Jan. 12, 1999
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Holby City (UK)

Holby City follows the everyday lives, professional and personal, of the doctors, nurses and patients who find themselves, for various reasons, in the wards of Holby City General Hospital.

Holby City (UK) Season 10 (2007-2008)

10x01 10 10x01 Bitter from the Sweet
Mark and Donna end up in danger as they attempt to rescue James. Louise has shocking news for Dan. Kyla finds herself missing Abra as Lola asserts her control on AAU.
Oct. 16, 2007
10x02 10 10x02 The Last Throw
Dan finally has to make the decision of choosing between the two different women in his life and leaves for Strasbourg alone. Jac is determined to use whatever method is necessary to ...
Oct. 23, 2007
10x03 10 10x03 No One Likes a Cry Baby
Jac finds out about a job position that is on offer. Elliot catches his son going through his wallet. When Sam leaves Grace with Maddy things don't go to plan.
Oct. 30, 2007
10x04 10 10x04 The Apprentice
Kyla is drunk when she arrives on duty. She administers the wrong medicine to one patient and unhooks the machine of another, who later dies. Faye covers for her, but eventually Kyla ...
Nov. 06, 2007
10x05 10 10x05 Dust Off Your Wings
Kyla has to face the CEO following the medicine mix-up when she was drunk on the ward. She blames Faye for the mix-up and the pair have an emotional argument. Meanwhile, Sam receives ...
Nov. 13, 2007
10x06 10 10x06 Unfinished Symphony
Sam is furious when Maddy shares her concerns about his health with Elliot. Sam tells them he has been given the all clear, but they don’t believe he has collected his results, so ...
Nov. 20, 2007
10x07 10 10x07 Someone To Watch Over Me
Sam is not faring well following his positive test result for cancer. A combination of a surgeon shortage at the hospital and a major train crash means that he still has to work, regardless ...
Nov. 27, 2007
10x08 10 10x08 Mirror Man
Elliot eventually tells Chrissie that Mark has a cocaine problem, after he makes a near-fatal mistake. Mark develops a nosebleed while denying his drug problem to Chrissie and she ...
Dec. 04, 2007
10x09 10 10x09 The Reckoning
Elliot’s daughter, Martha, arrives at Holby to confront him about James. It emerges that James tried to commit suicide in custody and he blames Elliot. James could avoid prison if ...
Dec. 11, 2007
10x10 10 10x10 Into the Void
Tim walks into reception with a cross bow and starts shooting. He hits Faye in the back, Zoe in the chest and Elliot’s daughter, Martha, in the arm. Chrissie takes Martha into the ...
Dec. 19, 2007
10x11 10 10x11 Elliot's Wonderful Life
With just minutes to go before Izzy’s heart transplant operation, Elliot walks out of theatre in a daze at the day’s preceding events – his son, James, has been sentenced to prison; ...
Dec. 27, 2007
10x12 10 10x12 For Your Consideration
Connie returns to Holby City in the wake of the recent attack and finds Darwin understaffed and in chaos. In her eagerness to restore order to the ward, Connie is insensitive to the ...
Jan. 01, 2008
10x13 10 10x13 Queen of Hearts
Faye ends up treating Tim’s father, Paul, on her first day back at work following the attack. Connie is still isolated from the rest of her staff due to her insensitive behaviour. ...
Jan. 08, 2008
10x14 10 10x14 Stolen
New AAU Surgical Consultant Linden Cullen arrives, provoking mixed reactions from the staff. Lola worries that the new arrival may threaten her position on the ward. She later confronts ...
Jan. 15, 2008
10x15 10 10x15 Physician, Heal Thyself
Joseph’s brother, Harry, who’s been in a coma since an insulin overdose, deteriorates and is brought into hospital for an operation. When Joseph learns that Jac will be assisting ...
Jan. 22, 2008
10x16 10 10x16 The Key is Fear
Sam arrives late for theatre, and Connie calls a senior staff meeting to discuss whether he can continue to work in his condition. When Sam misplaces a patient’s notes, he reluctantly ...
Jan. 29, 2008
10x17 10 10x17 Final Cut
Stuart arrives drunk at his AA meeting and, after leaving, tries to make amends with Chrissie. They have a series of arguments and she tells him they will never get back together. Furious, ...
