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General Hospital

General Hospita continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters.

General Hospital Season 55 (2017-2018)

55x01 55 55x01 #13776
Sonny is humbled; Sam seeks closure; Carly receives sad news.
Apr. 03, 2017
55x02 55 55x02 #13777
Tracy demands answers; Finn battles his demons; Liz sympathizes with Hayden.
Apr. 04, 2017
55x03 55 55x03 #13778
Anna is remorseful; Dante is intrigued; Valentin is taken aback.
Apr. 05, 2017
55x04 55 55x04 #13779
Lulu suffers a setback; Sonny gets surprising news; Nelle has a realization.
Apr. 06, 2017
55x05 55 55x05 #13780
Dante remains suspicious. Nelle and Michael cross paths. Carly finds a way to forgive. Tracy receives a warning.
Apr. 07, 2017
55x06 55 55x06 #13781
Nelle confesses her sins. Franco is put on notice. Sonny is blindsided. Sam shares what she knows.
Apr. 10, 2017
55x07 55 55x07 #13782
Alexis tries to put the pieces together. Finn grows desperate. Sonny fears the worst. Hayden moves on.
Apr. 11, 2017
55x08 55 55x08 #13783
Valentin receives a gift. Nina returns to Wyndemere. Laura won't be intimidated. Griffin comes to Finn's aid.
Apr. 12, 2017
55x09 55 55x09 #13784
Valentin reassures Nina. Andre admits to heartbreak. Brad betrays Finn. Olivia worries about Dante.
Apr. 13, 2017
55x10 55 55x10 #13785
Jax tries to make amends. Sam and Jason take the kids to an Easter egg hunt. Sonny's sorrow turns to anger. Dante pushes forward with his investigation.
Apr. 14, 2017
55x11 55 55x11 #13786
Tracy attempts to upstage Olivia. Sonny confronts Jax. Alexis gets clarity. Dante fears the worst. Sam races after a lead.
Apr. 17, 2017
55x12 55 55x12 #13787
Tracy disappoints the family. Alexis finds closure. Ned lets an uninvited guest have it. Jake confides in Franco.
Apr. 18, 2017
55x13 55 55x13 #13788
Nelle takes the high road. Finn balks at Griffin's offer. Brad's anger intensifies. Hayden isn't sure about the future. Carly vows to punish Nelle.
Apr. 19, 2017
55x14 55 55x14 #13789
Carly and Jax are interrupted. Finn questions Tracy's motives. Jason has good news for Sonny. Franco worries about Jake.
Apr. 20, 2017
55x15 55 55x15 #13790
Liz and Jason show a united front. Sonny causes trouble for Jax. Alexis admits the truth. Ava and Scott pay a visit to the PCPD.
Apr. 21, 2017
55x16 55 55x16 #13791
Carly makes a life altering decision. Tracy's behavior shocks Laura. Olivia makes a plea for the sake of her child. Jason wonders what else he can't remember.
Apr. 24, 2017
55x17 55 55x17 #13792
Anna eavesdrops on Valentin. Nina's suspicions grow. Tracy is on pins and needles. Dante and Lulu celebrate. Hayden receives disappointing news.
Apr. 25, 2017
55x18 55 55x18 #13793
Carly surprises Michael. Nina finds a confidant in Nelle. Anna prays upon Valentin. Ava is haunted by her guilty conscience. Lucy is tempted to come clean.
Apr. 26, 2017
55x19 55 55x19 #13794
Sonny gets a heads up from Diane. Jason wades through memories and guilt. Tracy refuses to listen to reason. Monica buys time for Ned.
Apr. 27, 2017
55x20 55 55x20 #13795
The Quartermaines win a temporary reprieve. Tracy seeks advice from above. Nathan grows impatient. Sonny turns the tables.
Apr. 28, 2017
55x21 55 55x21 #13796
The truth is revealed. Jason gets his hands on a piece of the puzzle. Liz and Franco grow concerned. Anna looks for sympathy.
May. 01, 2017
55x22 55 55x22 #13797
Jason sets aside his personal misgivings. Carly throws herself into her work. Sonny drowns his troubles at the Haunted Star. Anna owns up to past mistakes.
May. 02, 2017
55x23 55 55x23 #13798
Ned makes an important announcement. Lucy enlists Dante's help. Sonny entertains an enemy. Carly has a momentary lapse in judgment. Nathan is met with disappointment.
May. 03, 2017
55x24 55 55x24 #13799
Sonny is caught off guard. Tracy's bond with Monica is stronger than ever. Carly senses something is amiss. Amy enlists help with the Nurses' Ball.
May. 04, 2017
55x25 55 55x25 #13800
Michael delivers a warning. Griffin has bad news. Ava puts two and two together. Sonny has a renewed sense of confidence.
May. 05, 2017
55x26 55 55x26 #13801
Andre is troubled by the lab results. Nelle is pleasantly surprised. Franco skips out on his date with Liz. Ava makes her wishes known.
