Apr. 01, 1963
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General Hospital

General Hospita continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters.

General Hospital Season 53 (2015-2016)

53x01 53 53x01 #13278
In honor of “General Hospital’s” 52nd anniversary, the past and future will collide. Select scenes from the very first "GH" episode that aired on April 1, 1963 will be revisited, ...
Apr. 01, 2015
53x02 53 53x02 #13279
Jake is startled when he has flashbacks that involve Sam. Elizabeth shares the Jake situation with Patrick, while Patrick updates her on his status with Sam. In the interim, Ric is ...
Apr. 02, 2015
53x03 53 53x03 #13280
Shawn and Julian are involved in a confrontation. Elizabeth shares an emotional moment with Ric. Spencer discovers something that Nikolas is hiding.
Apr. 03, 2015
53x04 53 53x04 #13281
Nikolas doesn't believe what Elizabeth tells him. Ric gets a random proposition. Spencer’s pride ends up being hurt by Emma.
Apr. 06, 2015
53x05 53 53x05 #13282
Nikolas tries to assess who could be claiming to be “Jake’s” wife. Ric wonders if he might have another chance with Elizabeth. Jake overhears Carlos and Julian plotting to take ...
Apr. 07, 2015
53x06 53 53x06 #13283
Michael wonders if Sonny will use his latest actions against him. Luke makes a plea to someone. Out of frustration, Nikolas finds himself in an unexpected position. Carly catches Jake ...
Apr. 08, 2015
53x07 53 53x07 #13284
A desperate Ava reminds Silas to carry out her request. Sabrina and Julian both have their suspicions of what really what happened to Michael. Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly are worried ...
Apr. 09, 2015
53x08 53 53x08 #13285
An incident changes the future of Baby AJ’s custody. Nathan catches Lucas up on his status with Maxie. Nina arrives at GH looking for Silas. Spinelli asks Maxie if he thinks the two ...
Apr. 10, 2015
53x09 53 53x09 #13286
Nathan opens up to Maxie. Not long after, Spinelli returns to Maxie’s and they get a surprise visitor. Sabrina asks Felix to investigate Michael’s allergy medication. Franco is ...
Apr. 13, 2015
53x10 53 53x10 #13287
Dante starts to grill several people about Avery’s situation. Sabrina comforts Michael. Franco upsets Nina when he doubts if she is telling the truth. Maxie questions her visitor’s ...
Apr. 14, 2015
53x11 53 53x11 #13288
Sonny stops by to visit Luke, and learns about the motivation behind his actions. Obrecht has a suggestion for Nathan. Ned and Alexis make a shocking request of Michael in regards to ...
Apr. 15, 2015
53x12 53 53x12 #13289
Silas makes good on his promise to Ava. After striking a deal, Franco’s latest scheme moves ahead. Alexis reasons with Michael. Obrecht and Nina threaten each other with their secrets. ...
Apr. 16, 2015
53x13 53 53x13 #13290
Hayden makes her intentions known to someone, whereas Carly starts to probe into what Hayden may be hiding. Someone threatens to expose Ric. Jake helps Sam move into Patrick’s house, ...
Apr. 17, 2015
53x14 53 53x14 #13291
Nikolas is horrified to discover that Jason’s wedding ring is missing. Soon after, Nikolas figures out via Spencer where the missing ring is located. Carly suspects that Ric might ...
Apr. 20, 2015
53x15 53 53x15 #13292
Nikolas quickly covers up the reason why the missing ring suddenly appeared. Later, Nikolas finds himself in another passionate situation. Carly’s suspicion of Hayden grows, and she ...
Apr. 21, 2015
53x16 53 53x16 #13293
Spinelli sets up a meeting with Sam to enlist her help on his latest case. Jake is not pleased that Spinelli is investigating Hayden. In the interim, Sloane pressures Jake to find out ...
Apr. 22, 2015
53x17 53 53x17 #13294
Carly and Spinelli search Hayden’s room for more evidence. TJ shares some disconcerting news with Shawn, which Duke quickly helps rectify. Jake asks Julian who he plans to take down. ...
Apr. 23, 2015
53x18 53 53x18 #13295
Morgan and Kiki are forced to come clean to Michael. Duke is shocked to learn what went down with the hit. Meanwhile, Anna has some probing questions about the identity of the shooter. ...
Apr. 24, 2015
53x19 53 53x19 #13296
Sabrina discloses the truth about what happened to Michael. Morgan and Kiki find a surprise guest in Silas’s apartment. Nathan questions Nina’s actions. Meanwhile, after talking ...
Apr. 27, 2015
53x20 53 53x20 #13297
Ned updates Michael on the status of ELQ. In the interim, Rosalie also tells Nikolas about the latest ELQ transactions. Lulu asks Nikolas for a favor. Sabrina lets Felix know what happened ...
Apr. 28, 2015
53x21 53 53x21 #13298
Carly has a big revelation about someone, and confronts this person about the truth. Hayden asks Ric for more money, and she later has a warning for Nikolas. Ric shares a secret with ...
Apr. 29, 2015
53x22 53 53x22 #13299
