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General Hospital

General Hospita continues its tradition of passion, intrigue and adventure that takes place in the fictional town of Port Charles in upstate New York. The glamour and excitement of those who have come to find their destinies in this familiar seaport town intertwine with the lives, loves and fortunes of beloved, well-known faces. As always, love, danger and mind blowing plot twists continue to abound on General Hospital with contemporary storylines and unforgettable characters.

General Hospital Season 47 (2009-2010)

47x01 47 47x01 #11776
Jax tries to explain to Olivia why he destroyed the DVD. Ric watches the DVD waiting for Sonny to come home so that he can see it. Robin thinks Patrick is checking up on her when he ...
Apr. 01, 2009
47x02 47 47x02 #11777
A woman who appears to be in a drunken state is treated at the hospital. Olivia nearly tells Sonny about Dante being his son but has a change of heart at the last moment. When Jason ...
Apr. 02, 2009
47x03 47 47x03 #11778
Carly isn't happy that Claudia is with her son. Rebecca tells Nikolas that she isn't going to have a biopsy after he tells her that a slot is available for her to have it performed. ...
Apr. 03, 2009
47x04 47 47x04 #11779
Rebecca continues to mutter away as Nikolas listens in. Patrick saves Robin from danger. Jason tells Carly about somebody else being involved in Michael's shooting. Robin is rushed ...
Apr. 06, 2009
47x05 47 47x05 #11780
Carly and Jax try to find out more about her son's current condition. When Patrick bring Dr. Brown to see her, Robin isn't happy.Tracy goes through Ethan's wallet and discovers a picture ...
Apr. 07, 2009
47x06 47 47x06 #11781
Jax takes the phone from Carly before his brother can say anything bad and he tells him not to call again. Claudia is worried when she sees Sonny with Olivia. Worried that Ethan could ...
Apr. 08, 2009
47x07 47 47x07 #11782
Lulu thinks that Nikolas shouldn't be just focusing all of his energy on Rebecca. Jason learns from Sam that her application for a private investigator license has been denied. Spinelli ...
Apr. 09, 2009
47x08 47 47x08 #11783
Claudia continues to listen into Jason and Sonny's conversation. Nikolas tries to apologize to Rebecca for trying to kiss her but she replies that she didn't ask him to stop. Lulu learns ...
Apr. 10, 2009
47x09 47 47x09 #11784
Ethan isn't happy when Lulu finds out where he is staying. Nikolas wants to take Rebecca out to celebrate after she tells him that she does not have cancer. Ric tries to prove to Sonny ...
Apr. 13, 2009
47x10 47 47x10 #11785
Both Patrick and Monica are pleased by the look of the hospital following it's renovation. Bobbie is worried about her daughter when she has another dizzy spell. Claudia wants her brother ...
Apr. 14, 2009
47x11 47 47x11 #11786
Alexis is convinced that Helena and Rebecca are connected. Jason wants to know why Claudia wants to see him. Olivia is worried about Carly. Lucky decides to warn his father that Helena ...
Apr. 15, 2009
47x12 47 47x12 #11787
Claudia insists to her brother that she has to get pregnant with Sonny's baby. When Sonny overhears them talking he tries to find out what is going on. Patrick is slapped by Robin. ...
Apr. 16, 2009
47x13 47 47x13 #11788
Carly tells Jax about her fall but decides not to tell him that there is a chance that she is pregnant. Despite her doctor's advise, Robin decides not to take anymore of her anti depressants. ...
Apr. 17, 2009
47x14 47 47x14 #11789
As Helena talks to Rebecca she notices that Nikolas is watching. Jason breaks the news to Carly that she is going to have a baby and she is worried about consequences. Jerry is confronted ...
Apr. 20, 2009
47x15 47 47x15 #11790
Carly decides not to tell Jax that she could be putting her life at risk if she goes ahead with the pregnancy. Jax tells Alexis about his brother's involvement in Michael's shooting ...
Apr. 21, 2009
47x16 47 47x16 #11791
Carly continues to keep quiet about the problems her being pregnancy could cause her. Jason refuses to help Maxie get Spinelli to forgive her. Luke tries to get the truth out of Ethan ...
Apr. 22, 2009
47x17 47 47x17 #11792
Spinelli informs Jason that Jerry made a cash withdrawal in Port Charles several hours ago. Sonny wants Jason to locate him straight away so that he can find out whether Claudia or ...
Apr. 23, 2009
47x18 47 47x18 #11793