May. 08, 2017
55x27 55 55x27 #13802
Jason comes to a realization. Franco makes his presence known. Carly misplaces her trust. Nina is sent into a tail-spin.
May. 09, 2017
55x28 55 55x28 #13803
Nina challenges Valentin's motives. Franco takes drastic action. Curtis' date with Jordan hits a snag. Andre questions Anna's tactics.
May. 10, 2017
55x29 55 55x29 #13804
Sonny gets bad news. Carly's suspicions grow. Andre notices a discrepancy. Nina looks to drown her sorrows.
May. 11, 2017
55x30 55 55x30 #13805
Carly demands an explanation. Curtis shares what he knows. Jordan looks to Anna for advice. Griffin takes Hayden by surprise.
May. 12, 2017
55x31 55 55x31 #13806
Valentin rises to the challenge. Jason has a heart-to-heart with Jake. Alexis makes progress. Julian gets a break.
May. 15, 2017
55x32 55 55x32 #13807
Michael makes a startling discovery. Anna gains an ally. Jake's hobby seems promising. Lulu catches a break with Charlotte.
May. 16, 2017
55x33 55 55x33 #13808
Anna turns the tables. Nina confides in Andre. Martina makes a house call. Michael is rebuffed. Bobbie wants what's best for Carly.
May. 17, 2017
55x34 55 55x34 #13809
Robin senses something is amiss. Michael runs into Kiki. Lulu is surrounded by family. Hayden lays a trap.
May. 18, 2017
55x35 55 55x35 #13810
Nathan comes to Anna's rescue. Lucy is won over. Carly runs into Ava. Finn slings accusations. Hayden doesn't know what to believe.
May. 19, 2017
55x36 55 55x36 #13811
Carly calls Sonny out. Kiki and Dillon work on their moves. Ava has the best of intentions. Nathan shares what he can.
May. 22, 2017
55x37 55 55x37 #13812
Michael visits Sonny. Jason senses the worst. Scott begs Ava not to tempt fate. Nathan's evening takes a positive turn. Bobbie tells a white lie.
May. 23, 2017
55x38 55 55x38 #13813
Ava gets the worst of it. Sonny confides in Dante. Valentin rebuffs Anna. Charlotte is put in harm's way. Jake has a meltdown.
May. 24, 2017
55x39 55 55x39 #13814
Andre makes a major discovery. Carly zeroes in on her enemy. Curtis oversteps. Griffin brings Jason up to speed. Nina has a change of heart.
May. 25, 2017
55x40 55 55x40 #13815
Jason has a flashback. Ava is her own worst enemy. Sonny focuses on Carly. Nathan has an admirer.
May. 26, 2017
55x41 55 55x41 #13816
Jake chooses sides. Anna questions Valentin's motives. Dante arrives in the nick of time. Nathan calls Amy out.
May. 30, 2017
55x42 55 55x42 #13817
Dante remains skeptical. Sonny wonders if he should have done things differently. Carly is called away. Curtis takes the high road.
May. 31, 2017
55x43 55 55x43 #13818
Sonny doesn't want to give up. Alexis gets good news. Kiki doesn't know how to feel. Finn looks to get back on track.
Jun. 01, 2017
55x44 55 55x44 #13819
Alexis is unsure. Carly apologizes to Andre. Kiki looks for answers. Lulu is duped. Amy wrestles past demons.
Jun. 02, 2017
55x45 55 55x45 #13820
Ava and Griffith share a moment. Sonny is confident things will work themselves out. Franco and Elizabeth put their heads together. Valentin introduces a new game.
Jun. 05, 2017
55x46 55 55x46 #13821
Anna attempts to reason with Valentin. Laura gets a surprise visit. Julian makes a fateful decision. Jason and Sonny commiserate over a bottle of scotch.
Jun. 06, 2017
55x47 55 55x47 #13822
Valentin's past catches up with him. Nina's had enough. Curtis gets a surprise visit. Hayden gets in over her head.
Jun. 07, 2017
55x48 55 55x48 #13823
Nelle and Michael grow closer. Carly enlists the help of an unlikely ally. Anna gets unsettling news. Kiki lashes out at Dillon. Jordan makes strides with TJ.
Jun. 08, 2017
55x49 55 55x49 #13824
Monica prepares Kiki for the worst. Carly and Sonny are hopeful. Dante looks for answers. Jordan gets an earful.
Jun. 09, 2017
55x50 55 55x50 #13825
Carly second guesses herself. Kiki offers her support. Scotty worries about his fate. Sonny confides in Laura.
Jun. 12, 2017
55x51 55 55x51 #13826
Carly just wants what's best. Jason works to find out who's been doing Helena's bidding. Anna stops by Lulu's. Amy has a favor to ask.
Jun. 14, 2017
55x52 55 55x52 #13827
Jason gets ahead of an enemy. Liz takes pains to keep Jake safe. Sam is less than thrilled to see her mother. Olivia gets surprising news.
