Apr. 01, 1963
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General Hospital

General Hospita continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters.

General Hospital Season 56 (2018-2019)

56x01 56 56x01 #14026
Maxie feels smothered; Lulu gets the encouragement she needs; Spinelli prepares to leave; Alexis offers words of caution; Finn is disinterested.
Apr. 02, 2018
56x02 56 56x02 #14027
Peter manipulates a situation to his advantage; Griffin is conflicted; Jason worries about Elizabeth; Nina looks to Curtis for advice; Nathan's actions are honored.
Apr. 03, 2018
56x03 56 56x03 #14028
Peters wants answers; Anna gets help; Michael works to preserve his family's legacy; Carly and Bobbie reminisce; Ava can't help herself.
Apr. 04, 2018
56x04 56 56x04 #14029
Franco is terribly shaken; Elizabeth and Jake inadvertently put themselves in harm's way; Drew shows a softer side; Kiki attempts to clear up a misunderstanding; Julian and Kim share ...
Apr. 05, 2018
56x05 56 56x05 #14030
Carly confronts Jason; Kevin prefers to err on the side of caution; Drew is shaken; Sonny is left unsettled; Nelle's plan to sabotage Carly is in full swing.
Apr. 06, 2018
56x06 56 56x06 #14031
Liz is frantic; Carly is forced to come clean; Joss remains hopeful; Nelle forges a new friendship; Drew takes matters into his own hands.
Apr. 09, 2018
56x07 56 56x07 #14032
Drew is not ready; Sonny pushes for a professional opinion; Finn is interrupted; Anna tries to deflect; Valentin prepares a romantic evening for Nina.
Apr. 10, 2018
56x08 56 56x08 #14033
Anna has an idea; Peter has plans of his own; Maxie pleads her case; Franco needs time; Nina looks to Curtis for answers.
Apr. 11, 2018
56x09 56 56x09 #14034
Sonny worries his past will come back to haunt him; Lulu apologizes; Nina meets with Curtis; Griffin remains clueless; Nelle gets the support she needs.
Apr. 12, 2018
56x10 56 56x10 #14035
Sonny pushes too hard; Carly grows determined; Mike's condition worsens; Stella is sympathetic; Jason balks at Anna's idea.
Apr. 13, 2018
56x11 56 56x11 #14036
Carly is confronted. Nelle messes with Ava's head. Jason moves with caution. Kiki expresses her doubts.
Apr. 16, 2018
56x12 56 56x12 #14037
Dante remains supportive. Lulu gets an idea for a story. Spinelli gets himself in a bit of a bind. Alexis has a surprise. Kim makes her intentions clear.
Apr. 17, 2018
56x13 56 56x13 #14038
Anna strikes out, but pushes on. Elizabeth offers words of encouragement. Kiki runs into Molly. Jordan gets a lead.
Apr. 18, 2018
56x14 56 56x14 #14039
Chase catches Sonny off-guard. Kim encourages Julian to support his family. Liz sympathizes with Franco's possible triggers.
Apr. 19, 2018
56x15 56 56x15 #14040
Griffin comforts Ava. Carly is at her wit's end. Sonny receives a welcome phone call. Lulu updates Peter. Jason sees the truth.
Apr. 20, 2018
56x16 56 56x16 Episode 14041
Ava is her own worst enemy. Jordan is backed into a corner. Anna makes a confession. Nina plays hostess.
Apr. 23, 2018
56x17 56 56x17 Episode 14042
Finn worries about Alexi's well-being. Julian runs into Lucas. Oscar makes plans with Drew. Jordan questions Curtis' intentions.
Apr. 24, 2018
56x18 56 56x18 Episode 14043
Finn worries about Alexi's well-being. Julian runs into Lucas. Oscar makes plans with Drew. Jordan questions Curtis' intentions.
Apr. 25, 2018
56x19 56 56x19 Episode 14044
Anna pays Alexis a visit. Sam comes through for an old friend. Lulu has an awkward run in with Maxie. Nina and Curtis plan their next steps. Valentin gets an unexpected visit.
Apr. 26, 2018
56x20 56 56x20 Episode 14045
Anna comes clean; Sam questions Curtis; Franco struggles between two evils; Sonny, Dante and Diane consider their options; Nelle offers Ava her advice.
Apr. 27, 2018
56x21 56 56x21 Episode 14046
Anna is all worked up. Jason looks for an ally in Lulu. Curtis stumbles upon an interesting piece of information. Nina is not convinced.
Apr. 30, 2018
56x22 56 56x22 Episode 14047
Lucy offers a welcome interruption; Griffin confronts Ava; Bobbie is concerned; Curtis looks to TJ for support; Alexia and Finn have a heart-to-heart.
May. 01, 2018
56x23 56 56x23 #14048
Chase respects Finn's wishes; Sonny skirts the issue; Anna is put on notice; Griffin is horrified; Dr. Bensch is dismissive.
