Apr. 01, 1963
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General Hospital

General Hospita continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters.

General Hospital Season 51 (2013-2014)

51x01 51 51x01 #12777
A.J. confronts Tracy who gloats to him that once she has Pickle-Lila he'll be out of the company. Sonny informs Michael that he is not sure who will be returning out of Kate or Connie, ...
Apr. 01, 2013
51x02 51 51x02 #12778
Monica informs Tracy that she can also see Alan in the living room and Emily shows up as well. Luke and Laura discover a tied up Ethan. Audrey tells Elizabeth that today would have ...
Apr. 02, 2013
51x03 51 51x03 #12779
Carly wants Jax to tell her why would he even consider getting involved with Brenda again. T.J. learns from Milo that he took the advice he offered him and that he has done something ...
Apr. 03, 2013
51x04 51 51x04 #12780
Lucy learns from Kevin that he won't be able to attend the ball because he needs to go to Seattle to help a patient. Jax informs Brenda that Carly told him she has probably already ...
Apr. 04, 2013
51x05 51 51x05 #12781
The guests arrive on the red carpet to attend the Ball. Brenda informs Carly that Jax called off the wedding and that it is her fault. Patrick finally admits to Sabrina that he has ...
Apr. 05, 2013
51x06 51 51x06 #12782
Felicia tells Frisco that she can't marry him because Mac is the man for her. Richard Simmons sudden return causes trouble for Lucy. Britt has second thoughts about going through with ...
Apr. 08, 2013
51x07 51 51x07 #12783
Britt makes an announcement that she is pregnant with Patrick's baby which leaves everyone feeling shocked. Lisa watches on and is pleased. Ellie confronts Maxie about what she heard ...
Apr. 09, 2013
51x08 51 51x08 #12784
Felicia and Mac learn from Anna that there's still no word on Lulu, Luke, Dante and Laura. Carly discovers Michael in Brenda's bed, but she insists that it's not what it looks like. ...
Apr. 10, 2013
51x09 51 51x09 #12785
Luke and Laura are stunned to learn that Stavros is still alive. Olivia suffers with a hallucination featuring her son. A.J. learns from Michael that Starr broke up with him and that ...
Apr. 11, 2013
51x10 51 51x10 #12786
Olivia learns from Anna that a body fitting Dante's description was thrown overboard from the Haunted Star. Laura demands that Stavros tells her what he has done to her daughter. Nikolas ...
Apr. 12, 2013
51x11 51 51x11 #12787
Laura and Luke are pleased to have defeated Stavros, as Dante continues to hold his wife in his arms. A.J. and Carly decide to talk to Michael but learn that he didn't come home. Lisa ...
Apr. 15, 2013
51x12 51 51x12 #12788
Patrick is surprised after Britt tells him that she is going to have an abortion. Spinelli pays Heather a visit needing her help to try and find Lauren Frank. Kate asks Sonny if he ...
Apr. 16, 2013
51x13 51 51x13 #12789
Lucy informs Rafe that she is petitioning the court to become his legal guardian, and continues that they will be staying in Port Charles with Kevin. Ellie is accused by Maxie of spying ...
Apr. 17, 2013
51x14 51 51x14 #12790
Carly wonders why Sonny wouldn't want Brenda dead after taking advantage of their son. Elizabeth lets Nikolas know that Lulu is on her way back to Port Charles and as they share an ...
Apr. 18, 2013
51x15 51 51x15 #12791
Ellie gets Spinelli to help her discover the truth about Lulu's baby. Carly wants to have things out with Brenda.
Apr. 22, 2013
51x16 51 51x16 #12792
Sabrina informs Felix that Britt might have an abortion. Connie and Milo discuss their broken hearts. Luke and Scott clash.
Apr. 23, 2013
51x17 51 51x17 #12793
Felicia is over the moon after she discovers a ring in some peanuts, believing that Mac left it there for her. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that A.J. threatened him the other day. Maxie ...
Apr. 24, 2013
51x18 51 51x18 #12794
Elizabeth is furious with A.J. for telling Nikolas to keep his distance from her. Patrick asks Britt if she really wants to go ahead with the abortion. Lulu hears somebody coming and ...
