Jan. 12, 1999
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Holby City (UK)

Holby City follows the everyday lives, professional and personal, of the doctors, nurses and patients who find themselves, for various reasons, in the wards of Holby City General Hospital.

Holby City (UK) Season 12 (2009-2010)

12x01 12 12x01 The Hands that Rock the Cradle, Part 1
Faye's son Archie is admitted to Holby with a whistle stuck in his throat. While he is in theatre, Lauren overhears Faye struggling over Archie's distress, wondering if he should be ...
Oct. 20, 2009
12x02 12 12x02 The Hands that Rock the Cradle, Part 2
Lauren sees Faye change Archie's saline bag. When Archie dies nobody can find a reason, so Joseph worries Faye will come under suspicion. He persuades Connie and Ric to say they gave ...
Oct. 21, 2009
12x03 12 12x03 Myself, Coming Back
When Donna has to deal with Derek's meagre effects, she finds herself on a trip that begins as a joyride and ends with her confronting serious responsibilities. Along the way she learns ...
Oct. 27, 2009
12x04 12 12x04 The Professionals
Elliot struggles to run Darwin without Connie and ends up pushing himself too hard. Penny runs an ECG and discovers Elliot is suffering from angina. Joseph is appointed acting consultant ...
Nov. 03, 2009
12x05 12 12x05 Home Truths
Linden avoids his daughter Holly when she turns up at Olivia's grave. But later, when Holly comes to Holby, Linden has to accept the fact she is back in his life. Oliver disagrees ...
Nov. 10, 2009
12x06 12 12x06 To Have and to Hold
While Joseph is away from the ward, secretly obtaining the toxicology report on Archie's death, a patient goes into crisis and Elliot has to step in. Joseph has to accept responsibility ...
Nov. 17, 2009
12x07 12 12x07 Break Away
Penny wants to prove to Elliot that she is good with patients. But when Elliot see her bawl out Scott's girlfriend for dumping Scott when he is so ill, Elliot is not convinced. Penny ...
Nov. 24, 2009
12x08 12 12x08 And That's What Really Hurts
When Joseph makes a serious patient error, Elliot instinctively blames Thandie. But when he finds out the truth, his confidence in Joseph's professionalism unravels. Judith tries to ...
Dec. 01, 2009
12x09 12 12x09 Now We Are Lonely
Joseph tries to focus on work rather than on Faye’s suspension but, when he suggests Lauren’s slapdash nursing is responsible for Archie’s death, he is accused of bullying and ...
Dec. 08, 2009
12x10 12 12x10 Too Close for Comfort
When Judith’s teenage son, Connor, is admitted to the hospital with alcohol poisoning, Mark does his best to support her. As Connor is stabilised, Mark helps Judith and ex-husband ...
Dec. 15, 2009
12x11 12 12x11 Stand by Me
Linden and Holly prepare for a perfect Christmas at home together. However, when Holly makes an innocent mistake over a surprise present, memories of Linden’s past come flooding back ...
Dec. 22, 2009
12x12 12 12x12 Resolutions
Lauren is desperate to keep a low profile and avoid Joseph. When Joseph finds out that Faye has been charged with Archie’s murder, however, Lauren’s guilt overwhelms her and she ...
Dec. 29, 2009
12x13 12 12x13 Talk to Me
Faye hopes that if she throws herself into her work, it will help her get over her grief for Archie. Being back in the hospital where Archie died, though, only intensifies her need ...
Jan. 05, 2010
12x14 12 12x14 A Glorious Reunion
Lauren’s mum, Sandra, arrives to see her after the accident. Faye, however, is determined to stay detached but, in the relatives’ room, Sandra recalls the whole story from Lauren’s ...
Jan. 12, 2010
12x15 12 12x15 Stop All the Clocks
Linden wants to regain his friendship with Faye and help her through the loss of her son, Archie. Faye finds her shift tough as she has to deal with the death of a young child. Meanwhile, ...
Jan. 19, 2010
12x16 12 12x16 Promises
Donna’s half-niece, Mia, turns up out of the blue because her grandmother, Patti, has had another stroke. Jac can see that Joseph is struggling in his consultant’s position, and ...
Feb. 02, 2010
12x17 12 12x17 ...And The Devil Makes Three
Ric tries to make friends with Cunningham to ensure Thandie is let go at the end of her contract, as the medical drama continues. Thandie impresses Cunningham and he backs her application ...