May. 02, 2018
56x24 56 56x24 #14049
Anna surprises Jason; Maxie seeks out Peter; Nina urges Curtis to continue his search; Drew offers words of encouragement; Franco faces his demons.
May. 03, 2018
56x25 56 56x25 #14050
Carly receives an invitation; Lulu is less-than-honest with Dante; Maxie looks on the bright side; Valentin plays peacemaker.
May. 04, 2018
56x26 56 56x26 #14051
Ava couldn't be happier. Carly steps up. Jason makes up for lost time. Ned has his doubts.
May. 07, 2018
56x27 56 56x27 #14052
Jason runs into Drew. Valentin crosses Peter. Lulu looks to Anna for advice. Alexis threatens Ned. Franco gets a break.
May. 08, 2018
56x28 56 56x28 #14053
Carly tries to fix things with Josslyn. Nelle makes her intentions clear to Ava. Drew and Oscar bond. Julian pays Kim a visit.
May. 09, 2018
56x29 56 56x29 #14054
Carly is thrown off guard. Nelle sets Ava up. Lucy tracks Dante down. Sonny worries about past misdeeds.
May. 10, 2018
56x30 56 56x30 #14055
Joss pleads with her mother. Nelle keeps up the charade. Anna makes her move. Nina is grateful to Curtis for all his help.
May. 11, 2018
56x31 56 56x31 #14056
Nelle has a bizarre stroke of luck. Michael and Dante have a night out. Jordan encourages Anna. Peter looks for reassurance.
May. 14, 2018
56x32 56 56x32 #14057
Things do not look good for Carly. Kim has good news to share. Ava reclaims a small piece of control. Anna and Griffin catch up.
May. 15, 2018
56x33 56 56x33 #14058
Olivia is in a bind. Sonny is deeply troubled. Stella looks on the bright side. Jason asks Spinelli for help.
May. 16, 2018
56x34 56 56x34 #14059
Dante gets one over on Chase; Curtis' nerves get the best of him; Stella is horrified; Alexis is gut-wretched; Sam stumbles upon an important clue.
May. 17, 2018
56x35 56 56x35 #14060
Finn is apologetic; Ava tries to entice Griffin; Josslyn connects with Oscar; Valentin pleads with Nina; Peter's plans are delayed.
May. 18, 2018
56x36 56 56x36 #14061
Valentin walks a fine line. Anna grows anxious. Peter stays by Maxie's side. Kiki is misunderstood.
May. 21, 2018
56x37 56 56x37 #14062
Peter feels deceived. Finn seeks answers. Sam tries to help. Kiki finds comfort in an old friend.
May. 22, 2018
56x38 56 56x38 #14063
Valentin crosses Lulu. Drew pays his respect. Maxie is disheartened. Kiki acts impulsively.
May. 23, 2018
56x39 56 56x39 #14064
Carly is upset; Nelle gets the support she craves; Alexis quickly regrets her actions; Griffin gets more than he bargained for; Oscar makes a pact with Josslyn.
May. 24, 2018
56x40 56 56x40 #14065
Sonny is tormented; Nina pays Lulu a visit; Valentin tries his best; Anna is distraught; Peter has an ace up his sleeve.
May. 25, 2018
56x41 56 56x41 #14066
Carly snaps. Franco isn't entirely supportive. Alexis runs into Kevin. Kiki gets infuriating information.
May. 29, 2018
56x42 56 56x42 #14067
Peter has leverage. Jason is noncommittal. Alexis wants to get to the root of the problem. Elizabeth offers her support. Julian is disappointed.
May. 30, 2018
56x43 56 56x43 #14068
Obrecht places blame. Ava discourages Griffin. Valentin tries to defend himself. Andre shares his fears.
May. 31, 2018
56x44 56 56x44 #14069
Carly looks on the bright side. Jason offers words of encouragement. Nina gets a mysterious text. Anna wants to make up for lost time.
Jun. 01, 2018
56x45 56 56x45 #14070
Maxie is moved to tears. Finn's timing is impeccable. Drew makes arrangements. Mike gets the attention he needs.
Jun. 04, 2018
56x46 56 56x46 #14071
Sam asks for help. Valentin keeps his word. Kim hears a different side of the story. Lulu struggles against a difference of opinion.
Jun. 05, 2018
56x47 56 56x47 #14072
Finn is supportive. Anna comes clean. Sonny cautions Carly. Alexis is stunned.
Jun. 06, 2018
56x48 56 56x48 #14073
Ava relays what she saw. Josslyn is on the defense. Griffin is interrupted. Lulu makes a promise. Franco takes matters into his own hands.
Jun. 07, 2018
56x49 56 56x49 #14074
Alexis confronts Monica. Jason is put on the spot. Michael makes a call. Curtis wants to help.