Apr. 25, 2013
51x19 51 51x19 #12795
Britt wants Patrick to go to the clinic with her, and enjoys the fact that he is forced to cancel his date with Sabrina. Carly refuses to accept a phone call from Johnny. Duke surprises ...
Apr. 26, 2013
51x20 51 51x20 #12796
Johnny informs Connie that he wants to try and protect Carly not get back together with her. T.J. shares some good news with Shawn. Sam shares her concerns with her mother regarding ...
Apr. 29, 2013
51x21 51 51x21 #12797
Maxie wants to know what Ellie was looking at on her laptop and she covers by replying that she is skyping with Spinelli. Carly hears A.J. as he leaves Elizabeth a heartfelt message. ...
Apr. 30, 2013
51x22 51 51x22 #12798
Milo pulls away from kiss with Lulu and reminds her that she is married to Dante. After Dante shows up, Lulu tells him that she is fine and attempts to close the door on him, but he ...
May. 01, 2013
51x23 51 51x23 #12799
Monica attempts to stop Elizabeth from going up to see A.J. Maxie is able to stop Ellie from telling Spinelli about the baby. Nikolas tells his mother that Elizabeth was here but she ...
May. 02, 2013
51x24 51 51x24 #12800
Sonny and Shawn show up at Morgan's college in Nashvile and talk to the Dean. Olivia pays Johnny a visit. A.J. goes to see Carly after they accidentally managed to swap phones last ...
May. 03, 2013
51x25 51 51x25 #12801
Patrick wants to know why Sabrina is shouting at Britt and she tells him that says she is faking things. A.J. wants Elizabeth to go with him to New York when he and Michael show off ...
May. 06, 2013
51x26 51 51x26 #12802
After Molly manages to solve a puzzle, it ends up being an invitation from T.J. to go to the prom with him. Ellie imagines what might happen if she told Spinelli the truth about Maxie's ...
May. 07, 2013
51x27 51 51x27 #12803
Luke meets a woman, who is revealed as being Ava Jerome, who had a daughter with Franco. Tracy and Nikolas make their way to New York where Tracy is looking forward to beating A.J. ...
May. 08, 2013
51x28 51 51x28 #12804
A.J. tells Elizabeth that he has found out that Tracy is also staying at the same hotel as them. Spinelli is furious with Luke for him sending him on a wild goose chase. Ava attempts ...
May. 09, 2013
51x29 51 51x29 #12805
Sam discovers Rafe in sunglasses and is furious when she finds out that TJ gave him a black eye. TJ remembers hitting Rafe as Molly joins him at Kelly's. He gives Molly her phone having ...
May. 10, 2013
51x30 51 51x30 #12806
Michael discovers his brother badly beaten on the floor and then asks him how he is going to pay off his debts. Nikolas assures A.J. that Tracy won't ruin things for him onThe Chew. ...
May. 13, 2013
51x31 51 51x31 #12807
T.J. receives some advice from Felix. The mystery man continues to watch from the green room as everybody becomes ill after sampling the relishes. Michael is introduced to Kiki, his ...
May. 14, 2013
51x32 51 51x32 #12808
Tracy attempts to blackmail A.J. into saying that it was his relish that made everybody sick by threatening to expose his affair with Carly. Kiki and Morgan are accused by the online ...
May. 15, 2013
51x33 51 51x33 #12809
Milo attempts to comfort Lulu who has suffered with a nightmare. Scott wants Lucy to get Mayor Lomax to the courthouse because he is finally marrying Laura. Luke informs Dante that ...
May. 16, 2013
51x34 51 51x34 #12810
The mystery man reads an article on his tablet titled Hellish Relish aboard a flight. Luke wants Mac to get him another drink at The Floating Rib but Mac refuses and reminds him about ...
May. 17, 2013
51x35 51 51x35 #12811
Kiki tells Ava that Morgan has left after she returns home. Kiki asks her mother what the big deal is about Port Charles and she attempts to cover. She tells her daughter not to give ...
May. 20, 2013
51x36 51 51x36 #12812
Sam slams the door in Silas's face after he shows up at her apartment. Alexis is surprised to learn that her daughter is going with Rafe to the prom and that she and T.J. have broken ...
