Jan. 12, 1999
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Holby City (UK)

Holby City follows the everyday lives, professional and personal, of the doctors, nurses and patients who find themselves, for various reasons, in the wards of Holby City General Hospital.

Holby City (UK) Season 7 (2004-2005)

7x01 7 7x01 Happy Families
Carlos pesters Tricia to go to the breast care clinic to get her lump looked at in the latest dose of the medical drama. Tricia eventually agrees but is shocked to find out that Diane ...
Oct. 19, 2004
7x02 7 7x02 Best Intentions
Simon arrives to take baby Jack from Diane and Owen. Diane is devastated but decides to go to work to take her mind off things. Owen tries to talk to her but she blames him for losing ...
Oct. 26, 2004
7x03 7 7x03 Win Some, Lose Some
Jess decides to go to Paris to talk to Zubin, but he is angry that she has come and tells her to go home. Jess makes him talk to her, saying he should stop putting his dead wife on ...
Nov. 02, 2004
7x04 7 7x04 Braver Soul Than I
Jess wakes up in Zubin’s hotel room after spending the night with him, as the medical drama continues. At Zubin’s second interview, he is offered the job but is unsure whether ...
Nov. 09, 2004
7x05 7 7x05 One is the Loneliest Number
Chrissie thinks Tricia and Carlos are going away for the weekend but it is actually the day of Tricia’s mastectomy. However, there is a problem during the operation and she is transferred ...
Nov. 16, 2004
7x06 7 7x06 A Sense of Guilt
Owen is enthusiastic about trying for a baby with Diane. Mickie goes to the pharmacy for a patient and picks up Diane’s prescription to give to Owen – but it is for contraceptive ...
Nov. 23, 2004
7x07 7 7x07 Moment of Truth
As Rosie chases a thief out of the hospital, Mubbs has to push her away from a motorbike that nearly runs her over. She says she feels fine but she later has a chest bleed and is rushed ...
Nov. 30, 2004
7x08 7 7x08 Playing With Fire
Both Connie and Owen mention Rosie’s pregnancy to Mubbs and, from his response, it is clear that he is not keen on the idea. However, Rosie is overjoyed and tells Mubbs how excited ...
Dec. 07, 2004
7x09 7 7x09 A Good Day to Bury Bad News
A doctor on the wards has tested himself for an STD, Jess instantly worries its Sean as she is having sypmtons herself. When Sean tells Jess he clear Jess goes to maternity to get herself ...
Dec. 14, 2004
7x10 7 7x10 Elf and Happiness
Jess Griffin goes to maternity for her first scan after Mickie and Donna put some doubt into her mind about Sean being the father. Down in maternity, Mickie drops a bombshell - Jess ...
Dec. 21, 2004
7x11 7 7x11 Casualty@Holby City: Part II
Following the explosion, Rosie, Alistair, Connie, Bex, Luke, Jim, Harry are trapped in the building as Fire Fighters work to rescue them but Alistair and Jim are killed and Rosie is ...
Dec. 28, 2004
7x12 7 7x12 7 Days Later
In the aftermath of the explosion, Rosie is heavily sedated but can't remember a thing about the explosion or Jim's death whilst Will causes the catering staff to go on strike after ...
Jan. 04, 2005
7x13 7 7x13 Actions Speak Louder
Rosie wants to go home to her kids but collapses on leaving as Owen has to do a C-section to deliever her and Mubbs baby but when the baby dies, Rosie decides to leave whilst Connie ...
Jan. 11, 2005
7x14 7 7x14 Overload
With Zubin not coming back, Jess decides to reveal the truth of her pregnancy to Ric but doesn't get the chance when Zubin returns as Head of anaesthetics whilst Tricia's friend Maggie ...
Jan. 18, 2005
7x15 7 7x15 War and Peace
Zubin's return causes a strain with Ric and Jess as Mickie reveals to Mubbs and Will that she is gay when following a small mistake they end up in a gay bar.
Jan. 25, 2005
7x16 7 7x16 Live and Let Die
Jess tells Ric about her being pregnant but after seeing Jess crying as he went to walk out, Ric supports her not knowing that Zubin is the father whilst the working relationship between ...
