Oct. 23, 1995
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Hollyoaks (UK)

Hollyoaks is a UK soap that takes a mundane look at the lives, loves and careers of a group of teenage friends and their families as they graduate through GCSE's, A-Levels and College into the world of work. The show is set in and around the fictional Chester suburb of Hollyoaks and is centered around a former 1950s technical college which is now a college of higher education.

Hollyoaks (UK) Season 18 (2012)

18x01 18 18x01 January 2, 2012
Sam, Matt, Danny, Laurence and Louis have to decide where to actually move to London after a great offer comes their way from an A&R guy who is interested in the group. Sam attempts ...
Jan. 02, 2012
18x02 18 18x02 January 3, 2012
Cindy finally ends up getting her comeuppances after the bailiffs show up to seize her assets. Ash attempts to help Barney get a job at Chez Chez but things don't go to plan. The McQueens ...
Jan. 03, 2012
18x03 18 18x03 January 4, 2012
Jacqui, Carmel, Myra, Lynsey, Cheryl and Nancy blame Cindy after they are all locked up in a cell together. Bart has a go at a miffed Sinead but she soon discovers that the tension ...
Jan. 04, 2012
18x04 18 18x04 January 5, 2012
Ruby is looking forward to her 16th birthday. Cheryl ends up making an announcement about her future. Cindy ends up getting an offer of help from Tony. George refuses to let Neil blag ...
Jan. 05, 2012
18x05 18 18x05 January 6, 2012
Ruby attempts to convince the sixth form gang to come to her 16th birthday party. Cheryl, Lynsey, Jacqui and Nancy wonder exactly what they did last night when they wake up with hangovers ...
Jan. 06, 2012
18x06 18 18x06 January 9, 2012
Declan's arrival in Hollyoaks sees some questions being asked. Ruby's 16th birthday party doesn't go to plan. Leanne discovers an unwanted gift from Dennis after returning home. Bart ...
Jan. 09, 2012
18x07 18 18x07 January 10, 2012
Cheryl and Lynsey are concerned about Declan's sudden arrival in the village. Jono finds it hard to avoid Ruby's attentions. Dennis creates a romantic meal for Leanne but doesn't get ...
Jan. 10, 2012
18x08 18 18x08 January 11, 2012
Cheryl becomes more concerned after Declan starts portraying Brendan-like traits at the pub quiz. Ruby ends up finally asking Jono out on a date.
Jan. 11, 2012
18x09 18 18x09 January 12, 2012
Callum's wants to help improve George's self-confidence but things don't go to plan. Jono and Ruby enjoy their first date.
Jan. 12, 2012
18x10 18 18x10 January 13, 2012
Bart feels nervous as he waits for his dad's arrival. Callum finds out the truth about George. Ruby invites Jono to the empty flat.
Jan. 13, 2012
18x11 18 18x11 January 16, 2012
Maddie returns home from her holiday. Jono thinks his life is complete after sleeping with Ruby, but she could be using him just to climb the social ladder. Dennis has to make a difficult ...
Jan. 16, 2012
18x12 18 18x12 January 17, 2012
George, Phoebe and Callum have a major falling out. Ruby feels confused about where she stands with Jono. Dennis manages to get the wrong end of the stick after Leanne attempts to let ...
Jan. 17, 2012
18x13 18 18x13 January 18, 2012
Callum is finding it much harder to keep George's secret to himself. Leanne clears the air with Dennis. Jono and Ruby are both unaware that they are falling in love.
Jan. 18, 2012
18x14 18 18x14 January 19, 2012
Ruby is receiving mixed messages from Jono. Callum's loyalty to George ends up affecting his relationship with Maddie. Dennis leaves for Mumbai, despite still having strong feelings ...
Jan. 19, 2012
18x15 18 18x15 January 20, 2012
Maddie attempts to use Sinead to create a wedge between Jono and Ruby. Lynsey manages to persuade Cheryl not to give up on her dream.
Jan. 20, 2012
18x16 18 18x16 January 23, 2012
Mercedes starts a new job working as a cleaner at the hospital. When she has an embarrassing encounter with a doctor though, it looks like she will not be able to escape her bad reputation ...
Jan. 23, 2012
18x17 18 18x17 January 24, 2012
Mercedes gets another proposition from Dr Browning. Lynsey interfers with a patient's medication. Darren's plan to have Cindy stand in for Nancy at the registrar's office looks like ...