Feb. 02, 2010
12x18 12 12x18 Too Cold to Crash and Burn
On the day of Scott’s heart transplant, Penny accidentally reveals their secret relationship. Penny admits to seeing Scott but denies mishandling the case. Disappointed, Elliot holds ...
Feb. 09, 2010
12x19 12 12x19 Downstairs, Upstairs
Elliot is called to attend to Charlie, who has had a heart attack. Nick Jordan saved Charlie’s life in the Emergency Department and now Elliot is going to take over his treatment ...
Feb. 16, 2010
12x20 12 12x20 Together Alone
Michael finds Connie living a seemingly perfect life with a new job at a private hospital in London. However, it becomes clear to him that Connie has sacrificed the respect and camaraderie ...
Feb. 17, 2010
12x21 12 12x21 Amare
Thandie and Ric’s relationship seems to be back on track this week. Thandie’s brother, Moses, arrives – he has Aids and only days to live – and asks Thandie to help him die. ...
Feb. 23, 2010
12x22 12 12x22 The Butterfly Effect - Part 1
After a massive fight between Faye and Joseph, Joseph storms out of Holby and leaves Faye to be comforted by Linden. News reaches Holby that there is a hostage situation in the city ...
Mar. 02, 2010
12x23 12 12x23 The Butterfly Effect – Part 2
When Joseph finds himself with Daisha in the middle of a major shooting incident in town, he uses his anger at Faye to drive him to take risks he might never have taken before. But ...
Mar. 09, 2010
12x24 12 12x24 Faith No More
Faye and Joseph are over. But when Joseph realises something is going on between Faye and Linden and he forces the issue, Faye tells him the truth and Joseph gives Linden a beating. Mark ...
Mar. 16, 2010
12x25 12 12x25 Tipping Point
When Daisha says goodbye, the last thing Mark wants to do is deal with a difficult shift. Mark soon realises his apathy has let down his team and patients and he decides that he needs ...
Mar. 23, 2010
12x26 12 12x26 Enemies Closer
Jac is spooked when she sees a patient named Paula Burrows being admitted to her ward. Sacha notices Jac's odd behaviour and she confesses that Paula is her long lost mother. Paula ...
Mar. 30, 2010
12x27 12 12x27 For the Greater Good
When Michael learns of Mark’s resignation he accepts that Vanessa must go, but he’s determined to allow her to exit with dignity. His plan backfires when Vanessa makes Michael look ...
Apr. 06, 2010
12x28 12 12x28 Bette Davis Eyes
Jac is determined to stay unaffected by her mother, Paula’s, situation. But when Paula deteriorates, Jac is forced to admit to Michael and Joseph that she’s the mother who deserted ...
Apr. 13, 2010
12x29 12 12x29 X-Y Factor
Chrissie tries to embrace Sacha’s family – his two daughters and his larger-than-life mother, Esther – but finds it all too much when Esther starts talking about wedding plans. ...
Apr. 20, 2010
12x30 12 12x30 What Goes Around
Jac is caring for Paula at her home when she suddenly goes missing. Jac fears for her mum’s survival so ignores her own pain and sets off to find her. Jac finds not only her mother, ...
Apr. 27, 2010
12x31 12 12x31 Apply Some Pressure
When a porters' strike hits Holby, Mark learns that negotiation is the only way to resolve a dispute. He so impresses Cunningham with his management skills and is encouraged to apply ...
May. 04, 2010
12x32 12 12x32 Take No Prisoners
Mark is still refusing to apply for the CEO position because he doesn’t like the politics involved. It’s not until he comes across a patient whose quality of life could be enhanced ...
May. 11, 2010
12x33 12 12x33 Time and Tide – Part 1
A flash flood hits South West England and Holby City is inundated with patients. The basement of Holby is at risk of flooding and the mains power is cut out. While Connie and Joseph ...
May. 18, 2010
12x34 12 12x34 Time and Tide – Part 2
The flash flood continues to cause havoc at Holby City, in the concluding episode of this two-part story. Mark proves to be a great leader in a crisis with everyone turning to him for ...
May. 19, 2010
12x35 12 12x35 Brutally Frank
Mark is told that he has been accepted for the CEO job and announces to staff that he will be helping out with day-to-day duties as it is his last day. When Elaine is diagnosed with ...
May. 25, 2010
12x36 12 12x36 Taking Over
New registrar Greg Douglas arrives on Darwin Ward – to Elliot’s surprise. Greg’s idea that paediatrics patient Ben could have his life-saving operation straight away in America ...