Feb. 05, 2008
10x18 10 10x18 The Extra Mile
After his attack on Chrissie, Stuart lies to Connie and the other staff claiming that Chrissie is mad and slashed her own face. But Connie is suspicious and makes sure Stuart remains ...
Feb. 12, 2008
10x19 10 10x19 Complications Ensue
Joseph returns to Darwin following his brother’s death and is shocked to find Jac on trial as Sam’s replacement. Neither Joseph nor Connie wants her there and, when Philip Lawlor ...
Feb. 19, 2008
10x20 10 10x20 On A Mission
Jac is becoming increasingly frustrated with her lack of career progress and is determined to become a good CT surgeon. She tries to gain popularity with the team on Darwin by covering ...
Feb. 26, 2008
10x21 10 10x21 We Serve All Who Come To Us
Connie’s having a stressful day: she’s struggling to find a solution for Elliot’s patient, Joanne, who’s just suffered a stroke and she’s getting frustrated with her new nanny ...
Mar. 04, 2008
10x22 10 10x22 No Cars Go
Chloe Baxter is suffering complications since her miscarriage, and Linden insists that he’s the one to operate on her. In theatre, Linden accidentally calls Chloe ‘Olivia’, but ...
Mar. 11, 2008
10x23 10 10x23 Long Dark Night
As baby Grace fights for life, Connie and Sam hold a bedside vigil, which is beginning to take its toll on Sam. As the pair argue over who’s to blame for Grace’s fall, Sam collapses ...
Mar. 12, 2008
10x24 10 10x24 12 Hour Nightmare
Jac is shocked to see Alan Clooney, the man who tried to rape her six months previously. He has arrived with his wife, Sara, who has considerable bruising. Jac attacks him and Lola ...
Mar. 18, 2008
10x25 10 10x25 Love Will Tear Us Apart
Joseph is called in to the police station for questioning regarding the scissor-stabbing incident involving Jac and Alan Clooney. After telling the police that he believes Jac is capable ...
Mar. 25, 2008
10x26 10 10x26 All This Useless Beauty
Chrissie is depressed about having to remove her facial bandage because of an infection. Chrissie shows Mark a letter from Stuart’s lawyers with a cheque for £25,000 but Chrissie ...
Apr. 01, 2008
10x27 10 10x27 Pants on Fire
Continuing to impress Connie, Michael suggests carrying out a difficult operation on a patient, which he pioneered in the US. When the surgery goes well, Connie suggests they go for ...
Apr. 08, 2008
10x28 10 10x28 You're So Vain
While treating a transplant patient, Maddy is shocked when an unusually friendly Jac covers for her mistake in theatre. Dr Greene suspects that Jac thinks she’ll be Linden’s golden ...
Apr. 15, 2008
10x29 10 10x29 The Softest Music
When Mark finds himself unexpectedly caught up in a dangerous teenage gang-stabbing incident his priorities come into sharp focus and it forces him to begin to question his job at Holby ...
Apr. 22, 2008
10x30 10 10x30 Battle of Who Could Care Less
Ric is shocked when he finds Abra in an ambulance outside Holby. An injured Abra jokes about his sudden reappearance, but Ric isn’t in the mood for laughter – he’s still angry ...
Apr. 29, 2008
10x31 10 10x31 Springflower
Linden is angry to find camera equipment being installed in his operating theatre, but Jayne Grayson heaps praise on his work and says that heads of department will be watching him ...
May. 06, 2008
10x32 10 10x32 TKO
Kyla is shocked to discover Abra back at Holby and is angry with Ric for not telling her. Depsite being a little out of sorts, Abra impresses Ric when he manages to calm volatile patient ...
May. 13, 2008
10x33 10 10x33 Any Port in a Storm
Ric and Kyla treat malnourished schoolgirl Hannah, whose friend reveals that she’s dying because she fears being alone. When Hannah dies, distraught Kyla is desperate for a drink ...
May. 20, 2008
10x34 10 10x34 Send No Flowers
Outside Holby, Ric and Abra rush to the aid of a boy, Cassidy Walbeck, who’s been stabbed. Cassidy needs an urgent operation, and Abra is proving useful in keeping him calm. Ric asks ...
May. 27, 2008
10x35 10 10x35 Natural Justice
Confusion on the ward results in two patients, Mr Knox and Danny Washburn, thinking they will both receive a liver transplant. Michael decides that Mr Knox should have the transplant, ...