Jan. 24, 2012
18x18 18 18x18 January 25, 2012
Lynsey attempts to get her old nursing position back but her chances seem to be reduced after she resuscitates a patient against his wishes. Cindy attempts to ruin Darren's surprise ...
Jan. 25, 2012
18x19 18 18x19 January 26, 2012
Darren ends up using Jack's wedding gift to buy some betting chips at the casino. Mercedes attempts a little bit of blackmai. Neil likes being in demand.
Jan. 26, 2012
18x20 18 18x20 January 27, 2012
Mercedes begins blackmailing Dr Browning. Darren admits the truth to Nancy about his night at the casino. Tony agrees to help Neil if he promises to take his driving lessons seriou ...
Jan. 27, 2012
18x21 18 18x21 January 30, 2012
George starts to experience some of the difficulties of being homeless but remains too proud to turn to Callum for help. Neil sinds some of the fundamentals of driving difficult as ...
Jan. 30, 2012
18x22 18 18x22 January 31, 2012
George stops going to college and ends up turning his attention to protecting Phoebe as they find it hard surviving on the streets. After Callum notices his friend's absence, he goes ...
Jan. 31, 2012
18x23 18 18x23 February 1, 2012
Phoebe becomes suspicious when a friendly stranger shows up. After sleeping with Jono, Ruby becomes smitten but she soon is questioning his real intentions. Ally moves into Rhys and ...
Feb. 01, 2012
18x24 18 18x24 February 2, 2012
Phoebe begins to work out the truth regarding Deena's hospitality and ends up realizing that both she and George are in a very dangerous situation. Esther is concerned that Jono is ...
Feb. 02, 2012
18x25 18 18x25 February 3, 2012
George calls Callum for help when he becomes worried about Phoebe’s safety. Neil's feeling the pressure as he sits his driving test. Ally wonders if he will be able to cope with living ...
Feb. 03, 2012
18x26 18 18x26 February 6, 2012
Nancy's mother Margaret shows up without notice in Hollyoaks. Darren's wedding plans are thrown into sudden disarray by her arrival. Neil worries about hiding his driving test failure ...
Feb. 06, 2012
18x27 18 18x27 February 7, 2012
Margaret makes Nancy to reassess her future in Hollyoaks. Darren's old feelings for Cindy start to resurface during his stag party. Jono manages to persuade Ruby to keep their relationship ...
Feb. 07, 2012
18x28 18 18x28 February 8, 2012
Cindy ends up making a move on Darren while Nancy's suspicions increase after she finds an incriminating piece of evidence in Darren's pocket.
Feb. 08, 2012
18x29 18 18x29 February 9, 2012
Darren attempts to find Cindy before she reveals his secret. Nancy's fears end up being confirmed after she catches Darren and Cindy in a compromising embrace.
Feb. 09, 2012
18x30 18 18x30 February 10, 2012
The sixth formers have to decide whether to forgive Neil following the crash after he explains why he felt the need to impress them. Ruby ends things with Jono after she discovers his ...
Feb. 10, 2012
18x31 18 18x31 February 13, 2012
Darren puts together his final part of his surprise Valentine's Day wedding with Nancy. Lynsey, who is worried about Mercedes, ends up turning detective to find her and is shocked to ...
Feb. 13, 2012
18x32 18 18x32 February 14, 2012
It's Valentine's Day and everybody is making some last minute preparations for the wedding. The Osborne family end up making a shocking discovery that Nancy has vanished.
Feb. 14, 2012
18x33 18 18x33 February 15, 2012
Nancy is surprised to find out she is supposed to be getting married today.
Feb. 15, 2012
18x34 18 18x34 February 16, 2012
Mitzeee finds it hard to understand why Joel has returned to Hollyoaks. Brendan receives an unpleasant surprise after he uncovers the reason behind Joel's return.
Feb. 16, 2012
18x35 18 18x35 February 17, 2012
Dodger ends up deciding that he and Will need to do some bonding but his plans go awry after Will has a run-in with Joel.
Feb. 17, 2012
18x36 18 18x36 February 20, 2012
Brendan wants to find a way to get rid of Joel but Mitzeee ends up warning him not to do anything too drastic.
Feb. 20, 2012
18x37 18 18x37 February 21, 2012
Joel's efforts to impress Theresa backfire after his jealousy gets the better of him and Theresa sees the darker side of him. The McQueen family attempt to rally around Mercedes dragging ...
