Jan. 12, 1999
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Holby City (UK)

Holby City follows the everyday lives, professional and personal, of the doctors, nurses and patients who find themselves, for various reasons, in the wards of Holby City General Hospital.

Holby City (UK) Season 13 (2010-2011)

13x01 13 13x01 Shifts
Connie feels on top of her game but then a stranger in her office turns out to be the new joint director of surgery, Henrik Hanssen. However, Connie is defiant – she doesn’t do ...
Oct. 19, 2010
13x02 13 13x02 The Short Straw
Michael basks in the luxury of Holby Care, leaving Penny in the lurch on the frontline on AAU. But with Hanssen arriving on AAU just in time to witness the mess, Michael realises he ...
Oct. 26, 2010
13x03 13 13x03 Tough, Love
Ric is clinging onto work, despite his declining health. His daughter Jess has important news, but he refuses to make time to listen. When his denial starts affecting his work and the ...
Nov. 02, 2010
13x04 13 13x04 Queen's Gambit
Jac is in fighting mode to secure Ric's old job. But whilst trying to make amends for a row with Chrissie, she fails to do pre-op checks on a high-risk patient, and they nearly lose ...
Nov. 09, 2010
13x05 13 13x05 My No.1 Fan
Michael delays writing a report for Penny and instead focuses on a job interview. He is instrumental in getting Sheena Clore from Admin fired and is on the receiving end of Penny’s ...
Nov. 16, 2010
13x06 13 13x06 Betrayal
When Hanssen warns Connie that cuts still need to be made on Darwin, he puts Elliot in the firing line. Connie can't save Elliot, because of his bumbling ways, and because he is complicit ...
Nov. 23, 2010
13x07 13 13x07 Future Shock
When Faye goes into labour, Joseph panics when she refuses leave the psychiatric ward. The baby is breech and Faye needs a caesarean fast. Joseph calls on Jac in his hour of need but ...
Nov. 30, 2010
13x08 13 13x08 Losing Game
Elliot and Connie come to blows throughout the day as he struggles to avoid getting overly involved with a patient, while Connie is dealing with her dad being admitted to Keller. Things ...
Dec. 07, 2010
13x09 13 13x09 The Lying Kind
Connie's reassurances that her father's operation is simply routine comes back to bite her when things go wrong in theatre. Coping with her father's vulnerability, progressive dementia ...
Dec. 14, 2010
13x10 13 13x10 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Chrissie is feeling every inch the single working mum when she arrives late for work after being up all night with Daniel. The idea that the panel investigating a patient complaint ...
Dec. 21, 2010
13x11 13 13x11 Snow Queens
It’s Christmas Day and both Connie and Faye face difficult decisions. When Connie’s dad, William, is rushed in for emergency surgery, and a one-in-a-million heart-and-lung transplant ...
Dec. 28, 2010
13x12 13 13x12 Running the Gauntlet
A new day dawns at Holby City and a new alpha male, Antoine Malick, hits the corridors of the Acute Assessments Unit. Malick would argue that he’s the gold standard of surgeons; ...
Jan. 04, 2011
13x13 13 13x13 China in Your Hands
Joseph has it all figured out. He will pull back his hours to spend more time with his infant son, Harry. But when Hanssen offers Joseph a promotion, it becomes more difficult to put ...
Jan. 11, 2011
13x14 13 13x14 My Hero
When Elliot discovers Greg and Mary-Claire in a compromising situation, Greg's position is in jeopardy. Greg goes out of his way to prove to Elliot how talented he is, but at the risk ...
Jan. 18, 2011
13x15 13 13x15 Don't Go Changing
Hanssen informs Mark that he has to lose a consultant from the rota - Elliot or Ric. Feeling under the cosh, Mark is reluctant to do what's best for Holby, knowing it will cost him ...
Jan. 25, 2011
13x16 13 13x16 Love Thy Neighbour
When Malick is left in charge of AAU, Michael suggests he uses his team. However Malick wades in and upsets all those around him, particularly Penny, whose diagnosis and advice he ...
Feb. 01, 2011
13x17 13 13x17 Anger Management
When patient Aislinn Marsh tells Malick she would like a consultant rather than a registrar, it soon becomes apparent that this is not entirely the truth when his replacement is Ric. ...