Jun. 03, 2008
10x36 10 10x36 Love You
As Faye arrives at work, Carl Hewson attacks her, dragging her into the bushes. Carl demands money as he has loan sharks after him and, frightened, Faye agrees. Jac sees Carl emerge ...
Jun. 10, 2008
10x37 10 10x37 Doctor's Dilemma
Still unconscious from her motorbike crash, Jac is now back at Holby and is rambling odd words about ‘Faye’ and ‘Lucas’ to a confused Linden. Faye tries to keep Joseph from ...
Jun. 18, 2008
10x38 10 10x38 New Lands, New Beginnings
A distressed Faye calls Joseph saying she needs help and when his phone battery dies, tech-savvy Linden steps in so that Joseph can resume contact with Faye. But when Joseph expresses ...
Jun. 24, 2008
10x39 10 10x39 Change of Heart
Linden visits wife Olivia’s grave to lay flowers and is annoyed to find it’s covered in graffiti. Unable to clean it off, an angry Linden arrives late for work, where he tends to ...
Jul. 01, 2008
10x40 10 10x40 Only Believe
Linden is officially suspended following the death of Liam Harris. Against orders, he returns to Holby and is amazed to discover a woman expecting conjoined twins. He wonders whether ...
Jul. 08, 2008
10x41 10 10x41 Crossing Borders
Despite being suspended following Liam Harris’s death, Linden is still on the wards when he comes across a pregnant Chinese woman who is carrying conjoined twins. Jayne does not consider ...
Jul. 15, 2008
10x42 10 10x42 On The Brink
Things are getting desperate for Abra. He’s still losing his mind and it’s beginning to affect his work. When a young girl arrives at the hospital in a life-threatening condition, ...
Jul. 22, 2008
10x43 10 10x43 You Do It To Yourself
Abra continues to have flashbacks to his work in the Congo and Ric tells him that his promotion is on the line if he doesn’t straighten himself out. Meanwhile, doctor Carl Webster ...
Jul. 29, 2008
10x44 10 10x44 Eighteen and a Half
Abra’s flashbacks to his time in the Congo get progressively worse and his visions of a Congolese woman screaming for help send him running to hide in a basement cupboard. Kyla finds ...
Aug. 05, 2008
10x45 10 10x45 The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Daisha’s morning sickness is making her daily duties difficult and when Mark confronts her, thinking she’s been out drinking the night before, she has to tell him she’s pregnant. ...
Aug. 12, 2008
10x46 10 10x46 Hope, Faith & Charity
It’s the day of the interview for the director of surgery position, and while Ric is confident that the job is his, he faces stiff competition from Michael. Meanwhile, Michael invites ...
Aug. 26, 2008
10x47 10 10x47 To Govern a Kingdom
Ric can’t think of anything but Leo’s funeral but vows to carry on working until the service that afternoon. Ric operates on a young boy whose new kidney has been rejected, and ...
Sep. 02, 2008
10x48 10 10x48 Whatever It Takes
Tension between Faye and Jac continues and Faye confronts Jac about meddling in her and Joseph’s private life. When Faye receives a phone call, Jac presses redial to hear “Greenlands” ...
Sep. 09, 2008
10x49 10 10x49 Separate Lives
Ric is put on the spot when Jayne says he has to make redundancies – and Lola’s name is top of the list. Mark finds the list in Ric’s office who warns Lola she could be facing ...
Sep. 16, 2008
10x50 10 10x50 Leave it to God
With Lola now gone, Sam takes responsibility for post-op care and theatre schedules. The conjoined twins’ health deteriorates. They need a separation op within 24 hours or they ...
Sep. 23, 2008
10x51 10 10x51 No Breaks on the Midnight Express, Part I
It’s the day of the operation to separate the conjoined Tan twins but Jayne is taken aback when a journalist reveals they know the surgery is being funded by known child abuser, Rev ...
Sep. 30, 2008
10x52 10 10x52 No Breaks on the Midnight Express, Part II
The Holby team pull together to avert the developing crisis with the separation of the conjoined Tan twins and there’s still some much to do. Jayne knows she’s gambled everything ...
Oct. 01, 2008
10x53 10 10x53 Mad World
Ric visits his son Leo’s flat to sort out his belongings. While there he finds a friend of Leo’s – Tom an ex-drug user who tells Ric some home truths about his son. But should ...
Oct. 14, 2008

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