Oct. 23, 1995
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Hollyoaks (UK)

Hollyoaks is a UK soap that takes a mundane look at the lives, loves and careers of a group of teenage friends and their families as they graduate through GCSE's, A-Levels and College into the world of work. The show is set in and around the fictional Chester suburb of Hollyoaks and is centered around a former 1950s technical college which is now a college of higher education.

Hollyoaks (UK) Season 20 (2014)

20x01 20 20x01 January 2, 2014
Carmel's delighted when the opportunity to be a mum presents itself to her. Dodger is excited about his future, and is counting on no-one trying to burst his bubble. Meanwhile, Robbie ...
Jan. 02, 2014
20x02 20 20x02 January 3, 2014
Theresa's left high and dry; she's determined to seek revenge at any cost. Esther makes a heart-breaking decision that changes her life, and as John Paul makes another attempt to get ...
Jan. 03, 2014
20x03 20 20x03 January 6, 2014
Fraser attempts to buy Freddie off - just how far will Freddie go to remove himself from Fraser's shady clutches? What is being planned for John Paul? Theresa further fuels Carmel's ...
Jan. 06, 2014
20x04 20 20x04 January 7, 2014
Freddie searches for Fraser's accounts in order to save his own skin, and Theresa's world is turned upside down as an old face returns, leaving Carmel wondering if she's made a monumental ...
Jan. 07, 2014
20x05 20 20x05 January 8, 2014
Will Finn's malicious plan succeed, or will he be discovered? Theresa is devastated at the prospect of losing her child - and her future - forever. Freddie finds himself needing to ...
Jan. 08, 2014
20x06 20 20x06 January 9, 2014
John Paul unveils Nana McQueen's attacker, but the ordeal isn't over. Tony and Diane are left devastated by the events of yesterday, and need Trevor to answer their prayers. Meanwhile, ...
Jan. 09, 2014
20x07 20 20x07 January 10, 2014
John Paul struggles to come to terms with the trauma he was faced with yesterday, and tries to summon the courage to admit the truth. Finn desperately tries to get rid of the evidence, ...
Jan. 10, 2014
20x08 20 20x08 January 13, 2014
Fraser learns all about Trevor's betrayal, and Grace is terrified that she could lose the love of her life forever. When a devastated Sinead sees Freddie getting a bit close with someone ...
Jan. 13, 2014
20x09 20 20x09 January 14, 2014
Sinead discovers the truth about Freddie's secrecy, but she fears that the damage has already been done. Jim is under pressure from the vicious Grace and could be getting closer to ...
Jan. 14, 2014
20x10 20 20x10 January 15, 2014
It's the day of Sinead and Freddie's wedding. Woohoooo! But as secrets are revealed (of course, it's a Hollyoaks wedding!), will the marriage go ahead? Elsewhere Grace blackmails an ...
Jan. 15, 2014
20x11 20 20x11 January 16, 2014
Desperate Freddie knows that one of his loved ones is in grave danger and starts on a frantic search - will he reach them before it's too late? Meanwhile Nancy tries to summon the courage ...
Jan. 16, 2014
20x12 20 20x12 January 17, 2014
Darren attempts to rekindle his relationship with Nancy, but it may prove to be as difficult as he'd expected. Freddie tries to do the right thing, but between his head and his heart, ...
Jan. 17, 2014
20x13 20 20x13 January 20, 2014
As pressure mounts on Freddie, he has to decide whether to reveal the heart-breaking truth to his loved ones. Meanwhile, the Osbornes are left astounded by Darren's behaviour, but is ...
Jan. 20, 2014
20x14 20 20x14 January 21, 2014
Nancy has a surprise in store for Darren, while Ruby’s confused by Ziggy’s odd behaviour. Desperate to impress Holly, what lengths will Jason go to impress her? And Maxine makes ...
Jan. 21, 2014
20x15 20 20x15 January 22, 2014
Mercedes’ suspicions of Sonny grows, Patrick begs Dodger not to reveal the dark truth about Sienna’s daughter and Jason has an idea, but is it enough to win back the girl of his ...
Jan. 22, 2014
20x16 20 20x16 January 23, 2014
Patrick is desperate to salvage his relationship with Sienna, but will she be won over? As a friend becomes more concerned for Maxine, will they realise the reality of her relationship ...
Jan. 23, 2014
20x17 20 20x17 January 24, 2014
Nancy begs Maxine for answers, but will she have the courage to speak up? Meanwhile, Jason’s day goes from bad to worse, with horrifying consequences. Mercedes warns Carmel of her ...