Jun. 15, 2017
55x53 55 55x53 #13828
Liz and Hayden have a run-in. Jason learns the truth. Sam has a premonition. Lulu and Dante are in over their heads.
Jun. 16, 2017
55x54 55 55x54 #13829
Jason is taken aback. Ned and Olivia make a decision. Michael has something important to discuss with Nelle. Ava is devastated by what she sees.
Jun. 19, 2017
55x55 55 55x55 #13830
Nathan extends his support. Nina comes to Nelle's rescue. Carly and Sonny reminisce. Julian gets an offer.
Jun. 20, 2017
55x56 55 55x56 #13831
Sonny lets his guard down. Sam gets news that seems promising. Nelle's luck takes a turn. Nathan draws the line.
Jun. 21, 2017
55x57 55 55x57 #13832
Sam questions her reaction. A friendly game leads to painful memories. Laura clears up any confusion. TJ's secret is revealed.
Jun. 22, 2017
55x58 55 55x58 #13833
Jason's timing couldn't be better. Michael spends time with Nelle. TJ does damage control. Josslyn gets in over her head.
Jun. 23, 2017
55x59 55 55x59 #13834
Carly remains skeptical. Josslyn lies to Bobbie. Nelle finds happiness. Kiki comforts Ava. Hayden summons Curtis.
Jun. 26, 2017
55x60 55 55x60 #13835
Monica keeps vigil. Sam has a change of heart. Sonny has a tough road ahead of him. Kristina offers an apology. Finn holds his tongue.
Jun. 27, 2017
55x61 55 55x61 #13836
Carly is hopeful. Julian makes his case. Spencer wants what's his. Charlotte misses Valentin.
Jun. 28, 2017
55x62 55 55x62 #13837
Josslyn lashes out. Sonny imparts his wisdom. Ava stonewalls Dante. Nina resorts to blackmail.
Jun. 29, 2017
55x63 55 55x63 #13838
Nelle's happiness is infectious. Ned has a serious talk with Dillon. Anna updates Jordan. Finn looks for a final resolution.
Jun. 30, 2017
55x64 55 55x64 #13839
Sam's health becomes an issue. Sonny shares his plans with Jason. Curtis and Jordan reconcile. Nina gets a call from Valentin. Andre looks to Anna for comfort.
Jul. 05, 2017
55x65 55 55x65 #13840
A health crisis forces Jordan to make a sacrifice. Joss tries to play both sides. Sam misleads Jason. Ned enlists the help of his groomsmen. Olivia misreads a situation.
Jul. 06, 2017
55x66 55 55x66 #13841
Carly warns Joss. Sonny makes his intentions known. Michael tries to warn Nell. Monica saves the day. Nina thinks there is more to the story.
Jul. 07, 2017
55x67 55 55x67 #13842
Carly sees through the lies. Sonny attempts to smooth things over. Nelle gets a make-over. Nina has a run-in at Wyndemere.
Jul. 10, 2017
55x68 55 55x68 #13843
Lulu and Dante are stunned. Anna blasts the WSB. Nathan is devastated. Obrecht wants revenge.
Jul. 11, 2017
55x69 55 55x69 #13844
Sonny entertains a new business venture. Bobbie has a better idea. Josslyn continues down the wrong path. Nina holds her ground.
Jul. 12, 2017
55x70 55 55x70 #13845
Sonny uses Oscar to his advantage. Carly grows skeptical. Felicia warns Bobbie. Nathan gets a call from Amy. Lucy is the bearer of sad news.
Jul. 13, 2017
55x71 55 55x71 #13846
Laura warns Spencer. Kiki's good intentions backfire. Nathan goes rogue. Scott welcomes a special visitor.
Jul. 14, 2017
55x72 55 55x72 #13847
Sam is forced to comply. Jordan gives Anna her blessing. Sonny talks Carly down. Griffin has good news.
Jul. 17, 2017
55x73 55 55x73 #13848
Laura faces difficult truths about Charlotte. Spencer makes matters worse. Sonny begins an uphill battle. Curtis learns what it means to make a true sacrifice.
Jul. 18, 2017
55x74 55 55x74 #13849
Laura turns to Kevin for help. Nina has a decision to make. Obrecht needs a favor. Finn and Hayden look to the future.
Jul. 19, 2017
55x75 55 55x75 #13850
Nina's faith is shaken. Laura pleads her case. Sonny is pulled in opposite directions. Lucy tracks Finn down.
Jul. 20, 2017

Season 55 Characters

[none added]

Season 55 Videos

GH Spoiler: What Is Sam Hiding from Jason?
GH Spoiler: What Is Sam Hiding from Jason? (00:53)

GH Spoiler: Is Samira a Quartermaine?
GH Spoiler: Is Samira a Quartermaine? (01:33)

Josslyn Performs 'It's Not Over Yet' at 2017 Nurses Ball
Josslyn Performs 'It's Not Over Yet' at 2017 Nurses Ball (03:36)

Tracy’s Words of Wisdom
Tracy’s Words of Wisdom (02:52)

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Season 55 Trivia

[none added]

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