Jan. 12, 1999
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Holby City (UK)

Holby City follows the everyday lives, professional and personal, of the doctors, nurses and patients who find themselves, for various reasons, in the wards of Holby City General Hospital.

Holby City (UK) Season 17 (2014-2015)

17x01 17 17x01 Not Waving But Drowning
Raf returns to Holby and desperately tries to get back to his former hardworking self, but struggles in theater. Michael Spence creates waves with Guy by stirring up the pot. Formidable ...
Oct. 14, 2014
17x02 17 17x02 Bounce Back
When Raf's confronted with a patient needing complex specialist surgery, Fletch wonders if he will put his feud with Harry behind him and step up to the plate. Guy needs to get ...
Oct. 21, 2014
17x03 17 17x03 The Science of Imaginary Solutions
Mo is determined to prove she can swim with the sharks, but is she in over her head? Serena's personal and professional lives collide when her mother is brought in for treatment. ...
Oct. 28, 2014
17x04 17 17x04 Chaos in Her Wings
As Zosia spirals out of control, Colette battles to save her from disaster. However, her efforts to protect Zosia bring her relationship with Guy to crisis point. Colette must choose ...
Nov. 04, 2014
17x05 17 17x05 We Must Remember This
Fleur and Michael are pitted against each other in a race to diagnose a patient who is constantly arresting. When Fleur's ex-girlfriend arrives on Keller, it throws Fleur off kilter. ...
Nov. 11, 2014
17x06 17 17x06 Severed
Adrienne expresses a morbid interest in ending her life and asks Serena to pull the plug. Serena refuses. But when Adrienne insists she doesn't want her life prolonged if her condition ...
Nov. 18, 2014
17x07 17 17x07 Flesh and Blood
Guy is forced to confront the fact that Zosia may not be cured of her mental illness. Elliot completes the design for his new device and has to fight for funding to build a prototype. ...
Nov. 25, 2014
17x08 17 17x08 I Am What I Am Not
Jesse is forced to face up to how his dalliance with Zosia may have impacted her health. Zosia fights to prove to herself that her medication doesn't affect her abilities. Serena ...
Dec. 02, 2014
17x09 17 17x09 Estel
Raf is thrown when Amy has an unexpected request. With LA firmly in his sights, Dominic ruthlessly risks all to fulfil his ambitions. It's secret Santa and, as Mo plays detective, ...
Dec. 09, 2014
17x10 17 17x10 Star of Wonder
When a terminally ill patient claims that she recognizes Zosia as her own daughter, Zosia embarks on a mission to save her life while trying to figure out their past connection. As ...
Dec. 16, 2014
17x11 17 17x11 I Will Honour Christmas In My Heart
Elliot's preparing for a family ski trip when he is surprised by the unexpected arrival of an old friend. With his heart in the balance, Elliot must risk everything to save a life. Arthur ...
Dec. 23, 2014
17x12 17 17x12 Should Auld Acquaintance be Forgot
Dominic is shocked to learn of wedding bells for Malick and is tested emotionally and professionally when he gets stuck in the lift with a face from his past. Mo is determined ...
Dec. 30, 2014
17x13 17 17x13 Brand New You
Guy, after the arrival of a 'lost cause' on the ward and with the support of the Keller team, allows himself to come to terms with Zosia and her mental illness. It's the big day ...
Jan. 06, 2015
17x14 17 17x14 Wages of Sin
Jac considers the possibility of a new start with Emma in the USA. Sacha's shocked when his daughter is admitted into Holby. Sparks fly between Harry and Mary-Claire. Was their ...
Jan. 13, 2015
17x15 17 17x15 Sucker Punch
Fletch's ex-wife turns up on AAU, with dramatic consequences. Jonny goes head to head with Guy. A shocking discovery about Rachel knocks Sacha for six.
Jan. 20, 2015
17x16 17 17x16 Good Girls Don't Lie
Sacha struggles to be a good father to Rachel in the face of a major revelation. Mo tries to hide from Adele, not ready to tell her about the family secret. Mary-Claire, desperate to ...
Jan. 27, 2015
17x17 17 17x17 The Beat Goes On
An old friend gives Mary-Claire a fresh perspective on her relationship with Harry. Jonny tries to help a grieving mother do the right thing after the tragic death of her son. Sacha ...