Jun. 08, 2018
56x50 56 56x50 #14075
Michael stays close to Nelle. Anna lets her guard down. Nina is unnerved. Chase is compassionate.
Jun. 11, 2018
56x51 56 56x51 #14076
Nelle is shocked. Kim prepares for a big night. Jason and Sam meet for coffee. Julian has a lot to prove.
Jun. 12, 2018
56x52 56 56x52 #14077
Jason looks for a way in. Kiki faces her demons. Alexis questions Valentin. Franco is full of surprises.
Jun. 13, 2018
56x53 56 56x53 #14078
Valentin refuses his fate. Carly doesn't trust her instincts. Alexis meets with Kevin. Elizabeth is shocked.
Jun. 14, 2018
56x54 56 56x54 #14079
Mike opens up to Sonny. Kevin is reassuring. Nina is compassionate. Oscar is touched by Drew's confession.
Jun. 15, 2018
56x55 56 56x55 #14080
Sonny and Mike are interrupted; Obrecht covers her tracks; Peter continues to plead his case; Nina runs into Drew; Amy offers her insight.
Jun. 18, 2018
56x56 56 56x56 #14081
Carly plays nice; Nelle reflects on her past; Franco catches up with Kevin; Liz wants to keep things simple; Sam admires Alexis.
Jun. 19, 2018
56x57 56 56x57 #14082
Dante lays into Chase; Michael confronts Chase; Josslyn leans on Nelle; Kiki worries all will be for naught; Oscar is disappointed.
Jun. 20, 2018
56x58 56 56x58 #14083
Sonny is relieved; Anna refuses to place blame; Nina demands answers; Kiki is disappointed; Julian hears Alexis out.
Jun. 21, 2018
56x59 56 56x59 #14084
Sonny is confused; Sam and Curtis hit a dead-end; Valentin's romantic gesture backfires; Alexis unloads on Julian; Carly fears nothing will ever be the same again.
Jun. 22, 2018
56x60 56 56x60 #14085
Jason is unnerved; Nina is livid; Valentin continues his efforts; Sam thinks fast on her feet; Maxie looks to Jordan for advice.
Jun. 25, 2018
56x61 56 56x61 #14086
Carly is surprised; Josslyn tells a white lie; Michael gets a stern warning; Chase gives in; Drew goes all out for Oscar.
Jun. 26, 2018
56x62 56 56x62 #14087
Sonny is interrupted. Carly's curiosity is piqued. Ava considers the alternative. Alexis feels grateful. Kiki refuses to back down.
Jun. 27, 2018
56x63 56 56x63 #14088
Chase makes a promise. Jordan learns the truth. Scott gets an offer he can't refuse. Lulu gets a second chance.
Jun. 28, 2018
56x64 56 56x64 #14089
Sam helps Jason. Lucy worries about Kevin. Jason and Spinelli catch a break. Nina is understandably upset.
Jun. 29, 2018
56x65 56 56x65 #14090
Michael surprises Nelle. Sonny gets positive news. Peter cautions Obrecht. Maxie is conflicted.
Jul. 02, 2018
56x66 56 56x66 #14091
Nelle turns on the charm. Sonny reassures Carly. Franco's fears are assuaged. Josslyn looks to make amends.
Jul. 03, 2018
56x67 56 56x67 #14092
Julian looks to expand; Sonny gets word from an old friend; Franco has a heart to heart with Scott.
Jul. 05, 2018
56x68 56 56x68 #14093
Jason assures Sonny; Nelle's appointment is delayed; Micheal offers a solution; Kiki is relieved.
Jul. 06, 2018
56x69 56 56x69 #14094
Nina has impeccable timing. Peter makes a promise. Franco is curious. Finn extends an olive branch.
Jul. 09, 2018
56x70 56 56x70 #14095
Michael apologizes. Nelle is shaken. Carly confides in Kevin. Finn's suspicion grows.
Jul. 10, 2018
56x71 56 56x71 #14096
Nina chastises Valentin. Obrecht is distracted. Ned reaches out to Drew. Lulu agrees to back off.
Jul. 11, 2018
56x72 56 56x72 #14097
Valentin questions Nina's story. Jordan looks to Stella for guidance. Michael enlists Alexis' help. Nelle doesn't like what she hears.
Jul. 12, 2018
56x73 56 56x73 #14098
Carly demands to see Kevin. Something about Oscar seems too familiar to Ava. Jason takes Drew aside. Ned addresses the elephant in the room.
Jul. 13, 2018
56x74 56 56x74 #14099
Michael is torn. Jordan is sympathetic. Sonny expresses his frustrations. Josslyn comes clean.
Jul. 16, 2018
56x75 56 56x75 #14100
Maxie senses something is wrong. Valentin puts two and two together. Obrecht is overcome with emotion. Liz presses Franco to do the right thing.
Jul. 17, 2018

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