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Emmerdale (UK)

Emmerdale (known as Emmerdale Farm until November 1989) is an award winning and critically acclaimed British soap opera, set in the fictional village of the same name (known as Beckindale until 1994) in West Yorkshire, England. Much of the action takes place within the fictional village public house, The Woolpack.

Emmerdale (UK) Season 42 (2013)

42x01 42 42x01 Tuesday 1st January 2013
Declan is itching to get back to work and Katie encourages him. However, Megan fears that Declan has got his priorities wrong and struggles to convince him to spend time with Katie. ...
Jan. 01, 2013
42x02 42 42x02 Wednesday 2nd January 2013
Charity knows something is up with Jai as he cancels a lunch date and is increasingly more distracted. Rishi fears that Jai is not doing a good job of hiding his worries. At the same ...
Jan. 02, 2013
42x03 42 42x03 Thursday 3rd January 2013 (1)
Cameron is floored when a relative of Alex arrives in the village looking for them. The family member vows not to rest until they discover what really happened. Meanwhile, Jai feels ...
Jan. 03, 2013
42x04 42 42x04 Thursday 3rd January 2013 (2)
Jai demands to know more about Rishi's visit, but Rachel slams the door in his face and tells him to stay away. He then struggles to contain his anger at the factory as everything winds ...
Jan. 03, 2013
42x05 42 42x05 Friday 4th January 2013
Charity begins asking questions, determined to find out what Jai is holding back. She quizzes Gennie about whether she thinks Jai has been acting strangely. When Rishi is asked, he ...
Jan. 04, 2013
42x06 42 42x06 Monday 7th January 2013
Jai returns to work and makes an uneasy truce with Nikhil, but soon finds himself clashing with Dan, who takes a stand and walks out. Nikhil is fuming and as he points out all the mistakes ...
Jan. 07, 2013
42x07 42 42x07 Tuesday 8th January 2013
Noah sulks over wanting to see Jai, leaving Charity torn over what to do. Soon afterwards, Rishi tries to talk to Charity, who is losing patience with Jai. Rishi encourages her to give ...
Jan. 08, 2013
42x08 42 42x08 Wednesday 9th January 2013
At Holdgate Farm, Rishi is shocked to hear that Charity has left Jai and insists that he can't let her go without a fight. Over at Pear Tree Cottage, Charity is wound up when she discovers ...
Jan. 09, 2013
42x09 42 42x09 Thursday 10th January 2013 (1)
Chas is unnerved when Jimmy calls her to the graveyard to see that all of the flowers from the other graves have been piled on top of Carl's grave. Chas is unaware that she's being ...
Jan. 10, 2013
42x10 42 42x10 Thursday 10th January 2013 (2)
As a shaken Chas sits alone, her mobile rings and she kills the call. At the same time, Nicola is sceptical over Chas's story of having a mystery stalker and tells Jimmy not to make ...
Jan. 10, 2013
42x11 42 42x11 Friday 11th January 2013
There is still tension between Declan and Katie as she declines his offer of going out for the day. Declan smarts and Robbie enjoys the animosity. Soon afterwards, Megan covers as she ...
Jan. 11, 2013
42x12 42 42x12 Monday 14th January 2013
Robbie tells Megan that he saw Katie and Andy together and suspects something is going on between them. Megan asks Robbie not to tell Declan. However, Declan is shocked when Robbie ...
Jan. 14, 2013
42x13 42 42x13 Tuesday 15th January 2013
Declan tries to make it up to Katie with a slap-up breakfast, and Katie can't help but smile when he vows to make her happy no matter what. At the same time, Megan is uncomfortable ...
Jan. 15, 2013
42x14 42 42x14 Wednesday 16th January 2013
Alicia and David prepare to tell people they're not together anymore. However, David is put out when Alicia milks it for sympathy. As word spreads, David realises that it's not quite ...
Jan. 16, 2013
42x15 42 42x15 Thursday 17th January 2013 (1)
David is gutted that Jacob is ignoring him. He doesn't see why Alicia and Jacob need to move out, but Alicia is adamant. David is further frustrated when Priya explains that it's making ...
Jan. 17, 2013
42x16 42 42x16 Thursday 17th January 2013 (2)
Charity thinks Debbie's plan to manipulate Dom is risky. She agrees to get involved, but insists that they need to get Cain on board. Cain believes Debbie is way out of her league with ...
Jan. 17, 2013
42x17 42 42x17 Friday 18th January 2013
Cain is worried as the gravity of what they're about to do dawns on him and Charity, but she tells him they'll just have to make sure they don't mess up. Soon afterwards, parked up ...