Feb. 01, 2005
7x17 7 7x17 Thin Ice
Zubin is back to head the new ITU department. He tells Connie that he does not think it should open in early February as it will not be ready but Connie ignores him. Zubin tries ...
Feb. 08, 2005
7x18 7 7x18 Stick or Twist
Chrissie meets her Dad in London who at first doesn't realise who she is but when she goes to see him later, he has disappeared whilst Will and Zubin along with an injured Ric are held ...
Feb. 15, 2005
7x19 7 7x19 Chain Reaction
Chrissie and Tricia get a shock when Mark turns up at Holby, something that doesn't go well with Tricia and later on, Mark is chatting with Owen and learns of the history between his ...
Feb. 22, 2005
7x20 7 7x20 Another Car Wreck
Mark is getting ready to leave Holby when a man collapses in front of him and he helps and short staffed is asked to help out for the day which brings him working alongside Tricia, ...
Mar. 01, 2005
7x21 7 7x21 Awakenings
Mark decides to leave Holby City as it is obvious that Tricia does not want him around, and Chrissie is coming round to her mum’s way of thinking. After dealing with a patient whose ...
Mar. 08, 2005
7x22 7 7x22 Total Recall
Mickie tells Connie she has agreed to be mentored by Will from now on and she shadows him throughout the day. That night, Mickie sees Jodie is struggling behind the bar and offers to ...
Mar. 15, 2005
7x23 7 7x23 Love and Marriage
It is the day of Owen's and Diane's wedding and Chrissie assumes it won't happen after her fling with Owen but the wedding goes ahead without a hitch whilst the history between Will ...
Mar. 22, 2005
7x24 7 7x24 Be Careful What You Wish For
During a scan, Mubbs and Sean learn Jess is 22 weeks gone and Sean orders him to keep quiet but when Jess begins bleeding, she needs an operation whilst Jodie gets in a car and drives ...
Mar. 29, 2005
7x25 7 7x25 Shock to the Heart
Will is impaled on a pole with another man as Connie and Comfort try and save him as Sean proposes to Jess knowing she is not carrying his baby but efforts to save Will don't work as ...
Apr. 05, 2005
7x26 7 7x26 The Honeymoon is Over
It is the day of Will’s memorial service. Holby Chief Executive, Peter, tells Connie that it is important that there is no negative publicity surrounding Will’s death. Connie ...
Apr. 12, 2005
7x27 7 7x27 It's Kinda Rock 'n' Roll
Holby Chief Executive Peter calls an emergency meeting with Connie, in order to force her resignation. He tells her Zubin will be presenting a case against her to the board. Acting ...
Apr. 19, 2005
7x28 7 7x28 Not Just a River in Egypt
The atmosphere between Zubin and Ric is frosty with Ric refusing to talk to Zubin. Jess reveals to Ric that she followed Zubin to Paris and that he did not seduce her. She turns round ...
Apr. 26, 2005
7x29 7 7x29 Damage Limitation
Student Doctor's Matt Parker and Dean West who has cerebral palsy start their rotation on Maternity under Owen's supervision and don't get off to a great start whilst Connie begins ...
May. 03, 2005
7x30 7 7x30 No Pain, No Gain
Losing patience with Dean and Matt, Mubbs is assigned to mentor them whilst Zubin is suspended and now working under Keith Greene.
May. 10, 2005
7x31 7 7x31 Losing Control
Diane worries about the coroner’s hearing into Dominic Fryer’s death. Owen tries to get her to talk about it but she snaps at him. He says they should go away for the weekend ...
May. 17, 2005
7x32 7 7x32 Something in the Air
Owen and Diane are excited by their news, Owen cannot keep it to himself and tells Donna that Diane is pregnant. Chrissie is upset when she finds out from Donna and tells Owen she ...
May. 24, 2005
7x33 7 7x33 Love, Life and Loss
It is a bank holiday and there is a staff shortage. Zubin and Connie clash over the shortage. Connie meets with the board over the Dominic Fryer incident and suggests that they ask ...
May. 31, 2005
7x34 7 7x34 Patience
Zubin and Jess are now a couple and arrive at work together. Zubin wants to resign but Jess convinces him to stay and clear his name – he belongs with her. After Jess gets out the ...
Jun. 07, 2005
7x35 7 7x35 Pleasant Surprises
Tricia is shocked to see Carlos and has to treat a burns patient, Nita, with him. Nita has suspected her husband of pouring acid on her face for having an affair with her boss, Mark. ...
