Jan. 12, 1999
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Holby City (UK)

Holby City follows the everyday lives, professional and personal, of the doctors, nurses and patients who find themselves, for various reasons, in the wards of Holby City General Hospital.

Holby City (UK) Season 8 (2005-2006)

8x01 8 8x01 The Outsiders
Chrissie is three weeks late and decides to do a pregnancy test but, when it proves negative, she goes to see Owen. Chrissie is scared that the abnormal cells have returned and, when ...
Oct. 18, 2005
8x02.1 8 8x02.1 Test Your Metal (Part Three) Casualty @ Holby City
Comfort is taken to theatre, where Ric and Diane battle to save her life. They discover she has been stabbed when they find a small pierce through her skin. Edgar, who was involved ...
Oct. 26, 2005
8x02.2 8 8x02.2 A Great Leap Forward (Part Four) Casualty @ Holby City
Chrissie gets her tests results back and they are all-clear. She hugs Owen and they nearly kiss, but she backs off and asks Owen to make a choice between her and Diane once and for ...
Oct. 27, 2005
8x03 8 8x03 Crimes and Misdemeanours
Lola’s daughter, Cleo wants to drive her mum’s car to a party in Birmingham but Lola says no. Cleo is annoyed and speeds off in the car. Later, Cleo is admitted after being involved ...
Nov. 01, 2005
8x04 8 8x04 More Equal Than Others
It’s new cardiothoracic surgeon Elliot Hope’s first day at Holby. Connie feels sidelined when she finds out from Ric that Elliot is to be the new Clinical Lead, but he offers to ...
Nov. 08, 2005
8x05 8 8x05 Butterfly Effect
The girl, Amy, who was previously at the Family Planning Clinic wanting a termination and got Donna and Mickie to forge the medical forms is back in the department. Donna discovers ...
Nov. 15, 2005
8x06 8 8x06 Bird on a Wire
Jac Naylor roars up to Holby in her leather biker gear. Jac is confident of her abilities and tells Ric that she intends to impress him enough to be offered a permanent registrar’s ...
Nov. 22, 2005
8x07 8 8x07 Learning Curve
Owen decides to stay with Diane and tells her he wants to spend the evening with her. He pops back to the hospital to get his bag but runs into Chrissie, who demands to know why he ...
Nov. 29, 2005
8x08 8 8x08 Comfort of Strangers
Lola finds teenager Amy drinking vodka and is demanding to see Donna. She is attempting to miscarry. Owen refuses to help give her an abortion without parent’s consent or Social Services ...
Dec. 06, 2005
8x09 8 8x09 Prometheous Unbound
Heavy-drinking Abra turns up in Holby again, needing a big favour from surgeon Ric, who he spent time with out in Ghana. Abra tells them he’s assisting in a transplant operation – ...
Dec. 13, 2005
8x10 8 8x10 The Long Goodbye
Owen struggles to come to terms with his grieving daughter, Katie, and is too busy thinking about Chrissie to realise that she needs him. He heads into work, leaving Katie hanging around ...
Dec. 20, 2005
8x11 8 8x11 Deny Thy Father, Part II
As news of the tunnel collapse reaches the hospital, everyone struggles to concentrate on their work, not knowing if their friends and colleagues are dead or alive.Woody fights his ...
Dec. 27, 2005
8x12 8 8x12 Mother Love
Two new hopefuls arrive at the hospital, both vying for the position of registrar. However, things don’t get off to a good start when Joseph crashes into the back of a patient’s ...
Jan. 03, 2006
8x13 8 8x13 Pride Before a Fall
Ric rushes back from a conference and straight into a crisis. The new, improved Keller ward is about to open and Ric wants to make sure everything goes smoothly. However, when he gets ...
Jan. 10, 2006
8x14 8 8x14 Yesterday Once More
Mark is sorting out Frank’s life insurance and the insurance company wants to see all of his medical notes. Tricia is nervous that Mark will find Frank had a paternity test, so she ...
Jan. 17, 2006
8x15 8 8x15 Brother's Keeper
Jac is back at Holby to help out. She tells Ric she wants to apply for the position of his registrar. Meanwhile, Diane comes in to pick up some research papers and Mark seizes the ...
Jan. 24, 2006
8x16 8 8x16 Roots
Connie has an interview for the role of Clinical Lead. Joseph helps Connie with her paper for the interview. Elliot is struggling with the paperwork and tells Connie he is not applying ...