Jan. 24, 2014
20x18 20 20x18 January 27, 2014
Fraser has to cover up Grace's mess once again and is furious about it, but he has bigger things to worry about. Jason is terrified as he's held by the police, while Tegan is set up ...
Jan. 27, 2014
20x19 20 20x19 January 28, 2014
Sandy's gobsmacked by a realisation that rocks her world, but in true Roscoe fashion, Freddie might just have an idea up his sleeve. John Paul tears the McQueen family apart, and Tegan ...
Jan. 28, 2014
20x20 20 20x20 January 29, 2014
Fraser is determined to bring a close source down, with devastating consequences. Will Trevor betray his boss to save an innocent? Sinead is desperate to uncover Lindsey's secret, and ...
Jan. 29, 2014
20x21 20 20x21 January 30, 2014
Freddie is feeling guilty and begins to bubble under pressure from Fraser to retain his silence. Sonny comforts an inconsolable Carmel, but everything might not be as it seems. Jason ...
Jan. 30, 2014
20x22 20 20x22 January 31, 2014
Furious after the revelation about his father's death, Trevor comes face to face with Fraser in the ultimate showdown. The McQueens are rocked by a surprise return, and Freddie cosies ...
Jan. 31, 2014
20x23 20 20x23 February 3, 2014
Sinead is feeling under threat from Lindsey, and becomes desperate to give Freddie the best birthday ever. With nerves increasing about the grand opening of The Hutch, Ste tries to ...
Feb. 03, 2014
20x24 20 20x24 February 4, 2014
Furious after yesterday's revelation, Sinead gives Freddie a weighty ultimatum; what will he decide? Meanwhile, Tony is eager to ensure his business is given the very best start despite ...
Feb. 04, 2014
20x25 20 20x25 February 5, 2014
Trevor is keen to put things right, but Fraser has different ideas, while Tony finds himself backed into a corner with Diane. Holly and Jason prepare for some alone time, and end up ...
Feb. 05, 2014
20x26 20 20x26 February 6, 2014
As the fire engulfs the Deli, a frightened Holly and Jason are trapped. Will anyone manage to reach them in time? John Paul has the day from hell, and Tom is keen to impress Peri when ...
Feb. 06, 2014
20x27 20 20x27 February 7, 2014
It's the grand opening of Tony's new restaurant. Woohoo! But Ste's deal with the devil casts a shadow over celebrations. Cindy's guilt over Browning's death increases as she begins ...
Feb. 07, 2014
20x28 20 20x28 February 10, 2014
Cindy is shocked to learn the identity of the phantom freezer unlocker, and the culprit may be very close to home. George tries to do everything he can to help Vincent on the day of ...
Feb. 10, 2014
20x29 20 20x29 February 11, 2014
Ziggy takes his mind off yesterday's shocking find by distracting himself, but will he remain faithful to Ruby? Sonny finds some information on Jim, and tries to decide whether he should ...
Feb. 11, 2014
20x30 20 20x30 February 12, 2014
Cindy receives some devastating news that turns her world upside down, but Mercedes may have a solution. Ruby is suspicious of Ziggy but at whose door will she land the blame? George ...
Feb. 12, 2014
20x31 20 20x31 February 13, 2014
As Mercedes pulls out all the stops to ensure Cindy’s baby survives, she is met with a dilemma… Ziggy tries to prove his faithfulness to Ruby, whist Jack and Frankie’s relationship ...
Feb. 13, 2014
20x32 20 20x32 February 14, 2014
Grace’s suspicions grow, as she is about to discover a truth that could rock her world. Mercedes is left speechless as a source very close to Dr Browning plots to uncover the truth ...
Feb. 14, 2014
20x33 20 20x33 February 17, 2014
Despite knowing it will break Sandy's heart, will Jason confess what he saw to his mum? Darren's nervous to discover Oscar's operation is booked in for tomorrow, but will Nancy agree ...
Feb. 17, 2014
20x34 20 20x34 February 18, 2014
Nancy is devastated by Darren's lack of consideration. As the walls close in on Freddie and Sinead, they begin to wonder whether they'll be forced to admit the truth. Meanwhile, Tegan's ...
Feb. 18, 2014
20x35 20 20x35 February 19, 2014
Freddie has no option but to hurt Lindsey, but in turn forces her to make a drastic decision. Sam empowers John Paul, but can he reason with Patrick in order to save his career? Leela ...
Feb. 19, 2014
20x36 20 20x36 February 20, 2014
When Finn gets himself into a life-threatening situation, will John Paul find the strength to rescue his attacker? When Freddie finds out about Lindsey's devastating decision, he needs ...
Feb. 20, 2014
20x37 20 20x37 February 21, 2014
John Paul is faced with the dilemma of saving Finn or letting him die. Dennis' situation goes from bad to worse, Darren has an awkward date with Leela, and Sinead is terrified for her ...
