Oct. 16, 1972
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Emmerdale (UK)

Emmerdale (known as Emmerdale Farm until November 1989) is an award winning and critically acclaimed British soap opera, set in the fictional village of the same name (known as Beckindale until 1994) in West Yorkshire, England. Much of the action takes place within the fictional village public house, The Woolpack.

Emmerdale (UK) Season 2 (1973)

2x01 2 2x01 Monday 1st January 1973
Wilks asks Joe if he would be interested in running Jameson's Farm for him. Jack angrily tells Marian that she should put Joe straight about educating himself to impress her. Joe informs ...
Jan. 01, 1973
2x02 2 2x02 Tuesday 2nd January 1973
Joe tells Matt to think about himself and his future and let Jack worry about Annie. Annie asks Jack to buy her a washing machine. Amos visits the farm to deliver a message for Jack ...
Jan. 02, 1973
2x03 2 2x03 Monday 8th January 1973
Marian visits Frank and asks him to make front gates for Inglebrook House, she is amazed to see a book written by Jack Sugden, and borrows it from Frank. Jack is furious that Bart told ...
Jan. 08, 1973
2x04 2 2x04 Tuesday 9th January 1973
Amos writes out a list of possible wives after someone tells him that the brewery will be looking for a couple to run The Woolpack once it has been redecorated. Jack feels bad that ...
Jan. 09, 1973
2x05 2 2x05 Monday 15th January 1973
Sam is keen to read Jack's book. Jack tells Marian that Lynn Wallace was his common law wife and explains that they met at The Feathers to complete a settlement. Marian admits that ...
Jan. 15, 1973
2x06 2 2x06 Tuesday 16th January 1973
Marian is busy packing for her Greek Islands cruise. Wilks talk to her about Jack's book and the correlation with the Millhouse. Jameson arrives at the farm to talk to Jack about the ...
Jan. 16, 1973
2x07 2 2x07 Monday 22nd January 1973
Ten days have passed since Emmerdale Farm Limited was formed. Jack has supposedly joined Marian on her cruise and Jameson's Farm now belongs to the partnership of the Sugdens and Wilks. ...
Jan. 22, 1973
2x08 2 2x08 Tuesday 23rd January 1973
Sam is wanting to buy himself a sheepdog puppy, he argues with his friend Hilly as he is trying to con him into buying a non pedigree sheepdog. Trash is thrown out of The Woolpack and ...
Jan. 23, 1973
2x09 2 2x09 Monday 29th January 1973
Jim eventually gives up waiting for Sharon to emerge out of her hiding place in the abbey. Beryl Crossthwaite is frantic with worry. Annie suggests calling the police. Jim goes straight ...
Jan. 29, 1973
2x10 2 2x10 Tuesday 30th January 1973
Annie asks Matt and Joe to look over the Millhouse as she has seen a light on. Jack lets Trash stay on at the Millhouse if he runs errands for him. Sharon sneaks her building society ...
Jan. 30, 1973
2x11 2 2x11 Monday 5th February 1973
Jack is hiding out in the Millhouse trying to write his second novel. He still cannot persuade Trash to wash. Sam arrives at The Woolpack with his new puppy dog and he mentions that ...
Feb. 05, 1973
2x12 2 2x12 Tuesday 6th February 1973
Amos and Joe discuss Sharon's disappearance and Jack's re-appearance. Matt says the village gossip is that Trash is linked with Sharon's disappearance as he is flashing money around. ...
Feb. 06, 1973
2x13 2 2x13 Monday 12th February 1973
Joe and Frank discuss Marian and Jack. Henry tells Annie that Emmerdale Farm needs a telephone, he asks Peggy to do the accounts for the company. Jack visits Frank to tell him that ...
Feb. 12, 1973
2x14 2 2x14 Tuesday 13th February 1973
Peggy has to go into hospital for observation. Amos tells Reverend Ruskin that he will give Alison a trial at The Woolpack, the vicar is impressed not suspecting that Amos has an ulterior ...
