Oct. 16, 1972
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Emmerdale (UK)

Emmerdale (known as Emmerdale Farm until November 1989) is an award winning and critically acclaimed British soap opera, set in the fictional village of the same name (known as Beckindale until 1994) in West Yorkshire, England. Much of the action takes place within the fictional village public house, The Woolpack.

Emmerdale (UK) Season 34 (2005)

34x01 34 34x01 3rd April 2005
Matthew displays his culinary skills to Terry and Louise by cooking them Sunday lunch. He also invites his friend Sian and attempts to make Louise jealous by being openly flirtatious. ...
Apr. 03, 2005
34x02 34 34x02 4th April 2005
Paddy is unable to distract himself from his feelings for Viv and resolves to visit her at the shop, where his request for mint balls sends Viv into overdrive. Unable to control themselves ...
Apr. 04, 2005
34x03 34 34x03 5th April 2005
Paddy's strange behaviour provokes questions from Marlon and leads Emily to seek marital advice from a painfully guilty Viv. Later at the Woolpack, realising he left his glasses behind ...
Apr. 05, 2005
34x04 34 34x04 6th April 2005
Donna's carelessness with Buffy the rabbit gives a rampant Viv the opportunity to visit Paddy at the vets, where an innocent thank-you kiss soon turns to a passionate clinch. The temperature ...
Apr. 06, 2005
34x05 34 34x05 7th April 2005
Ashley is led into temptation when one too many glasses of wine unleashes his concealed passion for Laurel. Will his determination to prove their sincerity to the Bishop be enough to ...
Apr. 07, 2005
34x06 34 34x06 8th April 2005
Matthew makes Terry pay for Louise's rejection when he refuses to see him about B&B business without an appointment. An angry Louise heads over to the office to clear the air, but she ...
Apr. 08, 2005
34x07 34 34x07 April 10th 2005
Sadie is furious when Jimmy mocks her about her financial difficulties in the Woolpack. In her refusal to lose face in public, Sadie lies that she has already recruited a hot-shot solicitor ...
Apr. 10, 2005
34x08 34 34x08 11th April 2005
Sadie's money-grabbing plans are left in ruins when Jimmy's solicitor reveals the real extent of his tattered finances. Sadie is unwilling to believe that Jimmy's financial situation ...
Apr. 11, 2005
34x09 34 34x09 12th April 2005
Sadie's attempt to gain sympathy from Tom backfires when he gladly accepts her token gesture of returning her engagement ring, since it originally belonged to his wife. Sadie is dumbfounded ...
Apr. 12, 2005
34x10 34 34x10 13th April 2005
Sadie's fortunes continue to plummet when she fails to convince Zoe to go along with a business deal. She later feels isolated further when Max and Carl give her the brush-off in the ...
Apr. 13, 2005
34x11 34 34x11 14th April 2005
A harmless competition of ‘Mr and Mrs' in the Woolpack ends in a bitter row when Simon confesses that his dream home would be in Scarborough. Having wrongly assumed that he would ...
Apr. 14, 2005
34x12 34 34x12 15th April 2005
Lesley's interfering is welcomed for the first time when she tells Nicola about Simon's past and the breakdown of his previous relationship. Realising that Simon is scared of commitment, ...
Apr. 15, 2005
34x13 34 34x13 17th April 2005
When Emily is late home from a shopping trip with Paul, Paddy heads over to the shop and is unable to resist when Viv invites him upstairs for a bite to eat. The tension mounts between ...
Apr. 17, 2005
34x14 34 34x14 18th April 2005
Zoe is disappointed when Callum fails to attend the birthday party that she's laid on for him, and when she confronts him he accuses her of using him as an excuse to invite people round. ...
Apr. 18, 2005
34x15 34 34x15 19th April 2005
A suspicious Donna persuades a reluctant Marlon to follow her mother. Horrified that she is close to discovering Paddy and Viv's affair, he desperately distracts his girlfriend and ...
Apr. 19, 2005
34x16 34 34x16 20th April 2005
As Emily makes a special effort with Paddy he is full of remorse and contemplates confessing all. Marlon strongly advises him to keep quiet, but will his guilt get the better of him? ...
Apr. 20, 2005
34x17 34 34x17 21st April 2005
Paddy Confesses Emily walks out of the shop after a rude comment from Viv, and when she returns home in a rage Paddy gets the wrong end of the stick and confesses all. How will the ...