Feb. 21, 2014
20x38 20 20x38 February 24, 2014
Robbie is hell-bent on getting revenge. What will John Paul do when he's pushed to the extreme? Sinead is left heartbroken as her family turn their backs on her, and hopes that new ...
Feb. 24, 2014
20x39 20 20x39 February 25, 2014
Lindsey fears the worst when Diane wants justice for Katy. Elsewhere, Dennis' new friendship hits the rocks, while Darren and Leela get to know each other better.
Feb. 25, 2014
20x40 20 20x40 February 26, 2014
Things go from bad to worse for Sinead. John Paul hits an all-time low, and nothing seems to be able to pick him up. Dodger and Patrick go to see Sienna and Dodger worries that his ...
Feb. 26, 2014
20x41 20 20x41 February 27, 2014
Maxine has to decide whether to speak out about her abuse, or abide by Patrick, as he puts her under a lot of pressure to change her plea in court. Will Jason go to jail? Nancy and ...
Feb. 27, 2014
20x42 20 20x42 February 28, 2014
Maxine is left dealing with the consequences of yesterday's betrayal, and Nancy's past catches up with her and gets her in big trouble. And love is in the air for Carmel and Sonny. ...
Feb. 28, 2014
20x43 20 20x43 March 3, 2014
Tegan struggles to keep away from Fraser, how long can they keep their affair a secret? Robbie makes a shocking discovery, but has Holly been cheating on Jason? Nancy starts a petition ...
Mar. 03, 2014
20x44 20 20x44 March 4, 2014
It’s decision time for Fraser, but who will he leave heartbroken? Sienna steps up the hunt for her daughter, but do old habits die hard? Is it all over for Holly and Jason or can ...
Mar. 04, 2014
20x45 20 20x45 March 5, 2014
Dirk pulls out all the stops to cheer up his friend, but how will Frankie react? As Grace learns the truth, she offers Tegan her friendship, but should Tegan be wary? Blessing is desperate ...
Mar. 05, 2014
20x46 20 20x46 March 6, 2014
Grace tries to make a deal with Tegan, but when faced with danger, will Tegan accept? Will Frankie’s attempts at saving her relationship be successful? Nancy is caught in an emotional ...
Mar. 06, 2014
20x47 20 20x47 March 7, 2014
Fraser’s world comes crashing down around him, but is this only the beginning? Will Blessing find out Ste’s big secret? Sinead needs to watch out as Robbie is ready to cause some ...
Mar. 07, 2014
20x48 20 20x48 March 10, 2014
With the latest shock weighing heavy on Ste's mind, he has to decide whether to risk everything and reveal all to the police. Maxine is terrified about her court case; will she be sent ...
Mar. 10, 2014
20x49 20 20x49 March 11, 2014
Freddie is furious about the exploitation of his girlfriend, but could he use this terrible situation to his benefit? As Ste searches high and low for his children, he hopes that his ...
Mar. 11, 2014
20x50 20 20x50 March 12, 2014
Sinead is desperate to win back her daughter and will do anything to succeed. Mercedes is on a mission to get her friends back, but Cindy and Lindsey might not want to accept her apology. ...
Mar. 12, 2014
20x51 20 20x51 March 13, 2014
Distraught Sinead must decide what to do with Freddie's offer weighing heavy on her mind. Maxine makes a shocking discovery, but how will Sienna retaliate? Ste is caught in a tricky ...
Mar. 13, 2014
20x52 20 20x52 March 14, 2014
Sienna continues to blackmail Maxine, but Patrick begins to notice Maxine's odd behaviour. Elsewhere it's a race against time for Freddie and Sinead, and two teens have the shock of ...
Mar. 14, 2014
20x53 20 20x53 March 17, 2014
Alex Browning is determined to uncover the truth about his father's death; so is Mercedes, Lindsey and Cindy's darkest secret about to be revealed? As a shadow from her past returns ...
Mar. 17, 2014
20x54 20 20x54 March 18, 2014
With yesterday's events weighing heavy on his mind, Trevor is more determined than ever to bid farewell to his violent lifestyle, but how simple will it be to go straight? Dirk attempts ...
Mar. 18, 2014
20x55 20 20x55 March 19, 2014
Cindy braces herself for some tough questioning at the station. At John Paul’s plea hearing, is he strong enough to stand up in court against his attacker? Determined to get his own ...
Mar. 19, 2014
20x56 20 20x56 March 20, 2014
Trevor drives his nemesis to the middle of nowhere, but is it game over for his father's killer? Danny and John Paul bid a passionate farewell to one another, but will their illicit ...