Feb. 13, 1973
2x15 2 2x15 Monday 19th February 1973
Trash talks to the Reverend about the watch. He's fearful of the police. Renovation work has started at The Woolpack. The police continue to look for Trash. Jack and Laura's affair ...
Feb. 19, 1973
2x17 2 2x17 Monday 26th February 1973
Reverend Ruskin asks to speak to Frank and Janie about their forthcoming marriage. Sam informs Annie and Joe that Jack's gone off with Laura. Annie wants the news keeping quiet but ...
Feb. 26, 1973
2x18 2 2x18 Tuesday 27th February 1973
Annie informs Liz that she spoke to Beryl but she doesn't think she'll go through with it. Alison starts work behind the bar under the watchful eye of Amos - her presence causing some ...
Feb. 27, 1973
2x19 2 2x19 Monday 5th March 1973
Frank has taken Janie home as she is upset and returns to speak to Ruskin alone. He gives them both his blessing. Peggy's concerned that Jack's affair with Laura may affect Wilks and ...
Mar. 05, 1973
2x20 2 2x20 Tuesday 6th March 1973
Wilks chats to Alison in The Woolpack. She gets him to consider talking to Verney about Frank's eviction notice and sneakily sorts him out with a sandwich. Janie shares the news that ...
Mar. 06, 1973
2x21 2 2x21 Monday 12th March 1973
Wilks tells Frank he's discovered that Verney is the major shareholder in East Pennine Investments, of which Dale Properties is a subsidiary. Both conclude that revenge is the motive ...
Mar. 12, 1973
2x22 2 2x22 Tuesday 13th March 1973
Verney talks to Jack about Laura. Jack tells him to give her the divorce. Alison mentions selling food in The Woolpack to Amos, she makes him see that he's running the place in an old-fashioned ...
Mar. 13, 1973
2x23 2 2x23 Monday 19th March 1973
Jack lies on the bed in the old Millhouse in pain. Frank passes on to Ruskin that he thinks Jack was behind the newspaper article. Ruskin says he's sure Verney isn't responsible for ...
Mar. 19, 1973
2x24 2 2x24 Tuesday 20th March 1973
Frank and Janie decide to go to Spain for their honeymoon after all. Joe introduces himself to Penny and tells her that the Millhouse belongs to his family. She says that she's looking ...
Mar. 20, 1973
2x25 2 2x25 Monday 26th March 1973
Alison tells Amos that she does not have to consult him if she wants to go out with anyone but he wants her to think of the reputation of the pub. Frank receives a letter stating he ...
Mar. 26, 1973
2x26 2 2x26 Tuesday 27th March 1973
Joe's disappointed when Penny returns home with Jack and says she's been for a meal in Hotten and to The Woolpack with him. Penny talks about Trash with Joe, she says he had an accident ...
Mar. 27, 1973
2x27 2 2x27 Monday 2nd April 1973
Alison and Wilks are out walking, she notices the shoe that Wilks discarded before but think nothing of it. The telephone has been fitted at Emmerdale Farm and the engineer tests the ...
Apr. 02, 1973
2x28 2 2x28 Tuesday 3rd April 1973
Annie tries to stop Joe from leaving home. Alison gets the better of Amos and agrees to live in The Woolpack, he charges her rent but she tells him to take it out of the extra money ...
Apr. 03, 1973
2x29 2 2x29 Monday 9th April 1973
Penny attends church, she asks Beryl if she can rent a room in her house. Jim watches Penny outside of the church. Ruskin counts the congregation and is depressed, he ponders why Jim ...
Apr. 09, 1973
2x30 2 2x30 Tuesday 10th April 1973
Jim visits Penny at Beryl's and asks her out, but she says she's meeting Joe in The Woolpack but he's welcome to join them. Joe and Matt have managed to salvage some of Wilks' belongings ...