May. 21, 2013
51x37 51 51x37 #12813
Lucy begins a new business venture by showing people the places of Stephen Clay's horrific actions. Michael starts to regret his decision to allow Kiki stay with him and Morgan. Dante ...
May. 22, 2013
51x38 51 51x38 #12814
Ellie is surprised to discover that Brad has been appointed lab manager, after she was promised the position by Britt. Alexis informs Rafe that Silas has every right to see him. The ...
May. 23, 2013
51x39 51 51x39 #12815
Michael is caught by Kiki as he takes a look through her purse. Tracy informs A.J. that someone else could tell Elizabeth about what happened between him and Carly. Dante hopes that ...
May. 24, 2013
51x40 51 51x40 #12816
Michael says sorry to his mother for not keeping a better eye on Morgan and Kiki. Carly wants Michael to stay away from the party after learning that he has received a text message ...
May. 28, 2013
51x41 51 51x41 #12817
Franco reveals to everybody that he's still alive, and that Jason might have cheated death as well. Ava informs her daughter that her father has ties to people in Port Charles, and ...
May. 29, 2013
51x42 51 51x42 #12818
Tracy learn from Luke's doctor that it's possible that he could be suffering with liver damage. Michael fills A.J. in on the whole sordid story of what Carter did to him while he was ...
May. 30, 2013
51x43 51 51x43 #12819
Things improve between Michael and Kiki. Milo is pleased to find out that Lulu knows who she is again.
May. 31, 2013
51x44 51 51x44 #12820
Diane attempts to prove that Sam is an unfit parent. Kiki is not happy when Morgan mocks Michael behind his back.
Jun. 03, 2013
51x45 51 51x45 #12821
Felix becomes involved with Kiki's plan. Patrick gets ready for his date with Sabrina.
Jun. 04, 2013
51x46 51 51x46 #12822
Sam becomes emotional in front of her mother, Molly and Spinelli. Sabrina and Felix are not impressed by Britt and Taylor's new friendship.
Jun. 05, 2013
51x47 51 51x47 #12823
Carly and Sonny refuse to allow Morgan to have a credit card. Patrick gives Sam and Alexis Danny's diagnosis.
Jun. 06, 2013
51x48 51 51x48 #12824
Elizabeth is surprised to learn that Danny is ill and she attempts to comfort Sam. Britt attempts to make sure that Patrick misses his date with Sabrina.
Jun. 07, 2013
51x49 51 51x49 #12825
Britt admits to Felix that it's because of her mother that she is the way she is. Shawn receives a call from Carly who informs him that the hit on Franco is back on. ...
Jun. 10, 2013
51x50 51 51x50 #12826
The aftermath of Sonny’s hit affects everyone. Nik threatens AJ with what he knows.
Jun. 11, 2013
51x51 51 51x51 #12827
Dante is shown by Anna the shell casing she discovered under one of the chairs. Molly sees Taylor and T.J. together and leaves after Taylor spots her. Patrick learns that Sabrina is ...
Jun. 12, 2013
51x52 51 51x52 #12828
Patrick and Sabrina discuss their romantic pasts. Sam has a tense confrontation with Silas. A certain someone ends up needing medical attention.
Jun. 13, 2013
51x53 51 51x53 #12829
Tracy finds Luke drinking. Alexic confronts Shawn – demanding the truth.
Jun. 14, 2013
51x54 51 51x54 #12830
Rafe brings Molly to the park, cause he says cause as of tomorrow he will be living with his uncle in another city and will never see her again. Morgan is shocked that Kiki is indeed ...
Jun. 17, 2013
51x55 51 51x55 #12831
Sonny berates Carly about her bad choices. Things heat up with Taylor and TJ.
Jun. 18, 2013
51x56 51 51x56 #12832
TJ spills to Shawn about his evening with Taylor after seeing Molly and Rafe kissing. Taylor sneaks home – but gets caught by Felix. Britt offers Taylor some advice about how to ...
Jun. 19, 2013
51x57 51 51x57 #12833
Michael decides to go for a run in an effort to get his mind of Kiki. Molly is pleased that Silas has allowed Rafe to continue to stay with her sister. After Anna shows up, Sonny wants ...