Jan. 18, 2013
42x18 42 42x18 Monday 21st January 2013
It's early morning, and Debbie pockets Dom's keys before he comes downstairs. Cain is not impressed that Dom has stayed, and Debbie feels disgusted at what she's done. She confides ...
Jan. 21, 2013
42x19 42 42x19 Tuesday 22nd January 2013
Cain warns Debbie how serious things are, explaining that she could end up inside. He is furious at what his daughter has become and is unimpressed that she seems determined to sort ...
Jan. 22, 2013
42x20 42 42x20 Thursday 24th January 2013 (1)
Ali probes Rachel about Sam staying over, but she insists he is just a mate. Jai is close to boiling point over the situation and tells Rishi that Archie is going to grow up thinking ...
Jan. 24, 2013
42x21 42 42x21 Thursday 24th January 2013 (2)
Jai panics when Rachel asks what he has to say. He apologises before walking out of the pub. Soon afterwards, Charity is angry with Jai for the scene he has just caused. She makes it ...
Jan. 24, 2013
42x22 42 42x22 Friday 25th January 2013
Priya is torn over what to do about the job, feeling guilty about Alicia. She feels wretched as Alicia ups her game to Nicola, asking when she'll find out about the job. Priya decides ...
Jan. 25, 2013
42x23 42 42x23 Monday 28th January 2013
Alicia is nervous as it's her first day working at Home Farm, but she is glad to have Megan on side with sarcastic Nicola around. At the same time, David is worried about telling Alicia ...
Jan. 28, 2013
42x24 42 42x24 Tuesday 29th January 2013
Debbie sees Belle putting on make-up at the bus stop and is concerned about her relationship with Luke. Soon afterwards, Belle is embarrassed as a suggestive Luke pushes to be alone ...
Jan. 29, 2013
42x25 42 42x25 Wednesday 30th January 2013
Bernice is blunt as she tells Chas that it's time to get the message - Cameron is not coming back. Fully aware this could be the truth, Chas prepares herself to face the future alone. ...
Jan. 30, 2013
42x26 42 42x26 Thursday 31st January 2013 (1)
Chas decides that she has to sort things with Thomas, thinking it was him who threw the stone. However, Steve suggests that he should have a word, as Thomas won't give him any lip. ...
Jan. 31, 2013
42x27 42 42x27 Thursday 31st January 2013 (1)
Cameron insists to Chas that he just needed to spend time with his kids and he would never lie to her. She pleads with him to take her away, but he explains that she can't leave just ...
Jan. 31, 2013
42x28 42 42x28 Friday 1st February 2013
Chas explains to Cameron that his rash proposal won't make things right, pointing out that she hadn't even thought he was coming back. However, after some deliberation, Chas agrees ...
Feb. 01, 2013
42x29 42 42x29 Monday 4th February 2013
Debbie is still angry with Cain for beating up Cameron, while Zak warns Cain that he won't stand by and watch Debbie get hurt. Zak pleads with Moira to help him get through to Cain, ...
Feb. 04, 2013
42x30 42 42x30 Tuesday 5th February 2013
Katie is still conflicted over what to do about the christening, but is touched when Declan shows her the gift he has got for Molly. Soon afterwards in the café, Andy is worried for ...
Feb. 05, 2013
42x31 42 42x31 Thursday 7th February 2013 (1)
Debbie is due to meet a client, but she is on edge. Cain makes a dig at her, but Debbie is sure her plan will work. Soon afterwards, Charity and Debbie meet Pete in the café. Charity ...
Feb. 06, 2013
42x32 42 42x32 Thursday 7th February 2013 (2)
Outside the village hall, Debbie discreetly tells Pete that she needs to make at least £20,000 in a month. Pete spots Gemma and recognises her as Dom's daughter, and it's clear that ...
Feb. 07, 2013
42x33 42 42x33 Friday 8th February 2013
Debbie tells Charity and Cain that they've made things worse. She is then shocked and angry when Sarah gets flowers delivered by courier from Pete. Debbie leaves him a harsh message ...
Feb. 08, 2013
42x34 42 42x34 Monday 11th February 2013
Declan can't get hold of Katie and is unsure of where she is. Soon afterwards, Andy visits Declan to collect some of Katie's things as she is staying with him. In the shop, Kerry complains ...
Feb. 11, 2013
42x35 42 42x35 Tuesday 12th February 2013
Gabby secretly sneaks half a bottle of vodka from the pub on the way to school. Soon afterwards, Chas works out that Gabby has taken money from the pub till and tells Laurel, Ashley, ...
Feb. 12, 2013
42x36 42 42x36 Wednesday 13th February 2013
Priya softens towards David when he gives her an engagement ring, but he is embarrassed when it's too big. Soon afterwards, David is cornered when Priya explains that Georgia has found ...