Ric gloats to Claudia that he could be the father of her unborn child. Kelly gives Carly some bad news but she refuses to even think about having an abortion. Both Jason and Jerry are ...
Apr. 24, 2009
47x19 47 47x19 #11794
Patrick has a go at Robin for putting the baby's life in danger. When Carly collapses, Monica looks after her. Maxie urges Jason to wake up after hearing about his accident. Elizabeth ...
Apr. 27, 2009
47x20 47 47x20 #11795
Sonny tries to offer Carly some advise after learning about her pregnancy and the problems it could cause her. Luke is determined to find out if he is Ethan's father. As Jason confronts ...
Apr. 28, 2009
47x21 47 47x21 #11796
Olivia learns from Jax that Carly is staying at a place that deals with high risk pregnancies. Luke talks to Tracy about what happened with Ethan. Jax and Sonny clash. Matt offers his ...
Apr. 29, 2009
47x22 47 47x22 #11797
Maxie tries once again to get Jason to help her win Spinelli's forgiveness. Jason tells her that she really hurt him. Jax wants Patrick back helping Michael. Lucky tells his brother ...
Apr. 30, 2009
47x23 47 47x23 #11798
Spinelli learns from Sam that they have their first proper client and he tells her about Maxie wanting their help as well. Patrick is grateful for his brother's help. Claudia is determined ...
May. 01, 2009
47x24 47 47x24 #11799
Nikolas says sorry to Rebecca and Lucky for walking in on them. Sam thanks Jason for his help with her first case. Patrick asks Elizabeth if she can look after the baby as both he and ...
May. 04, 2009
47x25 47 47x25 #11800
Things heat up between Nikolas and Rebecca. Sonny wonders when he will meet Olivia's son. Ric shows up and Claudia tells him that she thinks she is loosing the baby. Luke catches Ethan ...
May. 05, 2009
47x26 47 47x26 #11801
Rebeca wants Nikolas to help her redecorate her room at Kelly's. When Maxie comes to see him, Spinelli is not sure he can believe anything that she says. Patrick tries to get Dr. Hensen ...
May. 06, 2009
47x27 47 47x27 #11802
When Sonny shows up, Jax tells him that Michael needs to be operated on as soon as possible. Spinelli says sorry to Lulu for thinking she was working with Maxie. The DNA results reveal ...
May. 07, 2009
47x28 47 47x28 #11803
Mike walks into Rebecca's room and finds her in a compromising position with Nikolas. As Michael has his surgery everyone waits. Maxie manages to impress Spinelli with her work. Alexis ...
May. 08, 2009
47x29 47 47x29 #11804
Tracy wants Luke to tell her what he is going to do after she finds out that Ethan and Lulu shared a kiss. Nikolas tells Rebecca that if she leaves Port Charles he will follow her. ...
May. 11, 2009
47x30 47 47x30 #11805
Carly talks to Patrick about what will happen if her son's heart stops beating again. Spinelli tells Maxie that he has a new plan. Jason informs Sam that he nearly told Carly that he ...
May. 12, 2009
47x31 47 47x31 #11806
Epiphany is fed up with Nikolas and Rebecca's flirting all the time. After Luke hears Ethan arguing with somebody on the telephone he tells him that if Holly was not his mother he would ...
May. 13, 2009
47x32 47 47x32 #11807
After Luke arrives in Singapore with Ethan he tells him about some of the adventures he had there with Laura and Lucky whilst he was on the run. Sonny tells Claudia that if she is honest ...
May. 14, 2009
47x33 47 47x33 #11808
As Luke, Tracy and Ethan return home Luke remains determined to discover the truth about who Ethan's father is. Lulu runs into Johnny on the Haunted Star. Jason wonders why Ric is always ...
May. 15, 2009
47x34 47 47x34 #11809
Luke is relieved to see Holly safe and sound in Port Charles. Claudia lets her husband know that Jason has taken care of Ric. Michael tries to find out from Lulu what happened to him. ...
May. 18, 2009
47x35 47 47x35 #11810
Monica and Edward head to the hospital after Jason tells them about Michael. Patrick is thanked by Holly for agreeing to allow her to stay at his and Robin's place. Lulu tries to find ...
May. 19, 2009
47x36 47 47x36 #11811
Ethan insists on going as well after Luke wants to talk to Holly somewhere private. Michael's words manage to upset Carly. Jason tells Sam his concerns regarding Michael. After getting ...
May. 20, 2009
47x37 47 47x37 #11812
Carly ends up blaming Jax for her son being angry with her. Carly becomes further upset when she hears Michael bad mouthing her to Lulu. Both Holly and Tracy are determined that Luke ...