Mar. 20, 2014
20x57 20 20x57 March 21, 2014
It's the day of John Paul’s sentencing; will Robbie step up and do the right thing by his teacher? Reeling from her discovery, will Peri reveal all? Meanwhile, Trevor seeks the ultimate ...
Mar. 21, 2014
20x58 20 20x58 March 24, 2014
Danny's desperate to make sure that Peri stays silent, with devastating consequences for the Lomax family. Nancy's got first day nerves when she starts her new job, and is desperate ...
Mar. 24, 2014
20x59 20 20x59 March 25, 2014
Maxine thinks she'll be able to keep her community service secret from Patrick, but not for long. As Ste realises the weight of Peri's discovery, he has to decide whether or not to ...
Mar. 25, 2014
20x60 20 20x60 March 26, 2014
Yesterday's life-shattering reveal gives Danny an unexpected opportunity. Darren tries his best to persuade Diane to finally forgive Tony. And how will Maxine react when she's confronted ...
Mar. 26, 2014
20x61 20 20x61 March 27, 2014
Diane's attitude tips Sinead over the edge, and Freddie's secret plan is in place, but will Finn play ball? Tony has an important question to ask Diane, but it might not be the joyous ...
Mar. 27, 2014
20x62 20 20x62 March 28, 2014
Sinead is grateful for a chance to prove herself, but will it all go horribly wrong? Diane struggles to comprehend the day's events, whilst Darren is left reeling at Nancy when she ...
Mar. 28, 2014
20x63 20 20x63 March 31, 2014
With baby Katy’s health seriously declining, Finn’s suspicions grow, but does he really believe his sister could be to blame? Ste is intent on getting revenge on Fraser Black, and ...
Mar. 31, 2014
20x64 20 20x64 April 1, 2014
Leela helps Sinead out of the wreckage, but will she be okay? Will she manage to reach Katy in time? And will Diane believe the cutting accusation against her own daughter? Meanwhile, ...
Apr. 01, 2014
20x65 20 20x65 April 2, 2014
Sinead struggles to come to terms with the awful news, and is desperate for her husband not to turn his back on her in her hour of need. The police edge closer to catching the person ...
Apr. 02, 2014
20x66 20 20x66 April 3, 2014
Freddie wants to be there for Sinead, but it might be too little too late. Peri attempts to live her life to the full - could love be in the air for her and Tom? An insightful revelation ...
Apr. 03, 2014
20x67 20 20x67 April 4, 2014
John Paul is forced to truthfully answer some tough questions, but the outcome leaves him feeling totally isolated. Ste is desperate to prove Sinead’s innocence, but Sonny is struggling ...
Apr. 04, 2014
20x68 20 20x68 April 7, 2014
Confused, Lindsey seeks advice off Mercedes but is unsure whether she should take it. Meanwhile, Freddie is over the moon, until he gets the shock of his life. Sienna learns of Maxine’s ...
Apr. 07, 2014
20x69 20 20x69 April 8, 2014
Things get worse for Maxine, and Lindsey doesn't know whether she stills feel the same way towards Freddie. In order to regain control, Fraser searches for information to blackmail ...
Apr. 08, 2014
20x70 20 20x70 April 9, 2014
Trevor and Grace prepare for their life away from Fraser. Can anything - or anyone - tempt them back to the village? Freddie and Lindsey are left with little choice but to reveal the ...
Apr. 09, 2014
20x71 20 20x71 April 10, 2014
It’s the day of Katy’s funeral and Ste is furious to discover that Sinead knows nothing about it. Is there anything he can say to ensure a catatonic Sinead says a final goodbye ...
Apr. 10, 2014
20x72 20 20x72 April 11, 2014
Diane’s farewell is short-lived as a grief-stricken Sinead interrupts. Will Grace still be intent on following through with her evil plan? Tegan is devastated to realise the extent ...
Apr. 11, 2014
20x73 20 20x73 April 14, 2014
Sinead is shocked when a guilt-ridden Ste is arrested for murder, while Fraser tries everything to win Tegan over before she goes to the police. Joe is determined to make Fraser pay, ...
Apr. 14, 2014
20x74 20 20x74 April 15, 2014
Joe joins unlikely forces with Trevor and Grace to get revenge on Fraser, but is he walking right into a trap? Ste hits rock bottom as Sinead struggles to come to terms with his betrayal. ...
Apr. 15, 2014
20x75 20 20x75 April 16, 2014
Joe outlines his plan to kill Fraser, unaware that Grace has a plan of her own. Sam is determined to get to the truth, while a hard-up Nana inadvertently sells Jim’s confession DVD. ...
Apr. 16, 2014

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