Jan. 31, 2006
8x17 8 8x17 I'll Be Back
Diane is back at work but there’s still friction between her and Jac. Ric tells Diane that she should apply for the upcoming Consultants post, but says she has too much on her plate. ...
Feb. 07, 2006
8x18 8 8x18 Flight of the Bumblebee
Elliot has a new PA who’s gets under his feet; he decides to get her transferred to a different department and asks Connie to move back into his office. Connie is worried about Joseph’s ...
Feb. 14, 2006
8x19 8 8x19 Out on a Limb
Lola’s daughter, Cleo, arrives in the department with her ill boyfriend, Andy. Andy is suffering anaphylactic shock from a tetanus boost and also suffers asthma problems. Cleo tells ...
Feb. 21, 2006
8x20 8 8x20 We Gave Her All Our Love
Jac is not pleased to see new consultant Nick and it’s obvious the pair have a history. Nick is treating a cancer patient of Ric’s (Frances) whilst he is out at the University. ...
Feb. 28, 2006
8x21 8 8x21 Into Your Own Hands
Ryan is back in after having beaten up Cash. Mark feels responsible for him and when police come in to question the boy, Mark lies and says he is unavailable. Later, the police come ...
Mar. 07, 2006
8x22 8 8x22 Let it Shine
Ric will be away from the hospital again and asks Jac to keep him in the loop. A chef, Carlo is brought in with abdomen pains. He needs a valve operation. As his pain increases, Nick ...
Mar. 14, 2006
8x23 8 8x23 Leap in the Dark
Donna meets a handsome physiotherapist called Justin, who turns out to be Kyla’s ex. Kyla warns Donna off him, but this doesn’t stop Donna from later agreeing to go on a date with ...
Mar. 21, 2006
8x24 8 8x24 Snake in the Grass
Nick continues to cause trouble by working on a patient, Philip Jennssen with a cardio thoracic (CT) condition. When the patient’s condition deteriorates, Jac decides not to involve ...
Mar. 28, 2006
8x25 8 8x25 Passing On
There is a meeting to discuss funding options and Connie champions her new ‘herzig’ procedure. When Nick gets the casting vote, he chooses Connie’s proposal in the hope of getting ...
Apr. 04, 2006
8x26 8 8x26 Quality Time
Elliot‘s daughter, Martha, tricks Joseph into coming to look at Gina at home. Gina’s condition – motor neurone disease – is worsening but both she and Elliot have so far managed ...
Apr. 11, 2006
8x27 8 8x27 Honesty
Diane is caught in the middle of Ric and Nick’s feud and feels torn between the two. Ric turns to Jac for advice, who encourages him to reveal his true feelings to Diane before it’s ...
Apr. 18, 2006
8x28 8 8x28 Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged
Tricia is back and her presence certainly causes a stir amongst the Williams family. There is friction between Mark and Tricia all day and Chrissie is becoming increasingly suspicious. A ...
Apr. 25, 2006
8x29 8 8x29 Short Cuts
Nick treats patient Helena Bosman who has abdomen pains following a bodged tummy tuck operation abroad. Nick rushes Helena’s operation, so he can operate on a heart patient, Savanna, ...
May. 02, 2006
8x30 8 8x30 Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Helena Bosman is readmitted and Diane operates on her. Furious about the treatment Helena has received, her husband, Don, makes a complaint to Ric. During the operation, Diane discovers ...
May. 09, 2006
8x31 8 8x31 Games of Chance
It’s the day of the inquiry into Helena Bosman’s death. The post-mortem has revealed that the urethra had been cut during surgery but was not repaired properly. It was not done ...
May. 16, 2006
8x32 8 8x32 One Tender Kiss
The board have made their decision about Diane’s future. Connie reveals that she will not be sacked or suspended, but will have to work under Ric’s supervision. Diane is angry, ...
May. 23, 2006
8x33 8 8x33 Abracadabra
Mickie realises that Nick was the one who cut Helena Bosman’s urethra. She decides to tell Connie and Diane is overjoyed, thinking she will be exonerated. However, when Connie says ...
Jun. 06, 2006
8x34 8 8x34 Invasion
Nick is treating patient, Pete Thornton, who is injured following a bike accident. He’s been having an affair behind his pregnant wife’s back and when the two women meet, tensions ...