Apr. 10, 1973
2x31 2 2x31 Monday 16th April 1973
Alison and Wilks discuss their past; he doesn't believe she should have been sent to prison. He asks her again to marry him, but she doesn't know. Jim helps Penny redecorate the Millhouse, ...
Apr. 16, 1973
2x32 2 2x32 Tuesday 17th April 1973
Alison tells Henry she is still thinking about his marriage proposal, but wonders if it's too early following her husband's death. He tells her he's happy to wait. Sam is unhappy about ...
Apr. 17, 1973
2x33 2 2x33 Monday 23rd April 1973
Wilks has received planning permission for the pig unit. Jack is working on his book. Penny asks if her friend, Gwen, can come and stay at the Millhouse. Jack reluctantly agrees. Wilks ...
Apr. 23, 1973
2x34 2 2x34 Tuesday 24th April 1973
The builders start work on the pig unit. Buckley gets his car stuck in a muddy field much to the amusement of Sam as Matt and Joe struggle to move it. Penny's friend Gwen arrives; she's ...
Apr. 24, 1973
2x35 2 2x35 Monday 30th April 1973
Matt is pleased to hear that Peggy and the twins can come out of hospital. Joe has to rescue Penny after she has a fall. David seems antagonistic towards Gwen. Sam is upset because ...
Apr. 30, 1973
2x36 2 2x36 Tuesday 1st May 1973
Sam refuses to go to Hawthorn Cottage to see the twins; he makes them a wooden boat each. He's annoyed when he has to answer the telephone for the first time. Penny, Gwen and David ...
May. 01, 1973
2x37 2 2x37 Monday 7th May 1973
A letter arrives for Jack, while Joe receives a motorbike catalogue. Archaeologists work in the field. Amos says he overheard David talking about the possibility of a preservation order ...
May. 07, 1973
2x38 2 2x38 Tuesday 8th May 1973
David informs Gwen and Penny that he has got a job as an odd job man at Emmerdale Farm; they laugh at him. He arrives to start work but doesn't impress when he tells Wilks he doesn't ...
May. 08, 1973
2x39 2 2x39 Monday 14th May 1973
Wilks finds out that the driver of the digger had been told by Buckley to drive through the dig. Frank and Janie are back from their honeymoon. Jack tries again to ask Penny about Trash, ...
May. 14, 1973
2x40 2 2x40 Tuesday 15th May 1973
Jack wakes up with Joe beside him following the party. Gwen and David argue over planning breakfast, he wants bacon and eggs but she reminds him he's supposed to be a vegan. He turns ...
May. 15, 1973
2x41 2 2x41 Monday 21st May 1973
It's six weeks following the party. Sam clears out his personal effects box and looks over some old photographs. Ruskin tries to get through to the Bishop to ask for another curate ...
May. 21, 1973
2x42 2 2x42 Tuesday 22nd May 1973
Dr. Scott gives Sam some tablets and a cough mixture, she also arranges an x-ray for him. David prepares to travel to Wales. Penny warns him not to talk to anyone about his paintings. ...
May. 22, 1973
2x43 2 2x43 Monday 28th May 1973
Penny rings Dr. Scott for Liz. It's Matt's first Saturday night out since the twins were born. Joe tries to persuade him to go to the cinema with him and Penny, but Joe receives a phone ...
May. 28, 1973
2x44 2 2x44 Tuesday 29th May 1973
Annie broods over the twins not being christened. Joe arrives back in a bad mood. Phelps drops Penny off at Emmerdale Farm, she explains to Joe about the Receptionist job and they make ...
May. 29, 1973
2x45 2 2x45 Monday 4th June 1973
Jack returns from London and is dropped off outside The Woolpack and heads inside. Amos explains to him about David's paintings. Phelps looks over more of his paintings at the Millhouse; ...
Jun. 04, 1973
2x46 2 2x46 Tuesday 5th June 1973
Wilks is back and chats to Amos in The Woolpack. Phelps arrives with Angus Seddon and Amos fusses around him by trying to clear the bar; Wilks decides to be awkward by ordering a pint. ...