Feb. 08, 2011
13x18 13 13x18 Blue Valentine
Jac is back at Holby and out to prove she can be a good leader, she bites her tongue and accepts the offer of mentoring new registrar, Sahira through her first day. But when Sahira ...
Feb. 15, 2011
13x19 13 13x19 Open Your Heart
Sahira knows people are suspicious of her association with Hanssen. So when Hanssen asks her to report on Greg's mixed performance in surgery, Sahira's loyalty is torn between her old ...
Feb. 22, 2011
13x20 13 13x20 No Credit, No Blame
Jac has tried everything to get ahead: lying, cheating and manipulating. But Elliot suggests that she is better off just being a team player. Jac takes the advice, and helps Greg with ...
Mar. 01, 2011
13x21 13 13x21 What You Mean By Home
Donna wants to start a new life with Kieran but struggles with the prospect of leaving Ric and Michael and uprooting Mia. Elizabeth and Jess help her find the strength to let go. With ...
Mar. 08, 2011
13x22 13 13x22 Too Much Monkey Business
Penny is angry with Oliver for betraying her but, when a patient dies unexpectedly, Oliver spirals out of control and admits something monumental about his past. When Greg tires of ...
Mar. 15, 2011
13x23 13 13x23 Clash of the Titans
Ric rallies the troops against Hanssen when the latter instructs that all Upper GI cases should be transferred to another hospital. Unwell with cancer, Ric fights on to save his livelihood ...
Mar. 22, 2011
13x24 13 13x24 Second Coming
Hanssen is insistent that he can save Ric's life in theatre, and puts forward a convincing argument to the team. Ric is less than pleased to find his case under discussion with his ...
Mar. 29, 2011
13x25 13 13x25 Coming Second
It's the day of the consultant interviews. Sahira is tested when a patient, Gary, whom she's previously diagnosed with a benign tumour, is readmitted with serious complications. She ...
Apr. 05, 2011
13x26 13 13x26 Boy Valentine, Girl Valentine
When news of a train crash comes to Holby, Penny leaves to join the team onsite, leaving Ollie with an ultimatum: he must tell Hanssen he failed his exams, or Penny will. Ollie struggles ...
Apr. 12, 2011
13x27 13 13x27 Rebound
Michael is determined to up his game, and not let Penny's death bring him down. In a bid to take a professional risk he aligns himself with an old classmate, but is he selling his soul ...
Apr. 19, 2011
13x28 13 13x28 Crossing the Line
Michael is feeling the heat from his divorce settlement, and the pressure to step up and take his plastics plan to glory is taking its toll. Michael's resolve to make his plan work ...
Apr. 26, 2011
13x29 13 13x29 Tunnel Vision
Greg struggles to reconcile Ellie's bad feeling about the operation in the face of medical arguments to the contrary. Peter remains convinced that surgery is the best option for Ellie, ...
May. 03, 2011
13x30 13 13x30 My Bad
Although he delivers a heroine addict's baby in reception, Malick has a lot to prove to Ric, who remains unimpressed. Getting suckered in by his demanding and devious patient marks ...
May. 10, 2011
13x31 13 13x31 Step On Up
Elizabeth tries to remain level-headed when her grandmother turns up unexpectedly, gravely ill. The grandmother treats her harshly, blaming her for walking out on the family at 16. ...
May. 17, 2011
13x32 13 13x32 A Greater Good
Michael is under enormous pressure to show Angus Farrell, Sir Fraser's right-hand man, that Plastics is running smoothly. When a vulnerable patient has their operation stopped halfway ...
May. 24, 2011
13x33 13 13x33 Damage Control
Dan tries to do right by his best friend Sean, who has a long standing knee injury, but it seems that his condition is a lot worse than Dan first realised. When Malick gets involved ...
May. 31, 2011
13x34 13 13x34 Rescue Me
Elizabeth doesn't want a fuss made over her birthday, and just wants to get on with her work when her mother, Simone, turns up unannounced. Elizabeth empathises when a patient doesn't ...