Jun. 01, 2010
12x37 12 12x37 Cross My Heart
Greg and Joseph are sent to retrieve a heart for a transplant. But once they arrive at the hospital it soon becomes apparent that all is not well. Greg questions the circumstances regarding ...
Jun. 08, 2010
12x38 12 12x38 Thursday's Child
Faye learns she is expecting a boy and finds herself caught between Joseph and Linden’s opposing views on a Chorionic Villus Sampling test. A CVS test will determine if the child ...
Jun. 15, 2010
12x39 12 12x39 Fool's Gold
Michael is determined to keep his marriage break-up private and throws himself into work. He becomes increasingly frustrated by a tricky patient and takes his irritation out on Elizabeth ...
Jul. 01, 2010
12x40 12 12x40 Swimming with Sharks
Mark receives a complaint about Sacha making inappropriate comments about a patient. He checks up on Sacha’s past and discovers he was accused of sexual harassment at his last hospital. ...
Jul. 06, 2010
12x41 12 12x41 Secrets You Keep
Elliot successfully performs Ben’s life-saving laser surgery but can’t keep the fact that he was scammed by Maggie a secret for very long. It is soon revealed that Elliot paid for ...
Jul. 13, 2010
12x42 12 12x42 All Cried Out
Ric shows Kate, a Trust member tasked with allocating funds left in a will, around Holby. Ric suggests that the funds be invested in the NHS rather than Holbycare. When Michael realises ...
Jul. 20, 2010
12x43 12 12x43 Two in Five Marriages
Linden is becoming agitated with Joseph and his constant involvement with Faye and the baby. When Joseph tells him he will be present at the birth, Linden announces that he and Faye ...
Jul. 27, 2010
12x44 12 12x44 Dandelions
While Ric waits for the results of his scan, he and Michael argue over who should receive funding for a future project at the hospital. Public vs private - neither of them will back ...
Aug. 03, 2010
12x45 12 12x45 Man With No Name
Ric and Michael’s banter continues. With the battle for funds reaching new levels, they must both set up pitches to the board. Later, Ric bumps into Annalese and the connection becomes ...
Aug. 10, 2010
12x46 12 12x46 Skipping a Beat
Faye tells Linden she has her divorce mediation today. He is pleased to release her from AAU, but when Joseph tells him who she has named as the third party in her marriage breakup, ...
Aug. 17, 2010
12x47 12 12x47 Transgressions
Witnessing Michael’s increasingly chaotic behaviour, Ric realises that his break-up with Annalese has hit him hard. Ric decides that his relationship with Annalese is out of control ...
Aug. 24, 2010
12x48 12 12x48 'Til the Grave
Michael is falling apart and his desperate plea for reconciliation with Annalese forces her to make the ultimate admission – that she’s been seeing Ric. Michael confronts Ric about ...
Aug. 25, 2010
12x49 12 12x49 The Last Day of Summer
Ric wants to put his admission to Michael about his cancer behind him. Meanwhile, Annalese wants answers as to why Ric suddenly dumped her, but he avoids being honest and tells her ...
Aug. 31, 2010
12x50 12 12x50 Get Busy Living
Frieda challenges Penny over a tricky diagnosis, and when the patient goes into crisis she saves his life. Penny challenges Frieda on her surgical know-how, and Frieda is forced to ...
Sep. 07, 2010
12x51 12 12x51 A Failure to Communicate
Jac is promoted to acting consultant on Keller, but she clashes with Ric over a difficult patient. When she tells Ric that he’s past it, she has to publicly apologise in order to ...
Sep. 14, 2010
12x52 12 12x52 Test Results
Linden is back from his religious retreat with more zeal than ever. New F1 Lucy is starting her first shift and intervenes in a situation on the ward, which results in acid being thrown ...
Sep. 21, 2010
12x53 12 12x53 Long Night's Journey Into Day
Affected by Ric moving in with Annalese, Michael virtually commits career suicide when he tries to illegally harvest one liver from a patient to another. Connie learns the truth and ...
Sep. 28, 2010
12x54 12 12x54 Revelations
Linden is concerned for Faye when she is rushed into AAU with abdominal pain. Joseph’s arrival upsets Faye, causing an argument between Linden and Joseph. The obstetrician diagnoses ...
Oct. 05, 2010
12x55 12 12x55 Misfit Love
The relationship between Faye and Linden breaks down as Linden discovers a number of lies Faye has told in her desperation not to lose him. Despite his attempts to leave her, Linden ...
Oct. 12, 2010

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