Jun. 05, 1973
2x47 2 2x47 Monday 11th June 1973
David drunkenly shouts at Jack after finding Gwen on his bed, accusing him of trying to steal her. Their row quickly turns to Seddon as David tries to blame everyone for his humiliation. ...
Jun. 11, 1973
2x48 2 2x48 Tuesday 12th June 1973
The girls worry when David doesn't return home after his walk. Jack ponders whether he may have gotten lost on the moors. He and Gwen go looking for him in the freezing cold. They are ...
Jun. 12, 1973
2x49 2 2x49 Monday 18th June 1973
Annie worries as Joe goes out on his motorbike again; she goes on another mysterious outing. Janie is bored and wants to hire a television. Wilks suggests Amos should hire another barmaid ...
Jun. 18, 1973
2x50 2 2x50 Tuesday 19th June 1973
Joe is shocked, but pleased to see Carol. They go to The Woolpack with Janie. Jack worries about Annie being lonely when Sam dies and if Joe gets married; she doesn't want to talk about ...
Jun. 19, 1973
2x51 2 2x51 Monday 25th June 1973
Joe thinks about selling his motorbike now Penny's gone. Janie has told Ruskin that she wants to put on a play; she encourages Carol to go and see Joe at Emmerdale Farm. Amos keeps ...
Jun. 25, 1973
2x52 2 2x52 Tuesday 26th June 1973
Joe is late getting up. Matt mentions that Peggy is lacking in energy. Jack and Joe will be calling around to have a family gathering to discuss Annie and her men. Jerry delivers the ...
Jun. 26, 1973
2x53 2 2x53 Monday 2nd July 1973
Joe's motorbike has broken down again. Matt is having to repaint the kitchen at Hawthorn Cottage as Peggy is not happy with the colour. Peggy does her washing at Emmerdale and takes ...
Jul. 02, 1973
2x54 2 2x54 Tuesday 3rd July 1973
A boy, Bobby, spies on Jack and Joe as they talk at the farm. Dr. Scott tells Mavis she's not intending to marry yet; now she just has to break the news to Simon. Bobby calls into The ...
Jul. 03, 1973
2x55 2 2x55 Monday 9th July 1973
Ronnie Crossthwaite arrives at Emmerdale Farm. He's come back to Beckindale from Hull to sort the sale of his and Beryl's house. Annie plans a family meal. Liz arrives back from the ...
Jul. 09, 1973
2x56 2 2x56 Tuesday 10th July 1973
A Hull removal van takes away the Crossthwaites belongings and Annie is left with the mess. Bobby helps Joe out on the farm and gets a ride in the tractor. An uncomfortable Amos calls ...
Jul. 10, 1973
2x57 2 2x57 Monday 16th July 1973
Amos sees the article in the paper about the brewery takeover and starts to panic. Janie thinks that Frank is wasting his talents in the village just mending farm implements. Peggy ...
Jul. 16, 1973
2x58 2 2x58 Tuesday 17th July 1973
It's early morning and everyone is in mourning following Peggy's death. Ruskin visits Dr. Scott who tells her that Peggy died of a subarachnoid haemorrhage. Carol tries to comfort Janie. ...
Jul. 17, 1973
2x59 2 2x59 Monday 23rd July 1973
In The Woolpack, Wilks is depressed after attending Peggy's funeral. Amos wonders about the twins and tries to fish for information from him. Wilks shouts at him and leaves. The funeral ...
Jul. 23, 1973
2x60 2 2x60 Tuesday 24th July 1973
Wilks asks Matt what was discussed with Molesworth; Matt doesn't want to talk about it. Wilks says he has been making enquiries into Peggy's shares, he tells Matt that has inherited ...
Jul. 24, 1973
2x61 2 2x61 Monday 30th July 1973
Janie is still angry with Frank for taking the Sugdens to The Woolpack so soon after the funeral; she thinks it was disrespectful. Wilks talks to Jack about Matt. Jack thinks that Wilks ...