Jun. 07, 2011
13x35 13 13x35 All About Me
Jac is furious that Plastics is pushing CT out. Hanssen reveals that unless she finds the 'magic' to save CT, it will disappear. Sahira stumbles across the 'magic' when she treats a ...
Jun. 14, 2011
13x36 13 13x36 In Between Days
Returning to work after Penny's death, Ollie struggles to cope, falling firmly off the rails. But will he be able to overcome his grief in order to save a patient's life, and will the ...
Jun. 21, 2011
13x37 13 13x37 The Bottom Line
Darwin is on shaky ground, but Hanssen pushes Sahira to get behind the cardiac trauma unit in an effort to save the department and keep her job safe at Holby. After a visit from Sir ...
Jun. 28, 2011
13x38 13 13x38 Out on a Limb
Sahira is furious with Hanssen for snubbing the cardiac trauma unit before it has even got going. In an attempt to prove its worth, Sahira smuggles a patient into Holby without Hanssen's ...
Jul. 05, 2011
13x39 13 13x39 Hand in Glove
Recoiling from Malick's punch, a bruised Dan struggles to conceal the true circumstances surrounding the violent dispute, especially when Chrissie goes to Hanssen with her concerns, ...
Jul. 12, 2011
13x40 13 13x40 Going It Alone
With the future of cardiothoracics on Darwin resting heavy on her shoulders, Sahira must ensure the success of the trial. But when she is forced to contend with a less-than-supportive ...
Jul. 19, 2011
13x41 13 13x41 Sirens
When Simone is transferred from St James's in a serious condition, Elizabeth forces Ric to do everything in his power to save her. The situation intensifies when Simone indicates that ...
Jul. 26, 2011
13x42 13 13x42 Old Habits
Chrissie gets increasingly frustrated with Dan organising her life, and ends up telling him to back off when he accuses her of letting their personal differences cloud her professional ...
Aug. 02, 2011
13x43 13 13x43 Walk the Line
Greg is disappointed to learn that old school friend Andy is still in hospital. Andy reveals he was abused by their football coach and needs to know if Greg was too. Greg denies it, ...
Aug. 09, 2011
13x44 13 13x44 One of Those Days
A bored Malick is frustrated by the lack of surgeries coming his way. Ric offers him a chance to assist on an exciting kidney transplant, but it clashes with a routine bowel resection ...
Aug. 16, 2011
13x45 13 13x45 All Good Things
Lulu and Frieda are competing for surgery time with Michael; whoever diagnoses their patient correctly will join him in theatre. When they are both incorrect and the patient turns out ...
Aug. 23, 2011
13x46 13 13x46 Big Lies, Little Lies
When Frieda is scheduled to assist Michael in surgery, Lulu is determined to fight her for it. But will she get away with her risky strategy? Chantelle is convinced she can reconcile ...
Aug. 30, 2011
13x47 13 13x47 Who Needs Enemies
When Hanssen demands that a business plan for the plastics ward be on his desk by the next day, Michael is torn between the needs of Sunil and his daughter, Jasmine. When a former patient ...
Sep. 06, 2011
13x48 13 13x48 Night Cover
Dan struggles to keep focused while working on a night shift with Stephen, leading to the sloppy examination of a patient. Shaken by this and confused by Stephen's behaviour towards ...
Sep. 13, 2011
13x49 13 13x49 Broken
Eddi's emotional involvement in Josh's recovery means that they both struggle with his transferral from Holby. Before he leaves, however, their friendship is threatened by Norah, Josh's ...
Sep. 20, 2011
13x50 13 13x50 Everything to Play For
Elizabeth struggles to deal with her mother's decision to refuse treatment. She isn't ready for her mother to die; before she can let her go she wants to understand why Simone abused ...
Sep. 27, 2011
13x51 13 13x51 Oliver Twists
Tired of being Jac's underdog, Oliver decides it is time to leave medicine and take up a lucrative job offer from recruitment officer Peter O'Gorman. When a couple with learning difficulties ...
Oct. 04, 2011
13x52 13 13x52 PS Elliot
Hanssen tries to contain the plastics scandal, while Elliot and Greg work their last shifts. Sahira and Greg realise how much they will miss each other, and Michael fights to save his ...
Oct. 11, 2011

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