Oct. 23, 1995
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Hollyoaks (UK)

Hollyoaks is a UK soap that takes a mundane look at the lives, loves and careers of a group of teenage friends and their families as they graduate through GCSE's, A-Levels and College into the world of work. The show is set in and around the fictional Chester suburb of Hollyoaks and is centered around a former 1950s technical college which is now a college of higher education.

Hollyoaks (UK) Season 17 (2011)

17x01 17 17x01 January 3, 2011
Jason is taken to a gender disorder clinic by Heidi where he is introduced to Tamara. Seth is shocked when he finds out that Jason has been self-harming and he isn't sure who to te ...
Jan. 03, 2011
17x02 17 17x02 January 4, 2011
Jason is taken by Carl to meet the headmaster. Eva decides to hand out a leter about Jason to the stu dents. Ricky and Lee learn about Duncan's Wolf Boy stunt. Sinead confronts a stunnded ...
Jan. 04, 2011
17x03 17 17x03 January 5, 2011
Jason gets ready for school and attempts to face up to the bullies there. Seth ends up getting into a fight with Bart which doesn't help matters.
Jan. 05, 2011
17x04 17 17x04 January 6, 2011
Seth ends up starting to taunt Jason behind his back in an effort to fit in but he ends up taking things too far. Jason learns from Fern that she's going to plead guilty. Sinead is ...
Jan. 06, 2011
17x05 17 17x05 January 7, 2011
Eva continues to cause trouble with the missing pages of Amber's diary. After she finds Rob at her house with Anita she calls the police.
Jan. 07, 2011
17x06 17 17x06 January 10, 2011
Theresa ends up making a pact with Warren. Ethan ends up admitting to Kyle was attacked in prison and the trial has been postponed. Carl is furious when an article about Riley refers ...
Jan. 10, 2011
17x07 17 17x07 January 11, 2011
Jason is upset after hearing Heidi's malicious comments and ends up recording a video diary. Bart steals a car and takes Ruby joyriding in an effort to impress her but there is a disaster ...
Jan. 11, 2011
17x08 17 17x08 January 12, 2011
As Jason lies in a hospital bed the truth about his self-harming comes to light and the doctors wonder if he stepped out in front of the car on purpose. Brendan discovers something ...
Jan. 12, 2011
17x09 17 17x09 January 13, 2011
Brendan is able to bluff his way to discovering to the truth about who killed and he has to decide what to do next. Theresa becomes more relaxed when Warren tells her Kyle has gone ...
Jan. 13, 2011
17x10 17 17x10 January 14, 2011
Darren asks Nancy to marry him but their celebrations are cut short when they bump into Suzanne. Rae sdmits to Amy that she's pregnant and Amy goes to see Brendan.
Jan. 14, 2011
17x11 17 17x11 January 17, 2011
The mess he finds himself in freaks out Darren. Mitzee decides to use her new knowledge to her advantage.
Jan. 17, 2011
17x12 17 17x12 January 18, 2011
Mitzeee organises a photo shoot at Chez Chez. Brendan ends up helping her after a sleazy photographer crosses the line. Somebody is revealed as to be living in the Osborne's attic. ...
Jan. 18, 2011
17x13 17 17x13 January 19, 2011
Ste is surpriaws by Brendan's new 'girlfriend'. Gaz threatens Anita. Theresa's secret looks like it could be revealed.
Jan. 19, 2011
17x14 17 17x14 January 20, 2011
Gaz showing up makes Anita think about her future in Hollyoaks. Rhys is shocked that his mum is pregnant with Darren's twins.
Jan. 20, 2011
17x15 17 17x15 January 21, 2011
Look Sharpe has it's grand opening. After Suzanne Ashworth's waters break she ends up having to give birth in the spa. Mitzeee ,manages to steal Guy's thunder with a revealing publicity ...
Jan. 21, 2011
17x16 17 17x16 January 24, 2011
Darren attempts to adjust to his new role as a father. Heidi's father Silas returns to stay with the Costellos.
Jan. 24, 2011
17x17 17 17x17 January 25, 2011
The intruder at the Osbourne house wakes up and wants to speak with Jack and Frankie. Carl attempts to turn Riley's attentions away from Mercedes. There is tension for Nancy as Darren ...
Jan. 25, 2011
17x18 17 17x18 January 26, 2011
Esther ends up revealing some shocking news about Frankie's past. Silas is not happy when Heidi's mum's ring goes missing.