Jul. 30, 1973
2x62 2 2x62 Tuesday 31st July 1973
Amy has been to look at Peggy's grave. Wilks spots her and gives her a lift. He's concerned about her and takes her to Dr. Scott. Jack helps out on the farm and cuts himself. Frank ...
Jul. 31, 1973
2x63 2 2x63 Monday 6th August 1973
Joe helps Amy into Wilks' car. Carol offers to help him by coming to Leeds; he accepts. Alison is on her own looking after the shop, she doesn't know where anything is. Joe and Carol ...
Aug. 06, 1973
2x64 2 2x64 Tuesday 7th August 1973
Alison has reorganised the shop. Joe bumps in Carol in the shop. Molesworth tries to talk Matt round. He doesn't want the responsibility but tells Molesworth he'll think about the job. ...
Aug. 07, 1973
2x65 2 2x65 Monday 13th August 1973
Jack arrives back from London, he is still reluctant to write his film script despite being offered thirty thousand pounds to do it. Annie think it's unfair the amount of money offered ...
Aug. 13, 1973
2x66 2 2x66 Tuesday 14th August 1973
Wilks worries to Annie that Matt might accept Molesworth's proposal. Annie wants to to have a word with her himself. Sam overhears the conversation and is confident Annie will sort ...
Aug. 14, 1973
2x67 2 2x67 Monday 20th August 1973
Matt feels guilty about taking Wilks' room while he sleeps at The Feathers Country Hotel. Amos phones Mick to check on The Woolpack, he complains about him cleaning with the radio on ...
Aug. 20, 1973
2x68 2 2x68 Tuesday 21st August 1973
Proctor thinks Verney has deliberately turned Mark against him. Verney thinks he's jealous because he didn't get to live in the big house when he married his sister, Marjorie. Verney ...
Aug. 21, 1973
2x69 2 2x69 Monday 27th August 1973
Joe has decided to keep his motorbike now he has someone to use it with. Barney delivers the post to the farm; there is a parcel for Peggy. Annie is upset. Verney discovers Proctor ...
Aug. 27, 1973
2x70 2 2x70 Tuesday 28th August 1973
Annie and Sam discover Matt has found Peggy's parcel. They discover the watch strap must have been for their wedding anniversary. Joe asks Carol to help on the farm when she complains ...
Aug. 28, 1973
2x71 2 2x71 Monday 3rd September 1973
Joe has passed his motorbike test. Sam thinks that Joe should be thinking about moving out of Emmerdale Farm and into his own place with Carol, he suggests Hawthorn Cottage to Annie ...
Sep. 03, 1973
2x72 2 2x72 Tuesday 4th September 1973
Charlie has been looking after the injured sheep; he wakes up to find Jack feeding a baby rabbit. Jack discovers he has a sheepdog named Bruce. Dr. Scott calls; Charlie isn't friendly ...
Sep. 04, 1973
2x73 2 2x73 Monday 10th September 1973
Matt has been up all night looking for the stray dog; he wonders about Charlie's dog. Jack calls on Charlie, he has a hangover from the night before. Ruskin and Liz practice one of ...
Sep. 10, 1973
2x74 2 2x74 Tuesday 11th September 1973
Matt still thinks about the job with Molesworth. Ruskin has got a throat infection. Dr. Scott tells him that half his choir have got it and that he better suspend practice for the moment. ...
Sep. 11, 1973
2x75 2 2x75 Monday 17th September 1973
Charlie is unable to answer the door to Ruskin due to his twisted ankle. Ruskin leaves to get help from Andrew and they break in. Charlie is ungrateful when Andrew offers to replace ...
Sep. 17, 1973
2x76 2 2x76 Tuesday 18th September 1973
Matt packs the landrover ready to go to Scarborough. The weather doesn't look good. Annie, Sam and the twins go with him. Carol arrives to help Joe, but he doesn't want to speak to ...
Sep. 18, 1973

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