Jan. 12, 1999
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Holby City (UK)

Holby City follows the everyday lives, professional and personal, of the doctors, nurses and patients who find themselves, for various reasons, in the wards of Holby City General Hospital.

Holby City (UK) Season 9 (2006-2007)

9x01 9 9x01 Before a Fall
The Holby team takes part in an emergency drill to see how they would cope in the event of a terrorist attack. Diane comes to help but may have a hidden agenda of her own. Joseph struggles ...
Oct. 24, 2006
9x02 9 9x02 Shot in the Dark
Diane tells Mark that Tricia is not on the theatre list for her operation. Mark is disappointed and insists on telling Tricia himself. She guesses that they aren’t going to fit her ...
Oct. 31, 2006
9x03 9 9x03 Fly Me to the Moon
The atmosphere between Ric and Abra is still tense. Abra is soon up to his old tricks and tries to steal old HIV drugs for a patient, Hesta, who has sold her kidney to buy drugs for ...
Nov. 02, 2006
9x04 9 9x04 Sins of the Father
Abra’s kidney transplant patient, Pete Golding, is back in Holby, and both he and Ric are desperate to keep the truth hidden but Ric is not happy when Abra gets Jess involved in the ...
Nov. 07, 2006
9x05 9 9x05 One for My Baby
When Tricia is pushed in the hospital grounds by a thief, making her abdomen scar bleed, Chrissie discovers that Tricia has kept her cancer returning secret from her. She is angry ...
Nov. 14, 2006
9x06 9 9x06 The Unforgiven
Tricia is left seriously injured following the car crash and police take Mark in to the station when he fails a breathaliser. When he finally makes it to the hospital, Tricia is still ...
Nov. 21, 2006
9x07 9 9x07 It's Been a Long Day
New Consultant Dan Clifford joins Holby and causes a stir amongst the staff. He examines Pete Golding, the kidney transplant case, and a worried Abra tries to cover his tracks. Dan ...
Nov. 28, 2006
9x08 9 9x08 The Bitterest Pill
New consultant Dan continues to ask questions about the kidney transplant, as Abra desperately tries to cover his tracks. But then Dan makes another discovery – the used HIV drugs ...
Dec. 05, 2006
9x09 9 9x09 Crossing the Line
Things are going well between Abra and Kyla, so she is shocked when she finds the HIV medication in his office and assumes that he is HIV-positive. Desperate to get to the truth, Kyla ...
Dec. 14, 2006
9x10 9 9x10 The Good Fight
Leanne’s dad, Steve, arrives at the hospital to tell Lola that he is ready to have his baby back. But Lola refuses to believe that Steve is off drugs and demands that he be tested. ...
Dec. 19, 2006
9x11 9 9x11 The Very Thought of You
There is no such thing as a quiet Christmas at Holby City, and Boxing Day is no exception. Lola is concerned for baby Leanne’s welfare and manages to rope Dan into helping her. They ...
Dec. 28, 2006
9x12 9 9x12 I Know Thee Not
Connie gives Sam the cold shoulder after she witnesses a tiff outside the hospital in which he turns his back on a one-night stand. She refuses to let him attend her 12-week scan, and ...
Jan. 02, 2007
9x13 9 9x13 The Games People Play
Jac’s manipulative behaviour causes Elliot to catch Joseph and Martha kissing during their assignment. Elliot is furious and feels betrayed by Joseph. Abra has to think fast after ...
Jan. 04, 2007
9x14 9 9x14 The End of the World as We Know It
Abra has been getting away with his drugs scam for too long, but this time Dan won’t let him go. Abra is treating an illegal immigrant, Najat, who is faking pains. After hearing ...
Jan. 09, 2007
9x15 9 9x15 Face Value
Diane and Jac speculate about Dan‘s connection to Abra’s sudden departure and also witness the arrival of new SHO Maddy Young, who is already familiar with Dan. Sam asks Chrissie ...
Jan. 16, 2007
9x16 9 9x16 Feast or Famine
Diane is eager to please Dan, on her first day as Consultant whilst he is keen to test her to make her own decisions. Diane’s first patient is Alisha Adams, who is severely undernourished. ...
Jan. 23, 2007
9x17 9 9x17 Into the Dark
Joseph and Jac are back from Dubai. Faye arrives at the hospital looking for them – she wants them to help her get a job at Holby. Joseph persuades Mark to give her a nursing position. ...