Apr. 21, 2005
34x18 34 34x18 22nd April 2005
Emily heads to work and tells a shamefaced Viv exactly what she thinks of her, before resuming her position behind the counter. Viv is at a loss as to what to do and Paddy tries in ...
Apr. 22, 2005
34x19 34 34x19 Sunday 24th April 2005
Emily struggles to come to terms with her husband's betrayal, but after a few words of advice from Paul, she plucks up the courage to confront both Paddy and Viv. The disgraced postmistress ...
Apr. 24, 2005
34x20 34 34x20 Monday 25th April 2005
It's business as usual for Emily who is determined to behave as though her husband's affair never happed. A guilt-ridden Viv demands that Emily punch her in the face for revenge, but ...
Apr. 25, 2005
34x21 34 34x21 Tuesday 26th April 2005
Emily is irritated when she finds herself clearing up after Paddy at home. When she gets to work she can feel her blood boiling as Laurel innocently tells her that she has heard that ...
Apr. 26, 2005
34x22 34 34x22 Wednesday 27th April 2005
A furious Emily packs Paddy's bags before storming over to the Woolpack. The punters look on in shock as Emily dumps the suitcases at her husband's feet and announces that he has been ...
Apr. 27, 2005
34x23 34 34x23 Thursday 28th April 2005
Matthew's sights are set firmly on Louise and despite the obvious chemistry between them she continues to reject his advances. With Terry away, Matthew tries a new approach and he openly ...
Apr. 28, 2005
34x24 34 34x24 Friday 29th April 2005
Louise struggles to suppress her desire as Matthew openly plans their dinner together. In a desperate attempt to remain loyal to Terry, she tells Matthew he's a walking cliché and ...
Apr. 29, 2005
34x25 34 34x25 Sunday 1st May 2005
Sadie takes advantage of Cain's obvious desire for her by telling him that she'll reward him generously if he gets hold of evidence about Jimmy's real financial situation. He agrees ...
May. 01, 2005
34x26 34 34x26 Monday 2nd May 2005
Sadie distracts the Kings in the Woolpack while Cain sneaks into the office to look for evidence of Jimmy's true financial state. Unable to find sufficient paperwork, Cain decides to ...
May. 02, 2005
34x27 34 34x27 Tuesday 3rd May 2005
Sadie is horrified when Denzel questions her about the robbery at Pear Tree Cottage and hints that Cain may have exceeded his brief. On the warpath, Sadie confronts Cain and he reluctantly ...
May. 03, 2005
34x28 34 34x28 Wednesday 4th May 2005
Zak resolves to keep his mind off booze by taking a reluctant Shadrach fishing. Noting the gloomy atmosphere, Zak tries to cheer Shadrach up with a cup of tea instead of an alcoholic ...
May. 04, 2005
34x29 34 34x29 Thursday 5th May 2005
Rodney calls off the bet when he catches Shadrach drinking in the Woolpack, but an angry Zak manages to convince Rodney that he has stuck to the rules and persuades him to re-negotiate ...
May. 05, 2005
34x30 34 34x30 Friday 6th May 2005
Sadie is impressed when Robert tells her that he has discovered that Jimmy has offered a local £10,000 for her field. Sadie instantly organises a meeting and undercuts her husband's ...
May. 06, 2005
34x31 34 34x31 Emmerdale's Great Exits
Emmerdale takes a look back at the long list of its exit storylines from Angie Reynolds to Butch Dingle, and it also features behind the scenes footage and interviews with the cast ...
Apr. 24, 2005
34x32 34 34x32 Sunday 8th May 2005
While out viewing a vacant plot of land on which to build their home, Katie and Robert cement their future when Robert proposes and an emotional Katie accepts. The couple are pleased ...
May. 08, 2005
34x33 34 34x33 Monday 9th May 2005
Jimmy is stunned to learn that Mrs Kidderminster has sold her land to Sadie despite his offer. He quickly realises that his estranged wife must be behind the stolen laptop and attempts ...
May. 09, 2005
34x34 34 34x34 Tuesday 10th May 2005
When Andy confronts Robert at the garage about his affair with Sadie a brutal fight breaks out between the brothers. Alerted by Daz, Katie rushes to the scene and is devastated to learn ...
May. 10, 2005
34x35 34 34x35 Wednesday 11th May 2005
After spending the night at Andy's, Katie is in turmoil. Throughout the day both Andy and Robert separately pay her a visit and beg her to give them another chance. Cornered and confused, ...
