between his pride and his ...
Apr. 22, 2015
21x80 21 21x80 April 23, 2015
Cameron has met his match, but he won’t go down without a fight. Elsewhere, Theresa faces tough decisions about her future, and Nancy can’t keep Kim’s dark secret for much longer, ...
Apr. 23, 2015
21x81 21 21x81 April 24, 2015
Kim tries to claw her way back into Esther’s affections, while a livid Lindsey sets out for revenge. Elsewhere, Trevor is furious when a video of Dylan goes viral.
Apr. 24, 2015
21x82 21 21x82 April 27, 2015
Trevor vows to clear Grace’s name… but he’s going to need Darren’s help. Lindsey’s shocked to discover the truth about Kim’s new obsession, as a dark secret from the sisters’ ...
Apr. 27, 2015
21x83 21 21x83 April 28, 2015
Lindsey is haunted by reminders of her childhood and resolves to face her demons. Darren double-crosses his family, but a rare act of brotherly love from Joe leaves him guilty. Will ...
Apr. 28, 2015
21x84 21 21x84 April 29, 2015
A new cell-mate threatens to make life difficult for Grace, while Kim reaches rock-bottom in a bid to get her girl. Harry protects Dylan against school bullies, putting his chances ...
Apr. 29, 2015

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