Jan. 30, 2007
9x18 9 9x18 Blood Ties
Sam‘s reputation is under fire following Chrissie’s sabbatical and rumours going round about his relationship with Jade. Sam and Mark come to blows whilst Connie tells him he’s ...
Feb. 06, 2007
9x19 9 9x19 I Feel Pretty
Sam struggles as the gossip continues about him and Jade. When she turns up at the hospital, he questions their living arrangements which leads her to storm off. Back to her old ways, ...
Feb. 13, 2007
9x20 9 9x20 Can't Buy Me Love
Elderly patient, Tom Gibson, is brought in with facial injuries. He claims to have fallen but his injuries look as if he’s been hit. Harvey is working on a police case on the ward ...
Feb. 20, 2007
9x21 9 9x21 The Borders of Sleep
Joseph asks Jac to go on a walking holiday with him – she’s not impressed. Jac scores brownie points with Lord Byrne when she offers to treat a former patient, Bruno, that he has ...
Mar. 06, 2007
9x22 9 9x22 Stargazer
Jac and Faye disagree about Joseph. Lola isn't pleased when she believes that Maddy is getting preferential treatment. Diane is surprised when she sees a familiar face on the ward when ...
Mar. 20, 2007
9x23 9 9x23 What Lies Beneath
Faye is interrogated by the police about the incident with her husband in Dubai. Jac and Joseph are in deep trouble when a client becomes suspicious whilst Maddy's dad appears on the ...
Mar. 27, 2007
9x24 9 9x24 Bedlam
Faye and Joseph are still trying to hide what happened in Dubai. Matt and Dean's friendship is changed forever because of the truth about Nikki resulting in Matt being suspended whilst ...
Mar. 28, 2007
9x25 9 9x25 Is there Something I Should Know?
When she sees bruises on Kyla's back, Faye is worried. Joseph is jealous when he finds out Jac stayed the night as Sam's. Diane is left high and dry when she looks to Jac for support ...
Apr. 03, 2007
9x26 9 9x26 Paranoid Android
When Dan won't allow her to take part in a pioneering robotic procedure Jac isn't happy. Kyla is concerned that Harvey could be charged whilst Lola is struggling to cope in a busy AAU. ...
Apr. 10, 2007
9x27 9 9x27 For Whom the Bell Tolls
Thandie discovers her reference from Ethiopia is uncomplimentary and persuades Ric to write her a new one. Lord Byrne asks Jac to keep their liaison quite, although Diane begins to ...
Apr. 17, 2007
9x28 9 9x28 Leap of Faith
Jess returns to Holby after a month’s travelling and is soon told about her dad’s new fiancée, Thandie. Jess tries to speak to Ric about her concerns but he won’t listen. Lola ...
Apr. 24, 2007
9x29 9 9x29 Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
Lola manages to alert Jess and she is taken to Darwin to be operated on but Connie's waters break and she gives birth to a daughter as Chrissie returns but things escalate out of control ...
May. 01, 2007
9x30 9 9x30 After the Fall
Harvey is rushed to theatre as Dan tries to save his life after his fall but all attempts fail but the police decide to take Max away from Kyla and Connie's daughter fights for her ...
May. 10, 2007
9x31 9 9x31 Trust
With their baby daughter Grace still in intensive care, Connie is still refusing to talk to Sam. When Sam tells Chrissie that he plans to report Connie to the CEO and she advises him ...
May. 17, 2007
9x32 9 9x32 The Human Jungle
Harvey's wake sees the arrival of Abra who later turns up at Holby having struck a deal with Sutherland. Connie sees just how committed Sam is to Gracie and how he is willing to fight ...
May. 24, 2007
9x33 9 9x33 An Affair to Forget
Keen to spend more time with Jac, Lord Byrne invites her to a reception with the Junior Health Minister, Piers Norton. To Lord Byrne’s surprise, Lady Byrne appears at the hospital ...
May. 31, 2007
9x34 9 9x34 Another Country
Diane’s day gets off to bad start when she turns up late for work after her car is stolen. Arriving on the ward, she is met by Ric and a vistor, Professor Currie, whom she learns ...