May. 11, 2005
34x36 34 34x36 Thursday 12th May 2005
After discussing Sadie's demand, the Kings conclude that it would be a bad idea to allow her to regain her interest in the business. Tom and Max visit Home Farm to break the news to ...
May. 12, 2005
34x37 34 34x37 Friday 13th May 2005
Jack turns detective when he visits the council offices and discovers that the Kings have gained planning permission to build housing on Zoe's and Mrs Kidderminster's land. Jack wastes ...
May. 13, 2005
34x38 34 34x38 Emmerdale's Great Double Acts
Emmerdale takes a look back on memorable double acts including Marlon and Tricia, Betty and Seth, Viv and Bob, & the classic duo, Amos Bearly and Henry Wilks.
May. 01, 2005
34x39 34 34x39 Sunday, 15th May 2005
Sadie enjoys her newly acquired power since buying the land that the Kings so desperately need. Tom makes it clear to Sadie that she is still on board, however, Jimmy takes delight ...
May. 15, 2005
34x40 34 34x40 Monday, 16th May 2005
Cain taunts a miserable Robert who is drowning his sorrows over Katie, and when Cain takes things too far Robert snaps and a brawl ensues. Sadie intervenes by telling Cain that his ...
May. 16, 2005
34x41 34 34x41 Tuesday, 17th May 2005
Chas is forced to lie to Denzel when Shadrach steals his police car and drives into a ditch. The copper is furious when he discovers that he can't trust his girlfriend to be honest ...
May. 17, 2005
34x42 34 34x42 Wednesday, 18th May 2005
Scott is met with an abrupt refusal when he asks Zoe if he can take Jean on holiday to Spain with him. Zoe is later furious when Ashley questions her decision, making her more adamant ...
May. 18, 2005
34x43 34 34x43 Thursday, 19th May 2005
As Betty cleans at Home Farm she soon picks up on Zoe's plans to move abroad and heads to the Woolpack armed with gossip. Scott is horrified when he hears through the grapevine that ...
May. 19, 2005
34x44 34 34x44 Friday, 20th May 2005
Donna is exhausted having single-handedly run the shop and the café in Viv's absence, and when Marlon offers to lend a hand, between them they forget to lock up. Shadrach seizes ...
May. 20, 2005
34x45 34 34x45 Sunday, 22nd May 2005
Chas is feeling at an all time low having compromised her relationship with Denzel by lying for her father. During a heart-to-heart with Diane, she admits that she fears she'll never ...
May. 22, 2005
34x46 34 34x46 Monday, 23rd May 2005
Sadie is upset when she is snubbed by Zoe and Jimmy takes delight in telling her that no one would miss her if she disappeared. Feeling miserable, she heads back to the B&B and finds ...
May. 23, 2005
34x47 34 34x47 Tuesday, 24th May 2005
Cain is furious when Sadie is dismissive about the previous night and feeling wronged the angry Dingle promises to make her pay. Later that day, Sadie is fraught when she finds a docile ...
May. 24, 2005
34x48 34 34x48 Thursday, 26th May 2005
Tom can't help but sympathise with Sadie and he offers to help bury her beloved pet. As they spend time together, Sadie comes clean about her past. How will Tom react when she confesses ...
May. 26, 2005
34x49 34 34x49 Friday, 27th May 2005
Carl notes that Chas is feeling low and he takes her out for a drink in Hotten to cheer her up. During the evening Chas tells him about her plans to join the army and he is clearly ...
May. 27, 2005
34x50 34 34x50 Sunday, 29th May 2005
Chas tells her family that she plans to join the army and is disappointed when they make their disapproval crystal clear. Meanwhile, Carl worries that he can't bare the thought of losing ...
May. 29, 2005
34x51 34 34x51 Monday, 30th May 2005
While Scott and Zoe continue to play happy families with Jean, Viv is busy speaking to a solicitor about Scott's rights as a father. It later comes to a head when Viv interrupts Scott ...
May. 30, 2005
34x52 34 34x52 Tuesday, 31st May 2005
Scott puts his plan into action and sends Viv round to Home Farm to apologise to Zoe. Viv spells out her concerns in her usual brash manner, clearing the way for Scott to arrive and ...
May. 31, 2005
34x53 34 34x53 Wednesday, 1st June 2005
Daz is determined to get to the bottom of what is bothering Debbie and he follows her as she sneaks off to her hide. Believing that she is alone, Debbie takes off her jumper and as ...