Feb. 21, 2012
18x38 18 18x38 February 22, 2012
Mercedes is not sorry for the way she has behaved. Theresa is determined to give Mercedes another chance though and suggests she look after Kathleen for a while, but when Theresa returns ...
Feb. 22, 2012
18x39 18 18x39 February 23, 2012
A fed up Mercedes dies her best to make amends but things end up going from bad to worse after the McQueen family end up in A&E.
Feb. 23, 2012
18x40 18 18x40 February 24, 2012
Jacqui goes to see somebody from the past, determined to do what she can to help Mercedes. Rhys is surprised when Mercedes hits a new low.
Feb. 24, 2012
18x41 18 18x41 February 27, 2012
Rhys has to decide whether to tell Jacqui about Mercedes' latest low. Jodie wants Texas and Dodger's help with her dance project. Doug and Ste take their first steps in business.
Feb. 27, 2012
18x42 18 18x42 February 28, 2012
Jacqui shows up at the McQueen house ready to take Mercedes to task. Jacqui, Carmel and Myra all end up having a go at Mercedes for her actions. Doug and Ste's first day trading ends ...
Feb. 28, 2012
18x43 18 18x43 February 29, 2012
Texas wakes in bed with Jodie and wonders what happened last night. Myra attempts to down the law with Mercedes.
Feb. 29, 2012
18x44 18 18x44 March 1, 2012
Mitzeee attempts to get Mercedes to agree to get out of Riley's life, but she ends up begging him to take her back. Jodie, Texas and Dodger attempt to score Jodie a high dance grad ...
Mar. 01, 2012
18x45 18 18x45 March 2, 2012
Jacqui is suspicious about Mercedes' motives for wanting Riley back in her life. Dodger learns that Texas kissed Jodie and is surprised by his jealous response.
Mar. 02, 2012
18x46 18 18x46 March 5, 2012
Darren is concerned about Riley's threat to sell the pub and is further shocked after Nancy drops a bombshell of her own. Mercedes looks for Riley determined to be given a second c ...
Mar. 05, 2012
18x47 18 18x47 March 6, 2012
George's happiness at being reunited with Phoebe doesn't last for very long after she ends up leading him into the hands of Deena. Darren is not happy when he fails to dissuade Riley ...
Mar. 06, 2012
18x48 18 18x48 March 7, 2012
Darren has no choice but to tell Nancy and Jack about Riley's threat to sell the pub. Callum tells Maddie the truth about George's living situation after he is worried about his disappearance. ...
Mar. 07, 2012
18x49 18 18x49 March 8, 2012
The sixth formers are surprised to learn the the news that George is homeless. Maddie takes drastic action after there reamins no sign of him. Annalise is confronted by Scott about ...
Mar. 08, 2012
18x50 18 18x50 March 9, 2012
Tensions begin to break out between the sixth formers as they wait for news of George. Annalise and Rob's romantic evening together ends in heartbreak after Annalise struggles to ignore ...
Mar. 09, 2012
18x51 18 18x51 March 12, 2012
A scared George is desperate to get away from Deena and Graham. Cheryl is under a lot of pressure after her college class is asked to enter a business competition.
Mar. 12, 2012
18x52 18 18x52 March 13, 2012
George ends up facing the darkest moment of his life without Phoebe's help. Cheryl is finding it difficult to juggle the demands of her job with the deadlines for her degree. Ste and ...
Mar. 13, 2012
18x53 18 18x53 March 14, 2012
Tensions increase at the business competition. Annalise is quietly confident, but will her desire for perfection could end up proving her undoing. Cheryl attempts to prove that she's ...
Mar. 14, 2012
18x54 18 18x54 March 15, 2012
Rob is determined to prove he's over Annalise whilst out on a drinking session with the rugby team. Annalise enjoys some female bonding with Cheryl and Lynsey.
Mar. 15, 2012
18x55 18 18x55 March 16, 2012
After Rob crosses a line, the shocked sixth formers have to act. Mitzeee attempts to help Riley's custody case by causing trouble between Mercedes and the McQueen family.
Mar. 16, 2012
18x56 18 18x56 March 19, 2012
Carmel's christening plans end up being thrown into question after Myra discovers that Mercedes isn't invited. Riley continues with his plan and Mercedes gets a lot more than she was ...