Jun. 14, 2005
7x36 7 7x36 If it Ain't Broke
Connie’s SuperDarwin ward opens, but some of the staff aren’t pleased. Tricia comes in for her breast operation, she is flustered and cannot remember where she is supposed to be. ...
Jun. 21, 2005
7x37 7 7x37 Rat Race
Diane is back at work following her miscarriage, she is shocked to learn of all the changes Connie has made in creating the SuperDarwin ward. Holby is to be a centre of cardiac excellence ...
Jun. 28, 2005
7x38 7 7x38 Tuesday's Girl
Diane flies out to Ghana, to persuade Ric to come back and save the Holby General Surgical ward. She arrives at the hospital Ric is working at to find there is clearly a crackling ...
Jul. 05, 2005
7x39 7 7x39 Ostrich Mode
Diane returns to Holby City and swallows humble pie and asks Connie for her research post back whilst Jess and Tricia are in hospital after Jess gives birth and Tricia has her bandages ...
Jul. 12, 2005
7x40 7 7x40 Home is Where the Hurt Is
Recovering after the birth of her baby, Jess and Zubin name him Paris whilst Jess gets a surprise visitor when Ric shows up and makes a few ammends but when Jess falls ill, Zubin, Ric ...
Jul. 19, 2005
7x41 7 7x41 Best Laid Plans
Katie, Owen's daughter is causing trouble for Owen and Diane whilst Ric struggles with the fact that Keller isn't allowed to allow Cardiac admissions.
Jul. 26, 2005
7x42 7 7x42 Soft Centred
Ric decides to go and get his old job back but Michael attempts to stop his chances whilst Owen's ex wife gets an injunction to stop Owen from seeing Katie.
Aug. 02, 2005
7x43 7 7x43 Dignity
Owen arrives late at the family court, where he hopes to secure regular access to his daughter, Katy, but still gives an impassioned speech. However the court decides to cut contact ...
Aug. 09, 2005
7x44 7 7x44 The Innocents: Part I
Tricia says she loves Mark but fears Frank will ruin everything. Meanwhile, Frank drives Chrissie into work but then collapses in the car park. She takes him upstairs where Connie ...
Aug. 16, 2005
7x45 7 7x45 The Innocents: Part II
Lisa informs Tricia of Frank’s revelation in the night but Tricia laughs it off. Later Lisa finds Tricia crying and she admits to her that Frank raped her years ago. Meanwhile Frank ...
Aug. 23, 2005
7x46 7 7x46 Thinking Outisde of the Box
Chrissie questions Frank’s cause of death as septicemia which is listed on the death certificate. After investigating, she is shocked to discover that Frank had MRSA. She confronts ...
Aug. 30, 2005
7x47 7 7x47 View from the Side Line
Early on in the shift, Michael takes Chrissie aside and unconvincingly says they should forget what happened before. Later he asks a shocked Lisa to step down as clinical matron over ...
Sep. 06, 2005
7x48 7 7x48 Great Expectations
Lisa and Mubbs arrive at work together – as a couple. Mubbs asks Lisa to move in with him and is delighted when she says yes. But Lisa is put out that he already expected her to agree. Abra ...
Sep. 13, 2005
7x49 7 7x49 Family Planning
Dean and Matt are keen to get more experience with patients and Mubbs wants to talk to a new locum he has taken a shine to. A patient, Fay, begins having contractions and Dean phones ...
Sep. 20, 2005
7x50 7 7x50 All the Perfumes of Arabia
Jess struggles to cope with Paris, who will not stop crying. Later, Jess brings the baby into the hospital, telling Lola that Paris has been crying all day but then suddenly went ...
Sep. 27, 2005
7x51 7 7x51 Days of Repentance
The VRSA is spreading throughout the department and the team are forced to close down Darwin to contain the spread of the virus. Sabine is furious with Michael’s handling and urges ...
Oct. 04, 2005
7x52 7 7x52 Doing the Right Thing
Darwin ward is preparing to be re-opened, however Sabine doesn’t want the ward open so asks Michael to come down to Shoreham Cross and down-talk Holby. Elderly patient, Jeannine, ...
Oct. 11, 2005

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