Jun. 07, 2006
8x35 8 8x35 Promises to Keep
Elliot‘s wife, Gina, arrives at Holby because her tracheotomy has become infected. After some ambiguity over details of the original procedure and a chaotic operation, both Elliot ...
Jun. 29, 2006
8x36 8 8x36 The Truth Will Out
Nick, still desperate to get the cardio role at St James’s, arranges for Lord Byrne to observe him operating on patient, Malcom Foster, who has an aneurism. Nick chooses Joseph to ...
Jul. 06, 2006
8x37 8 8x37 Extreme Measures
After being forced to take Max to work with her, Kyla reluctantly agrees to let Justin take him to play football. Down in the hospital basements, Justin gets drunk and even gives a ...
Jul. 11, 2006
8x38 8 8x38 I Am Not What I Am
Donna is pleased to see Bradley again. He is wearing the same green polo shirt that the porters wear so she assumes that he is one. Donna flirts with Bradley and gives him tips on skiving. ...
Jul. 18, 2006
8x39 8 8x39 Looking After Number One
Joseph is back at work following his break, but it is soon clear that he is not managing his OCD. A woman, Mabel, comes into hospital with her son, Martin. She has been delaying her ...
Jul. 25, 2006
8x40 8 8x40 Conscience
Jac is left in charge when Ric leaves her with no consultant cover. Jac relishes the opportunity and promptly argues with Joseph over the preferred treatment of a patient – eco-campaigner ...
Aug. 01, 2006
8x41 8 8x41 Metamorphosis
Michael’s appeal day finally arrives and he is overjoyed to win. He tries to make amends with Connie and atone for the past. Connie is not sure if she can forgiven him but there is ...
Aug. 08, 2006
8x42 8 8x42 Team Holby
Connie tells Elliot that her husband, Michael, has been offered a job in Stockholm and she is considering relocating there. Elliot does everything in his power to make her reconsider. ...
Aug. 15, 2006
8x43 8 8x43 Horse to Water
Elliot‘s wife, Gina, arrives for an appointment at Holby. Meanwhile, Elliot is treating a patient, Margaret, who has Motor Neurone Disease and has had stem-cell treatment. Elliot ...
Aug. 22, 2006
8x44 8 8x44 Bad Blood
There is increasing tension between Matt and Donna over the death of Bridie. The pair are treating patient Jerry (who’s been going out with Donna’s Nan) who has a hernia. But when ...
Aug. 29, 2006
8x45 8 8x45 Nothing Ventured, Nothing Lost
There has been a multiple car pile-up and Chrissie, Sam and Connie are at the front desk sorting out the incoming patients. Connie and Sam make suggestive comments about their night ...
Sep. 05, 2006
8x46 8 8x46 Better the Devil You Know
Abra returns to Holby but there is friction between him and Ric, who is still annoyed with the maverick doctor for letting Diane leave. Kim Felix is brought in with abdomen injuries ...
Sep. 06, 2006
8x47 8 8x47 Star Maker
Mickie fears the worst as her medical school application lies in the hands of Ric, who believes her current performance to be substandard. Abra puts Mickie in a tricky situation by ...
Sep. 13, 2006
8x48 8 8x48 Full Circle
Tricia tells Mark that the reason she turned down his marriage proposal was because she couldn’t bear saying “till death do us part”, knowing that she is dying. She is looking ...
Sep. 19, 2006
8x49 8 8x49 Now or Never
Mark and Tricia are planning to get married in the hospital gardens, but Tricia is still concerned over rushing things and calls things off when she finds out Mark managed to pull strings ...
Sep. 26, 2006
8x50 8 8x50 Taking Liberties
Connie faces a difficult decision when Gina comes to see her and asks for help behind Elliot‘s back. She wants to go to Switzerland to attend an assisted suicide clinic and asks Connie ...
Oct. 03, 2006
8x51 8 8x51 If The Heart Lies
Gina goes to see Connie again asking for her help. But Connie feels torn between helping Gina, her professional duties and her friendship with Elliot. The tampered drug batch at the ...
Oct. 10, 2006
8x52 8 8x52 Moondance
Connie has gone to Liberte, in Switzerland, with Gina while Elliot remains in Holby unaware of what his wife is intending to do. However, as the time draws nearer, Gina admits to Connie ...
Oct. 17, 2006

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