Jan. 26, 2011
17x19 17 17x19 January 27, 2011
Warren is not happy after he receives a lot of threatening texts. Carl blames Mercedes for Heidi's accident. Esther ends up resorting to blackmail after Jack and Gilly ask her to l ...
Jan. 27, 2011
17x20 17 17x20 January 28, 2011
Mercedes is surprised with a romantic proposal from Riley much to Carl's dismay. Frankie is worried after Tom doesn't show up at school.
Jan. 28, 2011
17x21 17 17x21 January 31, 2011
Texas finds it hard to cope with the thought of attending India's funeral and ends up begging Doug to provide her with drugs. Warren is happy after finding Brendan's secret stash.
Jan. 31, 2011
17x22 17 17x22 February 1, 2011
Brendan is furious when Brendan informs him that he has disposed of the drugs stash. Heidi and Myra set about planning the wedding of the year. Texas continues along the road of self-destructive ...
Feb. 01, 2011
17x23 17 17x23 February 2, 2011
Jamil and Doug are concerned after Tex goes missing before the funeral. Warren throws a drugged up Tex out of the club. The McQueens and Costellos come to a head while arranging the ...
Feb. 02, 2011
17x24 17 17x24 February 3, 2011
It looks like the killer has had a change of heart when he takes the comatosed Texas to hospital. Ste doesn't know what to think about the arrangement between Rae and Brendan.
Feb. 03, 2011
17x25 17 17x25 February 4, 2011
Heidi feels insecure following the accident and ends up being comforted by a smitten Gaz. Rae comes to a decision about her and Ste's future. Ruby and Ricky skive off school and Esther ...
Feb. 04, 2011
17x26 17 17x26 February 7, 2011
Gossip spreads that Kyle Rider is back in town which prompts Theresa to panic that he has come to take revenge. Rae at risk of losing her baby due to Brendan's threats.
Feb. 07, 2011
17x27 17 17x27 February 8, 2011
The rest of the family advise Theresa to escape from the village with her baby. Lynsey and Gilly agree to slow thgings down. Rae learns that she is at risk of losing her unborn chi ...
Feb. 08, 2011
17x28 17 17x28 February 9, 2011
Warren sees Brendan as he meets with Kyle. Ethan attempts to persuade Theresa not to leave town.
Feb. 09, 2011
17x29 17 17x29 February 10, 2011
Warren attempts to rescue Theresa and her baby but Kyle gets in his way. Carmel and Ethan end up saving the day.
Feb. 10, 2011
17x30 17 17x30 February 11, 2011
Following Kyle's attack, an ambulance is called and those that have been wounded are rushed to hospital as the paramedics fight to save their lives.
Feb. 11, 2011
17x31 17 17x31 February 14, 2011
The consequences of Kyle's revenge attack begin to be felt. Jacqui thinks about giving Rhys a taste of his own medicine after discovering that he has cheated on her.
Feb. 14, 2011
17x32 17 17x32 February 15, 2011
Jacqui attempts to sneak out of Gilly's bedroom without being seen but she ends up running into Rhys. Ricky tries unsuccessfully to woo Ruby.
Feb. 15, 2011
17x33 17 17x33 February 16, 2011
Carmel's spirit visitor makes another visit during her date with William. Duncan feels embarrassed after finding out that Esther is a lesbian after he tries to woo her.
Feb. 16, 2011
17x34 17 17x34 February 17, 2011
Ste spends some time with Noah in the hot tub and a jealous Brendan spots them together. Doug ends up getting himself into trouble. Warren visits Ethan.
Feb. 17, 2011
17x35 17 17x35 February 18, 2011
The McQueen's become defensive when Riley begins asking questions about Theresa. Ethan ends up lying for Theresa to get Riley off her back. Doug is confronted by Noah about the pills ...
Feb. 18, 2011
17x36 17 17x36 February 21, 2011
Ste learns that Brendan wasto blame for Noah losing his job at Look Sharpe. Gilly finds the going tough as news about his night of passion with Jacqui breaks. Tom finds himself forced ...
Feb. 21, 2011
17x37 17 17x37 February 22, 2011
It looks like Leanne has an ulterior motive when she agrees to become part of a money-making scheme with Lee. Brendan's passion for Ste ends up turning to violence again.
Feb. 22, 2011
17x38 17 17x38 February 23, 2011
Amy gets the chance to try out as ateaching assistant at Hollyoaks High and she discovers that her new boss, Pete is an old friend of Brendan's. Pete threatens Brendon to leave Ste ...