Carly convinces a particular person to own up to their schemes. Jake and Elizabeth still yearn for each other and share a close moment. Later, Ric tells Elizabeth he has something special ...
Apr. 30, 2015
53x23 53 53x23 #13300
The Nurses Ball begins in Port Charles with the red carpet arrivals. Two proposals are made. Spencer gets a pep talk. Anna and Duke long for each other, while Maxie and Spinelli are ...
May. 01, 2015
53x24 53 53x24 #13301
The Nurses Ball continues. Cameron and Emma’s tango is interrupted when Spencer makes a dangerous play for Emma’s hand. Once Spencer is home, he receives an unexpected visitor. ...
May. 04, 2015
53x25 53 53x25 #13302
The Nurses Ball concludes. Elizabeth makes an unanticipated decision. Sloane tells Jake some information about the latest mob hit that does not sit right with him. Spencer receives ...
May. 05, 2015
53x26 53 53x26 #13303
Nikolas is blackmailed by Hayden. Anna and Duke admit their true feelings for one another. Duke tells Anna that he will leave the mob for her and wants to start a new life with her ...
May. 06, 2015
53x27 53 53x27 #13304
Oliva goes into labor. Jake discovers something unnerving in the garage. Jordan's life is in danger. Hayden continues to try and blackmail Nikolas.
May. 07, 2015
53x28 53 53x28 #13305
A shocking discovery is made by Anna and Sloane. Sabrina and Michael talk about their relationship. Sabrina receives a surprise visitor. Anna is shocked to discover that Duke has been ...
May. 08, 2015
53x29 53 53x29 #13306
Someone is sent to the ER. Olivia's baby is fighting for its life. Sloane has a proposition for Jake that puts him in a tough predicament. Meanwhile, Tracy questions Michael about his ...
May. 11, 2015
53x30 53 53x30 #13307
Sloane explains to Jake the details of how his plan will be implemented. Alexis interrogates Julian about his involvement with the latest mob wars. Olivia asks Dante for help in regards ...
May. 12, 2015
53x31 53 53x31 #13308
Anna and Sloane are shocked at what they discover at Sabrina's apartment. Elizabeth is caught off guard with some news about Jake. Sonny and Shawn have a confrontation with an enemy.Olivia ...
May. 13, 2015
53x32 53 53x32 #13309
Jake manipulates Julian by proving his loyalty to him. Carly calls Jake and warns him to be careful. Sam finds a special piece of jewelry that reminds her of Jason. Hayden walks in ...
May. 14, 2015
53x33 53 53x33 #13310
The first "General Hospital" Live show airs today. Sam questions Jake about the truth. Julian has a trick up his sleeve. Jordan fears her cover might be blown. Nina has an announcement ...
May. 15, 2015
53x34 53 53x34 #13311
The second "General Hospital" Live show airs today. A wedding takes place. Jordan is forced to come clean to Shawn. Nikolas keeps a secret from Elizabeth. Sonny is out for revenge. ...
May. 18, 2015
53x35 53 53x35 #13312
Jake wonders if he is closer to learning the truth about his identity. Carly almost makes a confession to Sonny. Julian gets an update from Olivia at the hospital. Franco insults Nina ...
May. 19, 2015
53x36 53 53x36 #13313
Sloane offers to help Anna, but questions how they will carry out their plan. Jake and Sam anxiously wait on an outcome. Sabrina is worried about a situation, and as a result, Michael ...
May. 20, 2015
53x37 53 53x37 #13314
Julian longs for Alexis. Jake reconsiders his line of work. Anna asks Sloane for a favor and they share a nice moment. Sabrina shares stories of her past with Michael as the two grow ...
May. 21, 2015
53x38 53 53x38 #13315
Jordan cuts a deal with Scott. In the interim, Jordan is backed in a corner and is compelled to drop a bombshell onto Shawn. Anna reluctantly comes up with a cover story. Jake tells ...
May. 22, 2015
53x39 53 53x39 #13316
Shawn is faced with a difficult decision that tests his loyalty to both the mob and TJ and Jordan. Sloane has some promising news for Jake. Nina is having some second thoughts about ...
May. 26, 2015
53x40 53 53x40 #13317
Jake discusses his latest line of work with Sonny. Lulu and Nikolas console each other over the latest turn of events. Valerie decides to apply for a job at the PCPD. Franco and Nina ...
May. 27, 2015
53x41 53 53x41 #13318
Sloane tries to comfort Anna even though she is haunted by her actions. Lulu learns about Valerie's job application. Lucas and Brad discuss their wedding plans, while Brad is very cryptic ...
May. 28, 2015
53x42 53 53x42 #13319
Sloane makes a big confession to Anna about his involvement with Lomax. Michael hopes Rosalie will be the key to gaining back ELQ shares. Franco updates Nathan on Nina’s latest exploits. ...
May. 29, 2015
53x43 53 53x43 #13320
Ric plots with someone on a new scheme. Nathan tries to convince Nina to have her marriage annulled. In the interim, Nikolas uses Rosalie to get to Nina. Sloane opens up to Anna about ...
Jun. 01, 2015
53x44 53 53x44 #13321