Mar. 19, 2012
18x57 18 18x57 March 20, 2012
Mercedes is unable to forgive her family for their betrayal and feels realy isolated. Riley's nervous as he gets ready for the mediation session with Mercedes but after she doesn't ...
Mar. 20, 2012
18x58 18 18x58 March 21, 2012
Riley begins to feel about Mercedes and attempts to make amends by saying he wants them all to be at the christening. Mercedes hopes are further boosted after he asks her to babysit. ...
Mar. 21, 2012
18x59 18 18x59 March 22, 2012
Things are hectic as everybody gets ready for Bobby's christening. There is panic though when the McQueen family realise that Mercedes and Bobby are both missing. Mercedes is out for ...
Mar. 22, 2012
18x60 18 18x60 March 23, 2012
Mercedes ends up confronting Mitzeee and Riley following her discovery. Riley is concerned about what Mercedes will do and is left feeling thrown by her calmness, unaware that a storm ...
Mar. 23, 2012
18x61 18 18x61 March 26, 2012
After Jacqui discovers Phoebe begging with her stolen dog, all hell ends up breaking out. Things are awkward between Annalise and Rob in Halls and as they all head to the Spring Fling ...
Mar. 26, 2012
18x62 18 18x62 March 27, 2012
The students work out who Annalise brought home with her last night. Ash collapses and her condition looks quite serious. Mitzeee thinks that Nancy and Darren should come and stay ...
Mar. 27, 2012
18x63 18 18x63 March 28, 2012
Jacqui ends up taking Phoebe to work with her at the pub. Ash fights for her life and Lacey believes that she's to blame for her condition. Callum can't face seeing Ash as he is frightened ...
Mar. 28, 2012
18x64 18 18x64 March 29, 2012
After Martha starts drinking, Callum is forced to tell George the truth about her alcohol problems. Jacqui finds out that her wedding ring is missing.
Mar. 29, 2012
18x65 18 18x65 March 30, 2012
The awkwardness between Mitzeee and Riley continues to be there. Will stays by Ash's bedside praying that she'll recover. After George's mum turns up to take him home, he feels tor ...
Mar. 30, 2012
18x66 18 18x66 April 2, 2012
Doug is left feeling surprised after Ste walks out on their fledgling business. Joel's efforts to impress Brendan backfires. Texas and Jodie decide to give their relationship a cha ...
Apr. 02, 2012
18x67 18 18x67 April 3, 2012
Doug and Ste's meeting at the bank ends up leaving both of them feeling deflated. Brendan makes Doug a tempting offer. Dirk's birthday party sees Dodger ending up in Texas's arms after ...
Apr. 03, 2012
18x68 18 18x68 April 4, 2012
Doug ends up having no options left as he attempts to raise money for the deli and has to decide whether to take Brendan up on his offer. Texas has to between Jodie and Dodger.
Apr. 04, 2012
18x69 18 18x69 April 5, 2012
Doug starts to regret having made a deal with the devil after he is attacked. Joel takes some drastic measures after he feels pushed out by Brendan. Mitzeee makes plans for Riley's ...
Apr. 05, 2012
18x70 18 18x70 April 6, 2012
Tony ends up going head-to-head with Doug and Ste as the successful bidder for the deli is revealed. Mitzeee is determined to make Riley's surprise birthday party a day not to be forgotten ...
Apr. 06, 2012
18x71 18 18x71 April 9, 2012
There is friction between Mitzeee and Riley after she exaggerates the attentions of a fan to a journalist. Joel wants to prove himself after Brendan gives him a task. Maddie begins ...
Apr. 09, 2012
18x72 18 18x72 April 10, 2012
Joel is in danger and has to decide whether to remain loyal to Brendan. Barney is pleased to be introduced to Scott's world in London living with his Nan. Riley is furious with both ...
Apr. 10, 2012
18x73 18 18x73 April 11, 2012
Maddie attempts to admit to Callum about her fears concerning their physical relationship. Mitzeee ends up giving up her celebrity interview to keep the peace with Rile. Barney finds ...
Apr. 11, 2012
18x74 18 18x74 April 12, 2012
Maddie's insecurities end up getting much worse after Callum leaves her after they sleep together for the first time. Scott seeks out old friend Mitchell to try and make amends after ...
Apr. 12, 2012
18x75 18 18x75 April 13, 2012
Scott's fight with Mitchell is coming up and Barney realises that Scott is still running away. Tilly is happy that her art event at College Coffee is a success. Things are awkward between ...
Apr. 13, 2012

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