Feb. 03, 2015
17x18 17 17x18 Love Divided by Three
Sacha is left reeling at the news that his daughter Rachel has left the hospital to meet her forbidden love. Harry realises that he has deep feelings for Mary-Claire. Mo is a step closer ...
Feb. 10, 2015
17x19 17 17x19 Be Bold, Be Bold
Is Sacha prepared to sacrifice the love of his daughter and do the right thing? Mary-Claire sets her sights on a career opportunity, but has a meddling Harry ruined her chances? Jonny ...
Feb. 17, 2015
17x20 17 17x20 Domino Effect
When disaster strikes on Darwin, Elliot must choose between his team and his life's work - how will he decide? Mary-Claire's surprised by the return of an old flame. Is she ready to ...
Feb. 24, 2015
17x21 17 17x21 Trust in Me
Harry takes the plunge and confronts his feelings for Mary-Claire head on. As Guy investigates the death of a patient, Jonny finds himself in hot water. When Zosia fears she is being ...
Mar. 03, 2015
17x22 17 17x22 Blindside
Harry wakes from his coma but faces a battle for his sight. Shockwaves ripple through Darwin when Jonny is arrested. Arthur frets over choosing a specialism but finds professional satisfaction ...
Mar. 10, 2015
17x23 17 17x23 We Have The Technology
Jonny's finding life in prison hard going, but he doesn't stay locked up for long. Harry resists further treatment on his face until he's given a few home truths from a surprising source. ...
Mar. 17, 2015
17x24 17 17x24 A Rock and A Hard Place
Raf must overcome the doubts of his colleagues and his patient to perform Harry's surgery. Arthur tries to impress Serena to earn a rotation on AAU but finds the pace tough to handle. ...
Mar. 24, 2015
17x25 17 17x25 The Last Time I Saw You
Elliot and Mo fight to save Jonny from being returned to prison by a vindictive Guy. Harry presses a reluctant Raf for more surgery after the success of his first procedure. Arthur ...
Mar. 31, 2015
17x26 17 17x26 Squeeze the Pips
Jonny returns to work after his release from prison, with explosive consequences. Sacha is delighted to see Essie again after her time away in Germany, but realises that absence may ...
Apr. 07, 2015
17x27 17 17x27 Go The Distance
As Guy struggles to hold it all together with the launch of the supercentre and Jac's disappearance, he's at serious risk of losing it all. An upbeat Mary-Claire prepares to face the ...
Apr. 14, 2015
17x28 17 17x28 All About Evie
Fletch is horrified when Evie's first day at her new school leads to disaster. Guy is pleased to present his new hire on Keller, but he may be in danger of underestimating the lady. ...
Apr. 21, 2015
17x29 17 17x29 Small Disappointments
Mo decides to arrange a meeting with her birth father under false pretences, but when Adele's suspicions are raised, will Mo be able to keep her secret to herself? Annabelle and Zosia ...
Apr. 28, 2015
17x30 17 17x30 Homecoming
Battle lines are drawn as new CEO Henrik Hanssen clashes with Guy. Oliver ruffles Jesse's feathers on his first day back at Holby and will have to earn his place on the Darwin team. ...
May. 05, 2015
17x31 17 17x31 Lifelines
Adele intervenes to bring Mo and her father together. Zosia offers to help Annabelle develop her groundbreaking experimental procedure. Raf sets out to impress Hanssen but, with a patient's ...
May. 12, 2015
17x32 17 17x32 The Ides of March
Zosia steps out from behind her father's shadow and proves her worth as a surgeon. Raf must tread carefully when he offers medical help to a reluctant patient. Mo has mixed feelings ...
May. 19, 2015
17x33 17 17x33 All Coming Back to Me Now
The ghosts of Oliver's past threaten to derail his future. With his emotions in turmoil, is he fit to perform life-saving surgery? Raf finally unravels the mystery behind Lucy's injuries. ...
May. 26, 2015
17x34 17 17x34 Tug of Love
Jesse and Adele have a rollercoaster ride of a day, which brings them closer together than ever. Fletch attempts to give his daughter the best birthday - in the face of having no money. ...
Jun. 02, 2015
17x35 17 17x35 When a Man Loves a Woman
A fiery Essie clashes with Sacha. She is determined to follow her instincts but is unprepared for the consequences. With increasing money pressures, Fletch crosses a line when he accepts ...