Feb. 13, 2013
42x37 42 42x37 Thursday 14th February 2013
Priya thinks Alicia shouldn't be organising the wedding, and David covers his sadness over their impending divorce. When David sees that Jacob has lost Val's dog Cheryl, he feels shunned ...
Feb. 14, 2013
42x38 42 42x38 Friday 15th February 2013
Moira receives flowers from Holly and Hannah on the anniversary of John's death, as Adam disapproves about what she got up to last night. Chas apologises to Moira about Cain, but sees ...
Feb. 15, 2013
42x39 42 42x39 Monday 18th February 2013
Lisa gives Belle a long list of chores to keep her out of trouble. However, Belle decides not to do them and meets up with Gemma, Thomas and Sean instead. Belle and Gemma are both keen ...
Feb. 18, 2013
42x40 42 42x40 Tuesday 19th February 2013
When Moira has a fault on her car, she is apprehensive about having to see Cain. At the garage, Cain is wound up and doesn't know what to say to her. Later, Cain is hurt when Moira ...
Feb. 19, 2013
42x41 42 42x41 Wednesday 20th February 2013
Cain's in a bad mood as he hasn't received any messages from Moira. Over at the pub, Moira tells Chas about Cain admitting his feelings for her. Soon afterwards, Cain is encouraged ...
Feb. 20, 2013
42x42 42 42x42 Thursday 21st February 2013
Charity and Debbie look forward to exploiting Declan over their contract. Charity then flirts with Declan at the café and it's clear there is chemistry between them. As they meet for ...
Feb. 21, 2013
42x43 42 42x43 Friday 22nd February 2013
Megan is concerned about Declan after seeing that Katie is staying with Gennie. However, she is exasperated as Declan refuses to talk about it. Charity starts to feel a hint of regret ...
Feb. 22, 2013
42x44 42 42x44 Monday 25th February 2013
Edna is torn as she gets her father's medals out of the drawer, knowing she has little choice but to sell them. Edna goes to seek out Rodney over the sale, but Jimmy explains that he's ...
Feb. 25, 2013
42x45 42 42x45 Tuesday 26th February 2013
Edna remains unconscious on the floor with Tootsie whining at her side. The roofers work nosily into the afternoon, completely unaware of Edna's condition. In the end, Kev and Paul ...
Feb. 26, 2013
42x46 42 42x46 Wednesday 27th February 2013
Jimmy has no choice but to tell Ashley about Edna's situation. Ashley worries about her and goes to visit, but Edna is unimpressed that people now know. Ashley says that she has to ...
Feb. 27, 2013
42x48 42 42x48 Thursday 28th February 2013 (1)
Bob is concerned about Brenda's moods and begins to wonder if he's the cause, as perhaps she is having second thoughts about them. Brenda admits that she has been a bit unwell recently ...
Feb. 28, 2013
42x49 42 42x49 Thursday 28th February 2013 (2)
In the café, everyone is shocked after Brenda's accident and Bob comforts her. Val calls for Brenda to be breathalysed, convinced that she is drunk or that Brenda tried to run her ...
Feb. 28, 2013
42x50 42 42x50 Friday 1st March 2013
Gennie is worried about Brenda and feels bad for not saying anything to her about what the doctor told them. Bob thinks Gennie should tell her mum, but Gennie is adamant they do things ...
Mar. 01, 2013
42x51 42 42x51 Tuesday 5th March 2013
Bob collects Brenda from the hospital, unaware of how serious things are. Gennie and Nikhil struggle to keep up the facade. At Victoria Cottage, Gennie worries because Georgia knows ...
Mar. 05, 2013
42x51 42 42x51 Monday 4th March 2013
Brenda is still determined Bob shouldn't find out about her health problems. When Bob arrives at the hospital, Brenda lies that there is nothing to worry about, but Gennie is not happy ...
Mar. 04, 2013
42x52 42 42x52 Wednesday 6th March 2013
Laurel tells Sandy that they owe him an apology, but he is still miffed at their accusations about him being senile. At the same time, Sean heads to the hide and is dismayed to see ...
Mar. 06, 2013
42x53 42 42x53 Thursday 7th March 2013
Brenda tries to put on a brave face as she heads to the hospital with Gennie for her results. The neurosurgeon tells Brenda that she has a brain tumour, but there are options for her. ...
Mar. 07, 2013
42x54 42 42x54 Friday 8th March 2013
Bob is determined that things are over with him and Brenda, but Dan decides to play cupid. At home Brenda becomes tearful as she tells Gennie that she's scared of having the operation. ...
Mar. 08, 2013
42x55 42 42x55 Monday 11th March 2013
Katie is worried when she and Declan return from their holiday and discover that Steve has had to call Rhona about Wilson, her horse. However, Rhona is in pain when her back goes again ...