May. 21, 2009
47x38 47 47x38 #11813
Carly talks to Jason about the way Michael is acting towards her. Sonny tells Claudia that he thinks Johnny is taking advantage of Olivia. Jason advises Carly to give Michael some time. ...
May. 22, 2009
47x39 47 47x39 #11814
Patrick receives a call from Robin and learns that she has finished her treatment and is returning home. Michael informs his parents and Edward he will be the one to decide what is ...
May. 26, 2009
47x40 47 47x40 #11815
Worried about Sonny, Claudia gives her brother a gun. Michael has a dream which seems more like a memory to him. Lucky and Elizabeth discover Rebecca dressed like Emily again. Sonny ...
May. 27, 2009
47x41 47 47x41 #11816
Ethan goes to see Robin and informs her that there is chance that he could be her half brother. Mac lets Holly know that Robin is back home and that he is sure that she would like to ...
May. 28, 2009
47x42 47 47x42 #11817
Michael asks Jason why he didn't tell him that Sonny was married to Claudia. Sonny tries to find out from Patrick when Michael might be less angry. Robin tries to find out from Holly ...
May. 29, 2009
47x43 47 47x43 #11818
Jason wants Spinelli to look at something that could prove that Claudia was involved in Michael's shooting. Holly tells Luke that she never told him about Ethan when she first gave ...
Jun. 01, 2009
47x44 47 47x44 #11819
Morgan tries to find out from his brother why he doesn't want to live with him, Carly, Jax and the new baby. Jason has the information he needs to destroy Claudia. Sonny wants Jason ...
Jun. 02, 2009
47x45 47 47x45 #11820
Michael pushes himself to the limits when he has physical therapy as Monica watches on. Rebecca drops something and Nikolas picks it up. Carly is determined to make her son see that ...
Jun. 03, 2009
47x46 47 47x46 #11821
Jason tries to make Michael see that he is making things worse for himself by having a go at the people who are trying to help him. Claudia witnesses Sonny hugging Carly. Alexis begins ...
Jun. 04, 2009
47x47 47 47x47 #11822
Sonny wonders where his son has gone and what Claudia is doing there. Jason takes Kristina back to his apartment and informs her that he is going to call her mother. Toussaint refuses ...
Jun. 05, 2009
47x48 47 47x48 #11823
When Jax and Sonny find out what has happened to their wives they are worried. Jason lets Kristina know that he knows that she has Michael there with her. Rebecca tells Ethan that he ...
Jun. 08, 2009
47x49 47 47x49 #11824
Ethan lies to Nikolas as to why he is at Rebecca's and says he came to invite him to a poker game. Rebecca is shown the proof by Nikolas that she is Emily's twin. Patrick learns that ...
Jun. 09, 2009
47x50 47 47x50 #11825
Monica learns from Nikolas the truth about Rebecca. Olivia calls Patrick asking him to come to the Metro Court. Helena listens in on Ethan and Rebecca's conversation and finds out what ...
Jun. 10, 2009
47x51 47 47x51 #11826
Alexis shows up at the hospital to question Mayor Floyd's mistress about the attack and Patrick and Robin inform her that she is having some tests performed. Jason tries to calm Michael ...
Jun. 11, 2009
47x52 47 47x52 #11827
Kristina visits her brother and after she gives him a joint he is forced to hide it as his mother shows up. Brianna dies after Matt tries to save her on the operating table. When the ...
Jun. 12, 2009
47x53 47 47x53 #11828
Kristina just manages to avoid crashing the car. Sonny decides that he does not want Claudia to leave. Spinelli and Maxie try to work out why Giselle would be blackmailing Kate. After ...
Jun. 15, 2009
47x54 47 47x54 #11829
Michael isn't happy that he is not being given the chance to decide where he wants to live. Jason talks to Sam about the way Michael has been behaving and how he attacked him. Spinelli ...
Jun. 16, 2009
47x55 47 47x55 #11830
Patrick asks Epiphany to get all the information there is on Brianna. Rebecca isn't happy that Ethan nearly blew their plan and they are caught together by Tracy. Spinelli is determined ...
Jun. 17, 2009
47x56 47 47x56 #11831
Claudia makes plans to have Jason silenced but is worried that he he overheard her making plans on the phone. Nikolas surprises Rebecca by telling her that he cant see her again. Andrea ...
Jun. 18, 2009
47x57 47 47x57 #11832
When Rebecca wears the same dress that Emily wore the night at the Bacchanalia Nikolas is left speechless. Sonny informs Jason that he wants to make sure that none of his children are ...