Feb. 23, 2011
17x39 17 17x39 February 24, 2011
Pete takes Amy out for a drink and she ends up questioning him about his history with Brendan. Jason and Seth throw a joint birthday party. Seth ends up getting kissed by an unlikely ...
Feb. 24, 2011
17x40 17 17x40 February 25, 2011
Warren notices Brendan's awkwardness around Pete and he wonders if it was Brendan who caused Pete to end up in the wheelchair. Seth is offered some dodgy steroids.
Feb. 25, 2011
17x41 17 17x41 February 28, 2011
Rhys is urged to make a choice. Duncan spreads gossip about Gaz. Pete is determined to reveal Brendan's true colours.
Feb. 28, 2011
17x42 17 17x42 March 1, 2011
Seth is in hospital following his collapse and Jason tries to get Gaz to come clean about the steroids. Brendan is not happy at becoming the subject of village gossip.
Mar. 01, 2011
17x43 17 17x43 March 2, 2011
Heidi and Gaz get passionate as Seth recovers in hospital. Mitzeee is determined to find out more about Pete even though she thinks he is gay. Ste and Pete are messing around which ...
Mar. 02, 2011
17x44 17 17x44 March 3, 2011
Rae ends up agreeing to help Doug shift some drugs but she ends up being set up by Brendan. Noah, Ethan, Jamil, Doug all vie to get a ticket to a VIP event that Riley has tickets t ...
Mar. 03, 2011
17x45 17 17x45 March 4, 2011
Rae is released by the police and Brendan is furious at being double-crossed. Whilst Diane is away, Sinead decides to throw a party.
Mar. 04, 2011
17x46 17 17x46 March 7, 2011
The McQueen family are surprised following the revelation about William. Seth finds himself facing rejection at Sinead's house party. Rae decides to leave town for a while to avoid ...
Mar. 07, 2011
17x47 17 17x47 March 8, 2011
The McQueen family find themselves forced to deal with another revelation when Kathleen explains she too has a secret she needs to reveal. Noah tries to sort things out with Liberty ...
Mar. 08, 2011
17x48 17 17x48 March 9, 2011
Cindy's return causes shochwaves. Carl believes that Heidi is having an affair and turns to Gaz. Ethan witnesses William and Kathleen getting closer.
Mar. 09, 2011
17x49 17 17x49 March 10, 2011
Ethan and Theresa attempt to discover the truth about William. Lee and Jamil set up their own radio show. Carl believes that he knows who Heidi is seeing. Tony believes something untoward ...
Mar. 10, 2011
17x50 17 17x50 March 11, 2011
William's secret has been revealed but it looks like he wasn't alone in his plan. Cindy and Darren catch-up.
Mar. 11, 2011
17x51 17 17x51 March 14, 2011
Riley helps Lynsey and scares off her attacker. She becomes further unnerved when she finds out that a ring was stolen from her. Sinead prepares to meet her birth mother. Cindy and ...
Mar. 14, 2011
17x52 17 17x52 March 15, 2011
A scared Lynsey reveals that Silas was her attacker but Cheryl refuses to believe that he could be responsible. Darren and Duncan offer Cindy a business proposition. Sinead finds out ...
Mar. 15, 2011
17x53 17 17x53 March 16, 2011
Lynsey's allegations shock Riley and it looks like nobody else believes her either. Lynsey is able to convince Tex to take a look at all the facts. Diane and Sinead end up clashing. ...
Mar. 16, 2011
17x54 17 17x54 March 17, 2011
Lynsey and Tex come up with a plan but end up being busted when Riley catches Lynsey looking through his grandad's belongings. Things heat up between Nancy and Darren after she helps ...
Mar. 17, 2011
17x55 17 17x55 March 18, 2011
Riley manages to get a major photo shoot but Mitzeee attempts to hijack the event in her bid for stardom. Riley's suspicions continue to Silas grow. Brendan tries to think of ways to ...
Mar. 18, 2011
17x56 17 17x56 March 21, 2011
Lynsey realises the reality of her actions at the hospital and she realises the pursuit of the truth could end up having serious consequences. Brendan feels the pressure as word breaks ...
Mar. 21, 2011
17x57 17 17x57 March 22, 2011
Warren finds out that Brendan has tried to blame him for Danny death and he is even more determined to uncover Brendan's secrets. When Riley refuses to treat him like a brother, Jason ...