Mar. 11, 2013
42x56 42 42x56 Tuesday 12th March 2013
Cain threatens to quit when Debbie tells him that he'll get a warning if he doesn't get her money from Moira. Overhearing, Robbie offers to sort it for her, but Debbie just mocks him. ...
Mar. 12, 2013
42x57 42 42x57 Wednesday 13th March 2013
Rhona and Paddy argue when Paddy says that he thinks they should let Vanessa go as she only has a few weeks left anyway. Taking a different approach, Rhona heads to see her own solicitor. ...
Mar. 13, 2013
42x58 42 42x58 Thursday 14th March 2013
Paddy is adamant that Vanessa should take the bullet, but Rhona disagrees. Vanessa is left concerned about the state of their marriage. At the vets, Rhona is shocked when Paddy says ...
Mar. 14, 2013
42x59 42 42x59 Friday 15th March 2013
Brenda apologises to Dan for last night and is grateful for his support as he offers her a lift to the homeopath later. In the café, Bob assumes that Brenda has a date with Dan when ...
Mar. 15, 2013
42x60 42 42x60 Monday 18th March 2013
Bob is left despairing as Brenda won't talk to him, still insisting that she won't have the surgery. Rodney finds Brenda alone and upset, but she covers that she is just tired and Rodney ...
Mar. 18, 2013
42x61 42 42x61 Tuesday 19th March 2013
Rishi is pleased that Charity wants to make a fresh start with Jai. However, Cameron is aware that there's something going on with Charity and Declan. He is curious to see Charity follow ...
Mar. 19, 2013
42x62 42 42x62 Wednesday 20th March 2013
Declan is worried to hear from Charity that Cameron knows about their night together. Charity insists that she can keep him quiet, but Declan worries that Katie will find out. Soon ...
Mar. 20, 2013
42x63 42 42x63 Thursday 21st March 2013 (1)
Cameron blackmails Charity by telling her to make it up with Chas and get Debbie to lay off her. Later at Home Farm, Charity overcompensates with Katie as she and Jai arrive for dinner. ...
Mar. 21, 2013
42x64 42 42x64 Thursday 21st March 2013 (2)
Fresh from Charity's revelation, Jai storms back to see Declan, wanting to hear what he has to say. As they return, Declan worries that Jai is going to tell Katie, who is upstairs. ...
Mar. 21, 2013
42x65 42 42x65 Friday 22nd March 2013
Jai has slept on the sofa after his row with Charity, but she continues to plead with him by saying that she just wants an honest relationship and that's why she came clean. Soon afterwards, ...
Mar. 22, 2013
42x66 42 42x66 Monday 25th March 2013
Jai is still reeling over recent events and seems determined to give Declan what he deserves. When Jai turns up at Home Farm, Declan fears that he is about to tell Katie the truth. ...
Mar. 25, 2013
42x67 42 42x67 Tuesday 26th March 2013
Cameron is concerned that Chas seems determined to make up with Charity. At the same time, Katie marches into the factory office and has a go at Jai for his attitude towards Declan, ...
Mar. 26, 2013
42x68 42 42x68 March 26, 2013
[add summary]
Mar. 26, 2013
42x69 42 42x69 March 27, 2013
Rachel’s under pressure as Jai becomes more demanding. Alicia’s determined to save her career. Robbie and Debbie enjoy annoying Cameron.
Mar. 27, 2013
42x70 42 42x70 March 28, 2013
Jai attempts to take a harder line with Rachel. David becomes a reluctant babysitter as Alicia goes out on a date.
Mar. 28, 2013
42x71 42 42x71 March 28, 2013 [Episode 2]
Cameron decides to try and teach Robbie a lesson he’ll never forget. Gemma has a massive falling out with Belle.
Mar. 28, 2013
42x72 42 42x72 March 29, 2013
Belle’s shocked to find out that her racy photo’s been circulated around. Megan pressures Declan to confront Cameron.
Mar. 29, 2013
42x73 42 42x73 April 1, 2013
Belle is concerned that Thomas will finish with her over the photos. Gennie is cynical about Brenda’s efforts to find an alternative to surgery. Tensions increase between Ali and ...
Apr. 01, 2013
42x74 42 42x74 April 2, 2013
Brenda is determined to get her family to listen to her. Paddy is shocked after Vanessa makes him and Rhona an offer. Thomas and Belle are upset about their parents’ efforts to keep ...
Apr. 02, 2013
42x75 42 42x75 April 3, 2013
Bob is left shocked after the reality of Brenda’s situation hits him. Thomas uses Sean to help him come up with a plan. Paddy is unnerved by the new dynamic at the vets.
Apr. 03, 2013

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