Jun. 09, 2015
17x36 17 17x36 The Children of Lovers
It's Zosia's first day back on Darwin, but there's a fly in the ointment - Ollie. New AAU nurse Cara ruffles Raf's feathers when she intervenes and organises a psychiatric assessment ...
Jun. 16, 2015
17x37 17 17x37 Spiral Staircases
Guy and Jesse clash over Guy's surgical risk-taking. Sparks fly as duty psychiatrist Seb puts Zosia's head in a spin. Fletch is tempted by Clifford's 'victimless crime.'.
Jun. 23, 2015
17x38 17 17x38 Losing Control of the Wheel
An exuberant new doctor on AAU puts Arthur to the test - will this prove a perfect pairing? Mo is back from Chicago, which sparks fierce competition between her dad and Mr T over how ...
Jun. 30, 2015
17x39 17 17x39 Beneath a Mask
Fletch finds himself at breaking point as his family are kicked out on to the street, it seems Clifford's 'easy money' may be the only way out. Meanwhile Arthur's anxiety spirals out ...
Jul. 07, 2015
17x40 17 17x40 U-Turn
Fletch has second thoughts about Clifford's scheme to rob the pharmaceutical van. When he tries to pull out, Fletch finds he's in far too deep. If he refuses to go ahead with the plan, ...
Jul. 14, 2015
17x41 17 17x41 Family Fortunes
Clifford's bad debts come back to haunt him when the gangsters turn violent, leaving Mo in terrible danger. On a busy AAU, Arthur's anxiety disorder takes hold, and he finds himself ...
Jul. 21, 2015
17x42 17 17x42 Return to Innocence
Mo keeps herself busy in work while waiting for Adele to come round. When Adele's serious condition takes a turn for the worse, the Effangas and Jesse pull together, united, praying ...
Jul. 28, 2015
17x43 17 17x43 A Good Man
With an unconscious Adele still in ITU and Mo looking for answers, a guilt-laden Fletch, desperately in need of a guardian angel, finally has to face his demons but is unprepared for ...
Aug. 04, 2015
17x44 17 17x44 Speak True
Elliot faces a difficult dilemma when a woman from his past, Brigitte, arrives with a difficult medical case. As Elliot tries to find his balance in a tide of conflicting demands, he ...
Aug. 11, 2015
17x45 17 17x45 Beautiful
When Cara suspects that Raf may have developed a relationship with a patient, she must decide whether to betray her team or her principles. Dominic knows that Hanssen is far from impressed ...
Aug. 18, 2015
17x46 17 17x46 Infallible
Guy's past revisits him when an old friend of his deceased wife is admitted to Holby. Troubled by his motives for treating this patient, Jesse implores Guy to reconsider surgical intervention. ...
Aug. 25, 2015
17x47 17 17x47 Man of Conscience
When Clifford is admitted after a road traffic collision, it becomes clear his illicit activities have escalated, putting not only himself but possibly Fletch and Mo in jeopardy. Ollie ...
Sep. 01, 2015
17x48 17 17x48 An Eye for an Eye
Guy is taken hostage and forced to hold a live grenade while the hospital is evacuated. The grieving husband of a deceased patient blames him for his wife's death and wants revenge. ...
Sep. 08, 2015
17x49 17 17x49 Shockwaves
In the aftermath of the explosion on AAU, Arthur struggles to keep on top of his anxiety. He panics when Morven discovers he is self-medicating. Zosia's left reeling after the day's ...
Sep. 15, 2015
17x50 17 17x50 At First I Was Afraid
In the run-up to one of the most important days of Elliot's prestigious career, an unexpected case arrives on Darwin and forces Elliot to make some tough decisions. Should he take the ...
Sep. 22, 2015
17x51 17 17x51 Cover Story
Cara's pulled up short when her husband Jed turns up on the ward as an undercover cop. She soon realises that the case is complex when she meets Sean and his pregnant wife Nicole. Covering ...
Sep. 29, 2015
17x52 17 17x52 Ever After
With Mo and Ina attending to her every need, Adele is about to fulfil her dreams and marry Jesse. But are the dreams about to turn into a nightmare when there's an urgent admission ...
Oct. 06, 2015

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