May. 01, 2005
34x54 34 34x54 Thursday, 2nd June 2005
Daz is clearly concerned about Debbie and he visits the hide armed with presents for the expectant mother. Debbie confesses that she plans to dump the baby at a hospital after the birth, ...
May. 02, 2005
34x55 34 34x55 Friday, 3rd June 2005
Debbie panics when she overhears Zak and Shadrach saying that they are heading off to the woods and fearing that they'll find her hide she asks Daz to go and clear it. The Dingles later ...
May. 03, 2005
34x4500 34 34x4500 Thursday, 23rd June 2005
Zoe awaits news on whether she is to be charged or not until the police have obtained a statement from Scott, who is currently unconscious. Eventually, Zoe is released on bail but told ...
Jun. 23, 2005
34x4501 34 34x4501 Friday, 24th June 2005
Kelly Windsor makes a shock return to the village to be at Scott’s bedside, but step-mum Viv isn’t impressed. Kelly doesn’t waste any time in showing that she hasn’t ...
Jun. 24, 2005
34x4521 34 34x4521 Tuesday, 21st June 2005
Donna is shocked by Scott’s generosity with money, unaware that it is his way of saying goodbye as he prepares to leave the country with Zoe and Jean. Before heading to Home ...
Jun. 21, 2005
34x4522 34 34x4522 Wednesday, 22nd June 2005
The police arrive at Home Farm to question Zoe. When the engagement ring and the puncture wounds on Scott’s body are discovered DI Warren begins to wonder if Zoe knows more than ...
Jun. 22, 2005
34x4523 34 34x4523 26th June 2005
With an arguing family by his bedside, Scott awakes. He tries to speak and manages to mumble something about Zoe trying to kill him. Before those around him can make sense of what he ...
Jun. 26, 2005
34x4524 34 34x4524 Kelly Goes to the Papers
Kelly turns up at Home Farm with a journalist and snap-happy photographer. Zoe is stunned, and when pushed for a comment she realises she’s beaten and heads inside. Meanwhile, ...
Jun. 27, 2005
34x4525 34 34x4525 Scott's Confession Letter.
At the hospital Dawn is irritated by Kelly and Viv’s continuous bitchy remarks and finally snaps showing a stunned Viv the letter from Scott. Viv is distraught and in her frustration ...
Jun. 28, 2005
34x4526 34 34x4526 Andy tells Debbie he doesn't love her.
Andy confesses to Jack that while he wants to do the right thing by Sarah, he no longer has any feelings for Debbie. Andy pays Debbie a visit and when she tells him that she loves him, ...
Jun. 29, 2005
34x4527 34 34x4527 Debbie Calls Social Services
A distraught Debbie tells Cain that she and Andy are finished. Cain is ready to go and hunt Andy down but he receives a second blow when Debbie announces that she’s called social ...
Jun. 30, 2005
34x4529 34 34x4529 The Sugdens plan Revenge.
After much deliberation, Jack comes to the conclusion that Andy would be better off if he sells his land, and Tom is elated to hear of the farmer’s change of heart. However, ...
Jul. 03, 2005
34x4530 34 34x4530 Matthew gives Louise a necklace
The villagers are amazed by Jack and Andy’s behaviour the previous day but it is clear that they do not regret their actions. Tom later goes to see Jack and tells him the offer ...
Jul. 04, 2005
34x4531 34 34x4531 Louise Tells Terry About Her Affair
Having been suitably convinced that Matthew really likes her, Louise decides that it’s time to end her relationship with Terry. A panic stricken Matthew tries to put her off, ...
Jul. 05, 2005
34x4532 34 34x4532 Terry Dumps Louise
Louise is pleased to see Diane back, and in need of a shoulder to cry on she tells her that she and Terry are over. Diane guesses that Matthew is involved and warns her that she is ...
Jul. 06, 2005
34x4533 34 34x4533 Terry confronts Matthew
News of Louise and Matthew’s affair spreads around the village leaving the residents shocked at her betrayal. A wronged Terry confronts Matthew and punches him in the face, before ...
Jul. 07, 2005
34x4534 34 34x4534 Zoe confesses
After much deliberation, Ashley visits Zoe ready to discuss the incident with Scott. Ashley is stunned when Zoe confesses that she tried to kill Scott and although she is adamant that ...
Jul. 08, 2005
34x4536 34 34x4536 Louise ruins Matthew's suits
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Aug. 18, 2005
34x4537 34 34x4537 Marlon gets himself arrested
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Aug. 22, 2005

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