Morgan and Michael come to an understanding about their relationship. Silas returns home. At the end of the day, Tracy and Luke are interrupted by a surprise visitor.
Jun. 02, 2015
53x45 53 53x45 #13322
Luke suggests to Tracy that tonight they have a party at the Quartermaines. Nikolas and Rosalie firm up their strategy to scam Michael out of his ELQ shares. Silas describes a recent ...
Jun. 03, 2015
53x46 53 53x46 #13323
In order to convince her to end her marriage to Ric, Franco gives Nina an ultimatum. Valerie is thrilled with her new position and offers to take Dante and Lulu out to celebrate. Lulu ...
Jun. 04, 2015
53x47 53 53x47 #13324
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Jun. 05, 2015
53x48 53 53x48 #13325
Luke makes a sudden announcement at the party. Kiki worries when she cannot find Denise. Silas feels guilty about Nina’s current situation. Sloane is shocked and saddened by Anna’s ...
Jun. 08, 2015
53x49 53 53x49 #13326
Nina and Franco have another argument over her actions. Nikolas strategizes with Rosalie on how Lulu might be the final key to obtaining the majority stake in ELQ. Nathan confides in ...
Jun. 09, 2015
53x50 53 53x50 #13327
Jake is intrigued by a new job opportunity, but Elizabeth tries to dissuade him from applying. Sloane asks Nikolas for a favor. In the interim, Nikolas also has a proposition for Sloane ...
Jun. 10, 2015
53x51 53 53x51 #13328
A frantic Elizabeth tells Nikolas she is worried about the possible repercussions if Jake gets this particular job. Sabrina and Rosalie have a heated argument that ends with Sabrina ...
Jun. 11, 2015
53x52 53 53x52 #13329
Nikolas is reunited with a loved one. Lulu demands answers from Luke about his latest decisions. Tracy and Sabrina form a bond over sharing similar circumstances. Michael learns there ...
Jun. 12, 2015
53x53 53 53x53 #13330
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Jun. 15, 2015
53x54 53 53x54 #13331
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Jun. 16, 2015
53x55 53 53x55 #13332
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Jun. 17, 2015
53x56 53 53x56 #13333
Nikolas offers a proposition that could give him control of ELQ. Sabrina comes clean to Michael about why she hired Sam to investigate Rosalie, while Elizabeth also learns the truth ...
Jun. 18, 2015
53x57 53 53x57 #13334
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Jun. 19, 2015
53x58 53 53x58 #13335
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Jun. 22, 2015
53x59 53 53x59 #13336
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Jun. 23, 2015
53x60 53 53x60 #13337
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Jun. 24, 2015
53x61 53 53x61 #13338
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Jun. 25, 2015
53x62 53 53x62 #13339
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Jun. 26, 2015
53x63 53 53x63 #13340
Luke and Laura find themselves in a standoff.
Jun. 29, 2015
53x64 53 53x64 #13341
Laura clears the air with a person from Luke’s past. In the interim, Luke and Laura receive a photo of Lucky from the kidnappers, and Luke updates Lulu and Dillon. Luke vows to find ...
Jun. 30, 2015
53x65 53 53x65 #13342
Luke, Laura and crew finds clues that could lead them to Lucky’s kidnappers. Jake offers to help Michael take down Nikolas and try to gain ELQ back. Sam runs into Nikolas and lets ...
Jul. 01, 2015
53x66 53 53x66 #13343
Luke and Laura make a discovery and learn who the villain is behind everything. Dante is upset about doubting Lulu and Valerie comforts him. Denise and Morgan are unable to stay away ...
Jul. 02, 2015
53x67 53 53x67 #13344
4th of July activities begin in Port Charles. Luke and Laura are stunned by the appearance of a former enemy who is out for revenge. Maxie questions Dante on Lulu’s whereabouts, and ...
Jul. 03, 2015
53x68 53 53x68 #13345
Dante and Valerie continue to bond. After making an admission to Franco, Denise “Ava” has a proposition for Franco in regards to Nina. In the interim, Nina and Silas bring each ...
Jul. 06, 2015
53x69 53 53x69 #13346
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Jul. 07, 2015
53x70 53 53x70 #13347
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Jul. 08, 2015
53x71 53 53x71 #13348
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Jul. 09, 2015
53x72 53 53x72 #13349
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Jul. 10, 2015
53x73 53 53x73 #13350
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Jul. 13, 2015
53x74 53 53x74 #13351
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Jul. 14, 2015
53x75 53 53x75 #13352
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Jul. 15, 2015

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Season 53 Videos

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Season 53 Trivia

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