Mar. 22, 2011
17x58 17 17x58 March 23, 2011
Ste confronts Brendan with Warren's revelation and Brendan then discovers Warren in bed with Mitzeee. Bart attempts to help Jason show Riley he's just as much of a man as he is. Nancy ...
Mar. 23, 2011
17x59 17 17x59 March 24, 2011
Mitzeee watches as Brendan and Warren fight. Warren later sees somebody hitting Brendan with a baseball bat. Jason's prank ends up going wrong. Amy attempts to convince Ste he finally ...
Mar. 24, 2011
17x60 17 17x60 March 25, 2011
Brendan is unconscious in a hospital bed as Cheryl prays he will get better. Jason and Seth throw an after-hours party in the pub with their parents away. When Ricky passes out, Gilly ...
Mar. 25, 2011
17x61 17 17x61 March 28, 2011
The rape trial finally gets under way and tensions run high. Jacqui is sworn in and the prosecutor asks her questions about the ordeal. After the defence asks her a question, she is ...
Mar. 28, 2011
17x62 17 17x62 March 29, 2011
The trial begins it's second day and Rhys continues to feel torn between his oldest friend and his lover. Tom gives evidence in support of Gilly. Cindy attempts to get Ste together ...
Mar. 29, 2011
17x63 17 17x63 March 30, 2011
Gilly's testimony ends up being just as compelling as Jacqui's but he ends up buckling under cross examination and looks guilty. Jacquie refuses the support of her father after he shows ...
Mar. 30, 2011
17x64 17 17x64 March 31, 2011
Tensions are still running high as the trial reaches its final stages. Ste and Noah have had a good night out together but Ste isn't sure if he is ready to be openly gay to the world. ...
Mar. 31, 2011
17x65 17 17x65 April 1, 2011
The jury consider their verdict and Gilly makes a decision about his future. Jacqui finally agrres to accept some parental support. A surprising declaration is made by Rhys but it could ...
Apr. 01, 2011
17x66 17 17x66 April 4, 2011
Brendan is released from hospital unfazed by what has happened. Cheryl ends up seeing him in a new light though after a visit from Ste. Rhys attempts to let Jacqui know how he feel ...
Apr. 04, 2011
17x67 17 17x67 April 5, 2011
Warren plots to take Riley down a peg or two. Pete and Cheryl are concerned about Brendan after he goes missing. Ste's family meet Noah. Darren attempts to improve business at the ...
Apr. 05, 2011
17x68 17 17x68 April 6, 2011
News breaks about Riley's drink driving and he ends up drowning his sorrows in the club. Riley is surprised when Alex suddenly shows up. Leanne joins the drama club hoping to get back ...
Apr. 06, 2011
17x69 17 17x69 April 7, 2011
Ethan and Liberty engagement party gets under way and her brother and Will manage to make an impression. Alex shows up at the party looking stunning. Lee ends up getting a part in the ...
Apr. 07, 2011
17x70 17 17x70 April 8, 2011
Riley attempts to prove his love for Mercedes. Seth ends up making a surprising discovery about his family. Leanne isn't happy with Lee for getting back so late. Seth and Ricky wind ...
Apr. 08, 2011
17x71 17 17x71 April 11, 2011
The McQueen family get taken away on holiday, but Myra is furious after she finds out that Lamb Chops has gone missing. Lynsey returns in an effort to try and put the past firmly behind ...
Apr. 11, 2011
17x72 17 17x72 April 12, 2011
Heidi is treated by Carl to a hotel break. After Carl gets delayed, Gaz decides to take his place. Carl decides to surprise Heidi at the hotel after his meeting ends early. The Savages ...
Apr. 12, 2011
17x73 17 17x73 April 13, 2011
Cheryl's use of dieting and diet pill end up putting her in serious danger. Duncan wishes he had not left Ricky in charge of Mobs.
Apr. 13, 2011
17x74 17 17x74 April 14, 2011
Cheryl is discovered unconscious in Chez Chez. Lynsey ends up feeling guilty and confused. Rae and Jason end up clashing with Gaz at the pub and there are some devastating conseque ...
Apr. 14, 2011
17x75 17 17x75 April 15, 2011
Silas' plot to destroy Lynsey's reputation continues. The McQueen family arrive back home to discover they have squatters in their house. Rhys ends up being violently kidnapped.
Apr. 15, 2011

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