Jun. 19, 2009
47x58 47 47x58 #11833
After Nikolas gets Rebecca to pretend she is a Princess and he teaches her some dance steps she rushes off. Jax has to restrain Michael and Morgan is upset that he has upset their mother. ...
Jun. 22, 2009
47x59 47 47x59 #11834
Carly telephones her son to let him know that Morgan followed him. Sonny is determined to find out who was responsible for the ambush. Dominic finds out who Morgan is. Things heat up ...
Jun. 23, 2009
47x60 47 47x60 #11835
Andrea admits to Patrick and Robin that she thought her husband was having an affair and that she had hired a private detective to follow him. Michael wants to help Jason find Dominic. ...
Jun. 24, 2009
47x61 47 47x61 #11836
Ric steps in and stopping Andrea from having a go at Matt. Jason tries to convince Michael that getting involved in Sonny's business is a bad idea. Kristina informs Dominic that she's ...
Jun. 25, 2009
47x62 47 47x62 #11837
Robin and Patrick share their theories about Brianna's murder with Mac and Alexis. Claudia tries to find out why Kristina is with Dominic. When Spinelli says that Mayor Floyd wasn't ...
Jun. 26, 2009
47x63 47 47x63 #11838
Jason tries to explain to Edward why him moving in is a bad idea. Alexis is embarrassed by what Mayor Floyd has to say. Elizabeth still thinks that Lucky hasn't forgiven her for allowing ...
Jun. 29, 2009
47x64 47 47x64 #11839
Spinelli wants Jason to help him keep Maxie at arms lengths. Sonny refuses to agree to let his son stay with the Quartermaines. Ethan wants to spend some time with Rebecca in the city ...
Jun. 30, 2009
47x65 47 47x65 #11840
Claudia tries to get Jax to tell Carly why he arranged to meet her. Nikolas wants Rebecca to think about moving in before she gives him her answer. Sonny continues to insist to Jason ...
Jul. 01, 2009
47x66 47 47x66 #11841
Jax attempts to offer Carly advise on dealing with Michael. Molly learns from her sister what their mother has been up to. Olivia makes plans to meet Johnny. Coleman decides to organize ...
Jul. 02, 2009
47x67 47 47x67 #11842
Michael and Morgan travel pass the tree that was involved in Jason's accident. Michael is surprised by his mother's reaction when he returns in the car with Morgan. Johnny and Jason ...
Jul. 06, 2009
47x68 47 47x68 #11843
Andrea manages to plant some e-mails on Alexis's computer but flees when she realizes that somebody else is in the house. Olivia isn't happy that Dominic surprised her and it is revealed ...
Jul. 08, 2009
47x69 47 47x69 #11844
Alexis learns from Diane that the e-mails have been made public and she is shocked when Diane reads one of them out. Ethan refuses to agree to allow Rebecca to move into Wyndermere ...
Jul. 09, 2009
47x70 47 47x70 #11845
Spinelli panics when his microphone is ruined at the Karaoke. Dante tries to find out more about the man that his mother is planning on spending the evening with. Coleman tries to get ...
Jul. 10, 2009
47x71 47 47x71 #11846
When Jason visits Anthony he tells him that if he shows him proof that Claudia was involved in Michael's shooting then he will make sure that Sonny listens to him. Anthony lies to Jason. ...
Jul. 13, 2009
47x72 47 47x72 #11847
Dominic comes up with the idea of him and Claudia helping one another. Sam hurts her ankle as she climbs the stairs and ends up being caught by Jason. Olivia pulls away from Sonny and ...
Jul. 14, 2009
47x73 47 47x73 #11848
Maxie assures Spinelli that what happened between them wasn't a dream when he wakes up and they then make love again keeping Jason awake in the process. Andrea goes to see Patrick and ...
Jul. 15, 2009
47x74 47 47x74 #11849
Rebecca informs Edward that she has moved into Wyndermere with Nikolas. Michael goes with Kristina to the Country Club but Kiefer shows up. Edward explains to Rebecca why he never approved ...
Jul. 16, 2009
47x75 47 47x75 #11850
Carly is impressed when Jax shows her the new house. Micheal continues to clash with Kiefer. The amnio extraction is started by Kelly. Alexis finds herself turning to Olivia for advise. ...
Jul. 17, 2009

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An Inside Look With James Franco! (02:07)

Ask General Hospital, Part 2
Ask General Hospital, Part 2 (04:14)

Jonathan Jackson Returns!
Jonathan Jackson Returns! (01:55)

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