Jun. 20, 2013
51x58 51 51x58 #12834
Someone has a trump card in the fight for ELQ. Carly is interrogated about the shooting.Morgan witnesses Michael unable to look away from topless Kiki, and he tears into his brother. ...
Jun. 21, 2013
51x59 51 51x59 #12835
Carly and Shawn are left feeling stunned after Dante informs them that the bullet that hit his mother didn't match the ones found in the rifle. Kiki makes it clear to Michael that nothing ...
Jun. 24, 2013
51x60 51 51x60 #12836
Carly admits that she still has feelings for Sonny. Luke is forced to face up to death.
Jun. 25, 2013
51x61 51 51x61 #12837
Felix says more than he should to Britt. Luke needs Anna's help.
Jun. 26, 2013
51x62 51 51x62 #12838
Silas tells Sam about the care that Danny requires. Luke and Anna put their heads together, TJ confronts Molly, and Patrick hears the paternity results of Britt's ...
Jun. 27, 2013
51x63 51 51x63 #12839
Luke packs up to go on a trip, he suddenly collapses. Tracy discovers him and they go to the hospital, where they run into an elated Lulu about their baby girl. ...
Jun. 28, 2013
51x64 51 51x64 #12840
Cary and Franco spar over the thought of Morgan living in the house with Kiki. Franco threatens Carly with murder exposure, and she relents. Later Franco reveals he knows that Ava ...
Jul. 01, 2013
51x65 51 51x65 #12841
Sonny and Carly have a reckoning over his recent vow. Though Sonny doesn’t take back his statement, he does apologize, as does Carly, for her betrayal. They reach an understanding ...
Jul. 02, 2013
51x66 51 51x66 #12842
Sonny moves Olivia into his home, and she shares her concern that Connie may be jealous. Sonny brushes it off, but Olivia is not sure. Shawn prepares to tell Sonny he is quitting ...
Jul. 03, 2013
51x67 51 51x67 #12843
Breakups and hookups happen under the fireworks. Michael is horrified at something he encounters.
Jul. 05, 2013
51x68 51 51x68 #12844
Sam is horrified when she hears news from Silas. Morgan confides in Ava who gives him advice about Kiki. Spinelli woke Ellie from a nightmare. When he asked her about the bad dream, ...
Jul. 08, 2013
51x69 51 51x69 #12845
As Sonny plots with Shawn to take down Franco, Franco tries to spark a relationship with Kiki. Sam and Alexis plan to ask Franco to get tested as a potential donor. But later Alexis ...
Jul. 09, 2013
51x70 51 51x70 #12846
Silas pays Sam a visit ostensibly to visit Danny – but there’s more to the story. Meanwhile, Ava reveals her relationship with Silas to Tracy. Michael and Kiki reel from Brad’s ...
Jul. 10, 2013
51x71 51 51x71 #12847
Morgan realizes it was Sonny after Kiki wonders who is responsible for what has happened to her father. Shawn informs T.J. that he and Alexis have broken up because of his involvement ...
Jul. 11, 2013
51x72 51 51x72 #12848
Sam and Silas share an emotional moment over Danny’s downward progression. Ava and Franco discuss their alliance. Dante and Lulu discuss baby names. Later Maxie is resolved to ...
Jul. 12, 2013
51x73 51 51x73 #12849
Sonny is told by Olivia that him and Connie being together is supposed to be how it is. Spinelli goes to Ava's art gallery pretending to represent Dr. Silas Clay but her assistant works ...
Jul. 15, 2013
51x74 51 51x74 #12850
Carly and AJ discuss their suspicions of Ava. Meanwhile, Ava interrupts Silas interrogating Franco. When Dante is called away by PCPD, Spinelli fills in as Maxie’s birthing coach. ...
Jul. 16, 2013
51x75 51 51x75 #12851
Michael tries to avoid any business with ELQ that requires interfacing with Kiki. Silas encounters Kiki for the first time, who introduces herself as Franco’s daughter. Morgan and ...
Jul. 17, 2013

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Season 51 Videos

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