Jun. 07, 2007
9x35 9 9x35 Close Relations
Elliot offers Diane an extended break from her position when she attempts to resign. He also offers her a place to stay at in the country and loans her Gina's car old car. Elliot later ...
Jun. 14, 2007
9x36 9 9x36 Something's Gotta Give
Everybody reacts to the news of Diane's death and Ric hits the bottle. Ric later operates despite being drunk on the driver of the train that hit Diane as Elliot is concerned that the ...
Jun. 21, 2007
9x37 9 9x37 Countdown
It’s the start of the nurses’ work-to-rule day, and while Mark has arranged for medical students to come in, Sutherland is still refusing to supply agency staff. Susie, a patient, ...
Jun. 28, 2007
9x38 9 9x38 Past Imperfect
It is the day of Diane's funeral and Ric receives a letter that makes him think Diane committed suicide, something that is backed up when the train driver turns up at the funeral and ...
Jul. 03, 2007
9x39 9 9x39 Under the Radar
New CEO Jayne Grayson doesn't get off to a good start when she informs Elliot that Thandie has made a complaint of racism against him as Elliot's son comes to see him whilst he is at ...
Jul. 10, 2007
9x40 9 9x40 The Long and Winding Road
Anton arrives with his sick father, David, who asks Chrissie and Sam not to tell his son how serious his cancer is. Hearing Anton making plans with him, though, Chrissie feels compelled ...
Jul. 17, 2007
9x41 9 9x41 The Q Word
Lord Byrne begins proceedings to divorce Lady Byrne, and is pulling strings for Jac to get Diane’s old position. Joseph is frustrated that his father never helped him in any way. ...
Jul. 24, 2007
9x42 9 9x42 Temporary Insanity
Recovering from his operation, Lord Byrne wants to make amends with his son Joseph, but Jac’s presence at his bedside makes this difficult. On Lady Byrne’s advice, Joseph goes to ...
Jul. 31, 2007
9x43 9 9x43 Bad Reputation
Ric and Thandie’s wedding is marred when Connie, Elliot and Jess fail to show at the reception. Connie then tells Ric that she’s spoken to Thandie’s old medical school in Addis ...
Aug. 07, 2007
9x44 9 9x44 Damned If You Do
Abra manages to persuade Ric to help operate on the sly in theatre, but Beatrice fails to pull through. Meanwhile, Louise needs a registrar for the Stent Trial. Jac goes for the position, ...
Aug. 14, 2007
9x45 9 9x45 Old Wounds
Louise is trying to recruit patients for her stent trial and Clifford is keen to offer his assistance. Connie, however, refuses to help, on the grounds that Dan was trying to steal ...
Aug. 21, 2007
9x46 9 9x46 Guilt by Association
Maddy’s sister, who is a drug addict, is admitted to Holby. Joseph finds out about Sam dating both Faye and Chrissie. He reluctantly keeps quiet, but tells Sam to end it with Faye. ...
Aug. 28, 2007
9x47 9 9x47 Friends Reunited
Jac is tending to Alan, the patient who denied raping his wife, but neglects him when she runs into Graham, an old school pal. After work, Jac is planning to meet Graham when a man ...
Sep. 04, 2007
9x48 9 9x48 Trial and Retribution
Chrissie has seen Sam and Faye together and tells Sam it’s over between them, and promises him she won’t tell Faye. She feels nauseated by Faye and Sam’s double-act when admitting ...
Sep. 11, 2007
9x49 9 9x49 Lovers and Madmen
Sam propositions Maddy and asks her if she wants to grab breakfast after their shift, telling her that if she says no, then he’s sure Chrissie will oblige. She scoffs, and he sets ...
Sep. 18, 2007
9x50 9 9x50 My Aim is True
Mark comes into work late and is suffering from the night before, when he went out with Maddy and Donna. He then makes a huge mistake while treating a patient that could cost him dearly. Meanwhile, ...
Sep. 25, 2007
9x51 9 9x51 Duty of Care: Part 1
Ric and Abra have another patient for their charity scheme. He arrives by flight on time but Abra is ill at ease with the man who has accompanied him from the charity. He is, in fact, ...
Oct. 02, 2007
9x52 9 9x52 Duty of Care: Part 2
Abra finds his father taken ill and questions his whole future at the hospital. Dan comforts Maddy after she is questioned by the police about her niece's death. James threatens to ...
Oct. 09, 2007

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